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WP Swings is a dedicated WooCommerce development services agency with the goal to ease eCommerce for our partners.

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What Our Client Say About WP Swings Plugins


“Hello guys, I bought One Click Upsell for WooCommerce Pro, about two weeks ago. I was not read the payment gateway properly so I talked to the customer of WP Swings that I could not use the One Click Upsell plugin so I would like to refund. WP Swings offered to help me with the payment gateway that has a cost. So now I can use the upsell and downsell for my website, which can grow my business to the type of payment gateway. I’m so happy and thankful of WP Swings appreciated it.”

– K Ratchapol, CEO at Mrkkimchi

“Hi there, Rebecca here from Purify Your Body. It was very easy working with WP Swings. It was a minor issue, but they took the time to go ahead and figure out the issue, find the bug and being able to duplicate it so they can see what exactly was going on, and then they were able to fix it. One thing that I appreciated was that even though they were halfway across the world, they made it easy for me and stayed late so that they could be on a call with me to get to the issue.”

– Rebecca Hauptman Cashman, Marketing Manager at Purify Your Body

“If you need an Order Bump plugin for your WooCommerce website, then be sure to buy from the WP Swings Order Bump plugin. They had the best premium plugin I’ve ever seen. Even with the pricing, it is the best out there in the market with all the features that you need for a good functioning Order Bump for your WooCommerce website. So thank you very much Support Team and thank you for the dev team. I’m really grateful and I hope to buy more plugins from you guys again.”

– Walter Chukwubuze, Operations Manager @Marcosgrounds

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avail the offer?2022-09-04T18:39:46+00:00

Just visit WP Swings’s official offer page to avail the offers.

Who is this offer for?2022-09-04T18:40:41+00:00

This offer is valid for all customers visiting the website during the sale.

What are the kinds of Plugins that we offer?2022-09-04T18:47:24+00:00

We offer three kinds of plugins:

  1. Conversions
  2. Merchandising, and
  3. Integrations

To know more go over to our Shop Page!

What other services do we offer?2022-09-04T18:54:41+00:00

We offer WordPress, WooCommerce, WordPress/WooCommerce Plugin Development, and WooCommerce Mobile App Development. Check out our Service Page NOW!

What is the Affiliate Commission Structure?2022-09-04T18:57:14+00:00

Our Affiliate program is a rank-based system where you rise through the ranks according to the numbers of your affiliate sales.

How can I get my own custom bundle?2022-09-04T19:00:40+00:00

If you have requirements for your own custom products to be clubbed in a bundle, you can simply connect with our support team and get your bundle created instantly.

Regarding bundles, how has the product been clubbed?2022-09-04T19:02:29+00:00

We have kept the product usability, festive needs, best seller plugins, complimentary product, etc. in mind while building the bundles.