Gift Cards for WooCommerce

Selling gift cards in your WooCommerce store is as straightforward as any other product, provided you leverage the appropriate tools and templates for their creation.

WooCommerce lacks a built-in feature for crafting gift vouchers, necessitating the use of a dedicated gift card plugin.

In today’s fast-paced world, expressing your affection by sending gift cards during special occasions is both convenient and considerate, granting your loved ones the freedom to choose their perfect gift. Gift cards are widely regarded as one of the finest gifting options available.

In this article, I’ll recommend the top-selling gift card plugin and offer effective strategies for crafting, selling, and redeeming both physical and digital gift cards within your store.

Gift Card Global Market

How to Sell Gift Cards on Your WooCommerce Store?

Digital gift cards are special product types that are only added to your store using a WooCommerce Gift Card plugin.

Finding the right solution will take hours of research. So, let me save you time by introducing the Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce. It’s the only gift certificate plugin you’ll ever need.

1. Setup Your Gift Card Plugin – Download & Install

The WooCommerce gift cards plugin is available for download in two variants. The free plugin is available on and the premium version of the plugin is available on

Gift Card For WooCommerce Pro

Get Gift Cards for WooCommerce Pro Plugin Now!

Our WooCommerce gift card plugin provides a comprehensive solution for selling, redeeming, and designing gift cards.

2. Configure the WooCommerce Gift Card Plugin for Your Online Store

To create & sell gift cards on WooCommerce, you need to enable our plugin from the General setting.

Also, take a moment to explore and configure the various features essential for your customers & smoothly sell gift certificates on your WooCommerce store.

To do this, you can take help from the Gift cards documentation.

Enable the WooCommerce Gift Card plugin to add the gift card product type.

Then, configure the general features such as Coupon Code Length & Prefix, Tax, Listing on Shop Page, Individual Use, Free Shipping, Expiry, Minimum/Maximum Spend Limit, etc., you want to offer to your customers.

Similarly, you can go to various tabs and configure the kind of settings best suited to your business.

3. How to Create Online Gift Cards for Your Business

To proceed with creating the gift card, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the sidebar panel of the dashboard and click on Products > Add New.
  2. Set up the product name, description, image, and other details required for a digital gift certificate.

Add New Gift Card

a. choose a pricing type and set the price of your gift card. It includes the following:

  • Fixed Price: Default rate
  • Price Range: Flexible price range. For example, $50-100.
  • Selected Price: Multiple fixed prices. For example, $20 | $50 | $100.
  • User Price: Users can enter their chosen price above the minimum limit.
  • Variable Price: Multiple prices based on durations
  • Selected With Price Range

You can offer discounts on it too.

b. Select an Email Template for Gift Vouchers

By default, four gift card templates will be loaded. You can add more through the Templates tab.

Select Gift Card Template

They’re based on the most important celebratory events. Thus, it is the perfect tool for festive season sales.

You can select multiple templates for a single gift product and even select a default template.

c. Application of WooCommerce Gift Card Products

Select Gift Card Pricing

Exclude Products: You can exclude products from the gift coupon application. The users will not be able to redeem their gift coupons on the excluded products.

Exclude Category: You can limit your gift card from applying to any excluded categories.

Include Products: Add products to which you want the gift coupons to apply. If no products are added then the gift cards will apply to all products except the ones belonging to excluded products and categories.

Include Category: You can outline categories to which the WooCommerce gift cards will apply.

Recommended Products: Selling gift certificates can be an opportunity for product marketing. You can show other products on your digital & physical gift cards by adding them as recommended products.

Subsequently, you can adjust the gift card coupon applicability in bulk on your products and their categories. Use the Product settings to exclude/include the sales items, particular products, or product categories from the gift card discounts.

Product Settings

You may also personalize the gift card email template, which is used to distribute gift certificates to recipients, send acknowledgment emails, and notify recipients of the gift card coupon balance.

d. WooCommerce Gift Card Delivery Methods

You can use the override delivery button to bypass the global delivery settings for WooCommerce vouchers.

Afterward, select the delivery method for your digital gift vouchers and ensure their seamless distribution. Your users can purchase and share the gift cards Via Email, Downloadable PDFs, & Shipping.

Moreover, you can also sell gift cards on WooCommerce via message, and WhatsApp. Thus, rendering virtually infinite reach to your gift card selling business.

Configure the best ways of delivery suited for your WooCommerce gift cards. In this section, you can select the delivery mode for customers to choose from like Email to Recipient, Enable Downloadable, and Enable Gift Card Shipping.

Delivery Setting

Also, you can include a bar or QR code on the WooCommerce gift certificates. After all the details are complete, set a product image and click on Publish to make your gift card live.

Gift Card

This is how it will look to your users.
Gift Card Merry Christmas

Get the WooCommerce Gift Cards Plugin that Brings Surefire Results

Learn How Stoffsalon Witnessed 9.60% of Their Total Sales From Gift Vouchers

4. How to Sell WooCommerce Physical Gift Cards

Follow the similar process I have explained above to create physical gift cards. Afterward, enable the Shipping option to let customers send WooCommerce gift certificates to their recipients or to themselves.

Upon successful card purchase, you will receive the details in an email, which you can use to print using your gift certificate creator and deliver to the recipient’s address.

Physical gift card selling doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Note: Our Gift Voucher plugin is suitable for hybrid businesses too that sell both online and offline.

5. Master the Custom Gift Card Selling

You can sell gift cards that users can customize with personal designs and messages. You can configure the customizable gift card template by following the settings from the below image.

Customizable Gift Cards

Once the setting to tailor your gift certificate is enabled, you’ll get the “custom gift card” product on the shop page with all the available options to customize the template.

You allow customers to upload their images on the card or select pre-uploaded ones or both.

Customize Your Gift card

Post customization step is completed successfully, you are all set to sail the boat and sell gift cards to the recipients in your selected delivery methods.

6. How to Make WooCommerce Gift Card Templates

To effectively sell gift cards on WooCommerce, you must ensure they are attractive & tailored to your brand’s theme.

Some of the major templates we offer for our WooCommerce gift certificates [Pro]:

Gift Card For WooCommerce Pro

  • Happy New Year
  • Black Friday
  • Merry Christmas<
  • Halloween
  • Valentine’s Day

And the list goes on.

Although this plugin offers many pre-built gift card templates, it also gives options for merchants and customers to create and design their WooCommerce gift certificates.

To do so, you must create a custom post type “Gift Cards” post plugin activation.

Here, you can create/design as many Gift Card Templates as you want & increase your card sales.

Import New Cards

To create a new Gift Card Template, navigate to the sidebar and click on Gift Cards > Add New. Here you can design your template by using custom CSS, and HTML and you can also use the given shortcode.

Gift Cards Shortcode

You may also personalize the gift card email template, which is used to distribute gift cards to recipients, send acknowledgment emails, and notify recipients of the gift card coupon balance.

Has Your Interest in How to Sell Digital Gift Cards Been Piqued?

Explore digital gift cards and their benefits for your WooCommerce store!

How To Create WooCommerce Gift Cards

Enhance your WooCommerce online store’s gifting choices by utilizing the Gift Card for WooCommerce Plugin, which enables you to provide group gift cards. This plugin allows customers to combine their funds to purchase a joint gift card for a special occasion.

Create WooCommerce Gift Cards

Here are the steps to create a group gift card product:

  1. Go to Products > Add New on your WooCommerce dashboard. Under the Product Data menu, choose Gift Card or edit an existing card in your product list.
  2. Follow these steps to configure your group gift card:
  • a. You can select from five pricing options. Then, specify the gift card’s price.
  • b. Choose single or multiple gift card templates at once.
  • c. Select a default template from the available 21+ options, which will be shown when the page loads.
  • d. Adjust the settings to include or exclude specific items and categories for the use of gift card coupons on your products. You can also provide discounts on gift coupons.
  • e. Set an expiration date for the gift card.
  • f. Enable the “Group Product” option.
  • g. Configure the delivery options.
  1. Finally, update or publish your product to create a group gift card product in your WooCommerce store.

Gift Card Page

Note: Ensure that you enable the Schedule Data feature; otherwise, your group gift card will not function properly.

Enjoy The Benifits of Collective Gifting With Group Gift Cards

Enable Your Customers To Organize Collective Gifting And Send Email Invitations To Their Friends And Family.

Digital Gift Cards Vs Physical Gift Cards: What is The Preference of Your Customers?


Digital Gift Cards

Physical Gift Cards

Accessibility Email, Message, WhatsApp Mailed or in-store
Cost-Efficiency Generally more cost-effective due to no production, shipping, or storage costs. Involves costs for producing, shipping, and storing physical cards.
Security Can be secure with unique codes, QR/barcodes, PINs, or encryption. Risk of theft or loss if the physical card is misplaced or stolen.
Tracking and Reporting Easier to Track and monitor gift card usage and balance digitally. Tracking physical card usage may be less efficient.
Customization Easily customizable with digital designs, messages, and personalization options. Customization is limited to the design of the physical card itself.

Earn Reward Points On Gift Card Purchase

The WooCommerce loyalty points plugin seamlessly integrates with both the Ultimate Gift Cards For WooCommerce Free and Gift Cards For WooCommerce Pro.

Loyality Program Pack

This integration enables customers to accrue additional loyalty points when they make purchases of gift card products. In essence, it enhances the benefits of loyalty programs by incentivizing customers to earn points not only on regular purchases but also on their acquisition of gift cards, making the overall shopping experience even more rewarding.

Why Sell Gift Cards on Your WooCommerce Store?

Gift cards are hugely popular in the US market, and merchants do claim the benefits of selling gift vouchers in their stores. Ever since online sellers started selling gift cards, they have witnessed the following results and proclaimed that these results are the most expected benefits of using digital gift certificates.
Gift Cards Christmas

  • Selling gift cards online helps merchants in spreading brand awareness among their potential audience.
  • WooCommerce gift certificates exponentially increase holiday and festive sales.
  • Gift vouchers attract more traffic and enable better customer engagement and cash flow.
  • Offer safe & convenient gift vouchers as gifts to dear ones. The data generated is useful in future marketing campaigns.
  • The Global Gift Cards Market Size was estimated at USD 414740.00 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 640280.00 million by 2028. (Globe Newswire)

Despite being popular and working exactly like their digital counterparts, physical gift cards require printing & can be stolen or lost easily. Plus, they’re prone to physical damage.
Most businesses combine digital and physical girl car selling, even if they don’t have brick-and-mortar stores in their business model.

8 Tips to Follow While Selling Gift Cards on Your Online Store

It isn’t as easy to sell Gift cards these days considering the increasing competition in the market. Following additional tips and hacks can surely help you to outstand your product from others in the market. Therefore, listed below are the 8 best tips to follow while you plan to sell Gift cards on your WooCommerce store.

1. Ensure Security (QR Code/Barcode)

Security is the biggest concern these days. Cyber thefts and attacks restrict users from proceeding with transactions while shopping online. Hence, digital gift cards that you’re selling should ensure security for the end-user. Enabling QR codes or Barcode features to encrypt the card codes and other essential details prevents the theft of gift cards.

Top 11 Gift Card Mistakes Online Retailers Make And How To Avoid Them

Be Better at Selling Gift Cards

2. Allow Convenient Delivery Options

The mode of sending gifts was one of the major reasons for the popularity of digital gift cards. You wouldn’t want it to be delivered late or even beforehand because it will then kill the surprise fun.

Hence, offering convenient delivery options on scheduled dates will make your service stand out from your competitors. Ultimately benefiting your brand image.

For example, SlowDays, a travel-tour operator company, leveraged the benefits of selling gift certificates with multiple delivery options like sharing via email or downloading gift cards as a PDF.

3. Implement Country-based Pricing Compatibility for Global Users

Since you may plan to sell gift cards both online and offline, ask yourself:

How are you gonna manage the amount and transaction values while your online customer is dealing in some other branch in some other country?

Having a country-based price compatibility feature enabled in your WooCommerce store will help you convert the transaction values to the local currency rates.

It is increasingly beneficial when your customers are in a hurry to complete the transaction because then they won’t have to manually calculate the value they are transacting for.

The Official Checklist for Selling Gift Cards for Your Business

Make your gift cards program a big hit!

4. Make Use of Coupons for Gift Cards

Coupons for gift cards…

Does it sound the same or different? Well, coupons are generally discount-oriented code vouchers.

Integrating coupons with gift cards will make your job easier. You can simply generate coupons following your marketing campaigns and import those coupon codes using the backend settings.

As a result of the enabled configurations, the gift cards generated will have a coupon code attached to them and all the transactions done using the gift cards can easily be managed by the admin via the simple coupon codes.

For example, Ezenpur Day Spa incurred 25% of its eCommerce revenue with gift card coupon codes.

5. Discounts on Gift Cards Are a Great Perk

Be it the festive sales season or holiday shopping feats or just routine seller days, discounts always attract greater attention and increased sales targets.

The same applies when you plan to sell Gift cards as products. Leveraging the additional discounts on gift certificates- who would miss such an opportunity?

The flexibility in offering discounts on gift certificates or not is an advantageous feature of this plugin.

6. Customize Your Digital PDF Gift Cards

Market your gift card campaigns with the dedicated prefix names for the gift certificate PDFs. Customized PDF names for the digital gift cards will help you promote your campaign more effectively and also will leave a lingering effect on your customers.

Also, adding personalized messages and images to your gift card templates will make your customers feel more special.

Dee Why Therapeutic Centre has realized its dreams by implementing a gift card program and selling personalized gift cards with PDF support.

7. Personalized Notifications, Alerts, and Emails

The more personalized notifications and emails you share with your customers, the more connected they feel to you. Hence it will be a great effort to use personalized notifications, alerts, and emails while you market your gift cards.

8. Create Guidelines for Selling Gift Cards

The gift certificate market is highly competitive in both online and offline business spaces. To stand out, you must create & follow guidelines to the word as it is essential for gift certificate creators.

Are you Ready to Sell Gift Cards?

Don’t hesitate if you’re still not convinced of the benefits of selling gift cards in your store at once.

It’s certainly a huge decision for some and merely for others. But, for once considering all the facts, tips, and easy-to-go gift card plugins, think!

How joyful would it be to double your business with very little risk factor?

See What Laurent Dagani have to about the Gift Cards Plugin

WooCommerce Gift cards are industry-wide accepted and hold the credibility that won’t let you down.

It’s the right time… Go ahead and start selling gift cards in your WooCommerce store now!

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