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WooCommerce is a FREE and OPEN SOURCE eCommerce platform. 26% of online stores are running on WooCommerce in 2023.

When you’re creating an online store using WooCommerce, there are multiple steps you need to follow and complete. One of these steps is to choose the best WooCommerce theme for your website.

You need to buy a managed hosting plan, domain name, SSL certificate, install WordPress, WooCommerce, and theme. There are a lot of things in the bucket to tick off. Subsequently, to complete all the requirements and make sure that you haven’t missed any important steps during the installation, you can prepare a checklist for the same.

Now, when it’s about WooCommerce themes, there is a huge variety of free and premium themes on different marketplaces. Also, when you’re starting your online business, your customers should feel that you’re running a professional store, your products are of top quality, and they can trust you! And in doing so, your WooCommerce theme plays a crucial role.

If your theme doesn’t represent the morals on which you’ve established your store, then the output won’t match your expectations.

Design, colors, patterns, animations, and the creativity you put in your e-store, decide the outcome you’re going to derive at the end of the day. Therefore, selecting a theme that can benefit your e-store is equally important as any other step involved in store creation.

But the wide range of free and premium WooCommerce themes on different marketplaces complicates things. In the end, you wonder which theme you should install for your business. In short- to make your job easy, I’m gonna present some top-class WooCommerce themes you can install and give an attempt!​​

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Key Features You Need To Look In Your WooCommerce Theme

In comparison to other eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce is more flexible in terms of pricing and functionality. It is common to wonder how to actually begin your  WooCommerce theme hunting. You might think, what are the features and criteria to tick so it is the best choice for your store? We have created a list for a quick idea:

1. Compatibility With WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that converts a CMS/blog website into an eCommerce website. There are many WordPress themes out there that can be installed in your WordPress dashboard. Now, if you’re creating your store using WooCommerce, you need to make sure that your selected themes provide compatibility with WooCommerce.

2. Customizable

To give your store the appearance it demands, you need to perform customization. As a result, customization can be performed by modifying the source codes. This can turn out to be time-consuming, and you can’t preview your changes in real-time. Moreover, if during the customization any error occurs and you’re not a technical person, then you need to contact a developer to customize your theme accordingly.

Consulting a developer isn’t an issue. They can solve your queries and customize themes as per your suggestions. The reason store owners attempt not to converse with a developer might be because they don’t want to invest in development costs or have a low budget. Thus, if you want to customize your theme without consulting a developer, then don’t forget to check theme compatibility with popular page builders.

Page builders allow you to customize your theme in real-time without coding. You can change color, style, content, fonts, layouts, and all to match your brand. Some of the popular page builders your WooCommerce theme should support are- Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, and WPBakery Page Builder.

3. Responsive

During theme selection, don’t forget to test responsiveness in different devices and browsers. Since, the eCommerce space is full of both incredible and inferior themes. And customers have their own preferences; some like to use mobile, laptop, tablet, or some have their preferred device to complete their online activities. If you don’t want to hamper your customers’ venture on your online store, then use tools like – Responsinator and Google Mobile-Friendly Test to test your WooCommerce theme responsiveness.

4. SEO Friendly

Important Data You Shouldn’t Ignore:

47% of customers expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less.

Thus, Looking for a theme whose page load time is fast is so imperative. Users choose websites that have a fast loading time. Hence, if you don’t want your users to abandon your web page, then look around for a theme that can provide acceptable page load time.

5. Multilingual

Online stores don’t create boundaries. You can reach customers sitting in different corners of the world to transport your services and products.

But your selected theme can confirm your boundaries if it doesn’t provide compatibility with WPML. [By choosing a theme that provides compatibility with WPML, you can serve your customers in their preferred language or mother tongue.] It can help you in having a strong customer base and more revenue.

It might be possible, at the present moment, you’re not planning for a multilingual website – and want to serve customers within your region. It’s your choice, but it’s always good to consider future possibilities. Thus, I would recommend using a theme that provides multilingual support.

Here’s A Thorough Guide To Help You Choose Your WooCommerce Theme!

Check out our outstanding resource to get your hands on WooCommerce Themes for your WooCommerce Store.

WooCommerce Theme Selection Tips

Here are some theme selection tips, you should consider while selecting your WooCommerce theme-

  • Always Check Reviews and the Last Updated Date to make sure the theme provides compatibility with the latest functionalities of WordPress and WooCommerce available in the market. The reviews can help you know the opinion of other online users on the same theme.
  • Check its Customer Support. Make sure the company from which you’re planning to purchase the theme provides 24/7 customer service. In case you are stuck with something, you can send them your queries.
  • Don’t forget to check the Documentation Support. It can help you customize your theme without requesting a developer.
  • Test Compatibility of your existing plugins with your selected WooCommerce theme. For WooCommerce theme compatibility tests, you can use tools like – Theme Check, WPTheme Detector, ScanWP, and WordPress Plugin Checker.
  • Purchase WooCommerce Themes from a Trusted Brand.
  • Check the Number of Sales of your selected WooCommerce themes.
  • Select a simple and Well-Commented Theme.
  • Also, explore your Competitors’ Themes.

WooCommerce Theme Pricing

WooCommerce themes are available in both variations free and premium. Website owners only need to decide the variation they want to leverage for their business. Both variations hold some advantages and disadvantages. [Go through the comparison table to better understand the difference between free and premium WooCommerce themes.]

WooCommerce Theme Cost: $0 to $100+/Year

If you want a functionally advanced website and don’t hesitate to spend money, then selecting a premium theme would be a great choice. Premium themes can range from $20 to $100+/year. It would be a large investment. But by selecting a premium theme, you can easily distinguish your brand from others and create your brand identity.

Comparison Between Free Vs Premium WooCommerce Themes

Comparison Parameters



Cost It is absolutely free. Cost varies from $20 to $100+/ sites.
 Ease of use Simple and easy to use. Premium themes are also simple and easy to operate.
Functionalities Built using less functionalities and widgets. Thus, it contains limited features. It contains more advanced features.
Customer Support Limited support options. New updates rarely arrive. 24/7 customer service and updates arrive more frequently.
Design Plain design. Unique design provides an opportunity to stand out.
Customization Less customization options. WooCommerce store owners can customize premium themes as per their desire.
Review Process Free WooCommerce themes go through a strict review process. A strict review process is also available.
Security Security issues. Premium themes are more secure and safe.


Conclusion: Premium WooCommerce themes provide more functionalities and customization options. In case you need support, you can easily contact the responsible members and get your queries resolved. Thus, premium themes are far better than free WooCommerce themes as they provide store owners an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Do You Want Some Tips For Themes Dedicated To Your Business Style?

We have crafted a piece out of all the best out of best Themes selection tips that suits our business style.

When To Install A Free & Premium WooCommerce Theme?

It depends on your choice – if your selected theme matches your needs, and after a few customizations it can give the appearance your business model requires, then you can install a free WooCommerce theme.

Not all free themes are poorly coded, its credibility entirely depends on which platform and company you are purchasing your theme.

You can purchase WooCommerce premium themes if you desire to have a unique design and functionalities to give a bottleneck competition to your competitors.

Purchase Free Theme When You:

  1. Are you okay with limited functionalities and design options?
  2. Don’t want dedicated customer support services.
  3. Don’t want to customize the theme at a vast level.
  4. Want a plain design and don’t care if it looks similar to other websites.
  5. Have a low budget and don’t want to spend money on themes?

Purchase Premium Theme When You:

  1. Want dedicated support services.
  2. Customize your store and make it look attractive.
  3. Want advanced features to give others equal competition.
  4. Don’t care about the price. You just wanted a unique, fabulous, and captivating website.

I hope now you know when to select a free and premium WooCommerce theme! With this, let’s proceed ahead to explore the high converting WooCommerce themes you can consider for your niche.

Top Free And Premium WooCommerce Themes

Every store has its unique requirements. And it’s the responsibility of the store owners to analyze all the stuff their store demands from them. If you’re building an eCommerce store, you need to understand the ways you can design and represent your store. If you succeed in creating an alluring design, you would be able to attract users to your store. And the plus point is users will automatically get attracted to your site. You can easily gain your customers’ trust to build your realm.

So, here we are! This list includes WooCommerce themes for each niche. You can easily get the one you want for your business. [The free WooCommerce themes don’t include the features section because free themes don’t hold many functionalities. Thus, we’re avoiding the features section for free themes.] Let’s begin exploring all the amazing themes!

WooCommerce Themes For Blogging Sites

Let us first find the best themes that might be helpful for you if yours is a blogging site-

1. Buzz – Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Themebuzz woocommerce theme

This WooCommerce blog theme is unique and built using the latest functionalities and widgets. It is one of the top-selling WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest. It’s responsive, provides compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, and can be customized. The developers bring updates frequently to keep it secure from WordPress vulnerabilities. If you choose this WooCommerce blogging theme, you can represent your content to your readers in an attractive manner.


  1. Provides live Search With AJAX
  2. Built-In Post Custom Signature
  3. 9 Header Styles
  4. Multiple Post & Page Layout Combinations
  5. Total 5 Pagination Type
  6. Integrated Social Share Options
  7. Translation Ready
  8. GDPR Compliant
  9. Compatible With Gutenberg
  10. Great Support Service
  11. Compatible Popular Page Builders – Elementor, WP Bakery.

Reasons to choose:

  1. 6000+ Sales
  2. 1600+ Reviews
  3. 5-Star Rating
  4. Documentation Support

Theme cost: $49  Learn More

2. Backpack Traveler – Modern Blog

travel blog theme

Wanted to create a travel blogging website?

Use this travel WordPress WooCommerce theme to showcase your travel journey to your readers. Customize the theme according to your requirements and let your readers experience it through your words. Keep attracting your readers with your website design.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, Elementor, WPBakery, WPML, WordPress 5.4.X., & Contact Form 7.
  2. Page Builder Support. No Need To Write Code.
  3. Responsive And Fully Customizable.
  4. One-Click Demo Install.
  5. Flexible Admin Panel.
  6. Social Widget Support.
  7. Google Fonts Support.
  8. Several Shortcodes.

Reasons to choose:

  1. 1600+ Sales
  2. 280+ Reviews
  3. Documentation support.
  4. 4-Star Rating.

Theme Cost – $69 Learn More

Food & Cafe WooCommerce Themes

I have collated a list of the best food and cafe themes that are there in the market. Find out below-

3. GreenMart – Organic & Food WooCommerce WordPress Theme

food woocommerce theme

Do you want to sell organic vegetables and fruits to your consumers? If it’s so, then use this high converting WooCommerce WordPress theme that is 100% customizable according to your specifications.

The best part is it provides compatibility with top marketplaces like Dokan, WCFM, WCMP, and WCVendors. Hence, using this WooCommerce theme, you can have your multivendor marketplace within seconds.

Also, you will get advanced eCommerce functionalities and style your website without coding a single line. In the end, this theme will assist you in providing an exceptional user experience across all platforms to retain your existing customers. You can also sell flowers or organic medicines if you have an interest in them!


  1. Compatible With WCVendor, WCFM Marketplace, Dokan, WCMP, WordPress 5.4.X., & WPBakery Page Builder.
  2. WPML Compatible.
  3. Native App Functionality
  4. Multi-Header Feature
  5. Mobile-Responsive
  6. eCommerce Features Like- AJAX Live Search, Product Comparison, Wishlist, Reviews, & Much More.
  7. Compatible Across All Browsers.
  8. RTL Support.
  9. Mega Menu & Social Icons
  10. Compatible With WordPress 5.4.X.

Reasons to Choose:

  1. Coding Skills Are Not Required.
  2. Fully- Flexible, Customizable, And Responsive.
  3. SEO-Optimized
  4. Drag & Drop Functionality
  5. One-Click Demo Installation.
  6. 6000+ Sales
  7. 400+ Reviews
  8. Documentation & Video Support
  9. 5-Star Rating

Theme Cost -$59  Learn More

4. Organic Store | Eco-Products Shop WordPress Theme + RT

food themes

Building a farm website isn’t an issue with this high converting WooCommerce theme that is designed to keep all basic requirements. This theme provides compatibility with page builders to make your customization task effortless. You can serve your customers on their preferred device as it provides responsiveness across all platforms and has low page load time. It is SEO friendly, and thus, you can easily create your presence on SERPs to drive natural traffic.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WPBakery, WPML, Visual Composer, & More.
  2. Responsive, Flexible, And Customizable.
  3. Drag & Drop Functionality.
  4. SEO-Friendly.
  5. Includes Shortcodes.
  6. Multiple Home Page Layouts
  7. User-Friendly Dashboard.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 1450+ Sales
  2. 230+ Reviews
  3. Documentation Support.
  4. 4.5 Star Rating

Theme Cost – $69 Learn More

5. Deli

woocommerce theme deli

It is a WooCommerce child theme suitable for small business owners. Using this WooCommerce theme, you can sell your goods to your target audience in a natural style. It is 100% customizable and responsive. In case you need support help, you can contact the developers to get your queries resolved.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 1 Year Update And Support Available
  2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Documentation Support
  4. Responsive And Customizable

Theme Cost – $0 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes for Travel & Tour

Here are some themes for you if you have a travel & tour, or hospitality business.

6. Valley – Tour & Travel Agency WordPress Theme

valley travel woocommerce theme

Don’t hesitate to start your travel agency! Use this best WooCommerce theme to give your travel website the look and feel you want. Use page builders and customize your theme like a pro in real-time. Let your customers easily inquire about their queries and book their tickets.


  1. Compatible With Gutenberg, WooCommerce, Elementor, WPML, Gravity Forms, WPBakery Page Builder, Mailchimp, & WordPress 5.4.X.
  2. Customizable, Flexible, Responsive.
  3. 6 Travel Demos
  4. One-Click Demo Install
  5. Google Map Support
  6. Hundreds Of Google Fonts
  7. SEO-Optimized And Supports Popular SEO Tool

Reasons To Choose

  1. 240+ Sales
  2. 75+ Reviews
  3. Documentation Support
  4. 4- Star Rating

Theme Cost – $49 Learn More

7. Travel Tour – Travel & Tour Booking WordPress

travel tour theme

The most recent version of GoodLayers‘ incredibly robust and configurable framework is included with Travel Tour. The foundation of our theme has been built over a number of years, and we’ve included all client feedback in this framework. The most potent drag-and-drop page builder is also included.


  1. Multi-Currency
  2. Membership System
  3. Online & Offline Payment
  4. WooCommerce Payment (Deposit not supported)
  5. Seasonal Pricing
  6. Ability to edit orders from admin backend

Reasons To Choose

  1. 8,106+ Sales
  2. 300+ Reviews
  3. Well-Documented
  4. 4.8 Star Rating
  5. One-Click Demo Configuration.

Theme Cost – $69 Learn More

8. MyTravel – Tours & Hotel Bookings WooCommerce Theme

my travel theme

MyTravel is an all-inclusive WooCommerce travel theme for accommodations, trips, rentals, cars, yachts, and activities. It combines with the WooCommerce Easy Booking (free) and WooCommerce Bookings (paid) booking plugins to provide you access to the booking capabilities you need to manage hotels, trips, rentals, cars, boats, and activities.

Reasons To Choose

  1. Elementor widgets based on components
  2. Created with Customized Header and Footers for Elementor
  3. Designed for tour consultants, hotel aggregators, and travel agencies.
  4. Mobile-friendly platform built with WooCommerce, ACF, and MAS Tours

Theme Cost – $59 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes For Health-Related Services

Are you running a pharma or health sector eCommerce business? Here are my theme suggestions:

9. Medical Elementor WooCommerce Theme – Medizin

medical store themes

Create your medical online store in minutes using Medizin. It is the best WooCommerce theme that is designed to help users get their treatment from professional doctors without leaving their homes. Patience can search and buy medicines that aren’t available in their zones. They can also book appointments and increase their knowledge through informational blogs. It has a unique design and functionalities to maintain user engagement. If you want to start a medical store, you can consider this theme as it has many advanced features that can help you convert your users.


  1. Compatible With Gutenberg, WPML, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Contact Form 7, WPC Smart Compare, WPC Smart Wishlist, And Elementor.
  2. Advanced Mega Menu
  3. Advanced Flip Box
  4. Product Carousel Countdown
  5. Filters, Sale Count, & Promotional Banners
  6. Smooth Scroll & Multiple Pagination Options
  7. Advanced Variation Swatches
  8. Product Comparison, Wishlist, & Pop-Up For Retargeting
  9. GDPR Compliant
  10. Responsive In All Devices
  11. Reviews, Sliders, Countdown, And Customizable.
  12. Google Font Integration & Multiple Widgets.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 190+ Sales
  2. 30+ Reviews
  3. Documented
  4. Ready To Use Theme
  5. 1-Click Install

Theme Cost – $69 Learn More

10. Medik – Medical WooCommerce Theme

medical online store

This WordPress WooCommerce theme includes 10 professional demos you can easily get for your e-store. It has all the features that you might want for your medical store. Your customers can buy products, book appointments, and check all your services. If desired, you can also convert your store into a multi-vendor marketplace to collaborate with different sellers and doctors to grow together and help people. Gain trust by showcasing your expert team members and satisfied customers.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WPML, Elementor, & Multi-Vendor.
  2. Blog Template
  3. Live Search Ajax
  4. SEO-Optimized
  5. Multiple Widgets
  6. Advanced Variable Swatches
  7. Google Font Support
  8. 404 Error Page, Animation & Much More.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 100+ Sales
  2. 25+ Reviews
  3. 5-Star Rating
  4. Documented

Theme Cost – $53 Learn More

11. Hestia

woocommerce theme

Hestia is a WordPress WooCommerce theme that is designed for owners who have their pet clinics. This theme is responsive across all platforms and crafted including minimum animation. If you crave a simple, clean, and less animated theme, then Hestia is your answer. You can show your services, team members, awards, reviews, and share health tips. This WooCommerce theme is best if you are planning to run veterinary services online.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 100+ Downloads
  2. WooCommerce Compatible
  3. Responsive Across All Devices
  4. Compatible With Popular WordPress Plugins Like Contact Form 7

Theme Cost – $69 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes For Jewelry Shops

If you are planning to launch your gems and jewelry store, here are the best theme options that you can opt from-

12. Karo | Jewelry Diamond WooCommerce WordPress Theme

karo theme
Interested in different types of jewelry? You can showcase your alluring collection using this WordPress WooCommerce theme and create your identity in the market. It has 30+ demos, you’re going to have a tough time while selecting one for your business but, you’ll definitely get the one that can help you hold your visitors’ attention. Customize your theme in real-time to make it according to your wishlist.


  1. Compatible With WPML, WPBakery, Visual Composer, Elementor, & WooCommerce.
  2. 30+ Demos
  3. Speed Optimized
  4. Responsive Across All Devices
  5. GDPR Compliant
  6. Includes Size & Color Swatches
  7. Integration With Popular Platforms
  8. AJAX Live Search
  9. Supports 900+ Google Fonts
  10. Includes PSD
  11. 100% Customizable
  12. Gutenberg Optimized

Reasons To Choose

  1. 500+ Sales
  2. 150+ Reviews
  3. 1-Click Install
  4. Documented Supports
  5. 5-Star Rating

Theme Cost – $53 Learn More

13. Jewelry & Watches Online Store WordPress Theme

jewelry theme

This WooCommerce theme is SEO-Optimized and easy to customize. It includes drag and drop functionality and much more. Like with this best WooCommerce theme you get a user-friendly admin panel, multilingual, Google map, and Google fonts support. You also get a mega menu and several useful custom shortcodes. If you purchase this theme you don’t need to open sublime and code. You can customize your theme as per your requirements using the WPBakery page builder.


  1. Compatible With WPML, WPBakery, & WooCommerce.
  2. Speed Optimized
  3. Responsive Across All Devices
  4. 100% Customizable
  5. Retina Ready
  6. AJAX Live Search
  7. Includes Blog Templates & Several eCommerce Pages
  8. Google Fonts Integration
  9. Several Custom Shortcodes & Mega Menu

Reasons To Choose

  1. Well Documented
  2. 900+ Sales
  3. 100+ Reviews
  4. 5-Star Ratings
  5. Responsive & Customizable
  6. 1-Click Install
  7. No-Coding Required

Theme Cost – $69 Learn More

14. Boutique

free jewelry shop theme

Boutique is a storefront child theme developed by the WooCommerce team. It is best suited for small size retailers and Boutique shops. In a cost-effective approach, you can display your collection to your customers. Its design is simple and clean. Also, You can get enough customization options to make the theme according to your specifications. As a result, Boutique is a highly flexible theme.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 1 Year Update And Support Available
  2. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  3. Documentation Support
  4. Responsive And Customizable

Theme Cost – $0 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes For Fashion

Are you stepping into the most competitive eCommerce market of fashion? Here are some themes that will help you stand out:

15. Fashion Shop WordPress Theme for WooCommerce – Amely

fashion store theme

This theme lets you select from 21+ homepage designs to display your fashion collection. A ready-to-go fashion theme designed to fulfill your requirements. On the same lines, it has attractive features and layouts to distinguish it from other fashion WooCommerce themes. Also, it has advanced features, different blog layouts, captivating animation, integration with popular plugins, and other essential eCommerce pages. Above all, it has smooth animation, supports 600+ Google fonts, and is SEO-optimized. You can easily mark your presence on Google search pages. In short, it has more features that can compel any new store owner to purchase it.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WPML, Visual Composer, & WPbakery.
  2. Supports 600+ Google Fonts
  3. Live Customizer
  4. SEO-Optimized
  5. 4 Different Headers
  6. 21+ Home Page Designs
  7. Responsive Shop Pages
  8. Different Blog Layouts

Reasons To Choose

  1. 1400+ Sales
  2. 300+ Reviews
  3. Documented
  4. 4.5 Star Rating
  5. 1-Click Install

Theme Cost – $59 Learn More

16. Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

fashion online store theme

Salient is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme that has been in the market for quite a long time. It has served thousands of clients and has succeeded in providing optimal solutions. In other words, whatever you’re planning to create, you can use this WooCommerce theme right away without any difficulty. Most importantly, it has many features that can be used to keep your customers happy and satisfied. Let us take a look…


  1. Compatible With WPML, WooCommerce, WPBakery
  2. 330+ Templates
  3. Supports 900+ Google Fonts
  4. Clear & Attractive Blog Layouts
  5. Speed Optimized
  6. Responsive Designs & Easy To Customize
  7. Mega Menu

Reasons to Choose

  1. 31,300+ Reviews
  2. 5-Star Ratings
  3. Documented

Theme Cost – $60 Learn More

17. XStore | Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

xstore theme

Making an attractive and useful eCommerce website is now simpler than ever with the XStore theme created by 8theme. An excellent option for online WooCommerce shops in a variety of industries is this user-friendly WooCommerce template (theme).

Reasons To Choose

Click Demo Import, Speed and SEO-Optimized, Multilingual Support

Theme Cost – $59 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes For Salon

We have listed down some WooCommerce themes that are most suitable to launch your online store for your salon, spa, and wellness stores.

18. Beauty Salon Spa WordPress Theme

salon woocommerce theme

Beautypress is a beauty salon WordPress WooCommerce theme. It has 5 different home page layouts, a booking facility, 10+ menu, and footer layouts. Also, it has a barbershop page, Q&A, reviews, and team members section. Hence, it is only correct to say that this theme includes more advanced features that you might want in your salon shop. Also, it is fully responsive and customizable as per the requirements.


  1. Compatibility With WPML, WooCommerce, Elementor, MailChimp, & WordPress 5.4.X.
  2. 100+ Custom Shortcodes
  3. Smooth Animation & Retina Support
  4. Supports Google fonts
  5. Google Map & Calendar Feeds
  6. Responsive & Unique Design

Reasons To Choose

  1. 700+ Sales
  2. 100+ Reviews
  3. Documented
  4. One-click Install
  5. 5-Star Ratings

Theme Cost – $49 Learn More

19. SALON – WordPress Theme For Hair & Beauty Salons

salon website themes

Using the Salon WooCommerce theme you can start your salon shop without effort. You can start attracting your target audience the moment you go live. It might sound like a little bragging but Salon has several demos you can select the theme that best suits your business model. Also, it provides compatibility with the WPBakery page builder, and thus, you can customize it hassle-free.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WordPress 5.4.X., Visual Composer, WPBakery, & WPML.
  2. SEO-Optimized
  3. Responsive & Customizable
  4. 40+ Modules
  5. Support Google Fonts & Google Map
  6. Includes Child Theme & Widget

Reasons To Choose

  1. 1-Click Demo Install
  2. Documentation Support
  3. Well-Commented
  4. 350+ Sales
  5. 90+ Reviews
  6. 4.5 Star Rating

Theme Cost – $51 Learn More

20. SKT Cutnstyle Lite

 salon theme

If you want a free salon WooCommerce theme that has animation, advanced features, and appealing design, then you can consider SKT Cutnstyle Lite. It has smooth animation and customization options. Plus, you can display your salon services, pricing, team members, share beauty hacks through posts, special offers, notify about your opening timing, appointment forms, and on the top you can sell your quality beauty products. Hence, this theme is beautiful, professional and your go-to theme at the same time.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 30,200+ Downloads
  2. Compatible With WooCommerce
  3. Responsive & Customizable

Theme Cost – $59 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes For Fitness Freaks

Have you recently opened a gym or is yours a rental business for sports cars and bikes? Here is the perfect collection of WooCommerce themes you can choose from:

21. Sportbikes – Sports And Fitness Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme

fitness ecommerce theme

Sportbikes is an eCommerce theme designed for website owners who want to sell sports equipment. To learn more about it, this WordPress WooCommerce theme has 5 different home page designs, an array of color schemes, mega menu, RTL support, compatible with WPML, and much more. And lastly, design is created considering user experience. It also includes free PSD files.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WPML,WPBakery, WordPress 5.4.X, Visual Composer, & Contact Form 7.
  2. RTL Support
  3. 5 Different Home Page Layouts
  4. Mega Menu, Four Color, & USeful Shortcodes
  5. Different Layouts For Blog Page
  6. Free PSD Theme Files
  7. Wishlist, Checkout, & Contact Included
  8. Responsive, Customizable, & Compatible Across All Browsers.

Reasons To Choose

  1. One-Click Demo Install
  2. 100+ Reviews
  3. 250+ Sales
  4. Documentation Support
  5. 3-Star Rating

Theme Cost – $59 Learn More

22. Welldone – Sports & Fitness Nutrition And Supplements Store WordPress Theme

fitness online shop theme

Start your training agency with this functionally advanced theme. You can sell sports accessories and equipment with ease through your WooCommerce shop. It has 9 amazing home page designs, blog layout, some pre-made e-commerce pages, and a lot more. Fitness freaks let people know how important it is to stay healthy in this fast-growing world through this best WooCommerce theme.


  1. Compatible With WPML, WooCommerce, WPBakery, & Visual Composer
  2. 9 Different Home Page Designs
  3. Supports Google Web Fonts
  4. Video Sliders, Shortcodes
  5. SEO-Optimized
  6. Responsive, Customizable, & Compatible.
  7. Easy To Manage Admin Dashboard
  8. Includes Essential Website Pages Like- Product, Shop, Category, About Us, Team, And More.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 900+ Sales
  2. 100+ Reviews
  3. 5-Star Rating
  4. Documentation Support

Theme Cost – $59 Learn More

23. Yoga Fit – Sports & Fitness WordPress Theme

yogafit theme

Sports, exercise, and yoga WordPress themes are designed for yoga and fitness websites, such as those for yoga studios, exercise classes, sports, yoga meditation, gyms, dance, and dancing classes, etc. Yoga Fitness is a theme for sports as well as a theme for timetables for any yoga, gym, fitness, and dancing classes, yoga bars, sports sections, meditation sessions, etc.

Reasons To Choose

  1. Let you create multiple timetables for your classes.
  2. All WooCommerce plugin-friendly theme.
  3. Responsive Layout.
  4. 2596+ Downloads, Responsive & Customizable, AMP Optimized

Theme Cost – $49 Get It From Here…

WooCommerce Themes For Music

Are you selling anything related to music? Is yours a store of musical instruments or is it a set of old vintage records? Here are the WooCommerce themes for music you must use:

24. Acoustic – Premium Music WordPress Theme

music shop theme

Acoustic is created for music lovers. If you want to show your musical talent you can use this WordPress WooCommerce theme to fulfill your purpose. This theme can be consumed by solo artists, bands, music producers in short anyone who wants to be in the music industry. It has a beautiful design and powerful features. You can showcase your latest album, inform about upcoming events, and maintain interaction on social networking sites. Your fans can even buy tickets and get further information about the events through blog posts.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, Elementor, Divi, WPML, And WordPress 5.4.X.
  2. SEO-Optimized.
  3. Easy Event Management
  4. Includes Custom Widget.
  5. Supports Child Theme.
  6. Responsive & 100% Customizable.

Reasons To Choose

  1. 1200+ Sales
  2. 200+ Reviews
  3. Documentation Support
  4. 4.5-Stars
  5. 24/7 Customer Support

Theme Cost – $49 Learn More

25. Sound | Musical Instruments Online Store WordPress Theme

music online shop theme

With Sound, sell musical instruments online to increase sales. Start your musical workshop, blog, or anything you want. This is the best WooCommerce theme that includes all the essential features for launching a musical e-commerce website. It is compatible with popular plugins and page builders.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WPBakery, WPML, Instagram Feed, & MailChimp.
  2. Includes Several Custom Shortcodes & Widgets
  3. 3 Different Home Page Designs
  4. Includes Mega Menu & Store Functionalities
  5. Integration With Google Fonts
  6. Video Sliders
  7. SEO-Optimized
  8. Responsive And Customizable
  9. AJAX Live Search

Reasons To Choose

  1. 250+ Sales
  2. 35+ Reviews
  3. Well Documented
  4. 4.5 Stars
  5. 1-Click Demo Configuration

Theme Cost – $69 Learn More

26. Musicsong

music shop free theme

Musicsong is a free WordPress WooCommerce theme that lets you promote your profile and events to gain real fans. This theme is clean, simple, and attractive. You can share your event information or experience through blogs. It allows you to share your latest music album to maintain connectivity with your fans. You can also showcase your music collection and awards.

Reasons To Choose

  1. Compatible With WooCommerce
  2. 17,000+ downloads
  3. Responsive & Customizable

Theme Cost – $0 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes For Furniture

If you are new to selling furniture online, you need to raise the bar to stand up to the world-class stores such as Ikea. Here is the list of themes that you can go for when building your store:

27. Depot – eCommerce Theme

furniture store theme

Depot is designed for furniture stores. It has 12 different home page layouts and several inner pages essential for running an online store. It also includes a blog page layout and portfolio page. Depot has powerful e-commerce features and a beautiful theme design with amazing animation.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WPBakery
  2. Speed and SEO-Optimized
  3. WPML.
  4. 12 Different Home Page Designs
  5. Amazing Blog Layout
  6. User-Friendly Dashboard
  7. SEO-Optimized
  8. 100% Responsive & Customizable

Reasons to choose:

  1. 1400+ Sales
  2. 300+ Reviews
  3. 1-Click Install
  4. Documentation Support

Theme Cost – $85 Learn More

28. Merchandiser – eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce

furniture shop theme

Merchandiser, you are ready to go online. Its design is unique and alluring. Also, it is WPML compatible therefore you can translate this theme into the language you want! Again, you can also preview your changes in real-time to avoid mistakes before going live. It also includes pagination, blog template, and several other important eCommerce pages like order page, affiliate. Hence, use this best WooCommerce theme to sell your products beautifully. Because they provide great customer support, you can send your queries whenever you want without hesitation.


  1. Compatible With Elementor, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Visual Composer, WPBakery, & WPML.
  2. Different Blog Layouts
  3. Pagination Option
  4. Live Customizer Theme
  5. Includes Several eCommerce Pages

Reasons To Choose

  1. 2000+ Sales
  2. 700+ Reviews
  3. Well Documented
  4. 4.5 Star Ratings
  5. Responsive & Customizable

Theme Cost – $59 Learn More

29. Umeå – Furniture Store

umea theme

Ume is a modern WordPress theme for a furniture store that has every design, component, and function you may possibly require. You receive enticing options for luxury furniture, lighting companies, home accessories, woodworkers, catalog templates, home furnishing, home accessories, and much more.

Reasons To Choose

  1. Strong Admin Interface with Simple Use
  2. Import demo site’s nine predesigned homepages with a single click
  3. Internally useful pages
  4. Compatible with the Elementor Page Builder plugin

Theme Cost – $79 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes For Cosmetic Shops

Here is a collection of themes to make your online cosmetic store attractive for your target audience:

30. Biagiotti – Beauty and Cosmetics Shop

cosmetics website theme

Biagiotti is a beauty and cosmetics shop theme. You can share your beauty tips through your articles. If desired, you can also share your customers’ stories to gain brand promoters. It has many essential e-commerce features and stunning designs with beautiful colors. You can decorate your store as per your requirements.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WPML, WPBakery, Elementor, WordPress 5.4.X
  2. Gutenberg Optimized
  3. Includes Blog Designs
  4. 6 Different Home Page Layouts
  5. User-Friendly Admin Panel
  6. Retina Ready
  7. 100% Customizable Without Coding
  8. 800+ Google Fonts & Google Map Support

Reasons To Choose

  1. 1200+ Sales
  2. 100+ Reviews
  3. 4-Star Rating
  4. Documented
  5. 1-Click Install

Theme Cost – $69 Learn More

31. Cosmetro – Cosmetics Store Elementor WooCommerce Theme

cosmetic woocommerce theme

Cosmetro is a responsive WooCommerce theme. In addition, using the live customizer you can decorate your website in real-time, check your changes, and modify accordingly to avoid mistakes before going live. It is flexible, SEO-optimized, speed-optimized, and secure. As a result, the design is clean, alluring, and includes minimum animation. It has several features that can help you create your online presence.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce & Elementor
  2. Advanced Filtering Options
  3. Compatible With Popular WordPress Plugins
  4. Supports Google Fonts
  5. SEO-Optimized

Reasons To Choose

  1. 900+ Sales
  2. 250+ Reviews
  3. Well Documented
  4. Provides WooCommerce Integration
  5. Responsive & Customizable
  6. Well-Commented
  7. One-Click Install

Theme Cost – $59 Learn More

32. Brielle – Beauty Salon and Cosmetics Theme

brielly theme

Brielle is a trendy theme best suited for businesses in the beauty, cosmetics, dermatology, and spa industries. In addition to options and features ideal for nail salon, skin care, and hair salon businesses, the theme includes layouts ideal for beauty centres, spas, dermatologist makeup, and aromatherapy websites.

Reasons to Choose

  1. Strong Admin Interface with Simple Use
  2. Import demo site’s nine predesigned homepages with a single click
  3. Internally useful pages
  4. Compatible with the Elementor Page Builder plugin

Theme Cost – $79 Learn More

WooCommerce Themes For Photography

Do you want to build a strong portfolio to give a boost to your photography career? Check out these themes to build one.

33. Modellic – WooCommerce & Booking Model Agency WordPress Theme

photographer themes

You can design your model agency shop with this best WooCommerce theme. Specifically, if you have dedicated business requirements, you can customize it according to your business needs. Also, it has advanced filtering options, is responsive, and is customizable. You can have your model agency shop the way you want.


  1. Compatible With WooCommerce, WPBakery, & WPML
  2. Advanced Filtering Option
  3. 2 Different Product Layouts
  4. Mobile-Optimized
  5. Responsive & Customizable

Reasons To Choose

  1. 590+ Sales
  2. 200+ Reviews
  3. Documentation Support
  4. Easy Demo Installation
  5. 4.5 Star Rating

Theme Cost – $49 Learn More

34. The7 — Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress

photo shop theme

The7 is one of the most powerful and best WooCommerce themes in the market. Also because it has advanced features and widgets that simply increase its functionalities. Above all, this theme has a stunning design that automatically captures the user’s attention. In addition, it is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme, you can have the store you want after customizing a few things. Lastly and most importantly, it includes 6 premium plugins, 1000+ theme options, and 250+ page options.


  1. Compatible With Gutenberg, WooCommerce, Elementor, WPML, & WordPress 5.4.X.
  2. GDPR Compliant
  3. Advanced Widgets, Forms, Pop-Ups, Content.
  4. Elementor Demos
  5. Necessary Page Templates
  6. Page Import Using URL
  7. Compatible Across All Devices
  8. Speed Optimized
  9. Multiple Header Options

Reasons To Choose

  1. 191,000+ Sales
  2. 18,000+ Reviews
  3. 1-Click Install
  4. Documentation
  5. 5-Star Ratings

Theme Cost – $39 Learn More

35. Stocky – A Stock Photography Marketplace Theme

stocky theme

Stocky enables you to sell your images in the same way as any sizable online marketplace because it was built on WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads. With the extensions included in an EDD Pass, you may not only sell your own goods but also enable anyone to upload their photographs and make purchases on your website.

Reasons To Choose

  1. Completely receptive
  2. Retina/Hi-Def display capable
  3. Developer-tested and :nerdy: endorsed by Easy Digital Downloads
  4. A Gravity Forms-inspired design

Theme Cost – $0 Learn More

How To Install Popular WooCommerce Themes?

Whether you want to install WordPress or WooCommerce themes, you can use the steps mentioned in the GIF. Hence, go through the GIF to know the steps through which you can install your selected WooCommerce theme.

Some FAQs About WooCommerce Themes

Let us quickly take a look at the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the WooCommerce themes—

Q1. Difference Between WordPress, WooCommerce, And Multipurpose Themes?

WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme can be used only by blogging websites. If eCommerce store owners wish to install a WordPress theme, then they simply can’t do that! This is because WooCommerce store representatives can use WordPress themes only if it provides compatibility with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Themes

These themes can be used by both blogging and eCommerce website owners. In addition, there is a huge range of free and premium WooCommerce themes that provides great functionality and flexibility.

Multi-Purpose Themes

Multi-purpose themes are WordPress themes that are designed to be versatile and flexible enough to be used for a wide range of websites, such as business websites, portfolios, blogs, e-commerce sites, and more.

Q2. What is a Child Theme?

A child theme inherits the properties and functionalities of the parent theme. Therefore, it is used to modify an existing theme without changing the design of the parent theme. The practice of a child theme is not necessary if you don’t want to change the page’s default layout provided by the parent theme, you can use page builders and customizers to make your theme as per your specifications.

Q3. Are all WooCommerce Themes free?

There are both free and paid WooCommerce themes available. The choice between the two depends on your budget, the specific features you need, and the level of customization you require.

Q4. Can I reuse WooCommerce/WordPress Themes on Multiple Sites?

It totally depends upon the author of the theme, if they restrict the license for one website then you have to purchase multiple licenses to use on different websites. Some themes come up with no restrictions so you can use the same theme on multiple sites.

Q5. How many Themes can a Store have?

You can install any number of WordPress/WooCommerce themes on your website. But only one can be activated at a time.

Q6. Will changing WooCommerce Themes affect SEO?

Yes, changing your theme affects your SEO. If you use a tool like Yoast you can maintain your website SEO.

Q7. Do I need a WooCommerce Theme to use the WooCommerce plugin?

No, you can use any WordPress theme with the WooCommerce plugin. However, using a WooCommerce theme is recommended because it is designed specifically for use with the plugin and comes with built-in e-commerce features.

Q8. How do I choose the right WooCommerce Theme for my Store?

When choosing a WooCommerce theme, consider factors such as design, functionality, compatibility with other plugins, mobile responsiveness, and customer support. It’s also a good idea to read reviews and check the theme’s ratings before making a final decision.

Q9. Can I switch my WooCommerce Theme after my Store is Live?

Yes, you can switch your WooCommerce theme after your store is live. However, it’s important to test the new theme thoroughly before making it live to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Q10. Can I use a Child Theme with any WordPress theme?

Most WordPress themes support the use of child themes. However, some poorly coded or very basic themes may not support child themes, or may not be suitable for use with child themes.


These are the best converting WooCommerce themes. Therefore, you must go through this WooCommerce theme inventory to have the right theme for your business niche. I hope now you know everything about WooCommerce themes. In conclusion, if you’ve questions in your mind regarding WooCommerce themes, then use our contact us page to send your queries.

Do You Have Queries Regarding WordPress Or WooCommerce?

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