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RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce Pro
(22 customer reviews)

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rma return refund & exchange for woocommerce pro

RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce Pro

(22 customer reviews)

Utilize the WooCommerce RMA plugin and enjoy an easy refund, exchange, and cancel request interface for the purchased product to customers/guest users that offers smart return ship labels integrated with ShipEngine and ShipStation.

RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce Pro plugin offers full authority to restrict the entertainment of invalid orders with the ideal return management system that includes return, refund, exchange, and cancellation requests thereby to the store manager.

Customers may easily request WooCommerce refunds, exchanges, and cancellations with the WooCommerce RMA plugin, and businesses can easily create their shipping engine by choosing ShipRocket as their shipping channel and submitting their API Key through the plugin configuration option.

WooCommerce RMA Plugin therefore intelligently utilizes the same payment gateway method used during the purchase or eWallet system for placing an advanced refunding request. The best part is the notifications for each state that are to be sent by customizing the email content accordingly.

  • Offers a dedicated and smart notification system via email.
  • Has a sophisticated e-wallet with WooCommerce returns slip label for RMA tracking. for RMA tracking.
  • Provide efficient and accurate product inventory management.
  • Return ship labels can be easily integrated with ShipEngine and ShipStation & ShipRocket.

Top Features of WooCommerce Returns Plugin

1. ShipRocket Integration New

The WooCommerce RMA plugin provides a straightforward refund, exchange, and cancel request interface for consumers.

This interface lets businesses allow quickly create their ship engine by selecting ShipRocket as their shipping channel and submitting their API Key through the plugin configuration option.

2. Easy WooCommerce Refund/Exchange

With the help of the WooCommerce RMA Plugin, customers can easily raise WooCommerce Refund/Exchange requests for a single product as well as the whole order. Discourage unnecessary cancel order requests by setting the minimum order amount.

3. Automated Refund Acceptance

WooCommerce Refund and Exchange plugin feature really stands out since it simplifies WooCommerce Returns i.e. the process for store managers to manage the approval of refund requests and the settlement of refund amounts. By employing this functionality, store managers can effortlessly automate the refund process and the transfer of refund payments. All that can be done after a minor required quick backend setup.

4. Auto Restock Products

Again, we’re here with a fantastic feature that also helps you save a tonne of time on time-consuming inventory management and restocking concerns. Yes, everything would be managed by this functionality; all you would need to do is set up the WooCommerce RMA plugin. The admin can save time and effort by utilizing the feature to automatically restock the products for refunds that have been approved. The trouble of auto-restocking has been alleviated now.

5. Partial Refund and Exchange or Cancel

Creating partial refund and exchange or cancellations are not a hassle anymore. The users can utilize our Partial Refund/Exchange/Cancel order feature of the plugin. This feature is so outstanding that if store managers set it up they can easily let their customer raise the request for a refund/exchange/cancellation of an order-based product partially, without affecting the whole order.

6. Advanced Wallet System

WooCommerce Refund And Exchange with RMA provide the flexibility to your customers to get the refunded amount in the customer’s e-wallet of your store.

Note- The Wallet feature of the plugin is not available to guest users.

7. Automated Email Notifications

Customers would be updated at every stage with an automated email system. WooCommerce Refund Plugin based automated email notification feature would simplify the process of creating a sequence of emails with more efficient customer promotions.

8. Stock Management

Retailers can manage their inventory after the WooCommerce refund or exchange request has been approved. The management of inventories in the case of cancellation is done automatically.
Automated inventory management is carried out successfully with this WooCommerce RMA Plugin feature, saving time and precisely controlling stock without the need for further effort.

9. Global Shipping

The global shipping amount can be charged on the order/categories against refund/exchange.

10. Increase Communication Chances Using Messages

WooCommerce Returns Plugin allows your customers to send their product-related queries along with multimedia files and approach you to take relevant action for the same.

11. Deduct Coupon Amount

Admin can deduct coupon amount from the total refund and exchange amount at the time of refund/exchange request.

12. Customize Your Emails With Shortcodes

Provide a more detailed and structured representation of your email using the shortcodes product_table and refundable_amount. It can let you provide a more descriptive representation of all the refunded products with their amount to your customers to maintain their interest in your brand.

Benefits of WooCommerce RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce Pro

WooCommerce RMA Return Refund and Exchange plugin makes the refund and exchange process as simple as possible for store owners as well as for customers too with the help of the following features:

  1. Quick & Easy WooCommerce Returns Make Your Consumers Happy: Businesses can use our plugin to emphasize productivity over WooCommerce returns. Return processes are automated in order to reduce additional labor costs. Customers are happier when returns are handled quickly. It displays your company’s willingness to retain customers long after the sale.
  2. Eliminate Fraudulent Returns: WooCommerce Returns Plugin continues to maintain the sustainability of your business by eliminating fraudulent returns or offering exemptions.
  3. Refund, Return & Cancellation Request Through Email & Phone: Allow guests to utilize their phone number or email to request a cancellation, refund, and exchange of an order.
  4. Offer Minimum Order Amount With Ease: By imposing a minimum order amount, you can discourage unnecessary cancellation requests.
  5. Automated Auto-Stock: The Auto-restock functionality of this RMA Return, Refund, and Exchange plugin would enable you to save time and effort.
  6. Smart Enough to Handle Multi-Lingual Support: Our WooCommerce RMA plugin offers solutions to international buyers with WPML-translated stores.
  7. Outstanding Wallet Reimbursement: The Refund and Exchange Plugin plugin’s amazing wallet compatibility feature allows customers to get their reimbursed funds directly in their wallets. They can then use it to purchase additional items.
  8. Partial Order Cancellation Offered: Buyers can cancel selected products from an entire order using the partial order cancellation feature. This enables customers to save time and effort.
  9. Facility to Add a Note: Customers can add notes to their requests, explain why they want a refund or exchange, and attach images. This allows customers to successfully express themselves while also trying to give the impression that the sellers are paying attention to their concerns, fostering trust and confidence.Note- When the Attachment limit on the frontend is reached, the Add More button for additional attachments disappears automatically.
  10. Backend Processing for Refund Requests: Using the WooCommerce RMA plugin’s functionality, the admin can initiate refund and exchange requests from the backend.

RMA for WooCommerce Plugin Compatibilities

The WooCommerce Return, Refund, and Exchange plugin has the following compatibilities and integrations:

1. Compatibility With Gift Cards For WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Return and Refund plugin is compatible with the Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce and Gift Cards for WooCommerce Pro. Admin can now provide refund functionality on gift cards to its users. But for the practical implementation users are required to fulfill two conditions i.e. the expiration period of the gift card shouldn’t be achieved and its usability should be equal to zero. 

The refund request for gift cards can be successfully initiated only if these conditions are satisfied by the user’s end.

2. Compatibility With WooCommerce Wallet

This RMA Management plugin is compatible with the Wallet System for WooCommerce and Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro to allow the admin to easily manage all the wallet functionality to one dedicated wallet system.

3. Integration For Return Ship Label With ShipEngine, ShipStation & ShipRocket

WooCommerce RMA lets you generate a return ship label after accepting the refund request using the shipping channel that can fulfill your requirements.

Now, you can also manage all your shipping of your orders set up for refund/return/exchange utilizing the outstanding capability and trust of ShipRocket, all you have to do is to integrate your ShipRocket account with your site and avail of the benefits.

4. Compatible With WPML

The RMA WooCommerce plugin is compatible with WordPress Multilingual (WPML), allowing the admin to translate the strings on the return, refund, and exchange pages of the front-end, and the backend into more than 40 languages.

5. Compatible with Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce RMA plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro by SkyVerse and Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce by WebToffee.

This compatibility lets you easily get your WooCommerce store’s order numbers formatted. You can format your order numbers as WT-01000-UK, WT-01001-UK, etc., or in any other format you wish, rather than skipping values (such as 15, 37, etc).

Multivendor Marketplace Extension Offered

We have an excellent add-on accessible in-house for WooCommerce store owners who want to advance in the multivendor marketplace on well-known marketplaces like WCFM etc.

WP Swing’s RMA WCFM for WooCommerce is all capable of assisting you with all your multi-vendor store setup worries to nothing with the WCFM marketplace. This plugin makes the refund and exchange process as simple as possible for Multi Vendor Marketplace store owners. For a clearer understanding, review the documentation or request for a personalized live demo today.

Free vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Dedicated refund system ✔️ ✔️
Efficient tax handling ✔️ ✔️
Set predefined refund reason ✔️ ✔️
Send an attachment with a refund request ✔️ ✔️
Manage stock on each refund ✔️ ✔️
Increase Communication through messages ✔️ ✔️
Email notification for a message conversation ✔️ ✔️
Partial Refund/Exchange/Cancel ✔️
Order Product Selection for Refund/Exchange ✔️
Automated Refund ✔️
Cancel Order ✔️
Advanced Wallet System ✔️
Global Shipping ✔️
Refund/exchange for guest users ✔️
Numerous shortcodes available for the custom refund/exchange emails ✔️
Admin can initiate refund and Exchange requests from the backend ✔️
Refund and Exchange requests for sale items ✔️


Can Admin Enable a Single Refund/Exchange Request per Order?2022-04-15T08:53:15+00:00

Yes, the admin can provide only single refund/exchange features by going through WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting -> Enable Single Refund/Exchange Request per order through the checkbox.

Can the Admin Put Some Customized Refund & Exchange Policy According to the Site on the Refund & Exchange Form?2022-04-15T08:51:48+00:00

Yes, the admin can put customized refund & exchange policy by catching in WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> Refund/Exchange Tab and enable the refund/exchange rules in the Appearance section and put the matter in the description box given as refund/exchange rule editor.

Can the Admin Add Some Fees for the Refund & Exchange Process?2022-04-15T08:50:04+00:00

Yes, the admin can put some extra fees in the refund & exchange of a product by moving in WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> RMA Policies Tab and then set the Refund/Exchange include tax policies accordingly.

Can the Admin Provide Multiple Refund/Exchange Features on an Exchange Order?2022-04-15T08:52:35+00:00

Yes, the admin can provide multiple refund/exchange options features by going through WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting, and below you will get a check box to Enable Refund & Exchange for exchange approved order, after going through an exchange the order then will be available for multiple refund & exchange.

Can the Admin Apply a Minimum Amount to Restrict the Customer to Cancel Their Order?2022-04-15T08:56:04+00:00

Yes, the admin can apply the minimum amount cancel order functionality in the WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> RMA Policies Tab and set the cancel policies accordingly.

Is There Any Possibility to Redirect the Customer to the Shop Page in the Process of Choosing a Product in Submitting an Exchange Request?2022-04-15T08:48:59+00:00

Yes from  WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> Exchange Tab you can disable the Exchange Request With Same Product or its Variations tab and the customer will be successfully redirected to the shop page when clicking on choose product while submitting the exchange request.

Is There A Functionality that Keeps off the Refund/Exchange/Cancel Feature for an Order to Proceed via COD?2022-04-15T08:54:51+00:00

Yes, the admin can turn off the refund/exchange/cancel feature for such an order by going through WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting  -> Hide Refund, Exchange, Cancel Button For COD,  when in processing status.

Is the RMA Plugin Compatible With Any Automated and Advanced Wallet System?2022-04-15T09:31:50+00:00

Yes, our WooCommerce RMA plugin is completely compatible with the Wallet system for WooCommerce.

Can the Admin Set a Form for the COD Orders to Collect the Customer Bank Details?2022-04-15T08:56:44+00:00

Yes, the admin can collect the customer bank details in COD Orders by enabling the checkbox to Show Bank Details Field For Manual Refund from WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting.

Is the Client Be Able to Request a Refund/Exchange/Return as a Guest?2022-04-15T08:57:18+00:00

Yes, the client can request a  refund/exchange/ cancel as a guest from the RMA plugin by moving in WPSwings -> RMA Setting -> General Setting and using the shortcode [Wps_Rma_Guest_Form] at any page.


Still in doubt? Refer to our Knowledge Base and learn more about the WooCommerce RMA plugin.

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22 reviews for RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce Pro

  1. rohit goyal

    excellent plugin for managing refund & exchange. good support from wp swings team

  2. prokopis

    this team have very strong support and immediately reply

  3. Rob

    Excellent RMA plugin and great & quick service from the support team

  4. A

    Great team, they resolved the problem quickly and kept communicating with me. I was nervous at first to give details of the backend of the website so they could work on the solution, however, honestly they are very professional!

  5. Vanessa

    I’m using the RMA plugin which is very intuitive and does the job very well. The support team is also extremely helpful and reactive! Great plug-in!

  6. Nicoletta

    Great support for RMA!
    Support over chat has immediately reply and solve my questions.

  7. Joseph

    Awesome refund exchange plugin and awesome team. Superb support! Thanks!

  8. Catalin Florescu Catalin

    RMA is exactly what I was looking for my business. Will definitely recommend this plugin to anyone that wants this kind of functionality on their websites.

    Excellent plugin with excellent support!

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Curtis Taylor

    RMA is a fantastic plugin and is exactly what our business needed. Simple setup and easy for both our team to use and for the customers.

    Support is super helpful and quick!

  10. bijja saibabu

    Amazing RMA plugin

  11. sithanya

    Great team & refund exchange plugin, they resolved the problem quickly and kept communicating with me.

  12. ali

    best support and best plugin for refund and exchange

  13. Valérie Marty

    Great RMA plugin, I recommend it. The support team is very responsive

  14. Vlado

    Thank you for prompt reaction to my setting request problem from Mukul.

  15. David Schirrmeier

    Great RMA plugin and all time service after purchase!

  16. Marc

    The team supported me in RMA over each request in an unbelievable way that no one can imagine, so professional and accurate answers. The most important thing the follow up with these guys they do with you just to make sure they didn’t forget you. I thought there is no more such type of support but now I feel amazing with these guys. Thank you so much and totally recommended it.

  17. Roberto

    I have been using the RMA Return & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro for many months now. I did my homework and choose it because it offers a real suite of functionality which no other plugin does.
    It’s really an insignificant cost to pay for such important functionality for any e-commerce website.
    In my experience and use case, it’s brilliant – the exchange, return, and cancellation functionality as well as the wallet feature have been vital to the operation of my website.

    However, all of the above would be useless if not for the great service that the team at WPswings provides.
    Great app, with just as good service from the developer – which is why I highly recommend it.
    Another cool aspect is that the developers are able to customize features of the plugin as per the requirement of the buyer (at a cost of course), which I think is really a vital service to offer.

    I am also looking forward to many years of updates and improvements which I feel confident the developer will provide, considering their reputation and the number of impressive plugins they offer.

    I dealt with a whole team of developers there, Mukul was my main contact, he would coordinate my requests with specific internal developers depending on the issue.

    Keep it up WP Swings team!

  18. iman

    Great plugin, I hope you can add a function where the damaged item can be stored in rejected stock

  19. Gimmy

    Great Plugin and Great support!! AAA++++

  20. Vittoria Matteoli

    Super quick customer service!

  21. Ideagency

    Super support, they helped me with precision!!

  22. Karen

    Great plugin, great support! The plugin and support team are very helpful.

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