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We believe there are five different ways you can team up with us and start a partnership that helps you:

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Spread the word out about our WooCommerce plugins and earn upto 50% commission on every sale. Join our affiliate program where everyone wins.


If you are a plugin developer, marketing agency, or a WordPress/WooCommerce enterprise anywhere in the world; wanting to purchase any of our products or all our products in bulk, you can save big time and this would be the ideal partnership type for you.

Tech Partners

If you have a great product and are of the opinion that a potential integration with any of our bestseller products could be the next big thing, become one of our tech partners. Even if you have a groundbreaking idea where both of our teams can come together and develop a stellar product, please connect.


Co-marketing partners work with us on blogs, podcasts, webinars, etc. to enhance traction, share viewpoints, and accelerate marketing efforts for best results. If you have an interesting and fresh perspective to share with the world, we are definitely listening.

Having a complementary product helps the cause. We would love to collaborate with related brands in our niche and grow better.

Referral Partners

Who doesn’t love to help people?

Do send us good projects and clients where our expertise can be brought to justice and we would be more than happy to share a fixed referral bonus your way. Some of your prospects may need a helping hand in terms of resources or services so that the job is done neatly and on time. Our referral partnership offering serves the exact purpose while sharing the profits with you.