Order Bump VS Upsell

“The real power of upselling and order bumps is in creating a win-win scenario where the customer gets more value and the business generates more revenue.”

– Michael Zipursky, CEO of Consulting Success

eCommerce is expanding at an astounding rate. According to a report, it is said that it will reach $6.2 trillion by 2027. Although the numbers are excellent, the industry as a whole is still developing, there is still scope for a lot of development and growth.

The immense issue eCommerce store owners face is steadily boosting sales and encouraging customers to spend more money than they had initially intended.

It can be challenging to raise the average order value. Your profit margin will decrease if you decide to present absurdly low prices. On the other hand, merely selling items at the total price does not encourage customers to buy several things at once.

All eCommerce stores strive to increase their average order value. But how do they do it? Well, there are two powerful ways to boost your AOV:  WooCommerce One Click Upsell and WooCommerce Order Bump.

So, let’s discuss the distinctions between order bump vs upsell and why you might want to use both of them for your online business.

Let’s start since there is a lot to discuss.

Basic Understanding: Order Bump & Upsell Meaning

Before we dive to know how order bump vs upsell differ from one another, we need to first define the terms order bump and upsell meaning. Let’s quickly understand what each of these tactics is all about.

What Is Order Bump Meaning?

An order bump is the opposite of WooCommerce One Click Upsell, which allows you to convince a consumer to make a large one-time purchase.


Order Bump

Here, an is all that is needed to modestly raise the initial order value. The Order Bump upsell typically occurs on the WooCommerce checkout upsell when the customer has not yet finished placing their order. So, that the buyer can add the extra item to their order with just one click thanks to a tiny checkbox or button that shows on the order summary page.

Bump order raises the average order value by providing clients with a product that complements their initial purchase. A Bump order upsell frequently low-cost, impulsive purchases that offer the buyer immediate benefits, such as a guarantee or an accessory that complements the primary offering.

Always provide products that aren’t more expensive than the one your buyer initially selected. Scaring the guest is not a smart idea because the order has not yet been placed.

Want To Know How Order Bumps Can Increase AOV?

Order bumps alone have been very instrumental in increasing the AOV for eCommerce stores.

What Does Upsell Mean?

In a nutshell, it is the method of attempting to extort more money from your wallet. We refer to this as an upsell.

A one-click upsell offer is a sales technique aimed at persuading customers to buy another offer/product/service once the initial sale has been made. You may upsell an iPhone 15 Pro, for instance, if your customer is trying to purchase an iPhone 15. This tactic entails offering the buyer a more expensive product with better features or advantages than the one they initially expressed interest in.

By persuading customers to upgrade to a more expensive product, upselling aims to raise the average order value and produce extra income. The most common methods of upselling WooCommerce are product recommendations, promotions, or bundles that emphasize the advantages of the more expensive alternative.

By offering additional value and a better fit for their needs, upselling may be a powerful approach to improve the customer experience and boost income from each transaction. In essence, you’ll persuade the customer to spend money on items they weren’t even aware were within their means.

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What Is The Difference Between An Upsell And Order Bump?

Now that we are aware of what an order bump and an upsell are, let’s examine how they differ from one another.

1. Increases Revenue

Order bump boosts revenue by presenting an additional or relevant product during the WooCommerce checkout upsell process. This could persuade the buyer to make subsequent purchases and boost the whole revenue made from each transaction.

In the case of upselling WooCommerce more expensive goods are offered that a buyer might be interested in that can lead to an increase in revenue. This not only increases the initial transaction but even creates a chance for subsequent purchases.

2. Boosts Purchases

Order bump offers are frequently provided as an additional option on the order summary page which makes it easy for customers to easily add an item to their basket on a whim. Sales and revenue could consequently increase.

Upsell can be used to advertise similar or complementary products that customers might find interesting to make additional purchases down the road.

upsell boosts revenue

This will help in building a stronger relationship with the customer and there will be a higher chance that the customer will do business with you again.

3. Improves Customer Experience

WooCommerce Order Bump provides customers with pertinent products that complete their initial purchase, which can enhance their whole buying experience. Higher levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction may result from this.

One Click Upsell can increase customer loyalty and happiness by presenting relevant products that complement the consumer’s initial purchase. Positive word-of-mouth, repeat business, and a better customer lifetime value can result from this.

improve customer experience

Source: Accenture

4. Reduces Cart Abandonment & Clears Inventory

Order bump upsell offers present a similar product that the customer could have missed or neglected, and can be utilized to lower cart abandonment. This may aid in raising revenue and enhancing conversion rates.

WooCommerce up-sells offers to reduce the inventory of sluggish-moving or overstocked items. This produces revenue and helps free up precious storage space that might otherwise go to waste.

5. Provides Value to Customers

Bump order offers customers an improved version of their initial purchase, which can increase their satisfaction and loyalty. This may result in satisfied customers and recurring business.

The goal of WooCommerce One Click Upsell is to provide customers with more options, which can improve their overall buying experience. They may feel happier about their purchase as a result, and they may be more inclined to shop there again in the future.

6. Increase in Average Order Value

By including a second item in the customer’s order, an order bump can raise the overall revenue from each transaction. Profitability may be increased and each customer’s value can be maximized.

In upsell, presenting a more expensive product to a consumer after they have completed a purchase, can raise the average order value. Profitability can be increased and revenue per transaction can be maximized.

increase in average order value

In conclusion, order bump vs upsell each offers particular advantages that might boost sales and enhance customer pleasure. Order bump focuses on providing similar products that give value to the customer and encourage spontaneous purchases, as opposed to upselling WooCommerce, which is more focused on providing higher-priced products to raise the value of each transaction.

Create sales opportunities in your store by rendering relevant offers to your customers

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Why Use Upsell and Bump Order Offers?

Upsell and order bump offers are particularly important for online businesses for several reasons:

1. Improved Customer Experience

The popularity of online shopping has given consumers more choices than ever. So, providing a satisfying and unique consumer experience is essential for online businesses. Offering customers relevant and useful recommendations and demonstrating to them that you understand their needs and are devoted to offering them a comprehensive solution, upselling WooCommerce, and order bump offers can help enhance the customer experience.

2. Automation

Online businesses can quickly automate upsell and order bump offers. Once your upsell and WooCommerce order bump offers are set up, customers can instantly see them at the time of sale without your team putting in any more work.

According to 31% of business leaders, automation software lowers labor expenditures.

3. Targeted Offers

You can access a wealth of customer information with online businesses, such as purchase history, browsing behavior, and preferences. Upsell and order bump offers that are extremely targeted and tailored can be made using this data, perhaps increasing the likelihood that the consumer will accept the offer.

4. Cost-Effective Marketing

Offering to upsell WooCommerce and order bump options can help you market your goods and services for a reasonable price. You can boost your chances of making more money without spending money on pricey advertising or promotional efforts by making additional offers to consumers who are currently making purchases.

Overall, using upsell and order bump offers can help online businesses grow their sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost conversion rates. Online retailers may improve the buying experience for their customers and promote customer loyalty. They may also increase repeat buying by implementing data-driven customized offers.

Let’s Examine A Few Instances: Bump Order Or Upsell Sales Funnel

You can develop your concepts and plans for how to successfully incorporate WooCommerce order bump and WooCommerce One Click Upsell into your sales funnel by looking at these examples. So let’s examine them.

#Example 1: Running Shoes and Shoe Care Kit

Let’s see why running shoes are a good upsell but the shoe care kit is a decent bump

Running Shoes Is a Good Upsell

Running Shoes
When a customer buys running shoes, an upsell could involve presenting a premium model with more sophisticated features. For instance, if a consumer chooses a basic pair of running shoes, the retailer may upsell them to a more expensive pair that has more support, better traction, or more cushioning.

The Shoe Care Kit Is a Useful Order Bump

Shoe Cleaning Kit

An order bump may include a shoe care kit or socks on discounts when a consumer buys running shoes. For instance, when a customer adds running shoes to their cart, the retailer might charge an extra fee to boost an order for a pair of moisture-wicking socks or a shoe cleaning kit.

#Example 2: Smartwatch and Screen Protector

Let’s examine the best order bump and the best WooCommerce post-purchase upsell offer

Screen Protector Is a Good Bump

screen protector

In an order bump, it may provide a screen protector or a fashionable band at a reduced cost to a consumer buying a smartwatch. For instance, a tempered glass screen protector or a leather band can be made available by the merchant when a consumer adds a smartwatch to their basket.

Smartwatch Is a Perfect Upsell


An extended warranty or protection plan could be offered as an upsell when a customer buys a smartwatch. For instance, the merchant might make an upsell to a warranty that covers loss, theft, and accidental damage when a consumer chooses a basic smartwatch.

#Example 3: Movie Tickets and Concession Item

See why the movie ticket is a worthy upsell but concession items are a useful order bump.

The Movie Tickets Are an Irresistible Upsell

A premium experience, such as a VIP seat, a 3D showing, or a theatre with reclining chairs, may be offered as an upsell when customers are buying tickets.

Concession Items Are a Strong Bump Offer

concession item


The theatre may offer customers an order bump for a concession item, such as a large popcorn or a combo with a drink and candy, at a discounted price when they purchase a movie ticket.

#Example 4: Gym and Fitness Accessories

Let’s examine one more instance of an order increase and one-click upsell using gym and fitness accessories.

The Gym Is a Captivating Upsell

The gym may offer an upsell for personal training sessions, group fitness courses, or access to extra amenities like a swimming pool or sauna when a customer joins up for a gym membership.

 Fitness Accessories Are a Powerful Bump Offer

 Fitness Accessories

When a client purchases a gym membership, the facility may provide a discount on fitness-related equipment like a water bottle, gym bag, or fitness tracker.

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Key Takeaways Of Upsell vs Order Bump

Both order bump vs one-click upsell are successful methods for boosting sales and maximizing profitability in eCommerce.

upsell vs order bump

Source: Teknikforce

The following are some key points regarding order bumps and upsells:

  • Analyze data by using analytics to identify the goods or services that are most frequently purchased in combination. You can use this information to determine which products would be ideal prospects for WooCommerce bump offer or upsell.
  • Based on the customer’s past purchases, preferences, and consumer behavior, customize your order bump vs upsell offers. This can make the offers more pertinent and improve the chances that the buyer will accept them.
  • Make an upsell WooCommerce or order bump including the additional product or service to appear like a sensible choice. Explain why it is crucial to add the offer to the customer’s order by using language that highlights the deal value.
  • To entice customers to accept the order bump or upsell offer, provide a temporary discount or reward. For instance, you might provide a percentage discount on the extra item or a free trial of a more expensive version of the upsold item.
  • Your order bump vs one-click upsell offers should be written clearly and succinctly. Plus, you should make sure that they stand out visually from the rest of the WooCommerce post-checkout upsell process. This can boost the likelihood that the customer will accept the offer by bringing it to their notice.
  • Test various order bump and upsell offers to determine which ones work best for your business. This can entail experimenting with various product pairings, messaging, and incentives. And then evaluating the outcomes to ascertain which tactics are generating the greatest revenue.

Who Wins, Then?

bump offer bundle

There is no obvious winner between Upsell vs Order Bump because both tactics can be successful in certain circumstances. WooCommerce Order Bump is better at driving impulsive purchases and adding value to the customer’s initial purchase. But the WooCommerce One Click Upsell is at raising average order value and lifetime customer value.

The ideal strategy will ultimately rely on the individual product, target market, and overall marketing objectives. However, testing and experimentation can assist in identifying the optimal method for a given organization.

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