Terms & Conditions

Welcome to WP Swings!

So you’re going to read our terms and conditions that basically outline the rules and regulations for using the wpswings.com website. While you’re accessing our website, tools, or products we assume that you’ll be willingly accepting all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page.

In case of any disagreement with the guidelines mentioned on this page, you can discontinue your journey with the WP Swings website. We highly recommend you carefully read all the points carefully before accessing or downloading any of our materials.

Let’s begin:

1. Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances WP Swings is liable for any direct or indirect, special or consequential, or incidental damages, this includes loss of data or profits that arise out of using or the inability to use our website’s material.

The Limitation Of Liability stands valid even if a WP Swings expert or any authorized representative has advised you of a possibility of such damages. If there’s a situation where you need assistance in servicing your websites you can expect a charge.

2. License

We create digital products exclusively for WordPress, an open-source platform. All our products are licensed and released under the WP Swings license police. 

(Click Here To View License Policy)

2.1. License Duration And Renewal

For getting regular updates of our products and extensions a valid and active license key is mandatory. The licenses for the products purchased are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

As a user and a valid license holder, you can renew your license a little before the maturity date at a discounted price of 50%.

2.2 Software Update

As mentioned above, a WP Swings plugin buyer will receive regular updates as long as he/she has a valid and active license. The updates will be automatically delivered to your WordPress dashboard. If you face any issues downloading updates from your WordPress admin panel, you can upgrade your extensions from the “My Downloads” page on our website.

2.3 Support Services

As a WP Swings customer, you’ll be provided with full 24×7 support for your purchase throughout the license validity. If your license has expired, it is recommended that you renew your license key if you wish to receive our support services in the future too.

3. Warranty

WP Swings provides its products to you as-is which means we do not promise any warranty and are not liable for any damage or flaw.

4. Ownership

Under the ownership guidelines, we will be covering the ownership of WP Swings content, the ownership of our customers’ website content, and the ownerships of WP Swings’ extensions.

  1. All the content, images, videos, product, and media found or used on this website including the documentation and demo are property of WP Swings. But you are definitely free to refer to our website if you’re using our content on other platforms or domains. 
  2. Strict actions will be taken if you’re found claiming ownership of our content without the consent of an authorized WP Swings representative. Also, reselling our extensions or sharing credentials publicly is strictly prohibited.
  3. We completely believe in Google’s policy to rank original content on the SERPs, therefore, we don’t believe in plagiarizing content whether it is our client’s website or any other website. We develop our own graphics and media but in case of a reference, we mention the original publisher.

5. Product Modifications & Updates

Since WordPress is an open-source platform we inherit this nature in our extensions too. As a customer, you have full authority to make modifications to the extensions developed by our experts at WP Swings.

Updates will be available to you regularly only if you have a valid and active license.

6. Payments

WP Swings accepts payments in exchange for its products and services using digital payments such as Stripe and PayPal.

7. Price Changes

As a seller, WP Swings reserves the right to make changes to a product’s price at any time or from time to time. We also reserve the right to change the product without prior notice or modify, update, or discontinue a product.

8. Photo Copyright

Here are our guidelines for photos, videos, and other media on our website domain and our sub-domains:

  • Our products do not come packaged with any image. You are responsible for adding your own images.
  • We use several media on demo and documentation pages but, these graphics are strictly for the demonstration of how our product works. This is just to give the visitor a functional preview of the plugins.
  • We assume you’ll prohibit yourself from using or resharing our images and media files on other domains that don’t represent WP Swings.

9. Subscription

  • If you’re using any of our services let us inform you that WP Swings has all the rights to discontinue them at any time with prior notice.
  • As a customer, you can discontinue our services if you wish but after clearing the payment which will be decided before signup for them.
  • The Company shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension, or discontinuance of the Service.
  • For upgrade/downgrade in plan level will result in the change in services and there will be no proportion in between billing cycles. Any balance amount will be handled separately by the customer and company.
  • Any discounts that you may avail of on plugin purchases do not apply to subscription renewals. When you purchase a plugin, you may be eligible for a discount. However, this discount will not be applied to the next subscription renewal. This means that you will need to pay the full selling price when your subscription renews.