Market Demand

Are you planning to sell a new product on your eCommerce store, but don’t have an idea whether the product would market well or not?

Before you get overwhelmed with the vast options and marketing strategies, product market demand is quite crucial and you need to look out first. This one step will save you time, energy, and resources that you can later use for your product development.

Entrepreneurs come up with new ideas for products that are in demand all the time. After doing thorough research on the scope and demand of the product and market. Some are viable ideas, while others seem a bit different and turn out to be a blasting success. However, a great product idea only works when backed up by enough product market demand statistics and research.

Similarly, at the onset of your new product, there must be a cloud of mixed feelings. For instance, an entrepreneur will want to know the eCommerce product demands and trends, market supply schedule, market demand function, total market demand, market analysis, decide the perfect product with maximum demand, etc to check the product market demand.

Let us not complicate things further and begin with our research on product market demand to help you with new demand products.

What Is Product Market Demand?

A product market demand is the total of all individual demands for a service or product from the buyers in the market. If the number of buyers entering the market for the same product increases, at that point, market interest at each value level will rise. It refers to the degree of longing for your product for a particular period in the market.

That is to say, the market demand and price are directly proportional to each other. Therefore when the product demand increases, the price hikes. Moreover, the fluctuation in market demand is inevitable. It depends on factors that may be seasonal, predictable, or unavoidable.

Demand Theory:

 “ If the price of a product increases, the demand for a product goes down. Similarly, when the price decreases, the demand for a product increases.”

Therefore, no matter how solid your idea of a new product is, you should never proceed without knowing your product market demand, and the factors on which it depends.

Importance of Product Market Demand

To simplify, you do not want to become the prodigal son and invest in a product idea that is impractical. So, to understand the consumer demand for a particular product and service, product demand analysis is a key step. By conducting a product demand analysis you can:

  1. Affirm buyers for your product. (Who is this product for?)
  2. Help in your marketing initiatives and product validation. (How is your product different from what’s out there already?)
  3. Determine the profitable entry in the market for revenue generation.

Above all, it will play a major role in introducing new products for your eCommerce store.

How To Check Product Market Demand For Your eCommerce Business Before You Get Started?

When you discover all the necessary details and outlines of the product you’re coming up with, you can observe the following practices in order to achieve maximum success with your new high-demand product.

Deciding Your Niche

Starting out a new business but not being able to decide your niche can be tricky. You cannot just be sitting around and waiting for great enlightenment. You can test ideas, take inspiration, or even enter the market to learn from your successes or failures.

businessman deciding the Niche

Here are a few short steps so you can effectively decide your niche:

  1. Pinpoint your passions, skills, and interests.
  2. Identify the demand of the business you want to pursue to solve different types of demand product problems.
  3. Determine the sustainability and revenue generation of the choice of your business. To clarify, why and how much will a consumer pay you for that solution?
  4. Test your business finally in the market.

Well, that is not all. Keep reading, and every point will help you with new ideas for the demand of businesses.

Tips To Identify Ideal Audience In 2022:

SEO Tools For Product Market Demand

SEO tools can greatly help you in analyzing the market and demand for your product. They always provide you with helpful data for the product market demand. Moreover, when you are just starting out, it can be overwhelming. So, here are a few tools that can save you from the tedious work of data analysis and keyword research for your next-demand products.

Want To Be #1 On Google SERPs?

Learn the latest SEO Trends for 2022 & beyond!
  • Google Trends

Google Trends is a website by Google that evaluates the demand for products and top search inquiries in Google Search across different areas and dialects. The site utilizes charts and graphs to analyze the search volume of various inquiries over a period
For instance, if you want to check the product demand for clothes, you can simply put the word for search. Moreover, you can compare the products. (Like here I have compared clothes, shoes, and bags) If you have any other product idea or service, you can try that as well. It enables you to compare products and go with the one most suitable.

google trends tool for product market demand
To approve the product demand, filter through ongoing product reviews. Preferably, most feedback should support the item. Notwithstanding, if you perceive any negative remarks, pursuing them can likewise be useful in finding shortcomings in current products that you could exploit.

Consequently, you can take inspiration from Google trends by typing the demand products phrase, keyword, and topics. You can easily apply filters for time periods and cities or countries. That is to say, the demand for market products in your niche should be stable. But, at the same time understanding the market conditions, the buyer’s demand, the consumption pattern, the demographic effect, the culture, and traditions are also equally important.

  • Google Keyword Tool

One way to test the demand for your product is that you can use the Google Keyword tool. This one will give you a brief overview of related products and the demand for competitor products. Subsequently, perform a search for your keyword related to your demand for products.

Google will then inform you of the number of monthly searches that are performed, and about various keywords related to your demand products. If the searches are in good numbers then you can think of moving forward to the next step. But, if the searches are low, you should probably not pursue that product.

Additionally, if there are a lot of searches for related products, you should research again. And this time with extra effort for high-demand products. You may also check out Google’s recently trending page to know about the emerging demand products topic.

keyword research illustration
Apart from that, there are some other free and premium tools that can provide you with product market demand and other significant secondary informational results to some level. For instance:

    1. Trendwatching
    2. Think With Google
    3. Omgili
    4. Alexa
    5. Google Search Console
    6. Statista
  • Keyword Evaluation

In the list of the results from these SEO tools, you might want to understand the importance of a few:

  1. Long Tail Keywords that comprise three or more words with a longer word count. You should be looking for these because users are likely to use such related keywords when they are closer to purchasing. These may not firmly be related to the demand for your product, but will definitely be somewhere spinning around your niche. For example, diamond-studded cross-shaped platinum rings instead of just diamond rings.keyword evaluation by ahref
  2. High Search Volume means people are looking more for that particular term. Focusing on high search volume keywords will result in a better understanding of the search intent of the demand product users.
  3. The Competition will get you to understand how many people are sincerely bidding and clashing for ranking on that keyword. Low competition, by and large, implies that it is simpler to rank for these keywords and less expensive to buy advertisements dependent on these catchphrases.

Market Research And Product Demand Analysis

In order to estimate the size of the potential market for the new product, market research, and demand analysis should be done in a systematic manner. Moreover, the characterization of the market depends on the collection of data types.

  • Collection Of Primary And Secondary Data

The initial step of the market investigation is to characterize and recognize the particular market to focus on new demand for products or services. Organizations will utilize market reviews or buyer input to decide their fulfillment with present product ideas. Remarks showing disappointment will lead organizations to grow new demand for products to fulfill this buyer need.

Generally, companies recognize the new demand for product ideas near their present product offering. But, for business extension prospects, you can try new enterprises. Primary data can be collected from online communities when directly asked for input. On the other hand, the information already available to you as an eCommerce business owner accounts for secondary data.

product demand analysis

When it comes to product-market demand research, both primary and secondary data types give you a unique analytical approach. For instance, we know that markets may change overnight. So, any past information may help eCommerce business owners record the demand for product insight for future comparison and development. Predicting future product demands and trends is also a necessary burden for eCommerce business owners.

  • Objectives Specifications

Feeling the relationship between the demand for products and the market is essential. It is achieved by informally talking to customers, competitors, and others in the industry. How and where to market the products can only be done when you are clear with your objectives. Here are a few questions that you can answer for yourself:

  1. What are the present demands of your new product and who are its buyers?
  2. How is this demand dispersed geographically and temporarily?
  3. What warranty and price will establish its acceptance?
  4. Which channels of distribution that are most suitable will you follow?
  5. Are there any prospects for immediate sales, and breaking up the demand into various sizes?
  • Formulation Of Market Plan

If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Therefore, we have market planning considerations explained. If you too are wondering about how to market a product online, it depends on the following factors:

  1. Current market situation
  2. Issue and Opportunity Analysis i.e strengths, threats, and weakness
  3. Clear, measurable, attainable objectives consistent with your eCommerce strategy
  4. Action plan
  5. Budgets And Control

Content Competition- Check What’s Ranking On Google

Apart from other tactics, performing a Google search using broad terms related to your product demand, will keep you updated about what products or services are ranking currently on top spots. However, Google ranks random articles with the right keywords on the top and they are not really connected to any strong domain or company.

competitor analysis for current demand

It is the same when you search for related search terms. With this sort of algorithm, it becomes pretty functional for your product or service to rank on Google. This would be significantly harder in the event that you were facing stronger brands and businesses, obviously.

Target Region For Business

Since you have discovered that enough individuals are, truth be told, looking for your item, you need to recognize where these people live.

It is especially significant if the product you plan on selling is explicit to one geographic region. You have to make sure that the people scanning the web for your product live in the zones where you can sell and transport your products.

Fortunately, there is a speedy approach to do this – by utilizing Google Trends. By basically connecting your pursuit terms, Google Trends will populate the nations and urban areas where individuals are looking for your item, just as the number of searches directed in each geological region.

Online Forums For Product Market Demand

The online forums also focus on getting the thoughts of consumers on high-demand products. You can hit a few online forums of your niche and create one to check the demand for your new product. The key is examining the need and forecasting the performance of new demand products.

survey on high demand products

And finally, arriving at a product idea that consumers are discussing yet doesn’t have wide accessibility is ideal. There are tools that will help you research product market demand via online forms and surveys. For instance:

  1. SurveyMonkey
  2. Jotforms
  3. Typeform
  4. Surveylab

Social Media Utility For Product Market Demand

Social media listening can bring you an enormous amount of high-demand product ideas. That is to say, supervising social media discussions will show you the sentiments attached to the type of demand for products. There are tools that allow you to filter these comments, conversations, geographical locations, and a summary of analytics reports.

These in combination with other data types can aid you in product market demand research. If there is a high market demand for a keyword, you can search related keywords and get a quick insight. Moreover, this will help you in copywriting for the product when you want to launch it.

You can include relevant information there too. When you find your product, you need to look out for pricing options and do some competitor analysis. Additionally, social media is also a good platform for conducting surveys.

Competitor Assessment

Albeit the amount of rivalry for the item is imperative to consider, what’s much more significant is the nature of the opposition. Once the product is out in the market, it has to come across multiple situations to fit the market conditions. And no doubt, the very first barrier will be the competitors.

The demand for your product has to accommodate the situation by its competitors who are already well established with the perfect market demand and keep moving forward. If you are afraid of turning out to be an invisible product brand, you should try to narrow down your niche at that point by having some expertise in it.

competitor analysis concept

Look at their pricing, variety of their products, and social media marketing. Subsequently, after deciding your specialty and recognizing the top rivals, go through their backlinks. After all, competitors push you to achieve more and better.

How To Create And Check Demand For New Products?

If you are thinking of introducing a new product to your already functioning eCommerce store, here are a few key points you can focus on:

  • Experimentation And Observation

The base of all new high-demand products comes right from the phase of experimentation and observations. Designing and conducting new experiments for the variant of your product can give you information regarding new possibilities. For example, you can offer a new product at a discount only for a defined period.

In case you are thinking of testing a new product, what better way than to conduct surveys? And that too with your existing customers. They are the ones who trust you and are likely to try the product first. Talk to customers to understand product demands.

create and check demand for new products
Just keep tracking and observing the feedback, customer interactions, and reviews and you will know about the demand for products in the market. Additionally, you can offer a free-of-cost one-time service. This way people will volunteer to test your product and service at a higher frequency. You must have seen people giving out free samples of their products in the market.
If your product is up to the mark and fabulous, it will create demand on its own.

  • Constantly Innovate

You might have a patent for your product, or your service may have been a breakthrough in your niche. But, that should not stop you from bringing a finer version of that product or service. Any change, addition, or alterations; big or small; might be of great use to your consumer.

constantly make innovation on products

For example, when Amazon launched the Kindle e-reading device, it was not as updated as today. And now, Kindle is available in seven different models, and the latest one is Kindle Paperwhite. They have kept on making revisions through naming generations. If you are or have used it ever, you know exactly what I want to convey here.

Product Market Demand Discovery Over To You Now

It’s consistently incredible to be excited about your business. On the other hand, it is critical to sensibly and impartially break down the practicality of your business and new product by deciding if there’s market interest in it.

I hope this article boosts your confidence and helps you in moving ahead with your potential business ideas. Have a cheerful exploration!

About the Author: Muskaan Sabarwal

Muskaan Sabarwal is a content writer with a knack for telling stories, a flair for detail, and a hint of humor. She is passionate about creating valuable content on online platforms. She can blend conversion optimization and persuasion tactics like magic to share your brand's message.
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