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Track Orders for WooCommerce Pro

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Track Orders for WooCommerce Pro

Track Orders for WooCommerce Pro

Add the most versatile custom carrier tracking tool to your store using the Track Orders for WooCommerce plugin. With this extension, you can deliver accurate info to customers about their order fulfillment. From the moment they place an order to the exciting doorstep delivery, the entire journey is at their fingertips.

It's a transformative tool that allows you to add as many shipping services as required for your business. Beyond tracking, it allows you to finely tune the WooCommerce tracking process to match your unique shipping flow. Also, it sends email reminders with payment links to complete pending orders.

  • Explore 4 interactive order templates for tracking.
  • Use shortcodes for seamless tracking page setup.
  • Engage users with "Track Your Order" pop-ups.
  • Integrate USPS & Canada Post for full tracking.
$49.00 / Year
  • Recurring Payments
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 24x7 Customer Care
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Our WooCommerce order tracker maintains transparency, convenience, and efficiency for your online business. Revolutionize your order tracking with multiple innovative features designed to provide order processing data to customers and streamline the delivery process.

  • Tracking Templates: Engage customers with four interactive tracking templates. These are visually appealing and provide a unique way for customers to track their orders.
  • Shortcodes for Tracking Pages & Forms: The track orders WooCommerce plugin contains shortcodes to seamlessly create custom order tracking pages & add order tracking forms.
  • Track Your Order Popup The order tracking plugin adds a popup box allowing users to start order tracking without any disruption in an interactive popup-up in the My Account section. 
  • Reliable Shipment Integrations: Easily Integrate third-party shipment tracking services like USPS and Canada Post. Enhance reliability and accuracy with trusted carriers.
  • Global Tracking with The compatibility enables global tracking of your WooCommerce orders and improves the tracking experience of your wide customer base.
  • Custom Order Status in WooCommerce for Bulk Actions: Arrange your shipment workflow to match your unique delivery stages, using custom statuses for bulk actions to improve order efficiency.
  • Scale Your Tracking: Add multiple shipping services to your WooCommerce order tracker plugin. Expand your tracking options by providing the shipping company’s name and URL.
  • Convenient Payment Reminders: Send automated email reminders with payment links for pending purchases. As a result, informed customers will promptly pay and increase your conversions.

Quick Info

  • Compatible up to: WP 6.5.x, WC 8.8.x

  • Minimum PHP version: 7.4 or Higher

  • Version: 1.0.4 Version History

  • Last update: Apr 30, 2024

Top Features

Redirect to Tracking Page With QR Code

Track Orders for WooCommerce Allows you to share a QR code along with the email which will redirect the user to the tracking page. This can help enhance the convenience for customers by providing a quick and easy way to access order tracking information through QR code scanning.

Customize With Custom CSS and JS

The Track Orders for WooCommerce plugin provides complete control over your order tracking page. With its global settings tab, you can specify the main wrapper and child wrapper class of the theme, allowing you to fully customize the appearance of your order tracking page. By using custom JavaScript and CSS, you have the freedom to tailor the overall look and feel to suit your preferences precisely.

Four Pre-Built Order Tracking Templates

Keep your customers engaged and informed using the WooCommerce Order Tracking plugin’s 4 interactive templates. These templates enhance updates on statuses like processing, on-hold, and delivery.

Introduce Customer Order Statuses

Design unique order statuses and upload their icons with Order Tracker for WooCommerce. Personalize your shipping process to reflect your business-specific operational points and inform customers accurately.

Real-Time Tracking With Google Maps

Set up the Google Maps integration to provide a real-time tracking facility to users. Input API key, production house & transit addresses. Afterward, customers can view order progress on the Google Maps interface.

Third-party Shipment Tracking FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post

The track orders for WooCommerce tools can integrate with shipment tracking systems like FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post for trusted tracking options. Customers can use their tracking code to follow their shipment in real time.

Expand Your Shipping Options

Improve tracking with more extensive shipment options. Add several businesses with ease by utilizing their names and URLs.

Export Order Details

Allow the logged-in users and unregistered visitors to export order details in CSV files by using the WooCommerce order tracker. It provides details like Order ID, Status, Total, Items, Payment Method, Billing Name, and Email.

Shortcode to Create Order Tracking Page & Form

Improve the accessibility to the Order Tracking page and form by using shortcodes to place them anywhere on your website. Thus, the track order WordPress plugin improves customer satisfaction with minimal effort.

Track Only Using Order ID

Track orders more easily by using simply the order ID. No logins or emails are required. Our WooCommerce order tracking system streamlines the shipment follow-up process and reduces customer frustration.

Track Your Order Popup

You can program a Track Your Order popup to provide an easy method to follow up on the order while navigating your online store. This product tracker reduces the steps needed to track orders and satisfies the users right away.

WooCommerce Order Tracking Emails

Utilize our WordPress Order Tracking plugin to automatically send emails to notify your customers about order status updates. It keeps your users involved and provides live updates on order status changes.

Payment Reminders On WooCommerce Order Status

Generate automated payment reminders using the track order for WooCommerce plugin and enhance conversions with ease. These emails with payment links for pending transactions help customers stay informed & pay their bills timely.

Show Order Details

Showcase key order information for efficient fulfillment, including shipping partner, estimated delivery date, and tracking code, which helps customers know who’s responsible for delivering their orders. It increases trust in your store’s delivery process.

Free Vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Track Order Using Pre-Built Templates
Create Custom Order Status
Track Order With Google Maps
Third-party Shipment Tracking (FedEx)
Replace Order Status Text With Icons
Email Notifications for Order Status
Track Only Using Order ID
Order Export as CSV File
Order Information
Create WooCommerce Order Tracking Shortcode on the tracking Page
Shipment Tracking (FedEx, USPS, and Canada Post)
Customization with Custom JS and CSS
Custom Status for Bulk Action
Let customers track their orders in the pop-up box
Send Pay Link on Pending Status
Redirect to Tracking Page QR in Email




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Can I allow tracking using order ID only?2023-09-13T13:21:54+00:00

Yes, you can. Toggle on “Enable Order Tracking using Order ID Only” to allow users to track their orders hassle-free with just the order ID.

How can I enable users to export their orders?2023-09-13T13:22:37+00:00

You can enable logged-in users to export orders by toggling on “Enable Logged-in Users to Export Orders” in the settings. For guest users, you can also enable them to export orders from the guest tracking page.

How can I enable the “Track Your Order” popup?2023-09-13T13:23:19+00:00

Activate the “Track Your Order” functionality within a pop-up box by enabling the corresponding toggle and use the order tracking plugin to let users monitor order progress conveniently.

How do I enable USPS shipment tracking for WooCommerce?2023-09-13T13:24:01+00:00

To enable USPS shipment tracking, follow these steps:

  • Enable USPS Shipment Tracking API.
  • Enter your USPS Username and User Password.
How can I enable shipment tracking with Canada Post?2023-09-13T13:25:19+00:00

To enable WooCommerce order tracking with Canada Post, follow these steps:

  • Activate Canada Post Shipment Tracking API.
  • Provide your Canada Post Username and Password.
How can I introduce multiple shipment tracking options for my customers?2023-09-13T13:27:29+00:00

To introduce WooCommerce order tracking options, follow these steps:

  • Click the toggle to enable advanced tracking options.
  • Select the shipping companies you want to provide tracking for by clicking their checkboxes.
  • To add a new shipment tracking provider, enter their name and tracking page URL and click “add.”
  • Finally, save your changes.


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