WordPress Sales Funnel

“Sustainability and Proper Planning matter the most when it comes to converting your visitors into consumers.”

Even though obtaining leads and converting them into genuine clients can be difficult if you don’t have a solid sales process, many leads may never engage. What is that solid process? Having a WordPress Sales Funnel in place!

Once you know a little about sales funnels and how to build them, you’ll be able to streamline all your hefty processes in minutes. Yes, that’s true plus there are plenty of handy tools i.e. WordPress plugins that assist your trip to more efficiently building your funnels.

So, are you excited to learn more about this daunting process of building a successful sales funnel??? If yes, stay tuned as we are now heading further into details. I’m proceeding with the explicit breakdown of the process likewise—

Let’s get started!

Is WordPress Sales Funnel A Boon Or Bane For Your WordPress Site?

Sales—what’s that picture you coined when you first heard of the term….I guess the typical buying and selling process. That’s not so wrong but not so correct either.

The gap between a need and a want is wider than the Grand Canyon.

Let me explain it to you through an example —

A person who desires a new X-Box, but needs a new pair of shoes, would keep wearing those rugged and worn-out shoes to get that X-Box he desired. As a matter of fact—People will buy a want over a need 9 times out of 10. They save to buy a need but will beg, borrow, or steal to acquire a want.

Resonating to the fact—the one who successfully converts that need over the want of a prospect wins the sale game.

A mind is like a parachute, it only works when open….

So, what’s that sales funnel then?

What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel describes a person’s journey from the instant they learn about your company to becoming a loyal customer. Marketers frequently discuss funnels in stages, beginning with knowledge of the solution to a problem and ending with action to make a purchase.

benefits of sales funnel

It’s a method of guiding prospective consumers into purchase and advocacy through brand marketing. This is accomplished by converting leads into prospects, prospects into paying customers, and paying customers into returning customers.

Then how can you differentiate between customers and prospects?

Prospects are a step further down the funnel than leads, as they are any potential customer you have not yet qualified. A prospect is a possible customer who meets three criteria: they fit your target market, they have the financial means to buy, and they have the authority to make consumer choices.

You start by gathering LEADS, then qualify them as PROSPECTS before moving them through your Sales Funnel.

What Are The Stages Of WordPress Sales Funnel?

To comprehend a sales funnel, you must first comprehend the customer journey. Every customer goes through a similar procedure whenever they make a purchase.

The AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action) is a popular way to depict this path. Elias St. Elmo Lewis invented the basic technique, which is also known as AIDA, in 1898.

sales funnel

Here’s How It Works…

1. Awareness Stage

Potential clients initially become aware of your brand or product during the Awareness stage. Someone now knows about your goods thanks to marketing efforts, a smart SEO strategy, or pure luck.

2. Interest Stage

People seek out more information about your product/brand and its benefits at the Interest stage.

3. Desire Stage

Then they move on to the Desire stage when you make someone want to buy something by developing a connection with them.

4. Action Stage

Finally, there’s the Action stage, where the customer decides whether or not to buy — depending on how smooth the buying process is and how compelling you are.


A last and crucial phase is sometimes added to this model: Retention. This is where you put in the effort to build brand loyalty and persuade people to keep buying from you.

This entire customer journey may be viewed as a funnel that gets smaller and tighter as people slip out. Not everyone who learns about your brand will progress to the stage of Interest. Even those who make it to Desire may decide to abandon the ship.

WordPress Sales Funnel is also considered to be a WooCommerce Sales Hack, Why? The goal of a sales funnel is to optimize for every step of the customer journey to keep as many people in the funnel as appropriate until the very end.

Why Do You Need A WordPress Funnel For Your Website?

The basic need for a WordPress sales funnel lies clearly in nurturing leads i.e. the people who are interested in your brand and could potentially become your loyal customers for longer periods.

need for sales funnel

1. Customer-Focused Approach

Sales funnels are designed to be customer-centric, placing the needs and behaviors of customers at the forefront. This approach allows businesses to better understand a prospect’s journey from initial interest to final purchase. By mapping out this journey, companies can identify key touchpoints and tailor their marketing strategies to meet customer needs at each stage. This not only enhances the overall customer experience but also builds trust and rapport with potential customers, making them more likely to convert.

2. Ease Of Implementation

Setting up a WooCommerce sales funnel is straightforward and can be done by businesses of any size, including small businesses with limited resources. The process does not require advanced technical skills or costly marketing tools. Basic knowledge of marketing concepts and a strategic approach to guiding customers through the sales process is sufficient to create an effective funnel. This simplicity makes sales funnels an accessible tool for businesses looking to improve their conversion rates without a steep learning curve or significant investment in technology.

3. Cost-Effective

Sales funnels can be created and managed using free WordPress plugins and affordable web hosting services. This cost-effectiveness is particularly beneficial for small businesses and startups that need to manage their budgets carefully. With numerous free plugins available, businesses can experiment with different funnel structures and optimize their strategies without incurring high costs. Additionally, inexpensive web hosting ensures that the sales funnel is accessible to customers without significant financial outlay.

Create A High-Converting WordPress Sales Funnel In 3 Easy Steps

Getting started with a WordPress sales funnel requires no hard and fast mechanism to learn, just you have to focus on some specific pointers and get set go with your converting funnels within no time. Here, I’ve cut short the simplest of all 3 steps. Yes, you heard that right, just 3 to go…..

Step 1 – Initial Environment Setup

You’ll need to lay the groundwork for your sales funnel in WordPress before you begin. For that, an initial WordPress website needs to be set up that requires—

  • Selecting A Platform

Although WordPress began as a blogging platform, many people believe it is only suitable for blogs and personal websites. This is far from the case; WordPress already powers more than 30% of the world’s fastest one million websites.

WordPress has also improved its eCommerce plugins, including WooCommerce, which converts 22% of all websites into revenue-generating e-commerce platforms.

  • Choose And Register The Domain Name, Opt for Hosting

The first step in designing a profile is to get a domain name and a hosting service for it. A domain name, also known as a virtual address, is in charge of your store. A domain name will be anything like www.exampledomain.com.

Keep your domain name short and easy. End up making use of keywords. Avoid numbers and hyphens when targeting your location.

  • Install WordPress And Activate WooCommerce

From www.wordpress.org, you can conveniently download and install WordPress. Then navigate to the Plugins section and look for WooCommerce.

You might think? Why WooCommerce? Valid doubt to have…

As it is an eCommerce store that we are developing funnels for we need to set up a store for that….

Simple… Hope, it’s clear now….

woocommerce plugin

WooCommerce might well be allowed for free installation.


After you’ve set up your WooCommerce store, you’ll need to add products and customize other specifics like shipping and payments in the WooCommerce Settings.

Are You Confused About Setting Up Your Woocommerce Store?

We Have The Perfect Guide For You…
  • Set Up Your Store, By Adding A Theme And Required Plugins

After that, you can choose a WordPress theme. It should be minimal and easy to manage and adapt to ensure that your landing pages load quickly. Use a different theme for your store that meets your needs. It’s critical to make the website more appealing and interesting.

At this point, you might get overwhelmed! But this article will help you select the perfect WooCommerce theme for your eCommerce store…

theme directory wp

  • Initially Add a Product Base

Create a website with just enough features and basic products for early users to be happy with the service, then add upgrades based on the feedback. Your WooCommerce dummy store would look similar to the screenshot below.

wp shop page

NoteThe above-mentioned steps are only required if you do not own a WooCommerce store to start with your sales funnel. If you do have one, skip that part continue with the steps below, and create your own WordPress sales funnel.

Step 2 – Require Page Builders To Design Effective WordPress Sales Funnel Landing Page For Your Website

Users arriving on your website, whether via a product page, sales page, or other landing page, is usually the initial step in any sales funnel.

WordPress makes it simple to construct basic pages for your website. A configurable homepage may be included with your WordPress theme. These sites, however, are not optimized for sales, and they leave various gaps in your sales funnel that potential buyers can fall through.

SeedProd can help with this. It’s the greatest WordPress page builder on the market, and it lets you create landing pages, sales pages, product pages, and more with ease.

page builder seedprod 1

SeedProd has dozens of pre-built templates that are already optimized for increased conversions. It also offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for customizing your pages.

page builder seedprod 2

SeedProd also comes with a WooCommerce integration, which lets you add eCommerce features to any page.

You can, for example, show featured products that you wish to upsell, product grids, and basket buttons, among other things.

wp sales funnel page builder seedprod 3

To increase sales, you can also develop a bespoke WooCommerce cart experience with product upsells. SeedProd interacts with your existing email marketing platforms, making it simple to acquire leads and turn them into paying clients.

After that, you’ll require a few more essential features. This should include the product or service you want your prospects to buy. You should also create high-quality content that guides your leads down the conversion path.

Step 3 – Starting With WordPress Sales Funnels

WordPress offers numerous plugin support that can assist you with keeping your sales funnel on track for FREE.

Considering the WordPress sales funnel base process ease and the FREE aspect in mind, I’m taking an example of One Click Upsell Funnel— an outstanding WordPress sales funnel management plugin by WP Swings.

Let’s see how it works…..

One Click Upsell Funnel

This is an outstanding resource for WordPress sales funnel development.

one click upsell funnel plugin

Just you need to install the plugin and get started with your lead-capturing process through sales funnels.

Looking For A Simplified Store Fix For Your Upcoming WordPress Sales Funnels-Based Offers?

Build one-time upsell offers by major page builders with zero coding…
  • Creating A New Funnel is the first step.

You can construct new funnels in this section that will take action on your WooCommerce store when a purchase is made.

Simply go to the Funnel List area to build a new funnel. This section shows a list of all the funnels you’ve made. Click on the Create New Funnel button to start building a new funnel.

create new funnel

When you click on Create New Funnel, you’ll be asked to add the details about your funnel.

The specifics include–offering your WordPress sales funnel a name, choosing one or more products as a target product, scheduling your funnel to run on specific weekdays or letting it run on a daily basis, creating exclusive one-time upsell offers on your store to increase urgency among your customers, offering an upgrade product to customers after the purchase is complete, and so on.

Add the offer to your funnel when you’ve filled up the details. After checkout, this offer is responsible for presenting the upsell products. To add new offers to your sales funnel, click Add New Offer.

wp one click upsell funnel 2

Select the offer product and click Add New Offer. After you’ve completed your checkout, this product will be offered as an upsell.

one click upsell funnel 3

Enter the percentage discount you’d like to offer on the upsell item.

Set the URL to which clients will be redirected if they accept or reject the upsell offer. If a customer rejects Offer #1, for example, you may add Offer #2 and route them to Offer #2.

wp sales funnel one click upsell funnel 4

Choose an offer template and make changes as needed. You receive three different upsell product templates.

wp sales funnel one click upsell funnel 5

You can utilize the Link To Custom Page box to create your custom offer page if you don’t want to use the standard offer templates.

If you wish to add more upsell offers, simply repeat all of the sub-points from point #3 and save your changes.

This WooCommerce upsell plugin offers Sandbox Mode where you’re free to customize your upsell funnels before publishing them. Once you’re satisfied with your funnel, you can click on the toggle button to make the funnel live.

wp sales funnel one click upsell funnel 6

That’s all for creating your upsell funnel for free utilizing the plugin. The below GIF demonstrates how this upsell offer would look when it is in action.

wp sales funnel one click upsell example gif

You can create more Upsell offers in this way to make your WordPress sales funnel live. You can add more than one offer to your sales funnel by clicking on Add New Offer and following the procedures outlined above.

The festive season is also around the corner, did you know that our plugin caters to your special festive requirements?

upsell funnel

Similar to the above resource we have one more FREE plugin that can assist your sales funnel in gathering more sale prospects by creating bump-up offers at the times when you think the deal is about to close. 

  • Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce

Yes, I’m not exaggerating….. the name of that resource is Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce

wp sales funnel bum offer plugin banner

Yes, it is also an excellent WordPress sales funnel assistance resource by WP Swings that allows WooCommerce store owners to display only amazing yet effective offers on the WooCommerce checkout page(where one would think that the deal would be closed) which, if accepted by your customers by simply clicking the checkbox without leaving the checkout page, can allow you to gain more at that crucial moment of closing a deal.

The below-attached screencast is a mere example-

wp sales funnel bump offer example

This plugin allows merchants to develop bump offer funnels for simple, variable, and subscription products. Merchants can also track the sale and behavior of each Order Bump they’ve introduced to their store using the plugin.

This plugin caters to all your festive requirements seamlessly, check it out for yourself!

order bump

5 Core Elements To Run An Effective Sales Funnel

Generating a high-sales WordPress funnel does not happen overnight. Whereas the fundamental principles are straightforward, numerous factors contribute to its success.

To create a highly successful sales funnel, you must understand that this isn’t about the design or aesthetics of the funnel, but rather about the cognitive science behind it.

Creating is TRIVIAL, but Converting is HARDER !

1. Making Use of Videos as an Efficient Tool

As videos engage significantly, incorporate them on your landing page to boost engagement. You can have them on your landing pages for any particular product or service, as described in the following:

  • Product demonstration videos
  • Recommendations
  • Tutorial videos
  • Videos with issues and opportunities

For Example-

Help Scout encourages you to view a demo video. The designs and animations are emotionally charged. Additionally, some brand logos have been added above the fold to emphasize social proof to website visitors.

The clarity on the site is fantastic, making it simple to read. Nothing gets in the way of the copying. There is no crowded backdrop. There’s a strong call to action and plenty of social proof. It may be underneath the fold, but it was still prominent enough to be noticed. It’s ideal for a wonderful user experience in general.

wp sales funnel helpscout example

Moreover, Help Scout is very appealing. Their message and offerings appear to be straightforward. They’re doing everything they can to fix the fundamentals.

Their website is fantastic. They have had some excellent visuals and resources. Overall, they have a bunch of high stuff. It has a distinctive look and a simple layout.

You can also make small demos or, tutorial videos, some can be based on the new feature updates of your products and others can be around your overall website or plugins.

WP Swings Has A Dedicated YouTube Channel,

Get Inspired and learn more about us!

2. Your Proposal Must Appeal To Your Target Audience

Often individuals are only concerned with the copy on their landing pages and funnels, and they are less concerned with sharpening their offers.  Your offer alone will genuinely establish a better visitor Experience for you and want to learn further about your products or services.

Because that is what will entice them to purchase.  You will never again be prosperous if your offering isn’t exceptional.

For Example-

This landing page deviates dramatically from Spotify‘s traditional green and black colors — which may be the idea. This could be a strategy to let the audience know that the page has a different purpose than the rest of its contents.

spotify free membership offer

Despite the touchdown page’s simplicity, the striking color draws attention to the content and CTAs.

wp sales funnel spotify example 2

It also contains a list of the year’s most popular artists, songs, albums, and podcasts, all of which are accessible on Spotify. It’s a unique method to advertise the company’s library of content while also encouraging people to register.

Another significant example can be the WP Swings Offer Page. We have made this page in such a way that the customers or the visitors will find everything related to any ongoing offers from the product bundles to FAQs related to the various running offers!

3. Study And Replicate Working Funnels

There are lots of million-dollar sales funnel ideas available that can add value to your WordPress sales funnel strategy and help you a lot by just taking small referential assistance from that, you just have to re-engineer their approach to make yours rock.

The best is to Research and find them out from hidden nooks and corners such as the competitors, successful businesses, guides, landing pages, etc. Grab a piece of paper and start studying what they are all doing and do the same.

4. Testing Surely PAY You Off

It is always a good idea to Split-Test your sales funnel at all times. This would help you identify the IDEAL conversion funnel, and test multiple permutations of your material, texts, colors, pages, and buttons.

AB testing

WooCommerce A/B testing can be used by individuals, teams, and companies to make tiny changes to their user experience while gathering data on the results. This allows them to formulate hypotheses and learn why certain features of their experiences have an impact on user behavior.

Below attached screencast shows some of the remarkable split testing examples out of A/B testing a strategy or process before getting that take over the situation completely.

wp sales funnel AB testing instances

The Dot Com Secrets by Russel Brunson, a book that explains the ins and outs of establishing a productive sales funnel, is the ideal place to start learning about most of these funnel-building tricks.

There are many one-click upsell and order bump plugins that help you experiment with the offers that you’re running on your website. Using this feature the admin can easily compare two upsell offers and see which one works better. You can track important stats like how many times the offer was triggered, how many times it succeeded, how many offers were viewed, accepted, or rejected, and the total sales generated. This helps you figure out what your customers like, tweak your strategies, and generate more revenue.

Essential Tip: Bonus

Evaluation and Analysis is the key to witnessing continuous growth from time to time. You must evaluate your sales funnel, assess the results, and use the data to enhance your deployment in order to maximize its potential. This may appear to be a lot of work, and it is, but Google Analytics inclusion makes it a lot easier.

Learn How Your WordPress Sales Funnel Is Helping You Grow?

A flexible reporting & analysis tool comes in handy…

Over To You Now…

Your business has its own set of needs and practices, so you can organize your email blasts in whichever way works best. There are a lot of platforms out there that let you segment your subscribers, choose email templates, craft personalized messages, and put in place dynamic sending schedules.

Every business has a different means of guiding potential customers to a conversion. Be sure that all the strategies you adopt and adjustments you make are backed up with data-driven result tracking so you can learn exactly what your target audience is looking for and what channels to utilize to give it to them.

Getting completely clear on what these work funnel processes look like for you will give you the knowledge to set specific work goals for the future and take clear actions towards achieving those goals.

An effective sales funnel cannot be built overnight, but you’ll be well on your way with the right planning and strategies. We’re always there to lend you a helping hand.

About the Author: Muskaan Sabarwal

Muskaan Sabarwal is a content writer with a knack for telling stories, a flair for detail, and a hint of humor. She is passionate about creating valuable content on online platforms. She can blend conversion optimization and persuasion tactics like magic to share your brand's message.
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