Holiday SEO Tips To Boost Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful technique to get your online store under the spotlight.

Since the festive season marks the peak annual sale moment, hence holiday SEO becomes the most demanding optimization for your online store during the holiday. If you neglect SEO in this period, you may end up losing a major portion of your possible annual revenue in just a few festive days.

SEO is the top demanding strategy in the present digital ecosystem, and the reason can be best understood by this simple quote.

“If you choose to rank at one powerful keyword that matters to your business, you choose to partner with the most powerful company of the world, for your business”

Holidays like Cyber Monday are approaching us, and we must be prepared at all times. The sales during Cyber Monday 2021 is the top sales day in the history of eCommerce shown in the graph below, and 2022  Cyber Monday sales are predicted to set a new record.

black friday stats

During the holiday season time, the basic SEO gets majorly overruled by the holiday SEO. A  lot of things fluctuate with approaching festivals, and hence a planned optimization is required for ranking in the festive time.

The search keywords turn more festive-specific, product choices get tuned with holiday needs, customer expectation on discounts and offers increases, etc. And, hence normal day SEO practices fail to cope with them

This article brings you 12 powerful holiday SEO tips, particularly for the 2022 festival season. But before jumping into the tips let’s talk about the things that can hinder your growth.

Things That Can Hinder Your Exposure and Sales During the Holidays

As the festive season is around the corner there are certain things or activities that can hinder or stop your exposure and sales during the holiday season. It is no secret that during the holiday season your company makes the peak profit, but the real question is:

Is your company prepared for the rush of this season? Because covid-19 has made a huge lifestyle shift and the overwhelming popularity of online shopping. Nearly three-quarters of the US population check the online stores first, before checking the physical store, we thought we would help recognize the mistakes that you might be making. This will help you refine your marketing strategies!

1. Not Updated Local Listings

You might ask why SEO is significant for local listings? Well, it is important because it helps with the visibility of the business and also helps with high-authority backlinks. But, you should also remember that not every listing will have a backlink, but it will at least direct new users to your website and make Google aware of your business.

Therefore, during the holiday season, it is important to update your local listings regularly because users might check them frequently!

Pro Tip — Always Be Well Aware of Ways to Promote Your Local Business

Tips to Promote Local Business Online

Did you know? Only 25% of people go to page two on Google. In other words, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of the SERP. The marketer should always be aware of all the current marketing trends to stay on the first page of the SERP.

The marketers can also use tools like Google Trends to check what’s trending in the market. This enables them to stay relevant to the trends.

The marketers should at times be well-versed with the change or shift in any of the trends, in order to stay relevant to their audiences. After researching thoroughly, we have mentioned the top marketing trends for 2022.

marketing trends

3. Unaware of the Competitor’s Strategy

This is one mistake that you must avoid if you want to ace your game. The marketer should always be aware of their competitor’s strategy. But why is it important to keep a track of this? It is important to recognize who your competitors are, and what they are offering. This can help you to make your products, and services, stand out in the market. It will enable you to set your prices competitively, and will also help you to respond to rival marketing campaigns with your own unique initiatives.

This also helps you define your company’s position in the market. As you are now well aware of

the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor, you’ll be in a better position to assess yourself and your brand.

4. Lack of an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing will always help you with holiday sales. This is because your brand is making the customers aware of the upcoming or ongoing holiday offers or the sale. You’ll be surprised to know that, by 2024, it’s (email marketing) expected to reach about 4.5 billion individuals.

Email marketing is so effective because it’s a direct line to engaged prospects.

Some of the latest strategies for 2022 are,

email marketing trends

Paid advertising helps you reach the right audience better and more efficiently. There are many types of advertisements, such as

  • Display ads
  • Pop-up ads
  • Video ads

Today’s market can get extremely competitive with each passing day. The marketers must be on their toes at all times.

There are many types of Paid ads but our favorite one is Social Media Paid Ads. They are cheap and affordable. Take a look at this infographic that proves, its popularity:

social media advertising

Now, you are familiar with the mistakes that can hinder your sales during the holiday season. We can now move on to the tips that help you grow your business tremendously.

12 Festive SEO Tips to Boost Traffic on Your eCommerce Store [2022]

Overall, a new set of parameters defines SEO during the holiday season. With Google’s core web vitals update in 2022, the user experience became more crucial for search ranking. It is important to stay on top of your user experience always!

Therefore, all your holiday SEO must ensure that ultimately it has a positive impact on the user experience. With this article, we bring you 12 powerful holiday SEO tips, particularly for the 2022 holiday season.

1. Study Last Year’s Trends

Before starting with this year’s holiday SEO, it is advised for the SEO team to analyze last year’s trends and the highest-performing keywords that worked for you and your brand. After carefully analyzing, you can either stick with the old keywords that worked magic for your brand last year or research and find some new ones to enhance the quality of your holiday SEO.

The end line here is that the keywords you select should drive a high volume of searches while being relevant to your brand.

For Example, Here Are The 10 Important Seo Trends Of 2020, 

seo trends

2. Win on Seasonal Keywords

Keywords are one of the key players in SEO and that matters in the seasonal ranking and holiday SEO as well.

As each festival brings a new set of holiday season SEO keywords into the front row, hence holiday SEO is based on these sets of keywords. For example, Christmas brings keywords such as Christmas decorations, Christmas giveaways, Christmas desserts, top Christmas gifts, etc.

The clear-cut point is that you won’t show up in search results if your eStore does not include seasonal keywords in your product pages, offer announcements, landing pages, or blogs & articles.

Therefore, the first action that you must take with each approaching festival is to optimize your online store with the trending set of festive-specific keywords.

This festive keywords optimization begins with keywords research — in which you find out the trending keywords for the specific festival. In other words, finding those keywords which are most used by consumers in searching for products/services during seasonal purchases.

Several eCommerce tools can assist you with keyword research. SEMrush is one of the popular SEO tools perfect for keyword research.

There are many other tools that you can try. Here is a list of tools:

Pro Tip – Prepare Yourself for High Return & Refund Request

With a high volume of festive sales, the return and refund request rate also increases. Prepare your WooCommerce store with the best RMA management plugin for WooCommerce!

3. Festive-Friendly URL

Universal Resource Locators (URLs) are the gateways to your website or web pages. An unclear and random URL name makes it hard for users to trust and click.

Here is a definitive guide for SEO. It will help you with tips that are needed, and it will improve your website SEO.

The first thing using which the customer interacts with you is through the URL. Use the keywords carefully while building URLs. This will help in SEO as well as it’s more understandable to users as to what type of content a link might be redirected to.

user friendly url

Avoid the use of stopping keywords like in the URLs. It can decrease your SERPs ranking. The URLs you build should be user and search engine friendly.


Things you need to keep in mind while building URLs:

  • Remove stopping keywords [e.g., you, with, for, etc.]
  • Use relevant holiday-specific keywords.
  • The URLs should be readable [e.g. use instead of]
  • Check your organic search performance.
  • Don’t forget to use hyphens [-] instead of underscores [ _ ]
  • Match your URLs and titles with other sites.
  • Always remove unnecessary punctuation.
  • Use breadcrumbs

4. Optimize Content for the Festive Season

“Content is king.”

Content that attracts, engages and delights visitors also impacts the SEO ranking of the online store. In addition, the bottom-funnel content helps in boosting conversions.

So, leverage creative content during the festive season. You can write how your online store can help in making the festivals more special, or you can share customer celebration stories, provide gift ideas or donate for the well-being of others and encourage your readers for it on festive days.

Generate content that emphasizes festivals, and which becomes memorable in your audience’s mind. Find out the trending content that best suits your industry this year by looking up the seasonal keywords on Google Trends and turning to Buzzsumo.

Try to create product-based content which makes the buyer purchase instantly. The content marketing strategy will help in building a relationship with your target audience.

According to the 45-day rule, if you publish your content 45 days in advance you will likely get 50% engagement from the search engine traffic.

We Have Researched The Latest Social Media Holidays And Mentioned The Same For All The Readers:

social media holiday

Therefore, start early, and spend effort and money on promotions and content marketing ideas at the right time before it’s too late. So that you harness the best possibilities of content marketing and increase festive search ranking and boost sales.

Things you need to keep in your mind for a good content marketing strategy:

  • The keyword density of the focused keyphrase should be 3-5%.
  • Create long-form engaging festive season content for your audience.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing, try to use related phrases and keywords, and spread throughout the blog.
  • Add videos, infographics, slides, and GIFs to your blog to make it memorable for your audience.

According to Stoney Degeyter,

“SEO without content is like an ice cream cone without ice cream.”

Hence, how can festive SEO be complete without festive content?

5. Optimize Your Social Media Campaigns

A well-planned social media marketing campaign can also help you generate leads, get you more brand exposure, engage your audience, and much more.

Let’s talk about how to optimize your social media campaigns to make the most of them.

How to do Off-page SEO with Social Media?

  • Create engaging content.
  • Perform keyword research.
  • Plan your posts ahead of time, and use automation to post it without much effort.
  • Track your marketing efforts.
  • Use suitable and trending Hashtags in all posts.
  • Optimize your social media profiles(bio, username, pictures).
  • Follow your posting schedule by uploading posts every week according to your convenience and user requirements.
  • Use CTAs, images, and videos in your posts.

You’ll be more likely to get higher organic traffic with well-optimized social media content. You can use these perfect holiday social media plans to power up your social media marketing campaign.

social media marketing

Billions of users are always active on social media, and the festive season is a time when you can leverage these platforms to promote your brand. Executing it well can boost your festive-specific SEO and rankings which further helps in boosting conversion rates.

6. Holiday Landing Pages

A holiday landing page can prove to be a golden key for your festive sales, as well as for holiday SEO.

It allows you to make your festive goals more specific and targeted, provides a common home for all festive specific keywords, allows a festive targeted Call To Action (CTA), drives more customers, shows up all offers and product announcements, etc., all at one place. Hence, the chances of ranking such a page are much higher than on non-centralized festive pages.

Further, visibility brings organic traffic, which leads to conversions and sales.

Nowadays, eCommerce stores have started building enticing landing pages for various seasonal events. They optimize and promote these landing pages on various social media platforms, before the start of that event, in order to rank on the search engine.

Consider an example of a Christmas landing page as shown below:

holiday landing page

Source: SiteGround

The above landing page contains several Christmas-specific keywords and implements Christmas-specific media and products. And uses a targeted Call To Action (CTA) to motivate visitors to take desired actions, making the page a common place for all Christmas shoppers.

Such a page is easy to rank, making your festive SEO successful.

Building an effective Call To Action (CTA) is a marketing skill. Color, size, anchor text placement, etc., all matter, and if all done perfectly, the conversion rate is increased to many folds.

The success of a page should be measured by one criterion: The visitors do what you want them to do?

-Aaron Wall

7. Work on Product Listing

Holiday SEO is targeted mainly at making holiday sales. And, the core purpose of this type of SEO is to get our products/services to work in the best sync with the Google algorithm to help you rank better in SERPs.

The product listing can help in this aspect. With the festive season, try to get your product or service listed in as many places as possible. This sends a signal to the Google algorithm about your authority on that product or service keyword giving you positive festive SEO benefits.

Further, you must get your products listed in your Google shopping feed. This boosts your search result ranking in the shopping category.

8. Look at Your Competitor’s Festive Plan

In this business of online retailing, it is necessary to know who your competitors are so that you can stand out and make your unique identity in the crowd of retailers.

Track and analyze what’s sprawling in your competitor’s head.

Once you have figured out their marketing strategy, you can plan your marketing campaign for the present and future to stand with your competitors this festive season.

Having a competitor is not always bad; they keep you going. Learning from competitors is a great marketing strategy that demands not just a smart mind but also a heavy heart that is brave enough to accept something coming from the opposite side.

Social media, nowadays, is the best way to keep track of your competitors. There are several competitor analysis tools to spy on your competitors on social media platforms. The data or information they collect helps to strategically plan future goals.

9. Optimize Images With Alt Attributes

Google or other search engine crawlers don’t recognize images as we do with our eyes. They use ALT text or description to rank images in image ranking.

alt text

You must’ve noticed sometimes when an image doesn’t load, a text is shown in the place of that image. This text is the alternative to the image, referred to as the Alt text attribute.

Alt text attribute helps search engines to understand the images which increase the chances of your images ranking on Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs).

This also helps visually impaired people who use the text-to-speech feature, to conceive the image content.

By this, those who aren’t able to see the content can understand what an image is about by listening to the alternative description.

Alt attribute HTML code: <img src=”seotips.jpg” alt=“best SEO tips to grow sales in festive season”>

Therefore, the Alt attributes can play a major role in ranking your festive product images. These Alt attributes of images help in SEO ranking.

A link to your web pages is a signal to Google crawlers that the following web page is a valuable piece of content. With such a signal, Google tends to improve the ranking of its web pages. (there are many other Google ranking factors too)

In short, it is termed “Off-Page SEO”.

This can even be done for holiday season-based pages as well. To be more specific; extend the concept of off-page SEO to off-page holiday SEO.

Link building or backlinking is a strategic way of bringing traffic to your website or web pages from the other’s website or pages. In addition, it helps in increasing the Page Authority (PA) as well as Domain Authority (DA) when links are “do-follow” in nature.

Special care should be taken when giving links to others from self websites. More and more internal linking can help you to drive festive shoppers to various product pages.

The anchor text matters a lot. You must make efforts to get quality backlinks with anchor text that is more festive specific such as Black Friday deals, Christmas best gifts, Cyber Monday best offers, Halloween most scary getup, etc., that intrigue the readers for impulse shopping.

Remember the following during off-page link building:

  • Guest Posting for better festive page authority
  • Publish Press Release (PR) for new product releases during the holiday season.
  • Don’t forget to use internal links [try to make a cluster of your own blogs].
  • Check page authority and domain authority before giving or taking links.

11. Review Basic SEO Before Holiday SEO

Don’t forget to review your SEO basics and optimize your website pages accordingly. Review your technical foundation which includes:

  • Resolving the 404 error (page not found) for your deleted or broken pages.
  • Fixing the 301 redirects on lost landing pages and broken links. 301 redirects pass 90-99% of link equity to redirected pages.
  • Optimizing page speed.
  • Check the organic search performance of your site.
  • Make sure that the servers can handle the high load traffic.
  • Don’t miss to keep your SSL certificate updated.
  • Visible and clear Call To Action (CTA).

By reviewing all this technical stuff, your business would be able to trend in the Google search engine.

Keep your basic SEO well checked and updated with top SEO trends for 2022, a complete cheat sheet.

In addition, mobile SEO is critical for search ranking on mobile devices. You can read an exceptionally comprehensive beginner’s guide on mobile SEO to keep your basic mobile SEO well realized.

12. Loading Speed and High Servers to Handle Festive Traffic

Page speed is a Google ranking factor.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Eve, etc., are the biggest festive season sale days of the year, which bring high traffic to online stores. The congestion may overload the server resulting in slow loading speed.

So, it becomes essential to ensure that your servers can handle this much site load. Don’t forget to double-check your servers before the start of the festive season sale to make sure that no problem arises during the sale.

Resolve the error 404 pages and fix lost landing pages, broken links, and 301 redirects.

The Bottom Line…

The optimization that is targeted to gain visibility during the holiday season is termed – Holiday SEO or Seasonal SEO.

Festive sales can scale up your revenue graph to a new height, particularly during the BFCM weekend. Ignoring BFCM can be a big mistake.

During festivals, shoppers are determined to purchase one or more things, on or before the festive day. BUT you need to ensure ways to bring those shoppers to your online store before they get on your competitors.

Holiday SEO is the best organic way to do that organically.

Therefore in this blog, I’ve discussed 12 simple tips that’ll help online retailers amplify sales and revenue. By using these festive season strategies online retailers can rank on SERPs and strengthen the bond with their customers. And, I’ve also discussed the mistakes that marketers can make that hinder their growth!

Happy Holidays and Happy Selling! :)

About the Author: Muskaan Sabarwal

Muskaan Sabarwal is a content writer with a knack for telling stories, a flair for detail, and a hint of humor. She is passionate about creating valuable content on online platforms. She can blend conversion optimization and persuasion tactics like magic to share your brand's message.
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  1. Alistar Scott June 24, 2022 at 12:10 pm - Reply

    Muskaan, you were really informative! During festivals, holiday SEO may increase the organic traffic of your online shop. According to a recent statistic, ad engagements increase by 50% during the holidays, while direct traffic increases by 150%. So I think having a mobile-friendly site and ensuring your site can manage high traffic during festival season are two basic and obvious options.

    • Muskaan Sabarwal June 27, 2022 at 4:51 am - Reply

      Thank you so much! :)

      And, yes I agree having a mobile-friendly site can help you drive more sales and revenue to your website!

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