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Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro
(8 customer reviews)

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Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro

(8 customer reviews)
Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro

The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro plugin adds a digital Wallet to your eCommerce store. Customers can purchase your products & services using their WooCommerce Wallet balance. With this WooCommerce Customer Credit plugin, you can add or remove funds from customers’ Wallets in bulk, view & download the transaction history, and send email notifications to customers.

Wallet for WooCommerce also allows you to send refunds directly to customers’ Wallets. Moreover, the Wallet cashback feature enables you to send all cashback rewards to your customers. So, this Wallet for WooCommerce effectively supports your customer loyalty program.

  • Use the Wallet as a Complete or Partial Payment Method
  • Users Can Generate Wallet QR Codes
  • Enable customers to earn WooCommerce Wallet Credits
  • Let Users Receive Wallet Cashback On Purchase
  • Show Quick Wallet Recharge Buttons to users
  • Display Promotional Offers on the frontend panel
/ Year
  • Recurring Payments
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 24x7 Customer Care
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Set up a digital wallet tailored to facilitate secure WooCommerce payments at lightning speeds on your online store. Check out its best features:

  • Delete User Transactions: The admin can manually delete the user’s transactions from the transaction table.
  • Auto Complete Wallet Recharge: You can enable this feature to auto-complete any order made for wallet recharge, without manually changing the order status.
  • Negative Wallet Amount Support: The Admin can enable Negative wallet support for users allowing them to continue shopping even if they don’t have enough funds in their wallet. The remaining amount will be added as a Negative balance.
  • Limit on Negative Balance: Admin can set a maximum limit for negative wallet balances, ensuring that users do not exceed this limit.
  • Charge Interest on Negative Wallet Balance: You can charge interest on Negative Wallet Amounts. When users recharge their wallets the interest amount will be added to the total amount.
  • Set Condition to Avail Negative Balance: Users will not be able to use the negative balance until they have reached a predetermined order limit.
  • Rechargeable Wallet: Registered users can recharge their wallets and the wallets of other users using existing payment methods in your store.
  • Exportable Transaction History: Wallet history creates a log of all your transactions and allows you to download it in an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file. 
  • Withdrawing Balance: Customers can send withdrawal requests to you to pull out their wallet money. Ultimately, you get to approve or disapprove their requests. 
  • Restrict Users: You can restrict customers from using the wallet frontend panel. The restriction can be placed individually or in bulk for any set of features. 
  • Bulk Edit User Wallets: You can credit or debit balance from user wallets in bulk or individually and specify the reason for every amount edit. 
  • Refer A Friend: Customers can send referral links to unregistered users to join the wallet system and can earn a small referral amount.
  • Offer Rewards on Actions: Reward wallet users on favorable actions (signup, daily login, refer a friend, & reviews) to promote the WooCommerce wallet usage.
  • Give Cashback: Let users earn wallet cash back upon purchase. The cashback reward is offered irrespective of the payment method used for shopping.
  • Wallet Coupons: Create coupons with definite values that users can redeem to recharge their WooCommerce wallets.
  • Generate QR Code: Users can generate QR codes for their wallets, which can be scanned by other users for fund transfers.

Quick Info

  • Compatible up to: WP 6.2.x, WC 7.8.x

  • Minimum PHP version: 7.3.5 or Higher

  • Version: 2.2.0 Version History

  • Last update: Sep 20, 2023

Out of 5 Stars
Based on 8 reviews

Top Features

Allow Tax-Free Wallet Recharge

You can make the wallet recharge tax-free for your customers. It will allow users to top up their WooCommerce wallets without paying any extra amount as they do for conventional orders.

Offer Wallet Credit on Favorable Actions and Referrals

This WooCommerce payment option offers reward users to encourage actions favorable to strengthening your store. Users get Wallet credit on daily visits, signup, product review comments, and referring friends.

Wallet Top-up Subscription

Make a wallet top-up subscription plan with intervals & let users automate recharge. They can choose a subscription or regular top-up. A new subscription is created for each recharge made during the ongoing interval.

Add or Remove Digital Wallet Balance

You can recharge or remove the balance from WooCommerce wallets in bulk or individually and mention the transaction reasons. Also, set a maximum & minimum limit on wallet top-up for users with this digital wallet plugin.

Digital Wallet Cashback

You can also incentivize wallet usage by transferring cashback rewards directly into the users’ Wallets irrespective of any WooCommerce payment option used. There are two cashback rules: Cart-wise & Category-wise.

Wallet Coupon Plugin

WooCommerce Wallet System offers a Wallet coupon organizer that lets you create coupons and set the usage limit per coupon & per user. Users can redeem these coupons to add balance to their digital WooCommerce wallet.

Wallet Amount Widget

Show customers their balance in a widget upon login with WooCommerce Wallet. It helps wallet users keep track of their Wallet balance and remind them to recharge their wallets in case the reflected balance is low.

Wallet User Invite

You can let users invite their knowns to join the WooCommerce Wallet system. If the user transfers the balance to an account that doesn’t exist, they can send an invitation email by selecting the option to send an invite.

Wallet Amount Withdrawal

Customers can withdraw their balance into their bank account or any payment app. They’ve to file a withdrawal request & share their payment details. You can set the email address on which you’ll get the withdrawal request email.

Generate Wallet QR Codes

The users can generate and share QR codes for their Wallets. An individual user can scan the Wallet QR code of other users and recharge or transfer money into their Wallets.

Displays Email Addresses of the Debtor and Creditor

Customers can see their transactions made using the WooCommerce Wallet. The transaction list contains details like Wallet recharge, debit, credit, transfer, withdrawal, and the emails of both the creditor and debtor.

Customize Your Wallet Rechargeable Product

You can change the name and description of your Wallet Recharge Product as you deem fit. It will allow you to set a staple for all customers across your store and maintain branding uniformity.

Auto Order Complete

You can allow automatic order completion for products & services purchased through the WooCommerce wallet system and further speed up the post-checkout order processing.

Restrict Wallet Users

Restrict the following wallet features selectively or in bulk: QR Code Generation, Referral, Transactions Table, Top-up, Amount Transfer, Coupon Redeem, & Withdrawal Request. A restricted user can use their remaining value for shopping.

Add Maximum & Minimum Limits for Wallet Withdrawal and Transfer

You can add a maximum and minimum limit on your customers for filing withdrawal requests and transferring money to other users, allowing you to define how your customer can use their balance.

Show Checkout Fields During Wallet Top-Up

Customers can top their wallets following a similar process as any other checkout. However, the checkout fields during wallet recharge orders are hidden by default. But you can allow customers to access the form fields.

Download the Wallet Transaction History

You can view the Wallet transactions of your users neatly in a table & download the transaction history in an Excel spreadsheet, PDF, or CSV file. Show the date & time of transactions in your chosen time zone.

Hide or Show Cashback Message

Upon receiving cashback from our WooCommerce payment plugin, users are shown a congratulatory message. So, display or hide this message from the cart & checkout page. It applies to both cart & category-wise cashback.

Customize Wallet Restriction Message

By default, a restriction message is shown to users that are barred from using WooCommerce wallet features. Show or hide the restriction notification from the user and also customize the notification content.

Limit WooCommerce Payment Gateways for Cashback Rewards

You can make any payment gateway ineligible (non-acceptable) for users for earning wallet cashback rewards. Also, you can show the cashback gateway restriction message on the checkout page. By default, they are free to use any payment gateways.

Show or Hide Cashback Reward Messages

The cashback rewards message is shown to WooCommerce wallet users to encourage them to avail of cashback on purchases. You can choose to show or hide cashback messages on the checkout page.

Key Notifications for Users

Keep the users informed by sending key email notifications on wallet top-ups, Wallet credits, & balance deductions. Also, change the default WooCommerce email & set any email address for sending the wallet notifications.

Auto Order Complete

You can allow automatic order completion for products & services purchased through the WooCommerce wallet system and further speed up the post-checkout order processing.

Charge Fees for Wallet Transfer And Withdrawal Requests

Our wallet for WooCommerce allows you to set and charge fees for wallet transfers (recharge by customers) and withdrawal requests. If left unchecked, your customers can use these features for free.

Partial Refund To Wallet

Process the full or partial refund to customers’ WooCommerce wallets. After a partial refund, transfer the remaining refund value via existing payment gateways. This applies to all refunds irrespective of payment mode.

Selective Bulk Recharge

You can selectively credit or debit users’ wallets from the users’ list. It’s extremely useful if you want to reward or incentivize specific loyal customers according to their relevant celebratory occasions.

Show Offers to Customers

Show customizable offers to your wallet users by adding the offer message & title. Use this to display coupon codes, deals, etc, in their front-end panel. Give promised benefits manually as there’s no offer automation.

Wallet Quick Recharge Options for Users

Create several quick recharge buttons that customers can use to place wallet recharge orders in one click & credit the assigned value to their wallets. It prompts the users to recharge the amount chosen by you.

WooCommerce Wallet Shortcode

The shortcode [wps-wallet] will come in handy for displaying the frontend wallet panel anywhere in your store and promoting the wallet as a reliable WooCommerce payment option. It will also showcase the QR code generator.

Import Wallet Balance from CSV File

With the Wallet credit system, you can download the user list in a CSV file which contains the ID, Balance, & Type details. So, edit the balance & specify the type (credit or debit). Then upload the file to update the amount.

Select Partial Payment

If the order value exceeds the available balance, then your users can use the wallet to pay the partial amount. Manual Wallet Payment involves selecting the amount & Total Wallet Payment uses the entire balance for payment.

Negative Wallet Amount Support

The wallet plugin offers a unique feature – negative wallet amount support. This means that your users can continue shopping, even if they don’t have enough funds in their wallet. The remaining amount will be added as a negative balance, allowing them to complete their purchase effortlessly.

Limit on Negative amount

You have the option to establish a maximum threshold for negative wallet balances, ensuring that users do not exceed this limit. Furthermore, you can also manually credit negative amounts to a user’s wallet if required.

Charge Interest on Negative Wallet Balances

With our Wallet system, you can charge interest on negative wallet balances. When users recharge their wallets, the interest will be added to the total amount, giving you the opportunity to earn interest on negative wallet balances.

Set Condition to Avail Negative Balance In Account

You have the option to establish an order limit for users to avail negative balance. In simpler terms, users will not be able to avail balance in negative until they have reached a predetermined order limit.


Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

The Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin allows you to select the currency unit for your website. Using the free version, you can choose any one of the two currencies for the Wallet system. Update the currency & improve UX.


Our WooCommerce wallet is compatible with the newest version of the Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce plugin. 

Set the WooCommerce Wallet as a method for vendors to get sale commissions. It will be credited to the vendors’ wallets after the order is manually or automatically completed.

Gift Card for WooCommerce Pro

Our WooCommerce Wallet Plugin is compatible with Gift Card for WooCommerce Pro and Ultimate Gift Card for WooCommerce

Customers can recharge their WooCommerce wallets by redeeming their gift card coupons. Upon redemption, the complete card balance will be transferred to the wallet.

Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Our WooCommerce Wallet System is compatible with Subscriptions For WooCommerce and Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro.

Customers can use the Wallet partial payment to buy subscriptions. Also, set up subscription order renewal pay as fixed / percentage  & top-up subscription plans for recharge automation. 

RMA Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro

The WooCommerce Wallet Plugin is compatible with RMA Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro

It allows you to send the refund value directly into the WooCommerce Wallet. If the existing RMA Wallet is in use, the whole amount will be migrated into the Wallet system. 

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder is compatible with our WordPress wallet plugin, allowing you to use Elementor’s drag-and-drop capabilities to add the following Wallet snippets to pages or posts: 

  1. [WPS_Wallet_RECHARGE]
  2. [WPS_Wallet_TRANSFER]


The Wallet System for WooCommerce plugin is compatible with WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin. With this compatibility, you can translate the strings of the Wallet system without any coding and turn your store multilingual.

WooCommerce HPOS

Our Wallet system for WooCommerce is now completely compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS), formerly known as “Custom Order Tables”. HPOS uses WooCommerce CRUD design to store order data in custom order tables to ensure the smooth workflow of your WooCommerce store.

WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite allows you to add multiple WordPress sites and manage them with a common WordPress Dashboard. With this compatibility, the Wallet System for WooCommerce will work seamlessly across all websites.

Free Vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Wallet Top-Up By Customers
Customers Can Recharge the Wallets of Other Users
Wallet Recharge Order List
Wallet Recharge By Admin
Wallet Transaction History
Wallet as a WooCommerce Payment Option
Wallet as Discount Option
Notifications for Customers
Import Wallet Balance from CSV File
Wallet Credit On Favourable Actions
Wallet Transaction History for Customers
Compatible Subscription for WooCommerce Free and Pro
WordPress Multisite Network
Shortcodes for Wallet
Partial Payment Through Wallet
Email Address of Debtor and Creditor
Restrict Wallet User
Selectively Edit Wallet Balance In Bulk
Wallet Cashback
Add Details On Transactions In Bulk Or Individually (Credit Or Debit)
Full And Partial Refund to Wallet
Auto Complete Orders Purchased With
Wallet Money
Change Email Address for Sending Wallet Notifications
Shortcode for Wallet Amount
Skip Particular Payment Gateway for Wallet Cashback
Make Wallet Recharge Product Tax-Free
Customize Wallet Rechargeable Product
Email Templates for Credit and Debit
Set Min. and Max Amount of Withdrawal Request and Wallet Transfer
Restrict Referral and QR Code Feature
Refer A Friend and Earn Credit
Show Checkout Fields During Wallet Recharge
Customize the Wallet Restriction Message
Hide Wallet Cashback Reward Message At Cart And Checkout Page
Show or Hide Gateway Restriction Message At Checkout
Show or Hide Wallet Restriction Message
Fee on Wallet Transfer and Withdrawal Request
Wallet Withdrawal Request Email
Allow Users To Select Between Subscriptions Or Regular Topup
Display Wallet QR Code With Shortcode [wps-Wallet]
Wallet Cashback Per-Category-Wise
Wallet QR codes
Wallet Amount Widget
Bulk User Restriction
Wallet User Invite
Export Transaction History
Maximum/Minimum Recharge Limit
Wallet Coupon Organizer
Gift Card for WooCommerce Pro Compatibility
Multi-Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Compatibility
MultiVendorX Compatibility
RMA for WooCommerce Compatibilty
Elementor Pro Compatibility With WooCommerce Wallet



8 reviews for Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro


    Great support by the team. Great plugin, helps me to build credit system.

  2. Mike Abbott

    The support and development team could not have been more helpful with my requests for custom work on this plugin and did all the work in a very timely manner and would 100% recommend this product and the team to anyone who needs a solution like this

  3. Cong Nguyen

    Very Good customer support

  4. Faithee

    This is the most amazing wallet plugin I have ever used, the devs are amazing. They work round the clock to perfect this plugin. The new UX design is everything I needed. It feels so cool and powerful.
    I love this 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  5. antonio aguilera

    This Is the best wallet for wordpress in the market, i hired a custom work and the team is professional, fast and delivery exactly what i need, i recommend this wallet and this team 100% and i looking forward to keep doing business with they, thank you very much guys

  6. Faiza umair

    WP Swings wallet system is Easy to Use and User Friendly. Highly recommended wallet system for WooCommerce Plugin!

  7. Arlyn Castillo

    Their wallet system is very friendly to users, the customer service is very accommodating in every query. Highly recommended wallet system for eCommerce products and services!

  8. Wilfred

    Awesome service, 10/10 would recommend.

Out of 5 Stars
Based on 8 reviews
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Can the admin set a limit on the wallet recharge amount for customers?2022-06-09T12:08:29+00:00

Yes, the admin can set a minimum/maximum limit on wallet recharge amount from the General settings.

Can the admin show a customized message for the WooCommerce wallet users on the withdrawal request form?2022-09-07T10:24:50+00:00

Yes, the admin can enter a customized message in the General Setting > Message For Customers box. It will display under the Notes field of the withdrawal request form.

Can the admin download or copy the wallet translation history?2022-09-07T10:26:08+00:00

Yes, the admin can export the WooCommerce wallet transaction table from the Wallet Transactions tab in a CSV or Excel file format.

Is there any functionality to invite other users to join the wallet system for WooCommerce?2022-06-27T06:53:57+00:00

Yes, wallet users can invite their friends to join the wallet system. If the email entered in the ‘Transfer to’ field doesn’t belong to a registered user, you can send an invitation to them to join the wallet system.

Is there any free version of the WooCommerce Wallet Plugin?2022-06-09T12:21:29+00:00
How do we restrict any user from accessing the wallet?2022-06-09T12:22:12+00:00

You can go to the wallet user table from the wallet tab and click on the restriction toggle of any users you want to restrict.

How many types of wallet cashback are available?2022-06-09T12:22:51+00:00

Our wallet plugin provides two types of cashback: cart-wise and category-wise. The wallet cashback can be fixed or percentage.

Can we decide the order status for providing the wallet cashback on product sales?2022-06-27T06:56:08+00:00

To do this, go to the “Wallet Cashback” tab, click on the “Process wallet cashback” dropdown, and can select in which order status you want to provide the cashback to the user.

Can I create custom coupons for the Wallet System Plugin?2022-06-09T12:27:45+00:00

Yes, go to the Wallet Coupons section from the admin menu and click on ‘Add New Wallet Coupons’ to create wallet coupons for your customers.

Is this digital wallet plugin translatable?2022-09-07T10:30:41+00:00

Yes, the WooCommerce wallet system is compatible with WPML (WordPress Multilingual) plugin and thus, it can be translated.

How do I give wallet cashback rewards on the daily visit?2022-06-09T12:20:01+00:00

Please go to the Wallet Actions tab from the backend and enable the option ‘Enable Daily Visit Settings.’

How do I allow my users to pay for WooCommerce subscription products using wallet balance?2022-06-09T12:26:42+00:00

Our WooCommerce Wallet System is compatible with Subscriptions For WooCommerce and Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro. Your users may use the Wallet partial payment feature to pay for subscription products.


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