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Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM Sales)— is undoubtedly the biggest sales week of the holiday season. That is to say; your store should stand out from other eCommerce businesses for a seamless BFCM buying experience. Optimizing your eCommerce store is the goal for amplified holiday sales.

The past BFCM sales 2021 had a positive growth trajectory with $6.3 Billion in online sales compared to $5.1 billion in sales on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. And so will have the post-COVID-19 BFCM in 2022 if you make the best of it. The shift in consumer behavior and shopping patterns favor eCommerce businesses more than ever, irrespective of the festive or non-festive season.

Also, check the sudden surge in the revenue between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in a report by Adobe.

bfcm revenue

Which Is a BIG DEAL for Your eCommerce Store? Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

There are a lot of considerations if this question pops in. For instance, last year’s consumer product demand, revenue generated online, and customer spending Index. While Cyber Monday is more tech-focused, Black Friday remains more about ‘general’ shopping. However, as a store owner, consider both a win-win day. With negligible sales difference between both days, your BFCM sales will:

  • Be Massive.
  • Bring new trends in shopping actions.
  • Force brands to rethink new strategies.

retail ecommerce


So, your eCommerce store should be ready to welcome all those customers coming to you. And, if you are reading this blog, you are bound to take with you some great tips for better BFCM sales in 2022. Therefore without any procrastination, let’s start.

BFCM Sales Planning & Practice

How can online retailers make the most of this BFCM? What should their priorities be to achieve unexpectedly big sales?

First and foremost, do not make BFCM 2022 marketing a hit-and-trial campaign; this will not generate much money. The easiest way to maximize your benefit is to enhance your online store with BFCM sales-generating ideas.

With an uncertain economic situation, supply chain issues, and changed consumer behavior, handling Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year may be incredibly challenging. But, ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.’ So, start planning ahead of time and keep the sales running long.

To get off to a good start and avoid last-minute scrambles here is what you can do:

1. Organize Your Orders & Keep Stock Backup

Festive shopping will dominate eCommerce stores this holiday weekend. Moreover, a few hurdles like keeping backup stock and tracking out-of-stock items are necessary to avoid things getting out of hand. It becomes annoying when customers who are looking for products don’t find their choices.

Hence, in the first place, don’t let the stocks run out. Keep a backup of everything. But, if you do, here is what can help:

  • Firstly, make sure to redirect shoppers to other related or similar product pages of your store.
  • Secondly, mark the item as ‘temporarily unavailable’ and add product suggestions.
  • Lastly, you could also collect the user’s email addresses and notify them of the product is restocked.
out of stock email

Source: Uniqlo

You don’t want people purchasing out-of-stock products that will eventually redirect the homepage after checkout, or late delivery, terrible experience, and customer feedback. Select products you wish to promote for BFCM Sales and rule out the old, non-popular, and non-demand products. This will free up the store’s space too.

Create contingency plans for any mishap. There could be some issues with your inventory arrival, website, or shipping agency. Just be ready for the worst and hope for the best.

2. Optimize Store For BFCM Sales

Store optimization isn’t a one-day process but requires several preparations beforehand. The eCommerce holiday sales calendar for 2022 is coming to a close with Black Friday on 25th November, while Cyber Monday on 28th November. We have little time left for it.

Store Product Categories

Product categories in eCommerce stores play a crucial role. Make sure you have categories for everyone like a parent, family member, friend, or college. Also, introduce categories for pets, sports lovers, make-up mistress, work from home, medicals, gym freaks, featured products, foodies, etc., on your eCommerce store.

New Product Launch

Highlight any new products you launch or include them in any product bundle or discount offers.

Product Descriptions & Images

Upload high-quality product images. Make your product descriptions stand out by using bullet points and headers to make them easier to read. Optimizing product descriptions to incorporate product size, fiber content, ingredients, and unique characteristics can help customers.

product descriptions

Source: Amazon

Moreover, use authentic images of the product as received by your customers. Don’t add images that are opposite to that of your products. Try adding products or videos.

Product Reviews

When you deliver your products with customer satisfaction, there is no harm in showing off. Pull the attention towards your product reviews. Encourage users to share more reviews along with images.

Positive customer feedback and testimonials impact the audience, and they trust your eCommerce store. Hence, followed by a continued purchase.

product reviews

Source: Amazon

Check out the reviews for the plugins developed by the WP Swings team:

wpswings reviews

Precise Shipping Dates & Location for BFCM Sales Plan

Mentioning correct shipping dates of products is also a deal-breaker. Many users are time-specific, especially when it comes to shipping goods to their loved ones. So, avoid losing sales for something as minor as shipping dates.

Do you ship to countries other than yours? If yes, then outline the various delivery date cutoffs based on the country in which your customers reside. Additionally, offer shipping upgrades to help customers receive their presents faster.

You can also follow Amazon’s lead and provide gift wrapping for ready-to-open goods upon delivery.

Are You Looking for a Comprehensive Guide to Ship Your WooCommerce Products Optimally?

3. BFCM Sales Landing Page

A dedicated page for Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales promotes one place with one mission.

You can redirect your visitors/audiences from various sources such as social media, email, Google ads., SERPs, etc., directly to your landing page and everything related to BFCM in particular on that page in one go.

Consider an example of Vimeo. They made their website landing page absolutely prepared for the “cyborg Monday”.

One improvement that you can do to your landing pages is that add a little louder and more obvious CTA buttons (call-to-action).

vimeo bfcm sales example

Now, you have two ways to set your landing page. Either code/design your web page manually or get a Black Friday template and quickly optimize your store for the BFCM campaign.

Depending on how early you start optimizing your eCommerce store for BFCM sales, you can also create a pre-launch page. Creating a coming soon page:

  • It gives you a headstart in BFCM marketing
  • Help you build your BFCM sales-ready audience and grab their attention
  • Give an idea of what your BFCM offers will be all about

You can effectively:

  • Showcase your top deals, product bundles, gift cards, limited offers, introduce gamification, latest collection, or gift guides for users
  • Shipping details and payment methods
  • Social sharing option to increase the participation rate
  • Offer a pre-order option for exclusive products and bundles

We Have Prepared an Exclusive Checklist for You to Prep Yourself up for 2022! Do You Want to Manage Your Holiday Sales in a Hassle-Free Manner?

4. Navigation, FAQs, Live Chats, Images & GIFs

Holiday graphics add afestive spirit to your eCommerce store. That is to say; they can help you generate a consistent message across your website, giving your clients a clear picture of your holiday products.

Use holiday-themed banners to draw attention to your promotions, holiday landing page, shipping dates, etc. Images, videos, and GIFs are the most engaging media. Use good quality compressed images to reduce load time.

Your navigation should work seamlessly for everything. Use a Product Filter for WooCommerce to facilitate easy product sorting for your customer.

But, what if your readers have a question regarding your deals or products? Make sure that every frequently asked question regarding the products or sales is visible and mentioned.

However, you cannot possibly include all questions. What you can do is add a live chat option on your eCommerce store to interact with your customers instantly. Solve your customers’ queries and generate leads.

5. Leverage Videos

Videos on the landing page increase the conversion rate by 80%. They are more engaging, memorable, and less time-consuming.

Leveraging videos for your BFCM campaign will make you stand out from those sellers who don’t realize the importance of video marketing for their online store. You can use various video creation tools for hosting, creating, editing, and managing videos.

6. Countdown Timer

A countdown timer for BFCM deals or product launches induces excitement. Include the time that remains to make the sale live or for the product to sell out. Instill urgency in your customer’s mind with a countdown timer.



The countdown time can be set based on hours, days or week, based on the inventory you have in your stock and the approaching event. So, boost your online sales during the holidays with an urge for profitable purchases.

7. Stress Test Your Website

Holiday sales tend to increase traffic to eCommerce stores. That is to say, test whether your eCommerce store can handle a surge in traffic to avoid breaking down your site. Downtime on a website is equivalent to posting a sign on your front door urging customers to visit the competition. Therefore, stress tests your website before the big weekend.

  • Test your store’s load capacity
  • Check your eCommerce store on different browsers.

8. Mobile Optimize Your eCommerce Store

The mobile responsive store is ‘on-the-go.’ In 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail e-commerce was expected to be generated via m-commerce, up from 58.9 percent in 2017. Hence you can lose a considerable chunk of eCommerce revenue due to non-mobile responsiveness.

mobile users stats

Moreover, according to Adobe Analytics, around $74.6 Billion in revenue was cultivated solely by mobile phones.

mobile revenue

Source: Adobe

Users prefer the comfort of shopping via their mobile phones and some of them come to your store via social media. If you fail in this, you might as well not use social media marketing too.

  • Make sure your images and videos are also mobile-friendly.
  • Carry out Mobile-Friendly Test

Understand How Responsiveness of Your WooCommerce Store Can Impact Your WooCommerce Sales!

9. Urgency & Scarcity

Simply providing offers will not work anymore. It has recently become a forcing medium to convert more shoppers quickly. Work with FOMO marketing. Show how fast your stocks are running out and users need to hurry to grab the best deals.


  • Use urgency phrases in your headlines, phrases, titles, and text.
  • Use the loss aversion strategy to induce pain
  • Place and display limitations
  • Use deadline
  • Create flash sales

Creating Urgency for Your WooCommerce Sale Can Actually Cause Conversions…

10. Track Competitors

Keep an eye on your competitors’ marketing efforts to get new ideas for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales. Additionally, keep checking their social media handles. But, don’t get too inspired. Always keep room for your own creative ideas. Set up Google Alerts to find out which websites are discussing them.

Subscribing to your competitors’ email lists is an easy method to stay on top of what they’re doing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can gain a good understanding of their marketing strategy and adopt any suggestions on your own.

11. Post Pandemic Trends

Don’t forget! This time it isn’t just BFCM, it’s BFCM-COVID-19. Hence, buyers are expected to rely more on online buying rather than going out and buying directly from retail shops.

post pandemic holiday trends

A few post COVID trends that can be observed to increase customer retention and worked on are:

  • Support for Local & Sustainable Business. So, you can collaborate with them depending on your business type.
  • Contactless Pickup and sanitized delivery.
  • Conscious utilization of resources.
  • Care package bundles.
  • Demonstrate customer value.
  • Drive personalization via analytics.
  • Consider every age group, Millennials, Generation X, and Boomers.

BFCM Sales Marketing Campaigns

eCommerce BFCM sales and marketing campaigns are essential after you have revamped your online store. Your BFCM marketing strategy should be bulletproof. How?

1. Create Irresistible BFCM Deals & Offers

Festive shopping is more about offers and discounts. Providing recommendations to your customers on festivals isn’t just a festive need but a strategic move for long-term customer loyalty and future sales.

Setting offers in your store is more like mathematics.

You can’t just afford to give any random discounts or offers. Instead, every offer, discount, or prize is well-calculated steps such that you don’t kill your profit margin. Also, make it easier for users to checkout as guests.

Based on your budget, you can use many offers to tempt your customers, such as percentage discounts, value-based discounts, multi-buys offers, free shipping offers, gifts, etc. However, ensure that you don’t give more than what you get. Prepare your deals and offers before time to avoid last-minute troubles.

NOTE: You may want to check this BFCM deal on WooCommerce hosting.

It’s also a good idea to plan something for each day of Cyber Week. As a result, you should have around 14 days’ worth of surprises up your sleeve. BFCM shoppers are more discount predators looking for the best bargains and deals.

Many stores will be providing a 20% discount, but how many will be promoting ‘50% off for first-time purchasers’ or ‘30% off if you buy more than 5 pairs of dresses’? Allow your imagination to run wild!

2. Leverage Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great platform for festive marketing. You have the majority of your customers on various social media, and all you need is to attract them and keep them engaged with you. A normal strategy is to write regular posts, informing your audience about your new offers, features, or products.

Users on social media will have lesser intent to purchase from you. But, it works for your branding. Post sneak peeks of impending sales on social media to pique your clients’ interest. The sooner you start doing this, the more momentum you’ll have when you finally announce the deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Social media marketing is the best way to promote your holiday season sales and even drive revenue. People watch videos, and reels, or follow some influencers to buy their recommended products. So make your strategy accordingly.

Bring Personal Touch

Smoothen your buyer’s sales journey by giving them a more personalized experience.

About 91% of shoppers are more likely to buy from brands that recommend products based on the buyer’s choice, and provide relevant offers.

Personalization makes the product hunt easy for your buyers and hence conversion increases.

To implement personalization, you first need to gather enough information about your audience or customer, not just from previous purchases or browsing history but also through various surveys, social media listening, or other campaigns.

Then, you can segment the data into various categories based on your decided classification. And finally, personalize the advertising or marketing messages based on your segmentation.

Social Media Pages

Re-design your Facebook page specific to BFCM deals and offers. In addition, update your Messenger chatbot with a new conversation that emphasizes offers, landing page links, discounts, and other sale promotions. Make the most of WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Reply to any query, take customer reviews, or send out holiday deals. Update your designs for each holiday sale post.

Stories, Stories, and More Stories

Stories are very crucial. Whatever you do, however you do, mention everything in your stories. These stay for 24 hours and can directly cause your sales. Use all relevant features like swipe up, polls, Q&A, etc.

Imagine—What if You Can Create Your Perfect Social Media Plan For 2022 in Just Steps?

Flash Social Media Sales

Create flash social media sales. You can release a coupon code exclusively for BFCM sales on your social media accounts for maybe the first 25 lucky customers. You can do this every hour, and change the offer type. It will create suspense for the upcoming sale, keep your audience engaged during the BFCM sale, and help you grab attention before sales.

User-Generated Content

Never forget to leverage User-Generated Content. Instead of creating a lot of holiday content, reshare content, reviews, and photos of your customers out there. Resharing Instagram stories is the easiest. Just throw in a couple of tags and you’re done.

Social Media BFCM Giveaways

Create a giveaway on social media. Ask people to tag their loved ones, follow you, reshare your product or offer, use certain hashtags, and give the prize to random shoppers.


Hashtags have the power to increase your reach. To pep up this, you can also implement the power of hashtags like #CyberMonday, #BlackFridayDeal, #BlackFridayWeek, #CyberWeek, and many more.

Not all hashtags are popular, the best practice is to discover the popular hashtag and use them and gain more exposure. Find some using hashtag generator tools.

3. Retarget Past Customers

Retargeting past customers is equally important as it is creating new ones. If you’ve already installed a Facebook Pixel on your website, now is the time to put it to use. It helps in

  • Evaluate cross-device conversions.
  • Optimize delivery for people most likely to take action.
  • Create a Custom Audience for website visitors.
  • Know about your website traffic.

Customers who have previously purchased from your store can also be retargeted. Because existing customers are often easier to reach and market to than new customers, shoppers who have already purchased from you should be especially open to your latest Black Friday Cyber Monday promotions. Do you know what else helps in retargeting users? Email Marketing Campaign.

4. BFCM Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing, although one of the oldest but most efficient ways at every occasion and event. You can run your BFCM email campaigns and harness it’s benefits. It cuts through all the other holiday buzz and gets to provide personal touch for the user.

  • For a simple BFCM email campaign, from four weeks until Black Friday, send one weekly email. An email both the night before Black Friday and the day after Cyber Monday. Finally, send an email on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday itself.
  • Personalize emails for your customers.
  • Use Black Friday & Cyber Monday specific email templates, schedule, and target your audience with personalization and offers at the right time over the BFCM weekend.
  • Make your Call To Action (CTA) button catchy to get quick attention. Provide a benefit- oriented and concise detail of each marketing campaign of your eCommerce store. Create suspense about your upcoming sale, send warm-up mails, abandoned cart emails, and thank you emails.
  • When you have any announcements to make or promotional emails, you can’t just send text and expect conversion.
  • Plan and start your BFCM email campaigns early. Send VIP emails to your best customers.
  • Re-capture user’s attention by sending follow-up emails. Moreover, after your BFCM sale is over, send another email inviting users to revisit your store off-season too. You can also include surveys.

5. Advertise BFCM Sales on All Channels

The battle is not yet over. Planning and creating BFCM campaigns is useless if you do not ensure that it reaches a potential audience. You can pay for advertising to maximize your reach. Set up Google Shopping Ads and also prepare for Facebook Ads. Instagram has also released the Instagram Reels Ads keeping in mind the growing popularity of reels.

happy socks ads

Source: Happy Socks Social

You can adjust ad spending based on your budget. Just remember, spending on social media targeting has more chances of amplifying reach. However, investing in search engine ads will target users who are already hunting for products. Therefore, these are closer to conversion.

BFCM Sales Essentials

eCommerce stores are created on different platforms like, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. But the essence of these stores for this BFCM is to cultivate more revenue. Here are a few essential tools and tactics that you should make sure to promote BFCM sales in 2022.

1. Buckle up With Festive Subscriptions

We understand that people buy gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season. But, don’t forget that people want to pamper themselves too. Self-love, right? So, while users browse through your store, make sure they come across great subscription offers. Beginning from the BFCM holiday season, selling subscriptions will generate revenue all year round.

  • Make sure to clearly mention your subscription offers and products.
  • Give them extra saving options using ‘free shipping’ or ‘extra 10% off’
  • Create a fun survey for guiding them to a personalized subscription bundle.
  • An enticing deal for shoppers is that they purchase your subscription for at least 6 months.

Subscriptions For WooCommerce

If you own a WooCommerce store and are looking for a free or a premium solution for selling subscriptions, you have the best picks right here for generating recurring revenue so you can keep up the holiday spirit in terms of revenue all year round.

2. BFCM Product Bundles And Recommendation Products

Creating product bundles is helpful to merchants as well as shoppers. Merchants increase their total sale value while shoppers experience a quick and less complicated buying process. Creating bundles saves a portion of your delivery expenses and elevates your profit.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful while deciding the products for various group bundles. A non-relevant set of products may discourage your customers from even considering your product bundles for purchasing. Follow bundle pricing strategies to create bundles that are profitable and increase sales.

3. Reward & Redemption For Loyalty Purchase

It goes without saying that loyal customers are your asset. Keep them close. Incentivize loyal users by giving them extra points. Celebrate BFCM first with them. Allow previous customers to take advantage of a sale earlier or give special sales simply for being a member of your email list. Furthermore, exclusive promotions are a deal-breaker.

Points And Rewards for WooCommerce

Strengthen Store Relationships With Customers this BFCM. If not yet started already, here is the best plugin you can use.

4. Encourage Referral Programs

Be it Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday sales, you can implement referral programs in your marketing list. Referral programs increase the engagement of existing customers while generating new leads.

The referrer earns points for each referral which could be redeemed after a certain limit. Not only that, many include gift cards as a digital gifting medium from their eCommerce platform. So, plan your shopping strategy wisely!

Coupon Referral Program for WooCommerce

Make it easier for your users to refer your best deals to their friends. Capture more sales via word of mouth marketing this BFCM season.

5. Create Your Festive Community for BFCM Sales in 2022

Think of it now if you have not yet thought about creating a community of members to give out the best deals on this BFCM. Creating membership plans and providing members only discounts can increase your customer base.
members only bfcm gif

Membership for WooCommerce

Get Started To Promote Your Festive Community For Best BFCM Sales Offers With Our Free Plugin

Moreover, improve your store by providing exclusive BFCM prices based on user roles. Let all kinds of customers be happy to shop and extract discounted deals this festive season with Role-Based Pricing for WooCommerce.

6. Digital Wallets & Payments Are the New Black

Firstly, I’d like to say that digital payments are the future of eCommerce transactions. However, digital wallets are rising successfully. Digital and mobile wallets were globally the leading choice when it comes to buying online.

wallet users

Adding a digital wallet for BFCM 2022 is a wise thing to stay ahead of your competitors. How?

  • Firstly, it is secure, convenient, and flexible.
  • Secondly, the rate of its youth utilization is high. Aged 18-25 prefer digital wallets the most.
  • Thirdly, it favors mobile shopping entirely.
  • Above all, it opens up more options for digital payments.

Wallet System for WooCommerce

If you want to convert more and more customers, digital wallets as payment option are a must for BFCM strategy 2022.

7. Digital Gift Cards Never Let You Down

Physical and digital products once sold still carry the risk of return, exchange, or refund. But, digital gift cards don’t carry any such hassle. It is a sure shot to ‘once sold, will only be redeemed. In fact, if not redeemed, you still have your money.

holiday gift card purchase planning

So you see how it works? It is a MUST HAVE for your eCommerce store. For instance, Amazon has a wide variety of different e-Gift cards. Moreover, the audience also finds it better than spending time searching for the perfect gift for everyone. Instead, they can easily send over a gift card that also acts as a substitute for cash.
amazon gift cards

Moreover, gift cards are trackable. So, you know what people buy most during the holiday season too. Gift cards promote customer loyalty. Additionally, improves your brand awareness. Get them in your store now.

Gift Cards for WooCommerce

BFCM is the best time to sell digital gift cards on your eCommerce stores.

8. Stimulate Upsell & Cross-Sell

BFCM or the entire festive season is all about increased sales and revenue. It is the best opportunity to stimulate upsell and cross sell techniques. You can always recommend better or related options to your shoppers.

Upsell and Bump Offer for WooCommerce

Increase the average order of each customer in BFCM 2022 with our most trusted solutions.

9. Hassle-Free Returns & Partial Payments

The inevitable truth of the eCommerce business is that you will receive a refund, exchange, and return requests. But, don’t let that pull you down. Especially during the BFCM season, it is possible to receive many such requests.

That is to say, your role is to provide an exceptional experience to the user. So that, even if they have to return or exchange an item, they end up building trust in your services and store. It is a part of winning over customer confidence.

After the festive purchase, about one-third of the purchased products are requested for return and refund by the buyers. And therefore, without proper RMA management, businesses began to lose motivation and were crushed under the burden of a high volume of return and refund requests.

But nothing like that will happen to you. Because….

Return Refund and Exchange for WooCommerce

Manage stocks this BFCM season using automated refund and exchange system with advanced E-wallet.

10. Escape Fake COD Orders

When the option of Cash On Delivery comes up, there are cases where nobody owns up the order on shipping. Therefore, to escape these fake orders and make sure that you don’t incur any loss, you can collect partial payment from the customer. This will make sure that your orders are genuine BFCM orders.

11. Best Checkout Experience

When you test your store for mobile checkout and desktop checkout experience, make sure nothing kills the shopper’s experience. As a result, people will hurry and take no time to switch over to another store for a better checkout experience.

Learn All About How Omnichannel Marketing Can Help Make the Most of Your Sales!

Stay Connected Even After BFCM 2022 Sales

The end of the festival is not the end of sales and customers’ needs. The BFCM could be just the beginning of purchase by a particular customer, so stay connected to them with your coming normal day sales or festive days.

Nurture them with regular emails. Use different types of email templates; eBook email template, business email template, resources email template, announcement & promotional email template, etc. for your email marketing.

Above all, thank you email template for sending a follow-up email; mostly used after conversions or sign up.

Email marketing is very easy with automation. And, automation simply means software/tools. Further, a personalized email is more profitable than normal emails, which again simply means more software/tools.

Moreover, there are many tools such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Drip, ConvertKit, etc. But, in case you own a WooCommerce online store, I would recommend Mautic WooCommerce Integration for both automation and personalization in one shot.

This integration connects all your WooCommerce customer data with Mautic automation features and together they make your emails personalized and automated.

The Last Few Pieces of Retention and Reflection

Turn seasonal shoppers into loyal year-round customers: Why should your relationship with holiday consumers have to come to an end after the holidays?

Reflect on what worked best: After the Huge traffic and sales have left, it is your time to analyze what worked and what didn’t. Take notes to create benchmarks for the next holiday sales to understand the best-performing campaign, product, ads, bundles, or subscriptions.

Philanthropist Initiative: Customers love to know that the brands they support, in return, reinforce society & nature. Maybe partner with a non-profit organization or create deals like “ From every order, we will donate some to the old age/ orphanage” or “With every order, we will plant 2 trees, provide free meals to the underprivileged, etc”.

Use collected data for the future: Use the data, emails, and product Wishlist data to retarget customers for the next holiday sales and prepare your upcoming Black Friday strategy and Cyber weekend planning.

We Can Help You!

If You Need Any Assistance in BFCM Marketing Strategies or Store Optimization, We Can Do That for You…

Feel Confident Enough? Are You Ready for BFCM Sales in 2022?

This article presented you with simple tips to boost your online store sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I hope all your doubts are clear regarding Black Friday eCommerce strategy or Cyber Monday marketing campaigns. Please do let us know in the comments if you find this article helpful in making your eCommerce store BFCM marketing and sales-ready. Here is the crux of this article in the form of an infographic.

About the Author: Anusha Mishra

Hi, I am Anusha- a Wordsmith! I completed my technical education in Mechanical Engineering and enjoyed my days in the field around humongous machinery and all. But, since I had been an avid reader and a fluent writer, I considered writing as a career. I am here to offer insights about WordPress, WooCommerce, Digital Marketing & more.
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