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Points And Rewards For WooCommerce Pro
(64 customer reviews)

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Points And Rewards For WooCommerce Pro

(64 customer reviews)
Points And Rewards For WooCommerce Pro

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce guarantees loyalty points to your customers and enables them to convert super cash to points. Get access to features like daily login points, rewards on birthdays, points log reports, membership benefits, and more!

Our reward plugin helps merchants create a Point-based loyalty program to reward customers, which involves earning and redeeming store credits as points.

  • Allows your customers to earn WooCommerce loyalty points on activities
  • Helps loyalize customers to purchase from the same store
  • Rewards your customers in exchange for loyalty
  • Redeem discounts, coupons, etc., motivates your customers’ loyalty
$99.00 / Year
  • Recurring Payments
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 24x7 Customer Care
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Points and Rewards for WooCommerce help you create customer-oriented solutions for your website. Have a quick look at them!

  • Dynamic Point Adjustments: Now the admins can make points adjustments while importing the CSV file from the points table settings.
  • Rewards Points via Payment Method: After the implementation of this feature of the WooCommerce rewards plugin, admins can allow their customers to earn reward points by selecting a particular payment type.
  • Option To Restrict Users: Admins can utilize this feature of the reward plugin, to restrict the users from getting the benefits of any features that might enable them to earn and further redeem the earned points and rewards.
  • Dynamic UI Of Account Page: The overview of this page is changed, after utilizing this feature of the WooCommerce rewards plugin the admin gets the chance to decide whether he wants to show the enhanced version of the page.
  • Display Total Earnings On The User End: WooCommerce points and rewards enable the admins to allow the customers to see the total point earnings on their end.
  • User Levels & Badges: The loyalty points plugin encourages your customers to earn rewards and points by awarding them with user badges for different levels.
    For information visit the user level & badge documentation.
  • Purchase through Points: Merchants can enable users to purchase items with just WooCommerce reward points. They can also assign points to different available categories.
  • Gamification: Utilize the gamification feature to elevate your websites by enabling customers and guest users to spin the wheel and unlock rewards points, enhancing interaction and excitement.
    For information visit the gamification documentation.
  • Assign Products Points Feature: Using this WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin, merchants can assign reward points to the products as well as different categories from the settings of the plugin.
  • Multi-Level Membership: Admin can create multiple tiers of the membership and add the required number of WooCommerce Loyalty points and rewards to join it and also reward customers with reward points.
  • Referral Purchase Point: Merchants can use the referral purchase Woo points feature to allow the customer to earn points and rewards if their referrer makes a purchase using the referral link.
  • API Settings: API settings (complete user details) for integrating the WooCommerce Rewards plugin with other applications have been provided for the admin.
  • Points For Selected User Role Only: Admin can assign roles to the users. Further, the admin can allow selected user’s roles to use the points and rewards features of the plugin.
  • Restrict Reward Points: Using the WooCommerce Loyalty Points plugin, merchants can now restrict customers from earning points on the purchase of items that they have purchased by redeeming the points of the existing reward.
  • Point Expiration: The admin can utilize the points expiration settings of the WooCommerce rewards plugin and set the expiration period for the Woo points and rewards earned by your loyal customers.
  • Assign Points on Previous Orders: With the WooCommerce Rewards points plugin, the merchants get a chance to assign points on previous orders. They will be able to assign points on all the orders current and old.

Quick Info

  • Compatible up to: WP 6.5.x, WC 8.9.x

  • Minimum PHP version: 7.4 or Higher

  • Version: 3.0.2 Version History

  • Last update: Jun 12, 2024

Out of 5 Stars
Based on 64 reviews

Top Features

Dynamic Point Adjustments

Dynamic Point Adjustments

This is an advanced feature of the WooCommerce points and rewards plugin designed to enhance flexibility and control over your points and rewards system. It allows admins to add, subtract, and override points directly during the CSV import process, ensuring accurate and efficient point management.

Rewards Points via Payment Method

Rewards Points via Payment Method

Admins can allow their customers to earn WooCommerce reward points if they purchase using a particular payment method—the default payment methods i.e. cash on delivery, direct bank transfer & check payments. But if your WooCommerce store has other payment methods incorporated, you can also mention those.

Option To Restrict Users

Option To Restrict Users

Admins can utilize this feature of the WooCommerce reward plugin, to restrict the users from getting the benefits of any features that might enable them to earn and further redeem the earned points and rewards. The catch here is that the admin can restrict users in bulk, and restrict them in one go.

Dynamic UI Of Account Page

Dynamic UI Of Account Page

The admins can also dynamically change the color of the “Account Page”. The overview of this page is changed, after utilizing this feature the admin gets the chance to decide whether he wants to show the enhanced version of the page.

Display Total Earnings On User’s End

Display Total Earnings On User’s End

Admins have the option to display the total earnings of customers on their end. By utilizing this feature of WooCommerce points and rewards, you can keep your customers informed about your reward points.

User Level & Badge

User Level & Badge

Admins can motivate customers to earn reward points through various activities by awarding unique user badges. These badges represent different levels of achievement. The admins have full control over their position, level names, and show the accumulated points.

Gamification Settings


Merchants can enhance their website’s engagement with gamification. Customers can spin the “win-wheel” for rewards and points. The admin can customize positions, colors, and segments while setting points per section, he can also control spinning freedom and engagement levels. The guest users can also see the wheel but will have to log in to earn WooCommerce points.

Assign Points on Previous Orders

Assign Points on Previous Orders

The admin gets a chance to assign Woo points on previous orders. Before installing the plugin, there might be orders that customers might be involved with. This setting enables the admin to assign points to those.

Reset the Points Table

Reset the Points Table

With the WooCommerce Rewards Plugin, admins can easily reset the user’s WooCommerce points and rewards with just a single click. After clicking on the button, they will receive a warning to ensure that he wants to reset the user rewards and points.

Order WooCommerce Reward and Points

Order WooCommerce Reward and Points

With the point reward system, the merchants can select the maximum number of orders or the upper limit for the orders for which the customers might or will earn a certain number of reward points.

Referral Points

Referral Points

The merchants can offer points and rewards to the referrer for every unique referral. The admin just needs to enable the referral Woo points option and then enter the number of points and minimum referrals required.

Per Currency Points

Per Currency Points

Customers can now earn loyalty points against each dollar they spend on your store. Enable this feature from the Per Currency Points setting and set the conversion for points you want to offer on the set order value. The admin can now decide whether to show the “notice message” for the per-currency points over the cart page.

Export Points Table

Export Points Table

This loyalty program for WooCommerce allows the customer to easily export the points table by clicking on the export button. After doing so, the CSV file will automatically be downloaded to your system.

Points Log Report

Points Log Report

The customer can view & manage their WooCommerce points and rewards transactions. This feature shows the details of every points and rewards transaction for a particular customer in the Points tab in the My Account section.

Build Membership

Build Membership

Build your membership program to reward your customers. Admin can create multiple membership tiers and add the number of Woo points to join it. Discounts and the expiration date can also be set. The admins can now award different WooCommerce loyalty points to the customers based on their membership tier.

Assign Product Points and Rewards

Assign Product Points and Rewards

Using this WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin, merchants can assign reward points to the products as well as different categories. He/she can do this from the Assign Products Setting of the plugin.

WooCommerce Rewards and Points On Birthday

WooCommerce Rewards and Points On Birthday

Reward customers with a specific amount of points as a reward when it is their special day. With just a few settings, encourage and nurture leads and customers to become loyal ones with max loyalty points reward.

Points Adjustments on Refund & Cancellation

Points Adjustments on Refund & Cancellation

This feature of the WooCommerce rewards plugin, auto-adjusts and manages the points and rewards transaction for the order refunded or canceled. All the points after a refund will be automatically deducted from his account.

API Settings

API Settings

API settings for integrating the points and rewards plugin with other applications have been provided for the admin. The details of the current APIs: the endpoints, the parameters for the endpoints, and the response for the parameters.

Email Notification Updation

Email Notification Updation

This points and rewards plugin feature allows the admin to update and modify the required changes in the email section before sending email notifications to the customers. For example, updating the email templates, etc.

Point Conversion and Coupon Generation

Point Conversion and Coupon Generation

With the WooCommerce loyalty plugin, you can let your customers convert the earned points and rewards into coupons. Enable this feature from Per Currency Settings and set the monetary value that he redeems through a specific amount of loyalty points.

Points On First Order Only

Points On First Order Only

Award reward points to new customers on their first purchase. Customers can earn fixed points for their first purchase in your store and later on continue to earn points and rewards after every shopping spree.

Referral Link Sharing

Referral Link Sharing

Customers can also share their referral links with other users through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email, and Whatsapp. The customer will only earn points rewards if someone uses their shared referral link.


MultivendorX Marketplace

WooCommerce loyalty rewards plugin is compatible with MultiVendorX Marketplace and MultiVendorX, enabling the vendors to earn points and rewards on purchases made in their stores.

Membership For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Rewards plugin is compatible with Membership with WooCommerce and Membership for WooCommerce Pro. This allows the admins to award a specific set of points, after the successful completion of a Membership Plan – gold, silver, platinum, or any other kind of plan.

Gift Cards For WooCommerce

The WooCommerce loyalty points plugin is compatible with the Ultimate Gift Cards For WooCommerce Free and Gift Cards For WooCommerce Pro which allows customers to earn loyalty points on the purchase of gift card products.

Wallet System for WooCommerce

Points and Rewards WooCommerce plugin is compatible with the Wallet System for WooCommerce Free and WooCommerce Wallet System plugin. This compatibility allows you to convert your earned points into wallet credit based on conversion rate.


The WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is compatible with the WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin for the localization of the rewards plugin’s strings.


The Points and Rewards plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce PayPal Payments to operate online payment systems with ease.

Elementor Page Builder

Elementor Page Builder is compatible with the Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin. This compatibility lets you use Elementor’s capabilities to add “apply points” snippets to the cart page and checkout page efficiently.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

The Currency Switcher for WooCommerce plugin allows your customers to select the currency unit for their purchase. They can choose from currencies for the Points Rewards system. All transactions will happen in the currency they select.

Subscriptions for WooCommerce

The WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin is compatible with Subscriptions For WooCommerce Free and Subscriptions For WooCommerce Pro allows users to get points on subscription products.

Free Vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Sign-Up Points
Referral Points
Assign Product Points Globally
Per Dollar Spent Points
Redeem Points on the Cart
Manually update customer points for any reason
Points Table
Points Notification
Points on order total
Display Total Earnings On User’s End
Referral Purchase Point
Review/Comments Points
Coupon Generation
Points Expiration
Multi-level Membership Feature
Assign Product Points category and per-product
Point Usage Limitation
Import Users Points
Points Sharing
Points adjustments on Refund & Cancellation
Points On First Order Only
Restrict Point discount On sale product
Rewards on Birthdays
Exclude Points On Delivery Fee And Tax Amount
Round Up and Round Down Reward Points
Create Coupon (Referral Coupon Code Template)
Email Modification For Referral Coupon Code Template
API Settings
Export Feature



64 reviews for Points And Rewards For WooCommerce Pro

  1. Jonathan Lavanant

    I bought two plugins in PRO version, and I’m totally satisfied with them, they perfectly match my expectations and the needs of my website. The development team is available and very responsive, I called on them for a custom development on the “point reward” plugin and everything is perfect.

  2. Francisco

    Great plugin and super quick support!

  3. Andreas Alvin

    great product to help attract your consumer. The support is 24/7 and solved within 10 minutes.

  4. Anika Loewen

    This plugin is super robust!
    The support is very quick to respond, and they have helped me tweak the functionality to get it “just right”.

  5. Jan

    Great Points & rewards plugin, The support team is very quick and very helpfull.

  6. Kevin OUALLI

    Utkarsh helped me in just a few minutes to solve a problem I was having adding badges.
    Thank you very much for your support!

  7. jose daniel sanchez tellez


  8. Jusef Chehade

    best plugin

  9. Gereksiz Post

    The plugin is really sufficient and works in perfect harmony. The WPSwings support team also provides excellent fast support and solutions on every issue. I would also like to thank them for their interest. The team and Plugin are absolutely professional and kind, thank you.

  10. Alesia

    The support is too good.

  11. Hwang-Ching Wu

    We encountered the problem which the license key wasn’t activated on plugin of Points And Rewards For WooCommerce Pro, but actually, the support email had good service and feedback the useful messages that we needed. Great!

  12. Pratik Jadhav

    Was very new to Points and Rewards but this plugin made it very simple and easy to use. Also the Team has been highly supportive and has helped whenever I had a query. Highly Recommend to all.

  13. Mohammed Sobhy

    Great support, Great plugin for Reward system.

  14. Yeung Yip

    Support team is 5 stars. Thank you very much. They are very great for me.

  15. Alissia

    Support team is very polite and helpful to fix the problem. They are very quickly to do it. They are very great for me. Thank you very much..

  16. Megan

    Super good, fast customer service for help with problems and questions! I definitely recommend this plugin!

  17. Rohit kumar v

    This plugin works very good, It would be nice if we consider bulk point deduction through CSV upload, extensive configuration over points expiry, and other useful reports where we can get transaction wise points report.

  18. abby

    They were ready to assist on issues found with the plugin with our site.

  19. Teguh

    Super fast delivery and friendly customer services

  20. Vanaja Gamidi

    My review is a 5-star.

  21. andreas alvin

    Point Reward Pro is one of the best plugin to rewarding my consumer. Support staff available 24/7 which is great solution, although i never find any problem but when i do, they are on top of the game.

  22. Kamaldeep

    The team is great. They helped me numerous times as I have some custom works on site. Also they provided instant help every time.

  23. Andreas

    Best Team Top Plug-in

  24. Andrew

    Awesome rewards plugin with goood customer service, Really fast and helpful

  25. Oded

    Great support. Answered get quickly.

  26. Hari Baskaran Boopal

    Awesome Support. Thanks Himanshu & WP Swings


    Great product, on-time and proactive support, make it a great value offering. Will continue our patronage of the range of products from WP Swings.

  28. YEH

    the most kind and enthusiastic developer I have ever met!

    Super rewards plugin and good service has solved all my problems!

  29. YEH


  30. Thomas Corbin

    The support team is always extremely friendly and communicative. When we have had an issue with the plugin they have been quick to help us.

    Also we had a couple of features that were not available in the base plugin. Their team has worked with us to build them into a custom version of the points rewards plugin.

  31. Lee

    Thanks for quick response!

  32. Nelsonchu

    I’ve really appreciated your team’s effort, there are three advantages I would advocate for your corps. Nicely attitude, highly efficient response, fastly fixed the issue,
    Words are not enough to express my gratitude. Thanks a lot!!!

  33. Jasmine

    Nice Plugin for Points and Rewards

  34. Pattulingam

    Great customer service.

  35. Jörg Rossberger

    I don’t speak English very well and had some problems getting this plugin to work, but the support was always there for me and always solved any problem immediately and had to. Good that there is such a super good support that you can always turn to. The plugin (points and rewards) is great. Thanks again for the good help to the support.

  36. Jasmine

    Great features. Great customer service

  37. BazarExpo

    As an e-commerce entrepreneur, I cannot express how much Points and Rewards for WooCommerce plugin has transformed my business. This plugin is an absolute game-changer, and I am delighted to share my experience with it.


    Quick support at troubleshooting!

  39. Nelson

    We have been using Points and Rewards for a year. Amazing support team always help quickly whatever we want to know about the plugin.

    Great job! Very helpful!

    Thank you very much!

  40. Edith

    Quick respond! Great supportive customer service! !

  41. luca marcon

    fast and professional!!! good !!

  42. Kamaldeep

    I had a custom website and I faced a lot of issues in working but their support provide a lot of help. great plugin and excellent support system

  43. Jan

    Great Points & rewards plugin, The support team is very quick and very helpfull!

  44. nir

    Great support

  45. Phil

    Thanks for the good plugin….But I am facing one problem. When logged-in users click the update cart button after changing the order quantity on the cart page, the cart page update is delayed. The page update is taking too long. Disabling the plugin will make the problem go away. I’m trying to use a plugin, what’s the solution?

  46. Debora

    This plugin and WP Swings team are wonderful ! 😃

    The team is reactive, very kind and helpful. I’ve asked for a custom work, and I’m very satisfied.

    Thank you so much again !

  47. biba

    the plugin is great but i need little assistance would you like to help me

    • WP Swings

      Hi :) Biba,

      Hope you’re going great…

      Thanks for using our WooCommerce Points and Rewards Plugin. Kindly share us your query on https://wpswings.com/submit-query/

  48. Barbara

    Himanshu was awesome in assisting me with a problem I experienced. It was user error on my part. Thank you for your time and patience in troubleshooting the problem with me. Great plugin to reward customers with points on purchases!


    I want to change my rewards plugin with a new one. So I contact the support for some questions before buying !
    The support is super quick responsive and efficency ! Indeed I have to import my old data base on the new one. Suport team take the time to show me and correct my mistakes.
    So, the first experience with the support team is super ! I know when I will have some difficulty I can contact them ! And have someone to help my really !
    Speaking about the plugin ? Simple you can do everything you want and more !

  50. Killian

    The support is attentive when you have a problem or a suggestion and are very responsive to answer.
    Thanks to them for their assistance and I wish long life to their company!

  51. Janies Fermin

    Amazing support! I am excited to add this feature on my website! Thank you Ishant

  52. Tanya Vivier

    After a rocky start, Himanshu was ever so patient in helping me understand the points and rewards plugin and fixed a small error promptly and sent an updated install file.

  53. Alexandre Silva

    Good Morning!

    You are very competent people. Continuation of a great work.
    Thank you so much!

    Best regards

  54. Hamza Noor

    Really quick solving the issue, and always willing to help!

    Thanks again for your support!
    And what a great plugin for points and rewards.

  55. ricardo garnette

    Dude this app is awesome. Not only that my customers can earn money back in points but they can also send money to their friends that love to shop with us as well :)…

  56. Charlie

    Great support and solving my issues related to rewards plugin woocommerce.

  57. Luís Flores

    Really quick solving the issue, and kindly to explain all it was fixed!

    Thanks again for your support!
    And what a great plugin for points and rewards.

  58. Hugo Shih

    Great support and Great points and rewards Plug-in

  59. missvanna

    Great job,they help solve the issue asap. Best Plugin for Rewards and points woocommerce.

  60. Sam Hewa

    I had an issue with the review points system, but they have promptly resolved that issue and I would recommend this plugin

  61. Việt Anh

    great support, great plugin

  62. Blue

    They are willing to help and very polite. They help a lots. Thank you so much!

  63. Megan

    The support team is very quick and very helpfull!!

  64. Milenia Inovasi

    Been using this Points and Rewards plugin for a few months now. Anytime I have issues, they are always willing and available to help. Excellent support. Thank you, guys!

Out of 5 Stars
Based on 64 reviews
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What is the difference between “Redeem Points Conversion” and “Per $ Points Conversion” and also what is the use of “Assigned Product Points”?2022-01-19T11:24:54+00:00

1. Redeem Points Conversion: – In this Merchant can set the amount for converting reward points to generate the coupon. For example, if you have set 1 point will be equivalent to the 1$ (for your site) and if any user has 50 points then he /she will get the coupon amount of 50 after converting it from the ‘My Account’ section’.
2. Per $ Points Conversion: – For this setting, let’s take an example if a Merchant has set the $1 = 1point (for their site) and any customer will purchase any product with 50$ then he/she will be rewarded with 50 points.
3. Enter Product Points: – In this Merchant can select some product and can set the Points for a particular product and if any user will purchase that selected product he /she will be rewarded with those Points.

I don’t see the points menu option in the My Account menu in the Points and Rewards plugin?2022-01-19T11:25:15+00:00

After activating the Points and reward plugin “The points tab” will be visible to only register customers not to Admin. We suggest you check once by registering as a customer.

I don’t know why? How many points customers can get if the product hasn’t shown up on the page?2023-03-20T09:29:12+00:00

Please make sure that the product which has been assigned some points should enable the setting “Enable Points Per Product” from the Backend ( Product edit page).

After enabling this checkbox “Enable Points Per Product” the Points and rewards should be shown on the single product page.

I already set the $ point conversion But it doesn’t show up anywhere and the share button also does not show up?2022-01-19T11:27:32+00:00

This setting would not be visible to any product page, But If you want to notify users that if they place an order they would be rewarded with some points, for this you can use the setting “Enter Ways to Gain Point Section” in General Tab. Whatever text you’ll put in this text area it will get displayed to the User’s “My Account” Page.

In how many ways can the customers earn points when they are over my site?2022-01-19T11:29:09+00:00

There are many ways through which customers can earn points. They are –
1. On registration
2. On review/comment
3. On referral
4. On Purchase
5. On Referral Purchase, and more.

Is there any feature in the plugin by which we can give the points on the order total?2022-01-19T11:29:42+00:00

Yes, The plugin offers the following setting for the customers to earn points on their order total. To enable this setting, go to the plugin setting>order total points tab>Enable the settings for the orders>Enter Points with Order Range.

Can we set the point expiration time?2022-01-19T11:30:19+00:00

Yes, there is the setting of the expiration of points in the plugin. For this you have to go to the plugin setting>go to the Points expiration tab>points expiration section, through this, you set the threshold required and set the point expiration time.

How do users notify that his/her point has reached the expiry limit?2022-01-19T11:30:55+00:00

There are two methods through which users can be notified about point expiration

1. On the user account page
2. By email notification

Does the WooCommerce rewards system plugin support API?2022-01-19T11:36:44+00:00

Yes, our plugin Support APIs, Following this path gets you the setting of API- WooCommerce > Points and rewards > API Settings

Can I send or stop specific notification emails in the WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin?2022-01-19T11:37:44+00:00

Yes, We have provided the options to enable/disable specific notification emails. WooCommerce > Points and rewards > Points Notification

I want to give points on the user’s birthday, is this possible with the points and rewards plugin?2022-01-19T11:38:05+00:00

Yes, the plugin consists of an option to provide points on User Birthday. You can set the points according to the need WooCommerce > Points and rewards > General setting > Enable Birthday Points settings.

Can the admin check or monitor the points of all the customers in the admin dashboard?2022-01-19T11:39:18+00:00

Yes, We provide the tab Point table in our plugin settings. Admin can simply go to that section and can check the points of all the respected customers.

Can the admin import the CSV of the user points?2022-01-19T11:39:51+00:00

Yes, the admin can import the CSV file of all the users. For enabling this setting, the admin may go to the plugin setting>point table tab>choose CSV file>click on the browse>import.

From where can we get the shortcodes for the plugin?2022-01-19T11:51:56+00:00

To get this feature you may go to the plugin setting>other setting tab>shortcode.

How can points be redeemed using this plugin?2022-01-19T11:52:34+00:00

The points can be redeemed, using this plugin by directly applying the point in the cart as well as on the checkout page and also by converting the points to the coupon.

Where can we enable the setting of redeeming the point on a purchase?2022-01-19T11:53:01+00:00

To enable the settings for redeeming the points, go to the plugin setting>general setting>go to the redemption setting(cart and checkout)>save the setting.

How can we enable the coupon conversion settings?2022-01-19T11:53:21+00:00

For this you have to go to the plugin setting>per currency point and coupon setting>coupon setting tab and do all the required settings accordingly.

How do customers get the benefit of membership?2022-01-19T11:53:38+00:00

For this, the customer goes to my account page then the points tab and there is a membership section where the user upgrades the membership level according to their points and gets the benefit of that level.

How can the admin create the levels of membership?2022-01-19T11:54:25+00:00

The admin can create the levels of their membership program using this plugin. To do so, the admin may go to the plugin setting >membership tab>enable the membership setting>then create the membership level>save the setting or click on the add more button to create another level.

How do we create a referral link?2022-01-19T11:55:11+00:00

To create a referral link, go to the plugin setting >general tab>on the referral section, here the admin does all the settings related to the referral link.

Can I display assigned points on the shop page?2023-03-20T09:28:14+00:00

Yes, you can display the assigned points on the shop page.

For this: Go to assign product points > Enable display assign points on the shop page. After enabling it you can see the assigned product points on the shop page.

How can we notify the user by mail for points expiration?2023-04-19T09:25:57+00:00

For this you have to Go to Plugins settings > Point Expiration>Enable this setting to notify the user via mail. 

Users will then receive mail for points expiration notifications.

Can I reset the points of all the users in a single go?2023-05-26T14:49:51+00:00

Yes, you can reset the points of all the users in a single go.

For this: Go to Points Table>Under Reset Users Points > Click on Reset points button.


After this, a confirmation form will appear so you just need to click on ok and the points of all users will reset to 0.

Can we restrict reward points when the user applies points while placing an order?2023-08-04T12:18:55+00:00

Yes, you can restrict reward points when a user applies points while placing an order.

For this: Go to other settings>Under Restrict reward points section>Enable Restrict reward points settings.

Now the user will not receive any reward points if they apply any points while placing an order.

Is it possible to assign Points Badges to users based on the points they have accumulated?2023-10-10T15:16:59+00:00

Certainly, you have the ability to assign point badges to users based on the points they have accumulated. Additionally, you can reward points to users when they receive a badge.


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