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Case studies are one of the most influencing tools that can build trust among your prospects. An effective case study has the ability to turn prospects into customers. You can boost your sales and get higher conversion rates.

They are more than the story telling. Because they present real-world demonstrations of the products and services in front of prospects.

A smart prospect always see the product reviews and case studies. Case study acts as the performance measuring indicator. It shows your success rate.

Case study is an effective marketing tactic which can help prospects fulfill their requirements and help them to achieve their goals.

Hence, in order to attract and engage your prospective customers, you must create an effective case study of your products and services.

In this blog, I am going to share about case study, why you need an effective case study, how to write it, and much more.

So, let us start.

What Is a Case Study?

An effective case study is an explanatory document or can be a video that shows the entire journey of your client with your product or service. It enables the prospective customer to know what problem your clients were facing and how you helped them to fulfill their needs. And finally act as a solution to their problem.

A prospective customer can clearly see the growth rate of your client with the help of case study.

A case study is a significant tool that can distinguish your product or service from your competitor’s product or service. Hence, a compelling case study has the potential to convince the prospects to buy your product.

With the help of a case study, you can share the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Such as- how your product helped your client to increase their revenue, generate leads, results and outcomes, etc.

Case Study Medium and Usability

It depends on your choice, which medium you choose for creating a case study. It is important to consider the case study medium. A case study does not need to be only a single page or a pdf.

This enables you to promote the case study on different social media platforms.

Here I have listed some case study medium that you can adopt:

Written Case Study

In the written case study, case study is featured in the form of an eBook. This format can be very effective when you want to explain the detailed information to your readers. You can highlight your major points.

Also, you can put that pdf on your website homepage or on the landing page.

written case study

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Video Case Study

For a video case study, you can schedule a meeting with your client. You can record it in a form of video. Just talk with clients about the services you provided them and their experience with you. The benefits they got from your product, and much more. Here, you can frame your case study including attractive images and video.

You can go far beyond your words. Within a very short period of time, you reach the prospect’s heart!

Video Case Study by PayPal

In addition to being a large organization, PayPal supports the growth of small enterprises. The unknown PayPal defers to its own users for all the kudos and publicity. The movie does a great job of highlighting the business’s pain problems and how PayPal’s payment solution made it simple to deal with them.

Podcast Case Study

Podcast case study is a good medium for listeners. With podcast case study you can perform candid conversation with your satisfied client. People got much interested in the podcast case study as they believe more in human interaction. It shows the kind of bond you and your client have.

Here is an instance of podcast case study of The Profit Engine Behind Hyatt Hotels Podcast By Alex Mason

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Infographic Case Study

You briefly make understand your case study to prospective customers through infographics including images, graphs, pie charts and other data.

In order to make it more eye-catching, you can use bold texts and italics, and focus on major KPIs. In this manner you can briefly elaborate your client journey with you. And finally show your client success just because of you!

Why Are Case Studies Important?

According to the UPLIFT CONTENT, almost 50% of SaaS companies say that case studies are very effective for boosting sales.


Writing a case study has become important for reaching larger number of targeted audiences. Here are some of the reasons for which case studies are important for your business.

Show Your Expertise in Your Niche

Case studies are the best tools to show how skilled and expertise you are!

Case study provides a platform to showcase your products and services quality and how you have served your previous clients.

This helps to prove how distinguished you are in your niche from your competitors. This captures the attention of your prospective customers towards you and your work. And motivates them to reach out to you and buy your products and services.

Builds Trust Among Prospective Customers

Case study is not only a platform to re-engage with your previous clients. But it also helps you to showcase your work, why they choose you, and what they like about you.

You show your data and values. This develops trust and belief in customers for you.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Case studies help to strengthen your relationships with the clients whom you are going to feature in your case study.

customer relationship

Maybe your client has a busy schedule or less time. But, you can ask them by letting them know how important they are for you. They will feel special and valuable. Also, it gives you a good opportunity to stay connected with them. And this will surely increase your customer retention rate.

Boost Sales

It may happen that a prospective customer becomes satisfied and impressed with your work. They may buy products and services from you. This will ultimately lead to increased sales.

Also, case studies demonstrate your success. They prove you are capable of doing it, what you have done. Based on real stories and instances.

boost sales

Source: Edwiser

Case studies are one of the best content marketing tools that helps you close sales.

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Smart Tactics for Writing a Case Study

Initiate With Advance Planning

Before writing a case study, it is very important to choose the client that can be the best example to show your product/service excellence. You must conduct research on the client whose experience you are going to share among your audience.

Try to include that client in your case study who was facing critical problems before the usage of your product or service. Also, the client who have consumed huge profits just because of you. Accumulate the resources that you may need for the case study.


Source: LAPAAS

Also, always remember to never be dishonest with your prospective customers. The more loyal you are with your customers, the more closer they will be to you.

Just plan in advance, prepare your points, define your goals, and make a smart strategy. After that, start writing a case study.

Make Your Case Study Readable

Don’t write too much long case studies. Try to write a case study in between 500-1500 words. Use attractive images, interpretative data, meaningful titles, bold or italicize words.

Write a case study in such a way that it is easily readable to your prospective customers. Don’t use such words and terms that are difficult to understand. Also, you can include a snapshot of 100 words. Try to include more words in the results and outcome section.

Show How You Helped in Client Success

Be real and honest with your prospective customers. Share your methodology and strategies that you followed for your client’s success.

You can also share how your product or service helped the client to achieve their goals and desired goals.

Here is an instance how Points And Rewards for WooCommerce Pro plugin helped Perties Freshwear in increasing traffic, boost sales, and returning customers.

case study

You don’t need to hide your strategies. If the prospective customer is not clear about how you helped your client, then how will it be possible to believe in you?

So, try to be transparent about showing your work. It will help in gaining trust and establish you as a skilled and distinguished business.

Customer-centric Approach

Make your case study customer-centric. It must be relatable to your targeted audience. So that the person can imagine himself in the same condition and relate the results.

customer centric

Always focus on the customer journey while writing a case study.

Businesses usually throw light on their achievements. This seems like advertisement and promotion of products and services. This leads to lack of interest among prospective customers in reading the case study.

Try to represent your case study in such a way that customers can connect with you.

Show With Real Numbers

Instead of representing complex data to the customers use real numbers in case studies. Don’t use such phrases- double traffic or 500 to 600 visits, etc.

In order to make your case study more compelling, try to represent clear and accurate data among your prospective customers. You can share how you helped them to achieve success in terms of increased revenue, lead generation, increasing traffic, etc.

This will definitely build trust among customers.

For showing exact and accurate data, you can use graphs, charts, etc.

Here is an instance shown:

email data chart

Source: MakeWebBetter

This will act as a proof for the visitor, whatever you have done for your client’s success. They will feel how much effort and hardwork you have done for your client. And make them assured.

“Leave Behind” Questions

After ending the case study, make sure to send Leave Behind Doc to the reader. This doc contains the following questions:

  1. What are you looking for?
  2. What is involved?
  3. How can you use it?
  4. What is in it for them?
  5. Questions and Further Steps

Add Category

Try to add a category to your case study which it belongs to. Such as you can add industry, company size, much more. This will help the visitors to easily find the case study that matches their requirements.

Put Your Client Information

Try to link your client website link, contact information, email address in your case study. This is another way to build trust among prospective customers. And present proof to show that you are real.

client information

Source: manyrequests

This will enable prospects to verify what you have shown in your case study. And show that you are no more hesitant and have provided seamless support to your clients.

How Can You Write an Effective Case Study: Steps

Now, it’s the time for writing a case study. The more effectively you write and showcase your case study, the more it will be interesting for your prospects.

Here I have mentioned some simple steps that you can follow while writing a case study:

Impactful Title

The title is the soul of your case study. Prospective customers see the title first. Make it clearly understandable and precise. So that the prospective customers can easily grasp what they are going to read about.

title for case study

Don’t make the title too wordy. Title must be able to deliver the most significant information about your case study.


Make subtitles in such a manner that it must reflect your achievements, success, and the efficiency of your products and services. You can elaborate your work for the client in one sentence.


Give a concise summary of the case study story you are going to share among your prospective customers while writing a case study.

Introduce Your Client

Always remember, the main focus of your case study must be your client not you. Your case study should be written in such a manner so that your prospective customer can easily connect with you.

case studies

In this stage, you can provide an introduction of your client such as their information-their size and location, industry, product, website.

Give a brief information of what kind of clients you have worked with such as who they are and what kind of work they do.

If the prospective customers understand clearly about your client. Then, it becomes easier for them to analyze the results and outcomes.

Describe the Clients Challenges and Problems

Then, you can explain each problem and its consequences that your client was facing. You can brief the impact of the issue. Describe all the challenges they were facing before they opted you.

In order to validate your customer challenges, you can provide the context in the form of stories, statistics, quotes, etc.

For instance, if the prospective customer is facing the same/similar problem that your client had faced. And earlier you have solved that client problem. In this case, the prospective client will definitely consider you.


Source: MakeWebBetter

Before converting the client challenges into words, you can talk to them or conduct interviews. This will help you to deeply understand the problems and challenges.

This strategy will be highly valuable for you so that customers will consider your products and services.

Then include the objectives or goals your client set to achieve.

Explain How You Helped Them?

After describing the client’s problem, highlight the solution you offered to your client through your products/services.

Now, you can define how you resolved your client’s problem. Explain the entire process, the methodology or strategy that you followed, how you implemented it to resolve the client’s issues.

You can share how they reach you, the reason why they choose you, and much more.

You can include the screenshots of analytics such as graphs that can provide proof of your success.

Results And Outcomes

Then, show the benefits that your client got just because of you. Share how you helped your client to achieve its aims. You can present numbers and data to prove your contribution. Such as you can include quotes, testimonials, statistical data, before and after results showing images, videos, etc.



The conclusion is also an important part of your case study. You can share mighty quotes of your clients. Include your clients advice or suggestions for other people.

You can also talk about the projects you are working on and your future plans.


Call to action is a good medium to attract customers towards you. You can add CTA at the end of your case study so that readers can easily reach your website.

call to action

Source: Foster Web Marketing

Add CTA, if you want people to create an account, sign up or subscribe to your services or newsletters, buy your product, and much more.

Publish And Promote

Once you have drafted the case study, publish it. If your case study is in the form of a video, then promote it on YouTube. If your case study is an infographic, then promote it on Pinterest.

Also, as an effective method you can put the case study on your website page as Success Stories, Case Studies, Our Achievements, etc.

Get Free Case Study Templates!

Final Words

Case studies are the best way to show the quality of your work you have done for your clients. You can ask your clients to fill out the form that includes how your products and services benefit them. And helped them to achieve their goals.

If your clients have praise words for you, then it will ultimately influence your prospect. This is the impact of an effective case study. You will not need to put more effort on convincing your prospective customers. Prospects will believe in you after seeing your work for your clients.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just start writing a case study. Reach large number of prospects, increase ROI, establish your brand identity, and distinguish yourself from others through case study!

Are you thinking about writing a case study? Share your ideas and comment in the section below.

About the Author: Shivangi Agnihotri

A content writer passionate of writing technical posts and expertized in converting thoughts into words. She is always keen to learn and grow.
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