WooCommerce Sales Ideas

It becomes challenging sometimes to increase sales, attract new customers, and convert leads into customers during the festive season. You may be doubtful about your marketing tactics. You may be revolving around whether you are going in the right direction.

For this, you need some good eCommerce tools and extensions, to earn more sales and conversions this eCommerce holiday season 2023 and cover up your dropped sales. With smart WooCommerce sales ideas, you can win the heart of your customers.

Here’s a list of top-selling WooCommerce solutions that have been reviewed best by customers and have emerged as the best eCommerce plugins for your online store. Plus, we will also cover how you can implement those ideas in your online store.

Let’s get started with these best eCommerce strategies for holiday marketing success.

1. Earn More Revenue With Smart Holiday Upselling

That’s a fact, upsells are 68% more affordable than acquiring a new customer. Elements that make you upsells successful are their placement, timing, and of course relevancy.

In general terms, upsell sounds pushy, if not implemented correctly. It might end up in losing your potential customers.

So, what is that right position, right timing where upsell can be most relevant and the intended audience doesn’t feel like being cheated?

Tested Upselling Strategies

Let‘s have a look at the most tried and tested upselling strategies for the holiday season of 2023.

  • The post-purchase sales funnel allows you to increase the immediate income from each customer. You can create unlimited WooCommerce upselling funnels that trigger after the customer completes the product purchase; no limit on how many upsells and down sells you build. WooCommerce post-purchase upsell and down-sell offers are easy to set up and render higher ROI. This is one of the prominent features of the One click-upsell plugin.

Want to Upsell Your Customers In The Right Way?

  • On the shop page, you can use terms like “Best-sellers”, “Frequently bought together”, and “Customer who bought this also bought”, it is the perfect time and place, as your potential customer is still in the phase of decision-making, you can place your overpriced items, will lead to greater chances of conversions
  • You can also implement upsell in your cart page, where your potential users are in active buying mode, you can offer a mobile cover; or if they are purchasing cake or cookies, you can offer them candies, and they will feel super happy to have it.
  • Last, but not least, the checkout page is the most favorable position to offer upsells. You can offer additional subscriptions, extended warranty, or gift wrapping services to your customers. Do not try to be extra-smart, not to place overpriced items there.
  • Make smart recommendations based on buying interest, demographic details, and budget. And as well as the product they are going to purchase from you.

2. Reach Out to Your Consumers With a Segmented Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

One of the best WooCommerce sales ideas.

There is an eCommerce rush and definitely a peak season of bumper sales, and maximized conversions. Don’t play blind. Instead, play smart by targeting your visitors based on the web activity. List your customers based on their location, demographics, holiday shopping behavior, and buying habits.

Send exclusive deals to your customers. Divide them into segments based on their traits. You can do it manually unless you have a small customer base or you are paying someone specifically for this.

But in case, you deal with good numbers or you have a large customer base, and you have far more important tasks to do. If you want a marketing solution that automates email marketing segmentation with almost zero marketing efforts, read ahead!

Segment Contacts

Let’s see how you can segment your contacts for holiday marketing campaign success.

      • Segment your audience based on their last purchase and buying pattern they followed. If someone has browsed some specific product or service. Then target him/her with offers like creating urgency with a price drop. You can run an exclusive discount by embedding a counter in your email.An example of one such countdown emailer is,countdown mail
      • You can make a list of customers based on their recency, frequency, and monetary base. Like welcome offers for one-time shoppers and BOGO (Buy One Get One) deals for repeat customers. Similarly, you can reward your loyal customers with points and holiday special Gift cards.
      • Prepare your business for target holiday sales. Make a list of customers who have purchased from you at the price you mentioned without asking for discounts. You can avoid offering discounts to these customers.
      • Create a group to re-engage your inactive buyers by running an abandoned cart campaign and convert them by offering discounts on the items they have added to their cart with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Keep a Close Eye on the Deals & Offers Page of WP Swings !!!

There Is Something, That You Can Not Miss…

3. Increase WooCommerce Sales With Smart Discounting

Over 90% of all customers have used coupons in some way.

This is an eCommerce rush and definitely an eCommerce peak season of bumper sales, and maximized conversions. Don’t play blind, instead play smart by targeting your visitors based on the web activity. List your customers based on their location, demographics, holiday shopping behavior, and buying habits. There are many shopping holidays you can target in 2023 such as Halloween, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, New Year, etc. Utilize coupon referral marketing of different kinds to promote the festivities.

4. Add Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGO) Promotion Strategy

Who has a hatred for Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) offers?

Everyone loves that. It is an excellent way to collect hot leads and earn lots of money. Without any effort until it comes under your margin.

All these WooCommerce sales ideas are amazing. A straightforward marketing strategy working for years. Once you begin using BOGO at your WooCommerce store; you start getting more visits, and more clicks.

Your customers will be more interested in buying from you rather than your competitors. And that’s natural.

Buy-One-Get-One urges customers to buy more, hits the target audience, and creates urgency. You will see more fabulous sales, bigger orders, and improved conversion rates. But only if it is appropriately executed at your store.

An example of BOGO is the snacks & beverages sales by Bharatiya where they provide buy one and get one offer on several food items.

woocommerce sales ideas bogo offer

Source: Bharatiya

Create BOGO Offers

Let’s see what kind of BOGO – X deals you can create for your customers this festive season 2023.

      • If you have a best-selling product in your online store. Go for Buy One, Get One offer. It will motivate your visitors to have a try on your product. Mainly who are hesitating to buy it from you.
      • You can also go to Buy item X and get a d% discount on item Y. It works best in the B2C industry.
      • Another one is Buy One, Get Free Samples. Undoubtedly, one of the most working holiday marketing tactics. As it generates holiday demand for the product which you are offering as a free sample. These free samples are like gifts that your customers love to accept.

Willing to Explore Extensions for Your WooCommerce Store That Help You Add Exciting Offers?

5. Get More Loyal Customers With a Customer Loyalty Program

How frequently have you passed up a reward from an online store?

You won’t discover numerous examples of missing when somebody offers a reward. Since it is yours and makes you feel extraordinary. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t?

Acquiring customers during festive holidays is secure. And at the same time, it is tough too. This stat amazed me that states 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.

What are you doing to bring your first-time buyers back? Why will they come back? It’s no secret that many biggies or developing eCommerce stores are using Smart Rewards Programs

customer loyalty

Let’s see how you can manage points and rewards at your WooCommerce store.

If your e-store contains WooCommerce Points and Rewards, it is easier for you to implement a reward system, as it offers your customers to earn points and rewards for performing site activities like sign-ups and reviewing any product.

And the most significant lucrative advantage is this, and they can utilize the same points on your WooCommerce on making some purchases. Arigato!

Looking for The Best Way to Reward Your Customers?

Rewards don’t need to remain solitary. Be that as it may — they can be integrated with a deal, where buyers select more items, according to their requirements. And in return, they are getting rewards for every action they are performing on your site.

Another can be WooCommerce Coupon Referral Program, let’s see how it benefits you –

      • Build a strong customer base with a simple point-based system.
      • Reward the referrer for referring a friend by providing him with a discount coupon when the referred friend purchases anything from your e-store.
      • Social sharing referral programs, brands can increase brand awareness and increase consumer engagement in a minimum turnaround time.
      • Better strategize your promotional strategies with Reward Coupon Monitoring.

Want a Referral Marketing Solution in Your WooCommerce Store?

6. Win Your Customers Back With Holiday Marketing Campaigns

New customers cost you more. If you are running a small business, it becomes essential to save money anyhow. You won’t believe it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current customer.

So, if you don’t have much money to waste on acquiring new customers. Then go for executing win-back campaigns. And it’s no wonder around 45% of subscribers who received win-back emails read subsequent emails.

I have seen many cases where online merchants start sending newsletters to your audience in bulk. If you don’t know, the open rate of the newsletter is just 2%.

You have a very limited time of 7 sec approx. to convince your customers, and nurture them in one go. Wasting your time running a newsletter campaign isn’t worth it.

      • Give them what matters most to them. Be more personalized with your email campaigns.
      • First, create a series of emails containing lucrative content to generate awareness. Then set a target for creating engagement, and nurture them with valuable content. Then go for products, offers, and discounts.
      • You can go for Mautic to create highly targeted email campaigns for your prospects and customers based on the customer’s buying behavior.

Still confused about holiday eCommerce marketing campaigns? Check out this Checklist, 

holiday email marketing

7. Improve Your Website Conversion Rate With Technical SEO

If you think SEO attracts only traffic to your site. And it has nothing to do with conversions, you are wrong. I have gone through many cases where I found SEO is far more than just a traffic generator. I have found the most promising factors on how SEO brings conversion in eCommerce Holiday Sales.

Amongst WooCommerce sales ideas, let’s include individual factors such as searching holiday-specific keywords, SEO-friendly URLs, creating holiday landing pages, and creating a user-friendly environment on mobile devices, etc. are some of the things you can do.

You can do the following things in order to optimize your website rankings with SEO for Holiday Sales 2023.

      • Update your keywords based on last year’s holiday eCommerce trends. You can filter your keywords using GSC (Google Search Console).
      • Remove duplicate links and content from your website.
      • Apply SSL (Security Sockets Layer) to your website to safeguard payments.
      • Earn quality backlinks to your website with guest blogging and a link exchange strategy. So that you can increase traffic to your website.
      • Eliminate 404s or broken links and pages under the “No Found” tab in Google Search Console.

8. Design High-Converting Checkout Pages

Checkout pages are the most important pages of any business running online. And improving the checkout experience involves simplifying your forms, auto-filled fields, security seals, trusted badges, etc.

Offering a guest user checkout can also give you enhanced conversions. You should know  23% of users will abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new user account.

Most of the time, the user doesn’t want to create a relationship with the client. Users may want to pick items for the retail holiday shopping season and leave.

checkout flow eCommerce

In these WooCommerce sales ideas discussions, you can design converting checkout pages for WooCommerce. It helps you add converting elements to your WooCommerce store.

      • Create separate WooCommerce checkout pages for every product you choose.
      • Increase the Average Order Value (AOV) of your shopping cart by adding upselling offers to the same checkout page.
      • Customize your template as much as you want. Add product titles, descriptions, images, or testimonials. Even, edit the colors of the fonts, logo, etc.

9. Reach Existing Customers With Retargeting From All Corners

Expecting conversions in one go is hard, like a nut. You need to push the audience to come in multiple ways and multiple times.

Hit them in various ways:

      • Google Paid Ads and organic search results.
      • Analyze the number of visits to a specific page within a specified period.
      • Retarget those who leave the checkout page with a coupon code.
      • Retarget by custom audience lists for remarketing campaigns.
      • Cap your retargeting frequency and exclude people by IP.
      • Bid less on home pages and non-converting page visitors.
      • Retarget to convert customers for onboarding and upselling.

10. Use Affiliate Marketing to Boost Online Sales

Affiliate marketing is an extremely robust avenue of promotion. Affiliates allow you to target bigger audiences as they help to tap into their large followings. For instance, you can increase your brand awareness and generate increased revenue by sharing festive-theme content on affiliate profiles.

Also, you can promote your products or big sales in the festive holiday season by using them. You can offer them your coupon codes and gift cards. So that you can drive more traffic to your online store. In this way, people will surely take an interest in your offerings and your eCommerce sales will boost.

11. Host Interactive Contests & Offers

When we talk about WooCommerce sales ideas, we cannot miss out on this.

With contest hosting, you can stand out from the competition that is not performing any fun and amazement to draw more people to their products and services.

You can host eye-catching contests during the festive season in order to increase your engagement, brand awareness, and new customers. But make sure that your prize should be valuable enough so that more people will participate.

In order to make the contest more amazing, you can share it on social media. Also, give free entry to people to participate.

Put conscious efforts to promote your products, otherwise, you will not be able to increase your conversion rates. Your holiday sales strategy should be smart enough to attract new customers.

12. Retarget Your Abandoned Carts

Cart abandonment continues to be a critical issue for eCommerce owners. Customers usually abandon carts due to higher prices or while comparing with other store products. So, you can send cart abandonment emails to them.

According to Moosend, Of all cart abandonment emails sent, about 45% are opened. Half of the users who open a cart abandonment email marketing will engage, and 21% will click through.


email statistics

Therefore, shopping cart emails are more relevant. You can re-target those customers with special discounts and sales offers on the products in their abandoned carts. You can re-target those customers with special discount offers to increase sales offers on the products in their abandoned carts. Then the customers will surely come back and take action on their abandoned carts through your email marketing offers.

13. Create Enticing Deals as a Holiday Marketing Tip

It always happens that most of the sales come from existing customers rather than new customers. You can send exclusive deals to your existing customers. You can attach links to your customized landing page that are restricted only to existing customers. This will provide a remarkable experience to customers.

For Instance, Masic Beauty offers candles in a bundle.

offer discounts

14. Create Top-Priority Sales

People always take care of what they will miss out on. Take the benefit of that. Provide customers with a sales discount for a limited period of time, show them that your products are in limited stock.

You can also include a timer of your sales ending on your landing page or on the product page.

sales during holidays

This will motivate customers to take quick action and ultimately your sales will boost. It is really an effective strategy to boost your sales during the festive season.

15. Use Live Chats

One of my personal favorite WooCommerce sales ideas!

Never make your customers feel alone. You can provide good support to your customers by offering them a communication medium. Example of WP Swings’ live chat, 

live chat

You can add a Live Chatbot Feature to your website. So that your customers can contact you if they have any queries related to their product and order. Because customers can only remain satisfied if they get the right answer. If you don’t have the right way to reach your customers, then there is always a chance of their leaving.

16. Free Shipping

Free Shipping enhances customer loyalty. It can happen that customers will return again and again to your store because of free shipping. It entices them to purchase by wrapping all costs into the price of each item.

woocommerce sales ideas free shipping

In order to attract customers offer free shipping for a limited period. You can also set the product prices above which you can make free shipping available. This can be a very helpful strategy for increasing your WooCommerce sales.

You will always be ahead of your competitors. The profit rate will increase and ultimately your WooCommerce sales during the festive season will boost.

17. Personalized Newspapers

Customize the content of your personalized newspapers according to the recipients. This will help you to drive traffic and increase your WooCommerce sales through your promotional newsletters.

You can see the below example.

email finder

Also remember, try to include those products and services in your newsletter that the customer has purchased in the past receiving the email.

Newsletters often have lower open rates. Since most stores don’t give priority to the customization of newsletters. Content and design both play a significant role in holiday newsletters.

18. Social Media Platforms

Social media posting can be a significant strategy for boosting WooCommerce sales. You can increase customer engagement with the help of social media. Put social media buttons inside your product pages and services pages so that customers can share the products or whatever they like about your business services on social media platforms. For example, in the screenshot below limeroad has used easily shareable WhatsApp buttons.

shareable WhatsApp buttons

Also, try to ask for reviews for your products and services from customers. Encourage customers to post whatever they have liked about your business or anything on social media. Be active on social media and try to reply to customers and solve their problems.

Social evidence can motivate other people to buy from your store. It builds trust among other people toward your business. People consider others’ experiences and reviews. More and more potential customers would buy from your store and the conversion rate will increase.

Tie-up Your Laces and Implement These WooCommerce Sales Ideas

These are some of the best WooCommerce sales ideas to get the most out of your holiday marketing plans. So, implement them and achieve success!

So, holiday shopping events are all around the corner, time to put the red carpet on. Let’s welcome your customers to offer them something unforgettable so that they can’t resist visiting your store every time they are doing online shopping. These tools and ideas will definitely help you get the most out of your holiday marketing plan this 2023, as well as give your holiday shoppers an amazing shopping experience, this Christmas celebration.

With this, we have reached the end of the blog. I’ve tried collecting a few of the most important marketing solutions for your WooCommerce store that will help you earn more holiday online sales and leave no stone unturned for your customers.

Moreover, you can read more WooCommerce sales ideas for your store, or if you are curious about how to start selling online. We have a huge set of resources to guide you through the entire process of eCommerce store setup from start to finish.

Thank you so much for being a lovely reader. Please share your views via comments. I would love to hear from you. You can also check our free eCommerce plugins and solutions for your WooCommerce store.

About the Author: Muskaan Sabarwal

Muskaan Sabarwal is a content writer with a knack for telling stories, a flair for detail, and a hint of humor. She is passionate about creating valuable content on online platforms. She can blend conversion optimization and persuasion tactics like magic to share your brand's message.
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