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PDF Generator For WP Pro
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PDF Generator For WP Pro

(7 customer reviews)


Collate all details of a product into one PDF and share it across the different channels in just one click. You will need a holistic WordPress PDF plugin for downloading PDFs. With this PDF generator, you can use fully customized WordPress PDF templates using Gutenberg editor with a customizable header, footer, and body settings. You can also use image and text-based watermarks with easily adjustable opacity and size with this PDF Generator. Thus, in WordPress, creating PDF files is now a cakewalk with the PDF creator plugin.

WordPress PDF Generator allows you to generate and share your website’s content PDF using different channels seamlessly. Various utilities allow users and admins to generate PDF files of your WordPress content. It assists in dispersing your brand name through watermarks, customized headers and footers, and much more. PDF generator WordPress is one such plugin that will let you or your users generate PDFs based on user roles. You can also fetch emails of your leads and potential customers for your marketing team. The premium PDF Generator plugin is now upgraded to equip you with better control of the features on your WordPress site.

  • Footer customization allows you to add the author, post name, and date.
  • Display PDF icon based on user roles.
  • Generate PDF files from live posts, pages, or products.
  • Display and rename meta fields and taxonomy fields
  • Upload your own custom font file for the generated PDFs
  • WP PDF Generator plugin comes with multisite compatibility

Top Features Of PDF Generator For WP Pro

Here are some top features loved by our clients:

1. Generate Invoices for Products New

You can allow users to download invoices after the product purchase. There are two options for PDF view, Thank You page and the Open in a new tab. The downloadable WordPress PDF will be available in order status such as Processing, Completed, etc. You can program the WordPress PDF plugin to automatically attach invoice files in the emails for customers. Also, the invoice and payslip can also be downloaded by you.

2. Customize the Invoice PDF New

You can customize the product invoice pdf according to your business needs. Tailor details like company contact information, invoice number, renewal date, invoice color & logo. You can also choose between two different view types for payslips and invoices.

3. Added New Shortcode for Gallery Images New

The WordPress PDF generator helps you to convert your gallery image into a shortcode. You can now generate a shortcode for your images by simply putting the name of the image into the box just by clicking on that button.

4. Add Post URL in Custom Templates

With the latest version in our plugin, you can add a Post URL in the header, footer, or body of your generated PDF. You can do so by simply using the PDF snippets added for creating your custom templates. This will automatically add Woo attributes to your generated PDF files for live product pages.

5. Control the Visibility of PDF Icon According to User Roles

Our recent update in the PDF creator plugin allows you to choose who you want to enable to download your live pages, products, or posts into PDF format based on the user roles. You get to define the user roles that will be able to see and use your PDF icon on the frontend.

6. Custom Page Size

The WordPress PDF Generator allows you to customize the page size of your PDF file according to your preference. You can now set the height and width of the page of your PDF file. This will help you in the alignment of the page according to your requirements.

7. Change Page Number Format

The latest feature of this plugin allows you to set the page number with the total page count in your generated PDF file. You can also set the page number position in the footer of the PDF file.

8. Add Woo Attributes in Custom Templates

You can also add Woo attributes for your products. You can do so by simply using the PDF snippets added for creating your custom templates. This will automatically add Woo attributes to your generated PDF files for live product pages.

9. Bulk Export for Generated PDFs

The WordPress PDF creator give users a special feature of bulk export that helps them to download multiple pages and posts into PDFs in bulk. The latest update in the pro PDF plugin brings to you the feature of exporting PDF (Generated PDF files) files in bulk in your desired template.

10. Add QR Code to Generated PDF Files

You can use the given shortcode in the Layout Settings tab for the Internal Page to add a QR Code to your generated PDF file. You can add this shortcode to the header, body, or footer of your custom templates without any trouble to add a scannable code with this PDF Generator (WordPress).

11. Add a Short Description

This feature update of our plugin allows you to add a short description in the body of your generated PDF. You can add this by using PDF snippets for creating your custom templates. It will add a short description to your generated PDF files.

12. Current Date

With this PDF Generator WordPress plugin, you can now add the current date to your generated PDF files. You can add this in the body of your custom templates.

13. Export PDF in Backend

Admin can export PDF files from live pages, products, and posts from the backend itself. All you need to do is click on the Exportpdf button. There you have your one click PDF ready!

14. Generates PDF For All Custom Posts

The WordPress PDF builder helps to create PDFs for posts, pages, and products on WordPress. PDF for custom post types can also be generated via this Custom PDF Generator plugin.

15. Full Customization Support

WordPress PDF Generator Plugin allows you to design the layout for the internal pages using the Gutenberg editor. You can use PDF snippets from the editor to fully customize your PDF pages.

16. Footer Customization

The latest version of the PDF creator plugin brings you more customization support for footer settings. You can now add the post name, author name, and post date in the footer of your generated PDF files.

17. Create a Custom Cover Page

Apart from the predefined WordPress PDF templates, the admins can upload the image of their choice. The plugin also allows creating your templates using the Gutenberg editor. With all these customisable PDF designs, you can make sure you disperse your brand in the industry effectively.

18. Personalized Cover Page Templates

Our plugin provides 4 new custom cover page WordPress PDF templates. Admins can customize these pages and change the layout as per their industry needs and leave an imprint of the brand.
cover page templates

19. Upload Your Own PDF Files on WordPress

This important utility is taken care of, in PDF Generator for WordPress plugin. You no more need to look around for alternatives to upload the already prepared PDF resources on your WordPress site. Your audience can directly download the generated PDF files. Your audience can directly download the generated PDF files using this WordPress image generator.

20. Custom Header

WordPress PDF Generator plugin comes with easy customization options for header design. You can also include author details and the date of publishing. Similarly, you can also customize the footer.

21. Custom Watermark By Admin

WordPress PDF Generator comes with text and image watermark. This helps increase your authority over the document. The WordPress PDF generator plugin allows you to adjust the size and opacity of the selected watermark. If you wish to use a text-based watermark, you can also use our free WordPress plugin generator for PDF format.

22. Send PDF As An Email Attachment

WordPress Generate PDF plugin comes with a simplified form of sending out PDFs via clear email management. Here, the admin can enable the option of sending out PDFs to the guest user’s email directly.

23. Advanced Setting For Native Language Support

This WP PDF builder allows admins to upload TTF font files to create a PDF in the native language their customers read and understand. That is how PDF Generator for WordPress will assist you in reaching out to your local audience with effectiveness.

24. RTL Support

One exclusive feature that the PDF generator plugin offers is RTL support for Arabic and Hebrew fonts.

25. Get Insights With PDF Log

Admin gets the PDF log where they can view the details like post name, user email(if enabled by the admin), user name, post type, etc. With this log, the admin can track what posts are downloaded on which date with user details and remove those logs if they want.

26. Placement of Icon

You can place the icon in the front end of your WordPress website as per the relevance of the ‘generate PDF’ button. You can also replace the default icon by uploading your own icon using the plugin.

27. Company Details

Multiple page generator plugin comes with easy customization for brand dispersal. You can add the company details in the cover page template settings under ‘layout settings’.

28. Add Taxonomy

You can add taxonomies to your PDF files. Just go to the respective tab and select the taxonomies that you want to add. You can update these individually for pages, posts, and products.

29. Add Meta Fields

You can add meta fields to your PDF files using this PDF generator for WordPress. Simply go to the meta field tab and select the meta fields that you want to add. You can update these individually for pages, WordPress posts, and products.

Also, if your product images are different from your product image gallery then you can write the name in the box below and enable the setting and uncheck this in the metafield section.

Allowing you to add meta fields for your online products makes this plugin a great WooCommerce PDF product. You can also add any images if needed.

30. Placement of Meta Values

You can place different meta fields in your customized WordPress PDF templates as per your choice. With our latest updates, you can now arrange the metafields into rows and columns according to your needs.

Benefits Of PDF Generator For WP Pro

  1. Convert Live Pages into PDF: Admins and users (based on user roles) can convert all live pages, posts, and products into PDF format on a website.
  2. Footer Customization: You can customize the footer for author name, post name, and date of publication.
  3. Display Metafields in WordPress PDF: Our WordPress PDF Generator plugin, the Advanced PDF Generator also allows you to arrange your meta fields in rows and columns as you need.
  4. Add Images In a Row in WordPress Generated PDFs: This WordPress PDF Generator plugin is now updated so you can add more than one image in a single row.
  5. Share Products Via Various Channels: This WooCommerce PDF Generator plugin will allow you to share the content and product of your website using various channels.
  6. Add Watermarks to Generated PDF Files: Using the features such as text & image watermarks, you can easily disperse your brand.
  7. Limit Access for Logged-In Users: You can easily fetch the email addresses of your leads using this Advanced PDF Generator plugin.
  8. Full Customization Support: PDF Generator for WP plugin allows you full customization support.
  9. Support for Native Languages: The PDF Generator plugin also provides advanced support for native languages.
  10. Design a Comprehensive Cover Pages Using WordPress Generater PDF Plugin: Users can also get your company details or a detailed cover page customized for them by you using the PDF Creator plugin.

WordPress PDF Generator Plugin Compatibilities

The PDF generator plugin for WordPress is compatible with the following plugins:

1. WPML Compatibility

A plus point with the plugin is that it is compatible with all the major themes and plugins that you might need. Our latest update also comes with WPML compatibility. This will help you allow your users to access content in their native language. Our plugin also provides RTL support, so if it’s in Arabic or Hebrew language, the PDF generator plugin will still support it.

2. Multisite Compatibility

A recent exciting update in this WooCommerce product PDF Generator plugin also allows you to use this plugin for your subdomains! Thus, multisite compatibility will give your users access to your knowledge base without any hurdles.

3. Compatibility with Major Page Builders

The plugin is compatible with all the major page builders including WP Bakery, Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer, and BB page builder.

4. Compatibility with ACF Plugin

PDF builder plugin by WP Swings is also compatible with Advanced Custom Fields plugins allowing you to use all the custom fields data appropriately in your generated PDF files.

Free vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Include Tags ✔️ ✔️
Include Categories ✔️ ✔️
Icon Display ✔️ ✔️
For Guest Users ✔️ ✔️
Email User ✔️ ✔️
PDF Icon Placement ✔️ ✔️
Custom PDF Icon ✔️ ✔️
PDF Settings ✔️ ✔️
RTL Support ✔️ ✔️
Watermark Text ✔️ ✔️
Page and Post Template ✔️ ✔️
Meta Field Settings ✔️ ✔️
PDF Upload ✔️ ✔️
Multisite Compatibility ✔️ ✔️
WPML Compatibility ✔️ ✔️
Placement of Meta Fields ✔️
Bulk Download ✔️
Watermark Image ✔️
Watermark Opacity ✔️
Watermark Size & Placement ✔️
Custom CSS ✔️
Custom Template ✔️
Custom Font File ✔️
Taxonomy Settings ✔️
Layout Settings ✔️
PDF Logs ✔️


How can one add the PDF button on a single product page?2023-06-02T09:47:17+00:00

To add a PDF button on a single product page, follow the steps given below:
PDF Generator For WP→ Advanced Settings→ Show Icons for the post type. Select the product in this setting and click on Save Settings.

Is the PDF Generator Plugin compatible with the Divi theme?2022-01-19T09:22:43+00:00

Yes, the PDF plugin is compatible with Divi themes and also supports the most popular WordPress themes and extensions (CPT UI, ACF, WPbakery).

Can users download the pdf in bulk or export the pdf in bulk?2023-06-02T09:48:32+00:00

Yes, along with admin, users can now download and export the pdf in bulk for all the pages, posts, and products.

Does the WordPress PDF generator plugin support German, French or Dutch language?2023-06-02T09:47:59+00:00

Yes, the WordPress PDF generator plugin offers to download PDF files in all languages.

Does the WordPress PDF Generator pro plugin support post meta data on pdf?2022-01-19T09:29:29+00:00

Yes, the WordPress PDF Generator Pro plugin supports post metadata. Go to PDF Generator For Wp→ Meta Fields Settings. Here, you can select the meta details you want to display in your pdf. You can also place these meta details in the template by using the shortcode provided in the bottom of the tab

Can the admin change the position and icon of the pdf button?2022-01-19T09:30:02+00:00

Yes, Admin can change the position and icon of the pdf button. Go to PDF Generator For Wp→ PDF Settings→ Icon Settings→ Show PDF Icon. Select your desired position from the dropdown menu in this setting.

Can a guest user download the PDF without registration?2022-01-19T09:31:19+00:00

Yes, guest users can download the PDF directly or by entering an email. You can adjust these settings under the Icon Display tab.


Still in doubt? Refer to our Knowledge Base and learn more about the WordPress plugin PDF Generator.

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7 reviews for PDF Generator For WP Pro

  1. Hamed

    This is the best, and This is all I need, a great Plugin and a great support team!

  2. Mathieu M

    Très bon plugin. L équipe de développement et de support est très réactif et professionnelle. Un des meilleurs plugin que j’ai utilisé. Merci

  3. Wim

    5 star top class support as always

  4. Carlos

    Great pdf wordpress plug-in and good support, needed a new function to get single taxanomy data of a product. Together with the developers we got a solution.

  5. Nathan

    Great PDF WordPress plugin that worked out of the box. But even more importantly, it comes with superb support. We needed some customizations and their team was able to provide exactly what we needed. Thank you!

  6. Jahn

    The plugin PDF GENERATOR from WP Swings does exactly what we need and they even helped us with small customization which they were able to do within just half a day. I recommend the plugin for sure!

  7. Alessio

    Great plugin to display the acf meta fields which was able to save a lot of time in my workflow. The support was able to update the pdf until it matched my needs. All that with a quick response time. I’m very satisfied.

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