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Are you looking for some of the best digital wallet plugins?

“In 2023, the global total value of digital wallet transactions was $9 trillion.”

It’s clear that the digital wallet industry is continuously growing and If you’re running an online store, you don’t want to miss out on this trend. To make things even more exciting I’ve gathered the top 7 best digital wallet plugins for your online store.

These plugins are like magic keys, unlocking new possibilities for both you and your customers.

Let’s explore some of the best digital wallet plugins that can make your customers’ experience wonderful and take your online store to the next level.

Best Digital Wallet Plugins for WooCommerce

Selecting the best digital wallet plugin is crucial for businesses aiming to optimize and secure their online transactions. Let me make this easy for you, below are the top 7 best digital wallet plugins for your online store

1. Wallet System For WooCommerce Pro by WP Swings

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro is one of the best digital wallet plugins that integrates a digital wallet into your WooCommerce store, empowering customers to buy products using their wallet balance.

Wallet System For WooCommerce

Its functionalities include bulk fund management for customer wallets, comprehensive transaction history viewing and downloading, automated email notifications, and the facilitation of wallet cashback and refunds.

Also, it easily integrates with a range of other plugins like Subscriptions for WooCommerce and Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution.

This plugin is designed to enhance payment procedures, elevate customer contentment, and bolster loyalty initiatives.

Key Features of Wallet System For WooCommerce Pro

  • Negative Wallet Amount Support: The Admin can enable Negative Wallet support for users allowing them to continue shopping even if they don’t have enough funds in their wallet. The remaining amount will be added as a Negative balance.
  • Refer A Friend: Customers can send referral links to unregistered users to join the woocommerce wallet system and can earn a small referral amount.
  • Auto Complete Wallet Recharge: You can enable this feature to auto-complete any order made for wallet recharge, without manually changing the order status

  • Generate QR Code: Users can generate QR codes for their wallets, which can be scanned by other users for fund transfers.
  • Restrict Users: You can restrict customers from using the wallet frontend panel. The restriction can be placed individually or in bulk for any set of features.
  • Set Transfer and Withdrawal Fees: Wallet for WooCommerce allows you to charge fees on Wallet Transfer and Wallet Withdrawal Requests.


Try Before You Buy!

Explore the Features! Check out the Demo and Documentation

2. YITH WooCommerce Account funds

The YITH WooCommerce Account Funds is another best digital wallet plugin which is designed to enhance customer loyalty and recurrent business for online stores. It allows customers to deposit funds into their accounts, which they can then use to make purchases within the store.

YITH Account Funds

This feature encourages customers to spend their funds exclusively on the store, promoting customer loyalty and recurrent business. The plugin also enables vendors to offer exclusive discounts to customers paying with Account Funds, further incentivizing its use.

Key Features of YITH WooCommerce Account funds

  • Users can deposit funds into their account on your store
  • Users can withdraw from their deposited funds to pay for new orders
  • Users can make partial payments with deposited funds
  • Admin can deny deposits that do not fall within the amount range specified in the plugin settings
  • Users whose funds balance is below a specified threshold are invited to make a new deposit through an automatic email
  • Admin can grant discounts to all users who pay using their account funds


  • $79.00 / Year

3. TerraWallet

The Terrawallet WooCommerce is a comprehensive free digital wallet system that provides cashback rewards, partial payment options, and wallet refunds. It is designed to streamline transactions and improve the shopping experience for customers.

TerraWallet WooCommerce

The plugin allows users to add funds to their digital wallets using the available payment methods on your store. Users can then use these funds to purchase products and services, making transactions faster and more convenient.

Key Features of TerraWallet

  • Adding Balance to Online Digital Wallet Account
  • Cashback Rewards
  • Partial Payment
  • Wallet Refunds
  • Transaction History
  • Notification Emails
  • Adjustable Wallet Amount
  • User Transfers
  • Shortcode Functionality


  • Free on WordPress Org
  • Addons Starting From $49

4. WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin

The WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin is a powerful tool that enables customers to make online payments conveniently through a digital wallet system.
WordPress WooCommerce Wallet Plugin

This plugin revolutionizes the payment process by allowing users to stock money in an online prepaid account, eliminating the need to enter debit/credit card details for every transaction.

With this plugin, customers can easily add credit to their wallet, use Wallet Cash during checkout, and enjoy features like cashback rewards, wallet-to-wallet transfers, and OTP verification for secure transactions.

Key Features of WordPress WooCommerce Wallet System Plugin

  • Mail notification for wallet transactions
  • Custom Wallet Amount Management
  • Cashback Rules
  • Custom Wallet Restrictions
  • Multiple Cashback Conditions
  • Wallet Actions
  • Easy Credit and Debit
  • Wallet Transaction List


  • $59/Lifetime

5. WooCommerce Wallet By firassaidi

The WooCommerce Wallet plugin is a powerful tool for online stores that allows customers to checkout/pay using funds they have already deposited in their accounts.
WooCommerce Wallet Plugin

This plugin is exclusively sold on the Envato marketplace, which includes new features such as minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts, exporting transactions and withdrawal requests, and the option to delete withdrawal requests.

The plugin also offers the ability to specify a refund reason, improve the wallet balance display in the menu, and add a wallet icon.

Key Features of WooCommerce Wallet By firassaidi

  • Allows customers to checkout/pay using funds from their Wallet
  • Added minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts
  • Export transactions and withdrawal requests
  • Option to delete withdrawal requests
  • Added the option to specify a refund reason
  • Improved wallet balance display in the menu
  • Added wallet icon
  • Refund fee (fixed amount/percentage)
  • Withdrawal fee (fixed amount/percentage)
  • Transfer fee (fixed amount/percentage)


  • $59/Lifetime

6. Store Credit For WooCommerce

Although it’s not exactly the best digital wallet plugin,but it works in a similar way. WooCommerce Store Credit plugin is a powerful tool designed to help you boost your sales and build a loyal customer base. This plugin allows you to create store credit coupon codes, which can be used by customers for purchases until the credit expires.
Store Credit WooCommerce

Customers can also purchase WooCommerce store credit as a gift for friends and family, making it an excellent method to draw new customers.

Key Features of Store Credit For WooCommerce

  • Offer Store Credit and Gift certificates
  • Generate Shareable Gift Coupons
  • Configure Limitations for Coupon Use
  • Offer Extra Credits to Clients
  • Give Bonus Credits to Reward Your Customers
  • Shortcode Support For Customization
  • Create and manage Credits, Coupons, and Products
  • Associate Coupon with Product Purchases


  • $5.57/Month (Billed Yearly $66.75)

7. WooCommerce Wallet By Flintop

Wallet for WooCommerce is a plugin that adds a wallet function to your WooCommerce store, allowing users to top-up funds and make use of them on future purchases. Users can top-up the funds to their wallet and make use of it on future purchases.

WooCommerce Wallet Flintop

You can also award bonus funds to users when users top-up the funds and meet the configured criteria, you can set the criteria by the min-max top-up amount feature.

This plugin is compatible with the “YayCurrency & WooCommerce Multi-Currency Switcher” plugin, offering convenience to your users, faster checkout, and insights on future sales.

Key Features of WooCommerce Wallet By Flintop

  • Wallet Top-up
  • Credit Bonus Funds
  • Gift Voucher Module for Generating Gift Cards
  • Removing Tax on Wallet Top-up
  • Email reminder for balance Expiration
  • Credit Amount on Product Review
  • Set unlimited validity on Wallet Balance
  • Credit Amount on Daily Login
  • Auto Renew Subscription (Require WooCommerce Subscription)


  • $4.61/Month (Billed Yearly $55.30)

Which One To Choose?

Now, as you compare the options for the best digital wallet plugin, the big question rises: “Which one to choose?” It all comes down to what matters most to you. Think about what you really need – maybe it’s easy customization via shortcodes, easy setup, or secure online payments. Each plugin has its own strengths, so it’s about finding the one that fits perfectly with your goals.

Moreover,if you are thinking of choosing the Wallet Plugin by WP Swings you can enhance your online store’s performance using additional add-ons like Subscription for WooCommerce and RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce the subscription plugin allows you to create a subscription program and the Refund plugin allows you to manage returns, refunds and exchange.

Take a moment to figure out what’s most important to you, and that way, you can pick the perfect plugin that fits just right. Your choice will make all the difference in making your customer experience delightful, so choose wisely!

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That’s it, these are the 7 best digital wallet plugins. You can use any of them to set up and manage an online digital wallet system on your online store.

All of the plugins are great and easy to use but if you ask me to choose one of these. I would choose the Wallet System For WooCommerce Pro plugin because of the flexibility and multiple personalization options and if you are short of budget, you can pick the free version of Wallet System for WooCommerce from WordPress Org.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into this booming industry by installing any of the above plugins. If you have any doubts or queries, then comment in the section below.

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