Top 12 eCommerce Holiday Readiness Tips For 2022

The holiday season is when merchants get the golden opportunity to either achieve or exceed their annual revenue targets. As this is the busiest shopping season of the year, markets mess up quite a lot 😯. So, there is a need for eCommerce holiday readiness.

This year’s holiday shopping bonanza is going to be enormous as eCommerce sales have been soaring high and even post-pandemic users prefer the online shopping method. If your online storefront needs to be fixed, Now is the time as the holiday shopping season is nigh.

The approaching weeks will be filled with events, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. So, the earlier you start planning your holiday discounts and promotions for your online business, the more likely you are to boost conversion rates.

You’ll have a better holiday season and new year’s start if you FOLLOW these 12 eCommerce holiday readiness tips.

eCommerce Holiday Readiness! What Is It Exactly?

Holiday preparation is nothing more than preparing to advertise your company and product well before the holiday season of 2023.

And the 2023 holiday season is just around the corner. Even in the post-pandemic stage, online shopping is the most preferred during the festive season.

You can build conversion funnels and exclusive discounts  & offers by preparing for the holidays and deploying them at the right time.

If you’re seeking email marketing advice for the full holiday season, don’t forget to look over our Email Marketing Guide.

Wanna Know Some Remarketing Strategies for Holidays?

The effective remarketing strategies that can push your holiday sales and bring users back to your website.

eCommerce Holiday Readiness Tips: Make Your Website Engaging

1. Offer Catchy and Time-Saving Gift Cards

The surest eCommerce holiday tip is having giftable products. Now, these can include anything that’s in popular demand during the holiday season.

However, offering gift cards is the best decision for both retail and online stores.

gift card market value for 2023 and beyond

Gift cards are no-brainer gifts that anyone can give and avoid the stress of gifting. Selecting a gift for anyone is a mental & physical exercise. Thinking, buying, packing, and sending requires consideration.

The digital gift cards are easy to and can be sent to users around the world. You can personalize it to add more value and make the recipient feel special.

Selling gift certificates will boost your holiday online shopping without fail. The recipients will come to your store to redeem their cards and become a part of your customer base.

Use the Gift Cards for WooCommerce plugin – A Complete Gifting Solution

Grab the best tool for creating gift cards with 20+ festive and holiday templates.

2. Get Attractive Banners

A banner is a fantastic tool for showcasing your most popular deals and promotions. Using a holiday banner, you can quickly dazzle your readers with the best festive bargains and specials.

Make a stunning banner that can capture the attention of potential buyers. Include the finest deals you have for the holidays and Christmas.

Make sure you use the same banner, which links to your landing page, to advertise your deals on other social media networks. The goal is to spread the word about your offer to as many individuals as you can.

You will become the top consideration of potential customers for holiday online shopping. Additionally, they’ll look for more deals in your shop and spend more time browsing to find things that suit them.

Just like the ithemes example below. On their landing page, they have featured a fantastic Christmas banner that features their best discount offer.

festive banner

3. Eye-Catching Holiday Pop-Ups

These days, pop-ups are a popular tip for eCommerce holiday readiness. They can be quite helpful for highlighting deals, lowering cart abandonment rates, or displaying discount codes and coupons. Thereby, assisting your customers in choosing the best purchasing route.

You can use pop-ups for

  • Setting up a pop-up to display your finest Christmas deal to someone who is briefly perusing your store to leave without making a purchase. (Commonly referred to as exit intent pop-ups)
  • You can also upsell or down-sell using pops up funnels tailored specifically towards the holiday season 2023. Show deals and offers when customers purchase certain products or categories.
  • You might put a cart abandon pop-up with promotional codes or holiday discounts on the total to deter customers from abandoning their cart.

Don’t forget to embellish your pop-ups with lovely holiday patterns that convey the spirit of the season.

Below is the Packed Party example. Their subscription pop-ups have been tastefully redone with a festive Christmas flair.

festive popup

Pop-ups are unavoidable, they always grab viewers’ attention and have a higher chance of converting them.

However, pop-ups can also be annoying and turn away clients if they are too many or don’t close easily.  So, don’t overuse them.

Upgrade Festive Order With WooCommerce Bump Offers

Seamlessly increase the average order value during eCommerce holidays

4. Embrace the Festive Look

An online company needs to dress up for the holidays just like a physical store does to draw customers. However, this may be accomplished rather quickly with the push of a button.

So, you can appropriate your online store to communicate your brand’s readiness and festive zeal.

WooCommerce makes it simple to add decorations to your website, such as changing the background colors and fonts, adding banners, creating slideshows, and even coming up with original ideas that you won’t find on any other eCommerce platform, like adding music or a countdown. For practically anything, there is a plugin available!

You can utilize any number of holiday-based WordPress themes (free or premium) and return to your standard one after the season is finished.

Or, if necessary, you can work with developers to modify your pages and layout.

You may always receive assistance from WordPress plugins, such as WP Christmas Class, that can aid you with unique decorative elements for your store.

This visual enhancement is the most effective way to show your eCommerce holiday readiness to users.

It’s a lot of fun to get into the Christmas mood by adding music to your website to fully engage all of the senses. Jingle bells may be played on your entire site or just certain sections of it— thanks to the Christmas Music Plugin by BDA, a free WooCommerce plugin.

christmas countdown

The Christmas Countdown Widget, which shows old Saint Nick counting down the days till Christmas, is a public favorite and can help build urgency to speed up the checkout process.

5. Create Mind-Blowing Offers, Exclusive Discounts, Countdown Watch

Discount pop-ups on your website are one of the most common ways to advertise bargains.

Include pop-ups in your eCommerce holiday strategy if you want to attract customers and announce your festive promotions.

A pop-up on the first page of your website is a terrific method to advertise any holiday discount and request an email address. Afterward, you may send additional discounts or nurture the buyer through the holiday season.

Even if the customers don’t convert initially, they will become a part of your email list to receive further discounts and deals and eventually convert.

festive offers for bfcm sales

Exit pop-ups are a fantastic technique to make sure the deal is completed and to lessen the effects of “cart abandonment.”

A festive exit intent pop-up that offers them an additional discount or promotion to influence the sale can be made to stop this from happening. To further influence those sales, keep these pop-ups lighthearted and festive.

Additionally, remember to maximize the savings on well-known holiday sale days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and after-Christmas bargains.

Learn how to make your store ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Make your store stand out from other eCommerce businesses with the biggest sales week of the holiday season 2023.

6. Rely on Product Listings and Social Media

Content is king but promotion is queen — both are incomplete with each other.

The first step on the agenda for the Christmas season is to inform your target audience that you have the in-demand products in stock.

This eCommerce holiday strategy aims to inform existing and potential customers about your product catalog, services, deals and coupons through product listings and social sites.

Create quippy, crisp, and engaging content for social media promotion. Use short videos, memes, infographics, banners, tips & tricks, and more to spread the word about your offers. Put relevant festive hashtags like #festiveseasonsale, #christmassale, #blackfriday, #cybermonday, #holidaysale, etc.

We also rely on social media marketing to engage with our audience on Twitter.

On top of that, you can search for product listicles and approach those sites to list your products. It may be done for free or paid. Link building will also help boost your site’s ranking and domain authority. It’s one of the best SEO practices for the holiday season.

7. Perform a Conversion Audit Before the Holiday Season

Improving elements of your website that encourage visitors to become customers is conversion optimization.

Consider testing these factors to judge your eCommerce holiday readiness:

  • Simplify your checkout process by removing any unneeded fields from the checkout’s main form and navigation menus.
  • Offer a variety of shipping options. While some customers would choose to pay more for quicker shipping, others might prefer the least expensive choice.
  • Add trust seals to your cart and checkout, and offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount.
  • Offer a variety of payment methods- Give your customer multiple payment options. Amazon Payments, PayPal, Stripe, and other payment processors are just a few of the ones WooCommerce offers.
  • Add a gift-wrapping option- If you wish to charge for it, gift-wrapping can assist increase conversions and average order value.

woocommerce gift card

  • Implement a live chat tool to attempt to imitate the degree of care they would experience in-store.
  • Make sure your contact information is prominent and always accessible on your website.
  • Expected arrival dates should be given; this is especially important around the holidays when shipping times can vary and cause delays.
  • Create abandoned cart deals. Since 69 percent of online visitors typically leave their shopping carts empty, fixing this issue for your store should be a key concern.

Don’t forget to add new features to your website far enough in advance so that you have time to thoroughly test them and fix any problems.

8. Bundle Offers Never Go Wrong

Making engaging Bundled products is another approach to eCommerce holiday readiness to increase your sales during the busy holiday season. Products that are offered in bundles are groups of products that are sold as a single item for a single price, typically at a discount. This helps increase sales and motivates clients to purchase more goods in the belief that they are getting a better value.

bundled product

Bundles are especially useful during the holiday season since they let you make gift baskets that can be sold as bundles to clients who wish to buy presents for friends and family.

Using this eCommerce holiday strategy, you can also incorporate items that complement one another or go well together to create a gift set that is ideal for the holiday season and will encourage customers to spend more money.

9. Create a Holiday Content Calendar

eCommerce holiday strategy requires impeccable content planning. To fulfill the Huge surges in content demand, you have to make a meticulous schedule for creating and publishing your content pieces.

The content calendar is an efficient way to structure your content strategy for different marketing campaigns and align deliverables to your team.

It establishes accountability and works as a reminder to keep everyone on track. Without a solid plan, randomness will derail your eCommerce holiday efforts.

10. Establish Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Here’s a solid eCommerce holiday tip – you should incorporate email marketing using an automation tool.

You’re prepared to move forward once you’ve established your goals. Email marketing efforts are advantageous since they give you a way to stay in touch with your customers. Giving them extra attention will keep them as devoted customers of your items and enable them to receive any new information on products or exclusive deals.

They most likely signed up for emails because they enjoyed the product. Additionally, it will enable you to get consumer feedback in the form of testimonials or success stories!

Email marketing is a terrific approach to have a more affordable kind of advertising because it’s free and lowers the number of times you have to pay for advertisements. You can also take the help of a WordPress PDF Generator to generate and download pdf files from WordPress sites.

11. Test Everything Before Panic- Website Speed, Latest Version, Technical Issues, Stocked Inventory

If you have recently installed something, such as a guide for buying Christmas gifts or a feature that has become commonplace for your website, such as shopping carts, test it out before the holiday rush. While the eCommerce holidays are in full swing, you may not have enough time to deal with broken links or resolve a problem with your payment method.

Some of the key duties you should focus on:

  • Checkout process
  • Payment gateways
  • Shipping calculators
  • Coupon codes, referrals, discount offers
  • Mobile optimized
  • Site navigation
  • Sites that link to landing pages as well as buying guides
  • CTA buttons are everywhere on your website

Plan ahead and include necessary extensions to boost productivity, draw in clients, and make sure you fulfill your commitments.

12. Take Advantage Of Integrations- Salesforce Integration

Additionally, you should spend money on plugins that can assist with data integration because doing so can help you save a tonne of time and money! Also, Salesforce CRM integration can be a better go.

integrate with salesforce

The holiday season is usually the busiest time of year and having to manually input all your orders into QuickBooks to reconcile your sales will take loads of hours! This year, save that precious time and enjoy your holiday by using various integrations!

Salesforce Integration? Not A Tough Task To Do Any More!

Learn and explore the easiest steps for WooCommerce Salesforce Integration along with the reason and benefits to integrate it.

Follow What Suits You The Best

Use even a handful of these twelve eCommerce holiday readiness tips in your online store, and over time, watch your customer retention rates rise, a huge boost in income, and your reviews and recommendations grow.

Drop a comment and let us know the area most important for you during the holidays.

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