Increase Easter Sales

Boost your Easter sales filled with candies, chocolates and bunnies, and much more for your utter bright business.

When I was a kid, my grandmother used to read Easter stories while holding cookies in her hand, then I felt the magic of Easter. Baked buns, cookies, and a variety of other baked products filled the room. As we remembered Jesus’ resurrection on the third day of his crucifixion, there was a sense of newness and enthusiasm in every aspect.

Not only this!

For me, the best part of Easter was the time when I went shopping with my family.

I still remember how we used to stand in rows for hours to get the best dresses and crockery available at huge discounts.

But, from the past twenty years, everything has completely changed. No more long and waiting queues are left. As now we don’t need to visit local shops to avail huge discounts on our favorite brands. In fact, now we can buy anything just with a few clicks. We can seek Easter offers rolling out online too.

Also, the pandemic has impacted eCommerce sales too. According to Adobe, consumers paid $32 billion more online for the same amount of goods during the past two years.

As a result of this trend, the majority of customers have switched to online stores for their Easter shopping. As a result, you know that when Easter approaches, the number of shopping bags and buyers will automatically increase.

The same change can be noticed for all the events. It doesn’t depend on whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other occasion. Buyers will shop to make their festival more joyous and memorable.

This is a golden opportunity for online store owners to increase their holiday sales. So, here I am going to help you know how you can make your EASTER more memorable and unforgettable as a business owner!

Let’s start discussing the tips and tricks of Easter that will improve your store sales.

Plans To keep The Easter Sales On For Your Business

1. Optimize Your Products For Better Reach

Stacking your products for sale is not enough. Make your customers’ tasks easy by segmenting products for them.

customers segmentation

Source: Segmentify

Segment your products such as:

  • Easter Special offers for women
  • Easter Special offers for men
  • Offers on chocolate
  • Offer on online payment
  • Get $25% OFF on purchase above $200 and much more

If you want to attract shoppers to your store, segment your products neatly.

Just prepare your store for Easter sales.

  • optimize your website pages too.
  • Design your product pages with Easter images and effective content.
  • Add-Easter Exclusive Offers, Grab The Easter Discount, etc.

So that your customers are clearly aware of your Easter sales. Work on making their search easy. In this manner, effortlessly generate, acquire, and retain customers for your business.

Build Successful Customer Loyalty Program In Your eCommerce Store

2. Showcase Best Offers This Spring

Great deals always have a special place in customers’ hearts.

Provide your customers special offers, coupons, and gifts on the occasion of Easter. Provide exclusive discounts for a limited period of time. Do something special. For instance- you can offer chocolates to your customers with the product they buy.


Source: Sengine

Make sure all your offers are visible to your customers and all the CTA’s are working properly. Even if a single CTA doesn’t work it can lead to a huge amount of loss in revenue. So, it is mandatory to pay special attention to CTA’s.

Use your previous year data to create the list of products that worked for you and that have a probability to work again. You can even use Statista to determine the shopping trends of 2022.

Always remember- The more visible your offers are, the more you hold a chance to convert a potential lead!

Along with this, don’t forget to reward your loyal customers as they have a tendency to make a high purchase sale from your site if rewarded.

The tools you can use to achieve all your desired goals are Points and Rewards and Gift Cards.

Try them, they will surely help you in getting what you deserve.

3. Club Up Products As Better Gifts

Giving away a bundled gift is a better choice according to the shopping trends and sales tips all over the globe.

easter sales ideas

Source: Food Network

So, why keep your hands away from this?

Combining gift packs work as the ultimate product which can look beautiful and budget-friendly at the same time. On the occasion of Easter sales- items like decoration baskets, toffees, and chocolate hampers or even gift packs are the best picks for all customer types. You can provide product bundles, it can also attract shoppers.

4. Make Your Presence Known

Why wait for Easter day???

Inform your target audience about all the upcoming offers you are planning for them. This will help you in acquiring a pre-engage audience for your products. You can hold fun games, quizzes, and much more. Reward your winners. This will create huge excitement for your Easter sales in your customers.

social media promotion

Source: X-Cart

Prepare a social media calendar that will include information about:

  • All your posts
  • The content you post
  • Timing of each post
  • Images/gifs/videos you will use to attract visitors

Additionally, you can send emails to your customers for making them aware of your Easter sales. Design email with catchy subject lines and messages.

Remember, you can’t expect your customers to instantly know that you are running an offer on the occasion of Easter.

So, create a social thread before the event, allow your customers to tap the best offers and deals in no time.

Enhance Loyalty Programs Through Social Media!

5. Easter Hashtags

The power of hashtags on the internet cannot be ignored. So, to make your audience aware about your Easter sales use trending Easter hashtags in your social media postings.
twitter easter sale
By using Easter hashtags you can increase its outreach plus engagement. Some of the most trending Easter hashtags include:

#easter #spring #handmade #easterbunny #bunny #love #easterdecor #chocolate #eastereggs #ostern #etsy #easteregg #art #happyeaster #shopsmall #flowers #homedecor #pascoa #rabbit #springdecor #christmas #vintage #etsyshop #bunnies #like #egg #smallbusiness #decor #babyshower

If you are unable to decide what hashtags to use, you can use popular hashtag tools like Hashtagify, HootSuite, Talkwalker, and RiteTag to get potent and useful hashtags for your posts. This will surely help you in making more Easter sales this holiday season.

Perform Swot Analysis For Your Marketing Growth

Enjoy The Easter Holiday!

These were some tips to boost sales at the time of Easter. You can also develop your strategy and apply tricks. Always try to make your customers aware of what you are doing for them.

Stay focused and hardworking. Implement new things to stand ahead of your competitors. It may happen that your efforts will turn fruitful for you.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the marketing of your eCommerce store, feel free to contact us.

About the Author: Shivangi Agnihotri

A content writer passionate of writing technical posts and expertized in converting thoughts into words. She is always keen to learn and grow.

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    Great tips. Festivals are perfect for boosting sales. Easter is such a festival when people love to go out and shop. It is a great opportunity for all e-commerce sites as well.

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    Thanks Alex for appreciation. You can explore our more blogs here-

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