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We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.
~Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

As Jeff Bezos said, running a successful online business isn’t easy. In other words, you have to be prepared in every aspect to serve your customers with nothing but the best. Thereby, adding the right plugins to your WooCommerce store will promote the efficiency of your business. However, even a small mistaken decision in choosing a plugin can stop functioning entirely.

It’s very confusing! Isn’t it?

There are thousands of plugins available to add extended functionalities to your eCommerce store. And almost all plugins from different categories serve similar features.

Don’t you worry! We have already shortlisted the best WooCommerce/WordPress plugins that you may need to align with extended functionalities. This blog further will guide you through the various plugins from different vendors structured categorically.

Read on…

Top 31 WooCommerce Plugins To Boost Business Online

All the plugins listed below are categorized under one of the following categories. You may go through the full list or quickly jump to your considered section.

A. Best WooCommerce Plugins for Boosting Sales

Sales Booster plugins are the most preferred and used plugins of all time. Giving offers on your WooCommerce store becomes easier with these plugins. Above all, these plugins are called sales boosters because they the buyers to upgrade their purchase or plan revisits faster.

1. One Click Upsell for WooCommerce Pro

This plugin facilitates merchants to make a one-time offer immediately after their customer’s purchase. Adding more to this, it enables them to increase their average order value(AOV) by 10%-25%.

The merchant simply needs to add the most attractive product onto the funnel offer and is free to add other discounted products on the skip button. As a result, the customers are always presented with the best offers which are hard to resist.

Do You Know What Upsell Offers are? Or Do You Know How to Upsell?

Key Features – 

  1. Make offers to a customer, not to a user
  2. Reduce Customer’s product hunt
  3. Track funnel performance with upsell reporting
  4. Create exclusive offer funnels

And more…

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2. Ultimate WooCommerce Gift Cards

ultimate gift card

Gifts are always special and fit for every occasion it is used for. So, keeping heed with the time and celebration for every occasion, now extend a gift card through your e-Stores to your dear customers. Gift Cards are simple and heavily loaded with features for the merchants and their customers to customize the gift cards as desired.

This gift certificate plugin is available in both free and premium versions making it the best WooCommerce plugin in the lot. Although the free gift card plugin is loaded with in-demand features, the premium version includes more exclusive features.

Are You Willing to Sell Gift Cards on Your WooCommerce Store?

Key Features – 

  1. Sell/Redeem/Recharge Gift Cards
  2. Personalized Gift Certificates
  3. 20+ Predefined Gift Card Templates
  4. Multiple Pricing Options
  5. Schedule Gift Card Delivery, etc.
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3. Membership For WooCommerce

woommerce mebership

Membership is the hidden masterpiece for your WooCommerce stores to flourish. The surge in the eCommerce market remarks the importance of providing membership programs to build a loyal customer base. This Membership for WooCommerce plugin provides a restriction on access to any service or product that accounts for the recurring revenue. Thus, by being a member, the customers can get access to exclusive products and services and engage more with the brands.

Key Features – 

  1. Assign membership to users manually
  2. Offer free shipping and discount on WooCommerce member cart total
  3. Display all membership plans
  4. Different sections for membership plans and members
  5. Customize plan page using shortcodes
  6. Offer membership categories to users, etc.
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4. Subscriptions For WooCommerce

subscriptions for woocommerce

“Subscriptions” marketing plays a vital role in the eCommerce business industry. From the streaming industries to Saas-based services, subscriptions are part of every business model. The Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin, thus, helps you set up your own subscription program for your WooCommerce store in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Key Features – 

  1. Subscription product assignment of simple products in a single tick
  2. Offer free trials of subscription-based products
  3. Charge sign-up fees, initial charges, or registration tax once at the beginning of the subscription services
  4. Integrated payment gateways
  5. Manage recurring payment dates
  6. Setup subscription-plan expiry dates
  7. Flexible subscription service termination option, etc.
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B. Best WooCommerce Store Design Plugins

WooCommerce store designs need piercing consideration. It needs to be as clear and not as confusing as possible. Because even a bit of confusion can make you lose a potential customer as a confused or misled visitor won’t make a purchase.

The store design isn’t limited to the peculiar themes only. Along with suitable themes, your store also requires customization in displaying products and related information, structured navigation, easy and comfortable checkout, etc.

Does Your eCommerce Store Need Issues to be Fixed? It’s Natural to Get Impatient With What Choices to Make!

Listed below are a few of the best plugins that will help you to enhance the look and feel of your eCommerce store while offering exceptional customer experience and satisfaction.

5. WooCommerce Colors and Swatches for Variations

product variation swatches

WooCommerce variation swatches plugin replaces traditional variation dropdown lists with user-friendly product swatches. This transition of adding variation swatches to your WooCommerce store helps your customers to check out the product variations with more ease.

Key Features – 

  1. Add Multiple Gallery Images For Each Variation
  2. Product Variation Gallery Slider
  3. Custom Size For Swatches
  4. Color/Text/Image Swatches
  5. Swatches on Shop/Archive/Category Page
  6. Variation Image On Mouse-Hover, etc.
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6. WooCommerce Order Tracker

woocommerce order tracker

The most enjoyable part for a shopper is when the product arrives at his/her door. The WooCommerce Order Tracker Plugin displays order status with interactive graphics and allows customers to track their estimated delivery. This allows your customers to get a streamlined view of their ordered products and break the suspense of when they can relish their products.

The plugin makes the eCommerce order fulfillment process a satisfying movement and simplifies the order tracking facility by notifying the store representatives and buyers of the current order status.

Key Benefits

  1. Keep customers informed about the order status.
  2. It makes the shipment process transparent for online shoppers.
  3. It works perfectly with third-party shipment services too.
  4. Allows the merchants to create custom order statuses.
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7. Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro

wallet system for woocommerce

The Wallet System For WooCommerce extension allows your customer to make digital payments for their orders. This saves your customers from the hassle of adding their details to a third-party payment service.

It allows your registered customers to create a digital wallet on your WooCommerce store and purchase your products and services using the wallet amount. Also, as merchants, you can add or remove funds from the customers’ wallets in bulk.

Key Benefits

  1. Add a wallet widget to your store.
  2. Allow users to invite their friends to join your WooCommerce store’s wallet system.
  3. Process payments by generating wallet QR codes.
  4. Export wallet transaction history in one click.
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8. Everest Timeline – Responsive WordPress Timeline Plugin

everest timeline

Everest Timeline is a responsive WordPress timeline plugin that comes with 50+ stunning pre-designed templates. It is an ultimate WP plugin consisting of a vertical\horizontal timeline layout, one side layout, Facebook\Twitter layout, and much more. Each layout comes along with various styling options and customization possibilities.

Key Features – 

  1. 50+ pre-designed ready-to-use beautiful templates.
  2. Configuration options to filter posts from wp queries.
  3. 5 different layout types
  4. 13 animation effects
  5. Color customization option for all templates

And many more…

9. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

direct checkout woocommerce

The checkout process can sometimes be a hassle, so why not let your customers completely skip it? With Direct Checkout for WooCommerce, you can make that happen!

This plugin provides you with so-called buy buttons, which you can place anywhere on your site. Once a customer clicks one of these buttons, the product is added to the cart, and the customer is redirected to the checkout page. This process can be applied to all products or just individual ones; it’s your pick. Either way, this will increase your sales and optimize your checkout process.

Key Features – 

  1. Enable Direct Checkout for all products, quickly and easily
  2. Create buttons for an individual product to go directly to the checkout

10. Responsive Lightbox & Gallery

responsive lightbox

Responsive Lightbox and Gallery plugin is a fully-fledged WordPress gallery plugin. It benefits the merchants with an easy-to-use gallery builder tool with exceptional functionalities like widgets and drag-drop interfaces.

Key Features – 

  1. Powerful and easy-to-use gallery builder
  2. 8 responsive lightbox scripts
  3. Media Folders with a drag & drop interface
  4. Gallery widget, etc.

11. Partial COD For WooCommerce

partial cod for woocommerce

Are you tired of receiving customers who order products on the pretext of buying and ask for cash-on-delivery? But, due to un-authenticity, the orders ain’t able to get labeled as sold?

To curb out such instances, this WooCommerce plugin has shown genuine results. Hence, it will surely fetch you genuine buyers. This plugin asks the customers to make an advanced payment for quick order authentication.

Key Benefits

  1. Charging customers a partial amount at the time of purchase builds authentic order confirmation.
  2. Automate partial payment with ease.
  3. Clear segmentation of deposit type.
  4. Confirms orders via partial payment in real-time.
  5. Extends a transparent process.
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12. Save Cart Later

save cart later

It often happens that we as customers add too many products to the carts and the cart total goes undesirably high.

Now instead of removing what if there is an option to save the cart and resume the purchase later?

This is what exactly the Save Cart Later plugin lets your customers do. With the help of this WooCommerce extension, you can add functionality that allows the shoppers to save their cart without the need to edit the entire cart page.

Basically, it’s a cart optimization plugin with the following benefits:

  1. Gives customers an opportunity to save their favorite products within the cart page.
  2. Provides cart optimizer functionality to guests and logged-in users.
  3. Allows the admin to control the time for which a guest user can save their carts.
  4. Reduces cart abandonment.
  5. Free your customers from the hassle of searching and adding products to the cart repeatedly.
  6. And most important, Increases customer satisfaction.
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C. Plugins for WooCommerce Store Essentials

Other than the regular stylings and themes, your store also requires some added functionalities to emphasize the proper presence and functionality of your eCommerce store. The WooCommerce store essentials category includes those plugins which, although are not the immediate requirements for your store. However, they’re crucial in their aspects.

13. WordPress PDF Generator

wordpress pdf

Every merchant looks forward to sharing their brand value with their customers via invoices, posts, newsletters, etc. Having a customized cover page helps the merchants to promote their brand’s awareness and vision.

A WordPress PDF generator plugin allows users and admin to convert all the posts, pages, blogs, and products into a PDF format. Admin has the authority to change the setting of the PDF generator so that users can get their PDF straight away in their email address. The plugin also gives highly personalized templates that admin can use for branding.

You Can Learn More About the PDF Generator for WordPress & How it can Directly Improve Your Marketing Game!

Key Features – 

  1. Generates PDF For All Custom Posts
  2. Personalized Cover Page Templates
  3. Custom Header And Footer
  4. Advanced Setting For Native Language Support
  5. Insights With PDF Log, etc.
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14. Contact Form 7

cf7 form

Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to create and manage multiple contact forms that can be customized. This WordPress/WooCommerce form plugin supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, and Akismet spam filtering. Activating this plugin with certain features can also help you in tracking the IP address of the form submitter.

15. Gravity Forms

gravity forms

Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress forms plugin that allows you to build custom forms and workflows to connect and nurture your users while expanding the reach of your business. Using this plugin, the admin can create custom web forms to capture leads, automate workflows, collect payments, and build your business online.

Similar to contact form 7, Gravity Forms can also be integrated with the third-party CRMs that your WooCommerce store is synced with like Mautic, ZOHO, etc.

Key Features – 

  1. Visual Form Editor
  2. Online Payment Collection
  3. Conditional Logic
  4. Easy File Uploads
  5. Workflow Automation
  6. Secure Data Collection, etc.

16. Product Bulk Editor

product bulk editor for woocommerce

If you have a WooCommmerce store that contains millions of products, managing them can be very hectic. There are several things about a product that has to be managed such as

  • Prices
  • Discounts
  • Categories
  • Taxonomies
  • SKUs

And much more…

It could be taxing and time-consuming to manage all the product attributes on your WooCommerce store. This is where the Product Bulk Editor for WooCommerce will help you.

The WooCommerce extension is built with the idea of safeguarding a business’s most precious commodity i.e. time. It helps in making massive edits to the product attributes in a very efficient way. In short, the Product Bulk Editor provides the fastest and easy way to edit e-commerce products in bulk in just a few clicks.

Key Benefits –

  1. You get multiple filters to bring out the products you want to edit.
  2. Enable backorders for your products.
  3. Options for the user to select shipping class, Product Type, Product per page, and Include Variation.
  4. Create rules for making bulk edits to the product fields.
  5. Make amendments to the product bulk edit table such as hiding specific columns on a table, changing single product details, and much more.
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D. WooCommerce Plugins for Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Customer experience isn’t an expense. Managing customer experience bolsters your brand.
~Stan Phelps

Your customers are the reason that your business is running. And to make this journey even smoother and more successful, you need to make your customers cherish your services and products. And you can’t let any of your customers feel left out. Because a thousand customers can help you grow while a single customer can bring you down in a jiffy.

Not Sure How To Build Customer Loyalty Programs?

Customer Loyalty for eCommerce businesses is like a potion of longevity.

17. WooCommerce RMA for Return Refund & Exchange

return refund exchange

WooCommerce Refund and Exchange plugin gives your customers an easy and simplified refund management system that is stuffed with organized exchange, wallet, and cancel features.

Adding to this, the WooCommerce extension saves time in complaints, disputes on call, and the hurdle of managing stock via this single solution. Your customers will be able to request a full or partial refund of the product for valid reasons. The whole process goes under a streamlined mailing system that assists both parties on the same page. This in return, leads to easy returns for your customers with the increased conversion.

Key Features –

  1. Dedicated refund system
  2. Return an order after delivery
  3. Efficient tax handling
  4. Merchants can set predefined reasons for refund/return requests
  5. The merchant can manage stock on each refund
  6. The user can enable a refund request for selected order statuses, etc.
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18. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

smart coupons

Smart WooCommerce coupons plugin helps you add coupon rules and restrictions to the coupons you create on your WooCommerce website. This helps you create coupons that not only nudges your customers to make a purchase from your store but also ensure that you also achieve your goals of sales and revenue.

There are different kinds of coupons and sales campaigns that you can create for a WooCommerce store. With the correct configuration in place, you can create offers like giveaways, WooCommerce BOGO Coupons, seasonal campaigns like Christmas sales, etc. This can help you keep yourself on par with your competitors when it comes to providing the best deals for your customers.

Key Features – 

  1. Generate coupons that can apply automatically on checkout
  2. You can create URL coupons
  3. Create Giveaway offers
  4. Show the available coupons on the cart and the checkout page
  5. Generate coupons that can be applied based on the checkout method (shipping method, payment method, etc.)
  6. Create coupons restricted based on user roles
  7. Create coupon categories

19. Points And Rewards For WooCommerce

points and rewards

Building a community of loyal customers strengthens your business to the core. And customer-loyalty programs do that very well.

If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitor will.
~Bob Hooey

Points And Rewards For WooCommerce helps merchants create a points-based loyalty program to reward customers. This reward system involves earning and redeeming points as store credits and discount coupons on activities performed by the customers. It efficiently helps merchants increase brand loyalty, customer retention, and conversion rate at their online stores.

Key Features – 

  1. Points For Selected User Role Only
  2. Order Total Points
  3. Points Adjustments on Refund & Cancellation
  4. Point Conversion And Coupon Generation
  5. Referral Purchase Point, etc.
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20. WP Poll Survey & Voting System

wp poll survey

WP Poll Survey & Voting System plugin allows you to create a user poll, online contests, or voting systems. This plugin offers a quick and easy way to add polls and surveys to the blog posts or web pages using a shortcode.

Key Features –

  1. Place votes/polls on your website
  2. Add a user vote/poll system on your blog posts, pages, and everywhere
  3. Shortcodes to place the poll/voting system anywhere
  4. Advance admin panel to create polls
  5. Button to add shortcodes easily while adding blog posts, etc.

21. Coupon Referral Program

coupon referral program

Referral marketing is one of the most pristine marketing methodologies that help marketers to boost their customer base without investing hours in planning and implementation.

Why so?

Well, because people trust the recommendations provided by their friends, family, colleagues, and other acquaintances.

The Coupon Referral Program plugin encourages and enchants more referrals by blending coupons with it, i.e., it promotes the utilization of coupons with referrals. It provides discount coupons to referrers and referred users when they meet the referral requirements specified by the merchants.

Key Features – 

  1. Select Pages Where Referral Button Can Appear
  2. Customizable Referral Button
  3. General Coupon Setting
  4. Create Restriction on Coupon Usage
  5. Pay Recurring Payments using Coupons, etc.
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E. Store Automation Integration Plugins for WooCommerce Stores

Store automation has the potential to lure in new potential customers while keeping the old customers returning. It enables businesses to stand out from their competitors by offering the best convenience to their customers and visitors.

To offer better convenience and experience, communication is the key. Although, organizing all communications between you and your customers requires different approaches depending on who and where they are in your sales funnel and on their buying journey. Using a good CRM tool may work wonders.

22. HubSpot WooCommerce Integration

hubspot for woocommerce

Want to get your eCommerce store integrated with the expertise form?

You have got HubSpot WooCommerce Integration in a single step. This WooCommerce extension automatically creates best-practice groups, contact properties, and workflows that save the time of the user and provides customized HubSpot for WooCommerce. The sellers can manage their follow-ups based on 30+ contact properties including customer recent purchases and customer group types.

Well, your catch is that your extension is available as lite. This means that you would be getting all this in a much-simplified form that does not occupy much space in your dashboard. And secondly… it’s FREE!

Key Features –

  1. Best practiced group and contact properties.
  2. The merchant can assign various rules to different customer groups.
  3. Provide real-time user activity syncing.
  4. RFM rating for customers
  5. Optimized backend scheduler to sync, real-time data updates to HubSpot without affecting server performance.
  6. The merchant is supposed to enable logging for every API request to HubSpot.

And many more…

Explore More                View Demo

23. Integration with Mautic for WooCommerce

mautic for woocommerce

Are you just dreaming of earning revenue faster? Mautic has proven to be the world’s best open-source marketing automation establishment that empowers with streamlined workflows. This is here to boost operational efficiency and lift the revenue faster.

Mautic WooCommerce Integration will assist to segment your customers, developing highly automated campaigns, and delighting your intended audience to flourish your business.

Key Features – 

  1. Lead Management
  2. Contact nurturing and tracking
  3. Customer segmentation
  4. Campaign Marketing & Drip flow Programs

24. Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce

salesforce integration for woocommerce

The Salesforce Integration for WooCommerce plugin is a powerful, next-generation integration solution. Salesforce in itself is an unbeatable powerful CRM serving eCommerce industries for a long time now. Integrating Salesforce with WooCommerce brings together the advantages of both these individual platforms to enhance the potential of your business. This WooCommerce Salesforce integration plugin syncs data from your WooCommerce store with your Salesforce CRM account by mapping custom feeds with Salesforce objects.

Key Features – 

  1. Associate WooCommerce object fields with Salesforce modules
  2. Create accounts and contacts with customer data
  3. Create custom PriceBooks
  4. Sync WooCommerce products over Salesforce CRM
  5. Create and sync WooCommerce orders and add order items to Salesforce Orders
  6. Sync all your data via instant data sync, manual data sync, historical data sync, etc.
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25. Omnisend Marketing Automation


Omnisend marketing automation tool provides you with a complete package deal at no hidden expenses. Omnisend’s WooCommerce Integration helps you to create email marketing campaigns, automate workflows and plan SMS campaigns for your WooCommerce stores.

Key Features –

  1. Create on-brand, shoppable emails in no time
  2. Pre-built eCommerce Workflows
  3. Drag & Drop Automation Editor
  4. Customer Lifecycle Stages
  5. Web Push Notifications
  6. Facebook Retargeting Sync, etc.

26. CRM Integration for ZOHO

crm integration for zoho

The CRM Integration for Zoho plugin syncs your WooCommerce data as Products, Contacts, Deals, and Sales Orders over Zoho CRM. This integration plugin includes features like Custom Feeds, Real-time Bulk Data Sync, and One-click Sync to let you send your WooCommerce data over Zoho CRM with the utmost convenience and smooth process.

Key Features – 

  1. Feeds to sync WooCommerce data
  2. Conditional Filters
  3. Tax Setup
  4. Historical data sync
  5. Comprehensive logging reports
  6. Two Way Sync for Products and Orders, etc.
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27. QuickBooks Integration for WooCommerce

quickbooks integration for woocommerce

The QuickBooks Integration for WooCommerce connects your WooCommerce store to QuickBooks CRM. This integration plugin syncs your WooCommerce store’s data like Orders, Customers, and Products with your QuickBooks account. To sync the data, it uses the association rules called feeds that map the WooCommerce objects with the QuickBook modules. Further, Quickbooks integration also allows you to create invoices, product items, and customers.

Key Features –

  1. Sync WooCommerce object data with feeds
  2. Instant data sync
  3. Sync historical data
  4. Map QuickBooks account
  5. Detailed sync log reports, etc.
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28. Keap Integration for WooCommerce

keap integration for woocommerce

Keap Integration For WooCommerce is a marketing automation solution that syncs your WooCommerce data over Keap CRM. With the bulk syncing feature of this plugin, the data synchronization is highly efficient and very user-friendly.

The best part is that the plugin automatically updates contacts, orders, and deal data. As a result, eliminating errors related to manual entry.

Key Features – 

  1. Effortless installation and setup.
  2. Automated synchronization of data.
  3. Saves a lot of time.
  4. Detailed logging of synchronized data
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F. WooCommerce Store’s Performance Tracker Plugins

Regular monitoring helps you as a merchant to analyze the performance of your marketing efforts and all the hard work your team is putting in to grow the boundaries of your business.

Now the question is whether you’re willing to spend hours analyzing each metric separately? Or you’re willing to delegate this task to someone you can trust and just work deeply on the reports?

In my opinion, you don’t need to take the first option just because you don’t wish to risk the security of your business’s confidential information. Using WooCommerce performance tracker plugins can do that for you. And trust me, the deeper you dive into the analytics, the more things can get overwhelmingly faster.

29. Product Sales Report for WooCommerce

product sales report woocommerce

The biggest decisions in a business are made on performance metrics. Tracking your sales and product performance helps you understand what is working for your business, and you get to improve the problem areas too.

Therefore, it is important to have a tool like Product Sales Report for WooCommerce that gives you in-depth analytics of your WooCommerce sales. The, WooCommerce plugin generates sales reports for smart decision making, monitoring sales, setting sales strategies, forecasting, inventory management, and accounting.

Key Features – 

  1. Create high-profile performance reports in just one click.
  2. Sort data by data range or orders created.
  3. Gives you product-specific reports.
  4. Set display order – based on product id, the number of sales, or gross sales
  5. Choose what fields to include in your report

30. Activity Log

activity log

If you have tens of users or more, you really can’t know who did what. This plugin tries to solve this issue by tracking what users do and displaying it in an easy-to-use and easy to filter view on the dashboard of your WordPress site.

With The Activity Log, You Can Log – 

  1. WordPress – Core Updates
  2. Posts/Pages – Created, Updated, Deleted
  3. Custom Post Type – Created, Updated, Deleted
  4. Tags – Created, Edited, Deleted
  5. Categories – Created, Edited, Deleted

And much more…

31. Simple History

simple history

Simple History shows recent changes made within WordPress, directly on your dashboard or on a separate page.

So as to say the plugin works as a log/history/audit log/version history of the most important events that occur in WordPress.

Simple History Supports – 

  1. Posts and pages – see who added, updated, or deleted a post or page
  2. Attachments – see who added, updated, or deleted an attachment
  3. Taxonomies (Custom taxonomies, categories, tags) – see who added, updated, or deleted a taxonomy
  4. Comments – see who edited, approved, or removed a comment
  5. Widgets – get info when someone adds, updates, or removes a widget in a sidebar, etc.

In The End…

So there you have it, 33 WooCommerce plugins that you need for an eCommerce website. Running a business is not a child’s play and it shouldn’t be.

Syncing plugins in your site add a positive remark which automates the processes with ease. Be it any special feature i.e. gift cards, points and rewards, gift card bundles, and much more. Adding to this more, the user experience also gets nourished by its user-friendly behavior. And if you’re just trying to book appointments instead of putting together a whole WooCommerce setup, here are some great WordPress booking plugin options for you or you can go with our bookings solution: Bookings for WooCommerce Pro.

Read more on NinjaTeam Blog for more eCommerce-related plugins to boost up your store. And if you have any other plugins that you think we should include? Let us know about it in the comments below.

About the Author: Anusha Mishra

Hi, I am Anusha- a Wordsmith! I completed my technical education in Mechanical Engineering and enjoyed my days in the field around humongous machinery and all. But, since I had been an avid reader and a fluent writer, I considered writing as a career. I am here to offer insights about WordPress, WooCommerce, Digital Marketing & more.

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