amazing woocommerce stats

Looking to create an eCommerce store? Or want to move your business online?

For either of them, you’ll need an eCommerce platform.

But eCommerce platforms are like pizza flavors. Everyone looks tempting, but you’re not sure which one to pick.

So in this state of dilemma, you may ask, what is the best choice?

And I’d suggest you go with the most popular and trusted one, that is, WooCommerce.

So in this post, I’ll tell you some amazing WooCommerce statistics that will make you love the platform.

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What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free open-source plugin that helps you convert your WordPress website into an eCommerce store. Released in 2011, WooCommerce has become a popular preference, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

It brings several helpful features like aesthetic themes, subscriptions, shipping options, and much more every business needs to flourish.

WooCommerce Statistics: Top Picks

Here is the list of some curated WooCommerce statistics that are most popular for this platform:

  • The official WooCommerce plugin is downloaded 161,908,802 times from and counting.
  • Over 5,106,506 live websites are using WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce plugin is downloaded at least 30,000 times every day from
  • 8.7% of all the websites use WooCommerce.
  • WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform with 23.43% of the market share worldwide.
  • Among all the eCommerce websites on the internet, 12.96% use WooCommerce.
  • If all WooCommerce stores formed a single country, this country’s revenue would be greater than 35% of the world’s countries!
  • In 2019, WooCommerce stores had an estimated $11.8 Billion of Gross Merchandise Volume(GMV).
  • The WooCommerce plugin available on supports 66 languages.

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Most Influential WooCommerce Statistics

Here are some of the most influential WooCommerce statistics.

1. The official WooCommerce plugin is downloaded over 161M times from and counting

woocommerce plugin downloads

While I’m writing this post, the official WooCommerce plugin has been downloaded 161,908,802 times from Soon this number will touch the 200 million mark.

2. WooCommerce plugin is downloaded at least 30,000 every day from

At a minimum, the WooCommerce plugin gets 30,000 downloads every single day from However, the monthly downloads of this plugin range between 1.5 and 2 million, as the download graph sees a significant spike once or twice a month.

3. The most downloads WooCommerce has seen in a single day is 3,952,563

Another interesting stat is, the WooCommerce plugin recorded its highest number of downloads with 3,952,563 times on 15th Jul 2021. Adding to that, the highest number of active installation growth was recorded on 28th Feb 2021 with 0.8%.

4. WooCommerce facilitated over $20 Billion of sales in 2020

woocommerce sales

WooCommerce facilitated over $20 billion in sales so far this year. More than double the year before. – Matt Mullenweg

Those were the words of Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress) in Bob WP’s podcast, State of the Word 2020.

Look at the last sentence of the above statement. It says more than double the year before. This shows WooCommerce is growing like a bushfire. And I’m quite certain that this will not stop anytime soon.

So the point is, if you’re also looking to build an eCommerce website, WooCommerce can be a great help for you.

5. WooCommerce is the 2nd most popular platform of the entire Internet in the Open Source category

According to Built With, among all the open-source platforms available on the internet, WooCommerce is the 2nd most popular platform with 12.96% of usage distribution.

WordPress is at the top with 79.64% and obviously, it will be because it has a vast user base and it powers over 40% of all the websites on the internet.

6. If all WooCommerce stores formed a country, its revenue would be greater than 35% of the world’s countries

woocommerce revenue

WooCommerce hosts WooSesh, a virtual conference where thousands of WooCommerce store owners and developers share their thoughts.

In 2019’s WooSesh, it was said that if all the WooCommerce stores formed a single country, its revenue would be greater than 35% of all the world’s countries.

Through this WooCommerce statistic, you can understand how much this platform is contributing to the global economy.

7. In 2019, WooCommerce stores had an estimated $11.8B of Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

woocommerce gmv

Another number came from 2019 WooSesh. In this event, Paul Maiorana, General Manager of WooCommerce, talked about its GMV.

Now, what is GMV?

GMV or Gross Merchandise Volume shows the monetary value of the merchandise sold in a specific time period from a particular marketplace.

WooCommerce stores in 2019 had a GMV of over 11.8 Billion dollars.

8. WooCommerce’s repository on GitHub has 1055 contributors and counting

Currently, while I’m writing this post, WooCommerce’s repository on GitHub has 1055 contributors.

Apart from the contributors, they have made 40,227 commits so far. They also have 212 branches and 278 releases on their repository.

These numbers, just like other WooCommerce statistics, are also growing every day.

WooCommerce Usage & Market Share

Among all eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce has one of the largest market shares. Let’s look at some WooCommerce usage statistics:

9. WooCommerce has the 2nd highest market share of 23.43% among all eCommerce platforms

According to a Statista report, WooCommerce is the second biggest eCommerce platform with a market share of 23.43%.

woocommerce market share

Squarespace is leading here with 23.51% of the market share. So you can see there is a tiny difference between the first and second place. And after Squarespace and WooCommerce, there’s 100sklepow at third with 15.13%.

10. 20.3% of all WordPress-powered websites use WooCommerce

WordPress powers over 40% of the websites on the entire internet. And according to a W3Techs report, 20.3% of all those WordPress websites use WooCommerce.

And in this list, WooCommerce is at the top with this figure. After WooCommerce, there’s Elementor and WPBakery with 15.7% and 15.4% respectively.

11. Among all the eCommerce websites on the internet, 12.96% use WooCommerce

A BuiltWith report says, of all the websites on the entire internet(that use an eCommerce technology), WooCommerce is used by 3,207,047 of them. Or in other words, 12.96% of the eCommerce websites use WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is in 2nd place on this list. Before WooCommerce, there’s Shopify with 3,695,529 websites or 14.93% of usage distribution.

12. WooCommerce serves approx. 4% of the top 1 million HTML pages

Wikipedia discloses another WooCommerce stat that shows, “WooCommerce serves approximately 4% of the top 1 million HTML pages”.

13. At least 5.1M live websites are using the WooCommerce platform

A BuiltWith report states they know at least 5,106,506 live websites that are using WooCommerce.

14. 8.7% of all the websites use WooCommerce

websites using woocommerce

According to a W3techs report, WooCommerce is used by 13.2% of all the websites whose content management system W3Techs knows. This ultimately becomes 8.7% of all the websites.

WooCommerce Plugins Statistics

Plugins are the backbone of the whole WooCommerce platform. There are thousands of WooCommerce plugins on the internet and each one helps you add more functionality to your WooCommerce store.

Let us now look at some WooCommerce statistics related to the plugins.

15. There are 4228 WooCommerce plugins on and counting

On, there are 4228 WooCommerce plugins.

This is something you don’t find just like that. You need to be creative about this. What I did was log in to my WordPress dashboard. And then I went to the Plugins > Add New section. There you’ll see a dropdown button beside the search bar.

wordpress tags

Click on that dropdown and select tags.

Then I entered and searched WooCommerce and I found 4228 plugins that had the WooCommerce tag in them. Obviously, if you’re adding a WooCommerce tag in your plugin, that means it is a WooCommerce plugin (unless you’re tricking the system).

16. WooCommerce plugin on has 3161 five star ratings

On, the official WooCommerce plugin has 3161 five-star ratings so far. Apart from these 5-star ratings, it has 157, 83, 83, 323 four, three, two, and one-star ratings respectively.

17. The CodeCanyon Marketplace has over 3000 WooCommerce plugins

On CodeCanyon marketplace, there are 3002 WooCommerce plugins currently available. This number is continuously increasing since people are publishing more and more plugins there every day.

By the time you will read this post, this number will increase more. To check the exact number now, you can simply go to CodeCanyon marketplace, search WooCommerce to see all the WooCommerce related plugins.

18. There are 731 official WooCommerce plugin extensions listed on the WooCommerce marketplace

While writing this post, there are 731 official WooCommerce plugin extensions listed on the WooCommerce marketplace.

19. WooCommerce plugin available on WordPress supports 66 languages

woocommerce language compatibility

The official WooCommerce plugin available on supports 66 languages to date.

This involves 8 versions for Spanish, 6 versions for English, and 3 versions for Chinese, French, Portuguese. That’s a lot!

WooCommerce Themes Statistics

Themes have played a significant role in WooCommerce’s growth. There are hundreds of WooCommerce themes available that let you create WooCommerce stores that are aesthetically pleasing. Let’s look at some stats related to WooCommerce themes.

20. There are 1600 WooCommerce themes on ThemeForest

Finding an exact number for this could be challenging. But the best thing you can do is to go to and use filters to search WooCommerce themes.

When I did this, I found 1600 WooCommerce themes on the platform.

However, this number is growing every day as many creators are making and submitting their WooCommerce themes on the platform.

21. The theme directory has 1,358 WooCommerce compatible themes makes it quite easier than ThemeForest to find the exact number. You just need to go to, click on the Themes section and search WooCommerce on the search bar.

At the time of writing this post, I found 1358 WooCommerce themes on this platform.

22. Astra, the most popular WooCommerce theme has 1M+ active installs

There are many WooCommerce themes popular among users. But if we talk specifically about, you’ll find Astra as the most popular theme there. It has over 1 million active installs on Adding to that, Astra is downloaded at least 3500+ times a day.

Final Words

So those were some amazing WooCommerce statistics for 2022. I hope you found them helpful. By looking at these WooCommerce stats, I can say one thing for sure, Businesses love WooCommerce.

It’s free, secure, fully customizable, and SEO-friendly. This is why it is the favorite platform for most of the users out there. And it is attracting more and more users every day towards it.

Any WooCommerce stats we missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll include it in our post.

Do you use or plan to use WooCommerce for your online store? If yes, and you need any help related to the platform, connect with our WooCommerce experts and we’ll guide you through.

We can help you in WooCommerce plugin development, store setup, theme design, migration, API integration, and more.

Need Help With Your WooCommerce Snags?

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