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One of the biggest eCommerce plugins for creating an online shopping store based on WordPress is WooCommerce. As it is fast, secure, and easy to use; there are 6+ million websites around the world currently using WooCommerce. With so many eCommerce sites it becomes important to make your website unique. How will you do this? Well, it’s no rocket science. By just simply establishing a unique points reward system.

Launching an online store with WooCommerce is very easy. The difficulty arises when it comes to tapping quality leads and growing your WooCommerce customer base.

There are many marketing techniques and methods that focus on increasing your customer base. Some can be really sophisticated and complicated whereas others can be really simple yet effective, and one such technique is a customer loyalty program.


In this article, I won’t be discussing how to create a winning customer retention strategy. This article is about an incredible WooCommerce tool for rewarding your loyal customers with the help of a point based-reward system on your WooCommerce store –

“Points And Rewards For WooCommerce”.     


How to Setup a Points and Reward System on Your WooCommerce Store?

Before jumping into the benefits and the theoretical knowledge, it is crucial, to begin with, practical implementation. I’ll be demonstrating how to use the points reward system for rewarding your customers.

I hope you’ve already bought a domain name along with a hosting service and named your WooCommerce store.

Now, let’s see the plugin installation process:

Step 1: Plugin Installation

The plugin is available in both paid and free forms.

For downloading the free version just go to your “WordPress Admin Panel” and navigate to “Plugins” > “Add New” in the plugins section and search for “Points And Rewards For WooCommerce- WP Swings.” 

Okay, you’ve found it.

Now go ahead and hit the “Install Now” button.

Although the free plugin isn’t incompetent, the paid version has some features that can give you an edge over the free one. Therefore, I’ll be discussing only the premium version of the plugin in the article.

Get Points and Rewards for WooCommerce Now!

Enhance Your Points Reward System

For the Premium Version of the Plugin, find Points And Rewards For WooCommerce – WP Swings and hit the “Buy Now” button. I’ll be walking you through all the steps for setting up a points and reward system on your WooCommerce store with the WooCommerce Points And Rewards. So let’s begin with creating our first point-based loyalty program:

points and rewards for woocommerce product page

After buying the plugin and downloading it, install it either manually or automatic installation.

1. Automatic Installation

This is the easiest and recommended option for installing the plugin.

The automatic installation steps are as follows:

  • Download the Zip Folder of the plugin.
  • Once downloaded, Install the Plugin by browsing it in your WordPress Admin Panel.

2. Manual Installation

This is another way in which you can install the plugin. For manual installation of the plugin to your WordPress environment:

  • Upload the Points and Rewards for WooCommerce folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Step 2: Enabling the General Settings

To carry out any further operations, the plugin has to be activated in the WordPress environment. For activating the plugin enable the General Settings by:

Visit the admin panel and navigate to WooCommerce > Points And Rewards > General Settings.

Once you reach there, enable the plugin by clicking the checkbox in front of “Enable” and then “Save Changes.

woocommerce user percentage

Now that you have activated the points reward system in the WordPress environment, it’s time for setting the signup points, referral points, social sharing rewards, and point redemption.

Signup Setting

Sign-up points are an effective technique for luring shoppers to become your prospects. Once the shoppers become your prospects you can very easily nurture them to conversion.

So let’s see how to enable the Signup Setting in WooCommerce Points And Rewards:

  • Go to the admin panel and navigate to WooCommerce > Points And Rewards > General Settings.
  • Enable the Sign-up point settings and enter the signup points for the new unique sign-up.
  • Now hit the “Save Changes” button.

saving general settings

Referral Setting

You must be aware of the fact – just by increasing customer retention rates only by 5%, one can increase your profits by 25% to 95%. Based on the same strategy, you can make use of current customers for bringing in new customers. Give rewards and bring the crowd to your store.

With this WooCommerce points plugin, you can enable referral rewards and grow your customer base with word-of-mouth marketing, let’s see how:

  • Navigate to WooCommerce > Points And Rewards > General Settings on the admin panel.
  • Enable the Referral Point settings and enter the desired referral points.
  • The last step, you know it – hit “Save Changes.

enable referral settings

Now whenever your customers share a referral link, they’ll get a small reward for their efforts. The customer just has to visit the My Account section and share the referral link with other users by copying it.

customer referral url

For Example: If user A has given User B a referral link to use. User B must use the same referral link to log in. After this User A will be awarded certain points.

Not only this, but it’s also a perfect WooCommerce referral plugin that gives the customers flexibility in sharing the referral links using social media. Within the General Settings section, hit the checkbox beside “Enable Social Media Sharing”.

social share referral url

Voilà!! there you go.

Redemption Settings

The whole idea behind giving reward points is to let the shoppers redeem them at the checkout and earn some discount on their purchase. By enabling the redemption settings, you can allow your shoppers to redeem their earn points over the Cart Page or the Checkout Page.

point redemption setting


  • Redemption On Cart Subtotal: Once enabled by the merchant, the customers can redeem their earned points over the cart subtotal.
  • Conversion Rate: Set the conversion rate of point redemption. For example, for every 10 points redeemed the customers can be granted a discount of $1. As an admin, you can set a discount for your customers upon points they have earned.
  • Points Redemption On Checkout: Enabling this setting can let your customers can redeem points over the checkout page.
  • Setting The Limitation To Point Usage: If you want to restrict the point usage of your customers, it can definitely be achieved with the plugin. The merchant can allow the customers to pay a particular part of the order using points.
  • Points Limitation Type: The merchant can select the form of discount granted to the shoppers – fixed or percentage.

Per Currency Point Settings

With WooCommerce Points And Rewards, you can allow your customers to earn points for every unit of currency spent. Make every penny spent by your buyers on your eCommerce store worth it by rewarding them with redeemable points.

Let’s see how to enable the setting and start rewarding your customers let me tell you, it’s just a 2-step process:

  • Enabling Per Currency Point Conversion: First things first, enable the Earn Points Per Currency settings, navigate to Per Currency Points & Coupon Settings and hit the checkbox next to it, and save the changes.

point per currency setting

  • Setting Points For Unit Currency Spent: Once the Earn Points Per Currency Settings are enabled, enter the reward points for the unit currency spent by a customer.

Later the customers can see the notification on the site somewhat like this:

point notification cart page

Step 3: Enable Membership For Building A Community Of Loyal Customers

One of the premium features of the plugin offered by WP Swings – building a community of loyal members. Offer your loyal shoppers exclusive rewards in exchange for a little overhead price.

Once you enable the “Enable Membership” setting in the “Membership” menu of your plugin dashboard, you’re ready to create your first member!!

For creating different levels of membership, fill in the following details:

  • Enter Level: Enter the name of your membership level. Names could be basic, bronze, advanced, gold, beginner, etc.
  • Enter Points: Enter the number of points needed to achieve a level.
  • Expiration Period: Enter the number of days when the membership will end.
  • Select Product Category: You can select the specific categories of your WooCommerce store to give membership benefits.
  • Select Products: You can also select the specific product for the membership rewards.
  • Set Discount Value: Finally set the value of the discount planned by you for the specific membership level.

woocommerce membership details

Once you create your membership levels, the customers can see the benefits of membership level by pressing the “View Benefits” button in the “My Account” section.

And for even premium benefits the customers can upgrade their membership levels.

membership benefit points

Step 4: Assigning Product Points

Assigning Product Points” is another premium feature of the plugin that lets the merchant assign reward points to products in 3 ways:

  • Globally
  • Category wise
  • Per Product-wise

Global Settings

Are you planning to simply assign equal points to all your WooCommerce products?

Enable the Global Settings by selecting the checkbox beside Global Assign Product Points. Now enter the reward points globally for all the products in your store.

global woocommerce points

Finally, the customers can see the points on any single product page.

global product points

Product Category-Based Settings

Instead of granting equal points to all the products, you can choose specific product categories. Assign some valid points on product categories of your choice, and leave the fields blank which need to be neglected.

category woocommerce product points

Later your customers can see the assigned points on any product page of that specific category.

assigned category points

Settings For Specific Products

You can break down your customer reward strategy for specific products on your website. Go to “Products” and select the edit page for any one product.

product specific woocommerce points

Now click on the “Points And Rewards” setting, and enter some valid product points. After the product points are entered, the customers can see them on any specific page.

product specific points

These were some basic yet important features of the WooCommerce Points And Rewards plugin.

The plugin offers many other premium features. Being WooCommerce, it gives you the flexibility of customizing core features to enhance the shopping experience.

Here’s the complete comparison of the free and premium features of the WooCommerce plugin:

In case you want in-depth knowledge of some more features like using shortcodes, point expiration notification, even enabling Order Total Points settings, or, even selecting the color for the notification bar.

We also have an audio-visual setup presentation for our Best Seller Plugin:

How Can WooCommerce Points And Rewards Help In Increasing Loyal Customers?

A points and reward system is one of the proven customer loyalty program techniques that actually work. Even the customers love the marketing strategy.

Earning loyalty points as rewards is one of the most valued aspects of the online shopping experience. We have an interesting resource, that will prove this point.

point and reward system program statistics

WordPress is a highly flexible platform that allows you to enhance the core features of your website. With WooCommerce in your arsenal, you can get all the basic features necessary for an eCommerce store. But with only the basic features, you can’t win the battle.

WP Swings has created a powerful plugin that can help merchants in constructing a points reward system for earning loyal customers.

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce is an incredible tool with the help of which you can add features to your WooCommerce store like:

  • Redeeming store credits
  • Points and discount coupons
  • Referral points
  • Sign up points

And many more…


You’ll be surprised to know, that you’re favorite points reward system — Points & Rewards For WooCommerce has some new features added to it:
1. It is now compatible with Credible Payment Gateways like WooCommerce PayPal Payments.
2. Our exclusive plugin is also compatible with Elemantor Page Builder. This enables the admins to build snippets for the Cart and Checkout Page.
3. The admins can also very conveniently Export the Points Table, by simply Downloading the CSV file on your system.
4. The new Referral Link Settings enable customers to share their referral links through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email, and Whatsapp. The customer will only earn points if someone uses their shared referral link.

With the rewards plugin, you can:

  • Allow customers to earn points on their in-store activities.
  • Reward your customers in exchange for their brand loyalty.
  • Generate discount coupons.
  • Build your own loyal member community.

Methods to Earn, Use & Redeem WooCommerce Points And Rewards

Final Words…

With this, we come to the end of our topic. We just discussed a tool for implementing the simplest, least complicated, and yet highly effective technique to gain loyal customers – a points reward system.

With Points And Rewards for WooCommerce, you can incentivize your customers and build a community of loyal customers.

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