Landing Page Optimization

Imagine yourself strolling down a commercial street. Suddenly something attracts your attention 🤩! Is it the SALE sign? Perhaps it was the lovely jacket the mannequin was wearing. Or the store’s appealing environment 🤔 .

You had a specific reason for wanting to shop at that store in particular.

Now, consider the actual store as an eCommerce website now.

Where do you typically shop? Somewhere that is cluttered, unorganized, and overwhelms you? Or a place where what they have to offer is crystal clear, crisp, attractive, and clean?

Landing pages come into play here…

What is an eCommerce Landing Page?

The one most crucial component of any Sales Funnel are eCommerce landing pages. It acts as a link between the first time a customer sees one of your marketing campaigns and the time they make a purchase at your online business.

A single website page made especially for marketing reasons is what an eCommerce landing page is. When a visitor clicks on a link, such as an advertisement on Google or a promotion in an email campaign, they “land” on this page.

The main goal of eCommerce landing pages is to persuade visitors to accomplish a predetermined task. This primarily refers to making a purchase in eCommerce.

What Is an eCommerce Landing Page Optimization?

ecommerce landing page optimization

The process of improving each component of your landing page on the basis of statistics and anecdotal evidence in order to increase conversions is known as landing page optimization.

Here’s the deal! Before your landing page ever goes live… gather data. You can have a better understanding of what your audience wants and expects, for example, by surveying them.

Try making adjustments after pushing the website live while you evaluate the data and track your conversion rate. You won’t, however, get results the moment you do landing page optimization.

How Is Landing Page Conversion Rate Calculated?

It’s not difficult to figure out your landing page conversion rate. You must keep these parameters in mind:

  • The total number of landing page visitors for the specified period of time, such as a 15-day or 30-day period
  • Total conversions made during that period

Conversion rate of your landing page

Subtract the total number of visitors to your landing page from the total number of conversions for a certain period of time. To calculate the percentage, multiply the response by 100.

What’s a Good Landing Page Conversion Rate?

what is a good landing page conversion rate

23% of those who responded to the survey concur that a good landing page conversion rate falls between 21 and 50%. 20% of the professionals surveyed, however, are adamant that a reasonable conversion rate is between 3-5%.

14% of people believe that your landing page should have a conversion rate of 11 to 15 percent. However, 10% think that 15% to 20% is a good rate. Conversion rates as high as 50% and higher have also been observed by a comparable group, 10% of our respondents.

However, before you compare your landing page’s conversion rate, keep in mind that it varies by industry.

landing page Conversion Rate Benchmarks

Why Is My Landing Page Not Converting?

Landing pages fail to convert for a variety of reasons, but the root cause is frequently an incorrect assumption about what the prospect wants. Conversion rates will suffer if you can’t foresee the wants, needs, or expectations of your website visitors.

Following are the few of the reasons:

  • Obscure design
  • Poor headlines
  • Ad copy and landing page copy inconsistencies
  • Indistinct calls to action (CTAs)
  • Distractions from the main goal of the landing page

Please do understand that until you start collecting data after landing page optimization is done, you won’t know why you didn’t get results.

Must-try Best Practices for Your Landing Page Optimization

A successful landing page delights your visitors while converting them into leads.

Here are some of the top landing page optimization best practices that can help you attract more prospects and convert many customers.

1. Limit the Clutter — Make It Attractive

Although it may seem intuitive, a very concise landing page eliminates visual clutter. Your call to action is the prize you want website visitors to concentrate on.

A great landing page is straightforward and simple to navigate. This involves keeping your page clean and uncluttered.

You don’t want to lose a conversion because a visitor couldn’t find the “Buy Now” button or was confused by too much content.

Following are some pointers of landing page optimization:

  • Straightforward, concise headlines
  • Clear and visible CTA (more below)
  • Deleting the website’s navigation links
  • Relevant, high quality images
  • Brief descriptions of the products

Remember that a visitor might decide in a matter of seconds whether to stay on your site or go. This implies that people won’t likely sit down and read the entire page, especially if there is a lot of text.

Don’t add content only for the sake of adding content; stick to the value proposition.

Smooth checkout

The checkout process is one of the biggest deterrents for potential customers. That is why having a simple, quick checkout is crucial in landing page optimization. Accepting numerous payment methods and enabling automatic account creation will speed up the checkout process.

2. Mobile Optimization

mobile friendly

Negative smartphone experiences make customers less likely to do a purchase.

Customers won’t be wowed by a mobile-unfriendly website. Even worse, without mobile optimization, Google will not give your site a high ranking. Even the best SEO in the world won’t be able to reverse your poor Google rating!

All eCommerce sites should prioritize mobile optimization. Checking your website with Google’s mobile-friendly test is the most effective way to achieve this.

You may use Google’s tool to get specific, doable advice on how to make your site seem better on mobile devices. This score is influenced by a wide range of factors, including font size, load times, HTML usage, and a lot more.

Increasing the size of your navigation buttons or deleting some of your huge visuals could suffice for mobile optimization. You can get guidance directly from the source by utilizing Google’s free tool.

Want to Know Some Mobile Marketing Strategies?

The ongoing strategies and trends that you might want to adopt to increase your potential customers…

3. Live Chat — Contact Forms

The days of useless live chat, where you could easily tell you were speaking to a machine that hardly spoke your language, let alone had the ability to boost your mood and guide you toward the best purchase, are Looooooong gone.

The majority of the 24/7 live chat apps today are powered by chatbots, which are excellent tools for businesses.

Chatbots go beyond simply speeding up information access and serving as more interesting links to influence consumers in order to make the best possible purchasing decisions.

While there are some clients who might not have the time to talk on the phone or use live chat. Customers frequently only want to leave a message.

This is where we also require a crisp and beautiful contact form on your website to make it simple for users to contact you like the one shown below.

contact form

The finest contact form plugin for WordPress is WPForms. You can quickly add a contact form to your website in landing page optimization.

4. Optimal Page Load

No one likes a slow website! In fact, studies have found that a delay in page load time of just one second can result in a 7% loss in conversions, an 11% drop in page views, and a 16% drop in customer satisfaction.

Use Google’s Page Speed tools to examine your page performance if your mobile page isn’t converting as well.

Resize or compress the images if possible; can increase page speed. Try to keep your time under 2.5 seconds.

If your website is not mobile-friendly and responsive. Time to make it RIGHT NOW!

Having delayed input might also lead to a bad customer experience. When a user clicks on an element on the page, don’t make them wait for the page to reply.

Users may experience serious problems as a result of visual stability, particularly if input button positions vary.

5. Use Urgency While Landing Page Optimization

Today, one of the most powerful marketing strategies is Limited time offers. Why? Users find it tougher to disregard the offer since scarcity gives an offer more urgency.

Episerver has conducted a survey that found that only 17% of visitors to eCommerce sites actually make a purchase. How can you persuade those 83% to purchase? Making it a priority.

Customers may not purchase your goods right away, even if they enjoy it. They can opt to consider it further or keep contrasting it with your rivals. A missed sale or an abandoned cart could result from hesitation.

Make sure you are proving your value to those potential clients. Encourage immediate action from your customers with free content upgrades. Popular choices include PDFs, exclusive discounts, or downloadable content.

offer timer

Timer on Discounts

Make sure you’re giving people a reason to act right away. Create a sense of urgency by providing discounts, free shipping, or limited-time deals. A browsing session will become a client conversion when such urgency is there.

A countdown clock or an expiration date might be added to a coupon. Your audience will be more willing to try your goods if you create a little suspense in the scene.

Don’t forget to request an email or social media sharing in return. A point of contact can be noted, allowing for follow-up. What function does that point of contact serve? Read on!

Looking for a seamless solution for creating offers with timers? WP Swing’s greatest plugin is the way to go!

6. Social Proof to Your Landing Page

If other individuals use or praise a product, consumers are more likely to purchase it themselves. Social proof is a notion that can be added to your landing page in a variety of ways to increase conversions.

Customer testimonials are the most prevalent kind of social proof.

customer testimonial

Persuading your clients for video testimonials can act as an advantage.

Social media updates aid in developing a deep connection with your audience. The sincere opinion of a real consumer counts for a lot. Keep social proof in the spotlight.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Customers react most favorably to content that shows the product in action. An advertisement has considerably lower chances of being followed up on by a potential customer than a social media sharing. So, do pay attention when your best buddy talks to you about a product.

7. Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO

The primary source of unpaid traffic to any website is search engines. SEO landing page optimization raises your search engine ranking, which increases visitors to your site and increases conversion rates.

The top WordPress SEO plugin available is All in One SEO for WordPress. It enables simple SEO optimization of your WordPress website.

One of your landing pages serves as your homepage, in which case it should — at the absolute least — appear when someone searches for the name of your business.

upsell order bump offer

You can also achieve rankings for keywords associated with your industry. For instance, WordPress, WooCommerce and WP Swings are the top organic result when searching for “order bump offer plugin” on Google:

To choose the most appropriate terms for your landing page, use tools like Uber Suggest.

8. Learn to Follow Up

Occasionally, a customer will express confusion or annoyance with your checkout. Many times, they lost focus on what they were doing. You must follow up when a customer abandons their cart on your eCommerce site.

Think of a method to take follow-ups with visitors if you want to increase the conversion rate of your landing page. All you need is a unique pitch, as well as a means of delivering it. In other words, you require abandoned cart software plus a landing page email magnet.

Additionally, offer superior client service

Make sure your customers are aware of the excellent customer service your eCommerce business provides. Show them the same warranties that well-known retailers have come to offer. That entails helpful customer service representatives and a grateful attitude toward loyal clients.

Strategies To Collect Leads And Boost Your Sales!

Yes, Email marketing is the best strategy for achieving business success.

9. Include a Clear CTA

Visitors should be aware of your offer’s details and how to benefit from it as soon as they arrive on your page.

Include a clear, visible CTA to do this.

Landing pages should only contain one CTA, as opposed to other pages on your website. Giving customers just one option instead of letting them weigh their options makes it much easier for them to make a decision. This makes it great for conversions by moving visitors into the sales funnel more swiftly and without interruptions.

The CTA must be clearly visible, simple to find, and targeted at particular clients. You can achieve this by:

  • Putting your CTA above the digital fold and at the top of the page
  • Distributing several buttons over the page for a single CTA
  • For button text, use active voice (i.e. Sign up for Free)
  • Make something seem urgent or exclusive (i.e. Claim Your Offer Now)

Landing pages are excellent for testing, as we’ve already said. For your CTA, this is especially true. The smallest adjustments can have a big impact. Test various CTA components, such as button wording, button positioning, button color, etc., on a regular basis.

Examples of High Converting eCommerce Landing Pages

There is no exact science for what makes the ideal eCommerce landing page because there are so many distinct components. As a result, as we’ve discussed throughout this essay, it’s vital to continually test to determine what will convert visitors to your landing page.

We can offer you some starting point inspiration if you need it. Few examples of highly effective eCommerce landing pages have been gathered and examined. Let’s look at it.

WP Swings

upsell order bump offer

The landing pages for WP Swings take their products that are already widely known for and offer a new perspective. Instead of focusing on the technical specifications of the plugin, the content focuses on the brand’s mission of boosting SALE.


  • A value proposition with a client-centered approach
  • A timely and pertinent message regarding making offers
  • Contrasting font, background, and image tones
  • Includes opportunity to bundle


gillette example

Gillette draws attention to their goods with a simple, minimalist style. The brand can communicate the deal in only a few words, and audiences can understand value propositions like free shipping and cancellation.


  • Simple CTA without unnecessary filler, strong header
  • Benefit-focused material that uses buzzwords like “Free” Icons draw attention to and serve to explain the underlying text

Time to Start eCommerce Landing Page Optimization

A key element of online marketing is landing pages. You must become familiar with landing pages if you want to increase your sales, organize webinars to generate leads, or collect email addresses.

Hopefully, you now understand how to raise your landing page’s conversion rate. Monitoring how visitors are interacting with your page is crucial before moving on. No matter where you start, test the change you make, and then plan your next steps accordingly.

About the Author: Rashmeet Kaur

Rashmeet can be found writing, designing, and developing all sorts of quality-driven content. A writer by day and a reader by night, she has a magical ability in building online communities. When not in front of a backlit device, she dabbles in acrylic paint 🎨.
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