Increase Easter Sales

“The average person spent $192.01 in 2023, up from $169.79 in 2022 in Easter Sales”

For me, the best part of Easter was the time when I went shopping with my family.

I still remember how we used to stand in rows for hours to get the best dresses and crockery available at huge discounts.

But, in the past twenty years, everything has completely changed. No more long and waiting queues are left. As of now, we don’t need to visit local shops to avail huge Easter discounts on our favorite brands. In fact, now we can buy anything with just a few clicks. We can seek Easter offers to roll out online too.

Easter is a golden opportunity for online store owners to increase their holiday sales.

So, here I am going to help you know how you can make your EASTER more memorable as a business owner!

Let’s start discussing the tips and tricks of Easter that will improve your store sales.

Plans to Keep the Easter Sales on for Your Business

1. Optimize Your Products for Better Reach

Stacking your products for sale is not enough. Make your customers’ tasks easy by segmenting products for them.
Product Optimization For Easter Sales

Segment your products such as:

  • Easter Special offers for women
  • Easter Special offers for men
  • Offer on online payment
  • Easter Special offers on chocolate
  • Get 25% OFF on purchases above $200 and much more

If you want to attract shoppers to your store, segment your products neatly.
Just prepare your store for Easter sales.

  • Optimize your website landing pages too.
  • Design your product pages with Easter images and effective content.
  • Add Easter Exclusive Offers.
  • Grab The Easter Discount.

So that your customers are aware of your Easter sales. Work on making their search easy. In this manner, effortlessly generate, acquire, and retain customers for your business.

2. Showcase Best Easter Offers This Spring

Great Easter deals always have a special place in customers’ hearts.

Provide your customers with Easter special offers, coupons, and gifts on the occasion of Easter. Give exclusive discounts for a limited period. Do something special. For instance- you can offer chocolates to your customers with the product they buy.

Easter Sale

Make sure all your offers are visible to your customers and all the CTA’s are working properly. Even if a single CTA doesn’t work it can lead to a huge amount of loss in revenue. So, it is mandatory to pay special attention to CTA’s.

Use your previous year’s data to create a list of products that worked for you and that have a probability of working again.
Always remember- The more visible your offers are, the more you hold a chance to convert a potential lead!

Along with this, don’t forget to reward your loyal customers as they tend to make a high purchase sale from your site if rewarded.

3. Club up Products as Better Easter Gifts

Giving away a bundled gift is a better choice according to the shopping trends and sales tips all over the globe.

So, why keep your hands away from this?

Combining Easter gift packs works as the ultimate product that can look beautiful and budget-friendly at the same time. On the occasion of Easter sales- items like decoration baskets, toffees, chocolate hampers, or even gift packs are the best picks for all customer types.

You can provide product bundles, it can also attract shoppers.

Give Your Customers The Ability to Purchase Gift Products

Leverage The Benefits of Gift Cards During Festive Seasons

4. Develop an Email Marketing Strategy for Easter

Keep your customers always updated with your alluring offers and discounts by sending Easter marketing emails. For it, you need to create email marketing campaigns and email popups. You need to develop an efficient strategy for it to take advantage of the easter season.

You can send emails to your customers a few days before or within a week. So that buyers can take time to make final decisions for it. You can send follow-up emails to continuously keep in touch with customers. Additionally, you can add links for email subscription, and onboarding, with it.

Easter Email Marketing

Also, at this time people actively look for post-purchasing offers. Emphasize lead generation campaigns. In this manner, you can try your best to convert leads into customers with marketing and Easter Sale Ideas

You need to be more transparent in the email sending purpose. Such as what is the objective of sending this email, are you interested in promoting your new product, or anything else?

During Easter, you can encourage your customers to subscribe to your newsletter. Attractively design your email newsletter so that desperately your visitors can open it! Put eye-catching images, and text, on it.

You can also use interactive templates of newsletters if you don’t have time to design and make them from scratch.

5. Organize Easter Egg Hunts

Host a fun-loving egg hunt to enjoy and make this Easter memorable more than ever!

An Easter Egg Hunt is one of the easiest ways to reach your customer’s heart.

Attract customers by running easter egg hunts and virtual games on your eCommerce website.

Make your eCommerce website page more enticing and engaging. For instance, you can put images on your landing page in such a way that an egg will pop up with an offer when a customer clicks on it.

For it, you can create a separate customizable landing page so that customers can reach your website with a new URL to get the offers and rewards.

You can add an enticing CTA-” Hurrah! You Have Finally Found An Easter Egg. Don’t Wait, Just Submit Your Details To Receive Awaiting Discounts!”

Back this year, Cadbury had organized its Cadbury Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, offering chocolate eaters the opportunity to join the Worldwide Easter Hunt. It used Google Maps to deliver Easter Eggs to people. The dashboard enabled people to manage their eggs and get notified when they are found!

Organize Your Easter Egg Hunt With Our Event Plugin

Leverage Features Like Barcode Scanning and Dynamic Event Data Collection for Growth

6. Start Gamification for Your Store

Gamification during Easter can help you build brand awareness, drive loyalty, and provide enjoyment!
Leverage Gamification

Drive more traffic to your website through gamification. Implement your smart Easter Sale ideas for it- you can put a prize wheel on your eCommerce website, organize quizzes, attract customers to solve games and puzzles, add pop-ups, create polls, and use membership rewards tools on your website.

This will help your visitors take action on your website, increase engagement, and produce positive emotions toward your business.

Build a Successful Customer Loyalty Program With Gamification

Implement a Customer Loyalty Program With Our Points and Rewards System

7. Make Your Presence Known

Why wait for Easter day???

Inform your target audience about all the upcoming offers you are planning for them. This will help you in acquiring a pre-engage audience for your products. You can hold fun games, quizzes, and much more. Reward your winners. This will create huge excitement for your Easter sales for your customers.

Prepare a social media calendar that will include information about:

  • All your posts
  • The content you post
  • Timing of each post
  • Images/GIFs/videos you will use to attract visitors

Remember, you can’t expect your customers to instantly know that you are running an offer on the occasion of Easter.

So, create a social thread before the event, and allow your customers to tap the best Easter holiday sales, offers, and Easter deals in no time.

8. Easter Hashtags

The power of hashtags on the internet cannot be ignored. So, to make your audience aware of your Easter sales use trending Easter hashtags in your social media postings.
easter social posting
By using Easter hashtags you can increase its outreach plus engagement. Some of the most trending Easter hashtags include:

#easter #spring #handmade #easterbunny #bunny #love #easterdecor #chocolate #eastereggs #ostern #etsy #easteregg #art #happyeaster #shopsmall #flowers #homedecor #pascoa #rabbit #springdecor #christmas #vintage #etsyshop #bunnies #like #egg #smallbusiness #decor #babyshower

If you are unable to decide what hashtags to use, you can use popular hashtag tools like Hashtagify, HootSuite, Talkwalker, and RiteTag to get potent and useful hashtags for your posts. This will surely help you in making more Easter sales boost this holiday season.

Perform SWOT Analysis for Your Marketing Growth

Go into the depth of Marketing SWOT analysis, its history, and internal and external factors, and learn the ways to conduct it…

9. Optimize Your eCommerce Store for Mobile

According to DATAREPORTAL, 50.9% of online shoppers worldwide use mobile phones to purchase products online at least once a week.
To make your eCommerce store ready for Easter, you can create mobile-only landing pages. Prepare your website in such a manner that visitors can navigate to your eCommerce store from anywhere on your website. They must be able to research the particular product they are looking for and browse the categories.

eCommerce Mobile Optimization

Source: Socital

As a mobile-friendly store develops the confidence among the users to connect with your eCommerce business.

Make sure that mobile transactions are easier and quicker. You can offer checkout alternatives, one-click buy, and express pay options so that customers can easily buy and pay.

10. Share User-Generated Content During Easter

According to the UGC statistics, 93% of marketers accept that the content created by consumers performs better than the branded content.

Grab the attention of your customers during Easter by sharing user-generated content. This will help you increase conversion rate and impact the purchasing decisions of customers.

By putting user-generated content on your website, you can show your customers that your business is trusted and established. It will attract potential customers toward you and ultimately boost your Easter Day sale.

In case, if someone mentions your brand (UGC images) who are your customers and they have shared it on social media? You can embed such kinds of social media feeds on your eCommerce website for social proof. Use unique branded hashtags to redirect your website visitors.
Utilize your user-generated content for your Easter social media event by tagging your eCommerce business in a photo to share with your followers!

11. Create A Sense of Urgency Among People

One of the amazing Easter marketing strategies can be creating a sense of urgency for any event, offer, or discount that you are organizing during Easter.

You can put a one-day sale on Easter and highlight it on your website. Place a countdown timer to create urgency among customers when they observe that the time is passing!
wpswings easter sale

To update Easter hours for your Google Business Profile, you can go to your profile through Google Business Dashboard or Google Search. Click on Edit Profile > Hours and scroll to Holiday Hours and finally review! Save once it is completed!

Easter Offers Just For Your

Explore WP Swings Offer Page For Huge Discounts On Festive Seasons

12. Referral Programs

Word of Mouth is an influential marketing channel, and turning the deal for Easter is a great option. During Easter promotion, strengthen your marketing connection through referral programs.

You can connect with other businesses or you can tell your customers to refer your offers to their friends and family through QR codes. If you set up a referral program digitally, then each person will have a unique code. When someone uses that code, then that person will get a credit in their account.

Today, influencer marketing has become a helping hand to reach new audiences. Connect with micro-influencers or local influencers to promote your products and services. To promote your sales, Easter deals, events, etc. You need to put efforts in the right direction, then things will work out for you!

13. Create an Easter Promotional Video

Create an Easter Promotional Video to make your Easter more awesome this year, make a stunning and surprising video mentioning what you are coming up with! Share it across your social media accounts, YouTube, and embed it on your eCommerce website.

Promote the deals, offers, Easter celebration sales, or anything else that you have with the video. Add astounding images to it, prepare short videos, and showcase your eCommerce business to connect with your audiences!

To save time, and money, and make the video-creation task simpler, you can utilize a video maker tool. Also, you can customize the video template according to your requirements and share it on social media platforms!

Enjoy The Easter Holiday!

These were some of the tips to boost your sales at the time of Easter. You can also develop your strategy and apply tricks. Always try to make your customers aware of what you are doing for them.

Stay focused and hardworking. Implement new things to stand ahead of your competitors. It may happen that your efforts will turn fruitful for you.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the marketing of your eCommerce store, feel free to contact us.

About the Author: Mohd Talib

A content writer by day, a cybersecurity enthusiast by night, and an enigmatic player of CTF challenges, Talib delves into the realms of words, code, and the human brain. He loves to unravel mysteries that lie beyond the ordinary.
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