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RMA WCFM for WooCommerce


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RMA WCFM for WooCommerce


A unique solution for the WCFM Multivendor Marketplace is WooCommerce RMA. With the help of this plugin, sellers may handle requests for their returns and exchanges made for the products they have offered. 

The plugin is designed to take the most of the capabilities of the most well-known multi-vendor marketplace; it also facilitates it for the business owner to limit the merchants’ ability to process exchange and refund requests.

  • Operates on WCFM, the most well-known multi-vendor marketplace
  • Automates the refund, exchange, and cancellation processes
  • Offers functionality for e-wallets
  • Enables vendors to manage and handle refund and exchange requests.

Benefits Of RMA WCFM For WooCommerce

RMA WCFM For WooCommerce is built to bring ease in the refund and exchange requests received by the vendors of a marketplace like Amazon. It offers the following benefits to store managers and customers both-:

For Admin

RMA WCFM For WooCommerce plugin makes the refund and exchange process as simple as possible for Multi Vendor Marketplace store owners with the help of the following features –

  • When customers ask for refunds or exchanges, store owners can give the vendors permission to handle the request.
  • Refund and exchange requests may be approved or rejected by vendors.
  • When a customer requests a refund or exchange for a product, vendors can control the product’s stock availability.
  • For returns or exchanges, vendors may charge shipping fees.
  • Instead of only accepting or rejecting refund/exchange requests, store owners should invest their time in other worthwhile activities.
  • It forces your customers to give a legitimate justification for their refund or exchange requests, which lowers the generation of fictitious requests.
  • With the help of this plugin, suppliers will be able to control activities related to returns and exchanges for their goods.

For Customers

With the help of the following features, the RMA WCFM For WooCommerce plugin simplifies the refund and exchange process for customers-

  • Offers customers the ability to cancel, exchange, or get a refund.
  • Amounts reimbursed can be transferred into clients’ e-wallets.
  • The automated mail system for WooCommerce RMA for  WCFM delivers comprehensive data on each step, everyone is fully informed.
  • It offers a simple interface for refunds and exchanges, which promotes customer confidence and encourages them to return to the online marketplace.

Top Features

1. Provides Refund/Exchange/Cancel Requests Interface

RMA WCFM For WooCommerce allows its users’ to provide a smooth and complete interface for refund/exchange/cancel requests.

2. Empowers Vendors

Admin can allow its vendors to manage and take actions for the refund/exchange requests rather than just viewing them.

3. Restricts Entertainment Of All Requests

Store owners can restrict the entertainment of fake refund and exchange requests by imposing its customers to provide a valid reason for the same.

4. Provides Authority To Vendors

Vendors have full authority to choose whether they want to accept or cancel the request generated by users’.

5. Enables Vendors To Apply Shipping Cost

Vendors can apply shipping cost on refund and exchange products at the time of approval of the request.

6. Uses E-Wallet Functionality

The vendors can deposit the refunded money in the e-wallet of customers’.

7. Manage Stock

Store vendors can manage stock availability of the product being requested for any request.

8. Customizable Email Templates

RMA WCFM For WooCommerce consists of default email templates but it can be customized accordingly to meet your brand theme and content flow.

9. Allows To Create A Predefined List Of Reasons

Admin can create a predefined list for refund/exchange reasons to bring ease in the refund/exchange process.

10. Tax Amount On Refund Product

If desired, store owners can include or exclude tax amount on the refund product.

11. Maximum Days For Raising Refund/Exchange Request

Admin can set max days after which the refund/exchange request can’t be generated by e-store users’.

12. Minimum Amount Required For Refund/Exchange Request Creation

The refund/exchange request can be generated only for the orders who’s order total is greater or equal to the amount specified by the admin.

13. Refund/Exchange Note

It allows its users to display refund/exchange notes on product pages.

14. Select To Exclude A Particular Category

Store owners can select the product category on which they don’t want to display refund/exchange requests.

15. Select Order Status

Admin can select the order status during which customers’ can raise their request for refund/exchange.


What are the prerequisites for using WooCommerce RMA for WCFM?2022-08-22T14:25:33+00:00

Before installing this extension make sure you have installed WCFM marketplace and WooCommerce on your store.

How can vendors manage refund and exchange requests?2022-08-22T14:27:13+00:00

Yes, The vendor can manage the refund and exchange request. To do that, you first need to go to WooCommerce >> Click on RMA Configuration >> Click on RMA for WCFM >> Enable the Allow Vendor to manage the Refund and Exchange request setting >> Click on Save Changes button.

How will the vendor manage the amount of refund to customer wallets?2022-08-22T14:29:11+00:00

To manage the amount of refunds to the customer wallet, the vendor needs to enable the following settings. First, go to WooCommerce >> Click on RMA Configuration >> Enable Allow Vendor to Refund Money in Customer Wallet setting >> Click on Save Changes button.

Where will the vendors find the Refund and Exchange requests?2022-08-22T14:30:22+00:00

After the plugin is installed, the vendor will find the “RMA Requests” tab in the WCFM Dashboard left menu.

How to provide permission to the vendor to manage the stock post refund?2022-08-22T14:31:39+00:00

The vendor can manage stock after enabling the related settings. Follow the steps to configure the settings:

First, go to WooCommerce >> Click on RMA Configuration >> Enable Allow Vendor to Manage Stock of Refunded Products >> Click on Save Changes button.


Still in doubt? Refer to our Knowledge Base and learn more about the RMA WCFM For WooCommerce plugin.

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