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Gift Cards For WooCommerce Pro
(30 customer reviews)

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gift cards for woocommerce pro

Gift Cards For WooCommerce Pro

(30 customer reviews)


Gift Cards for WooCommerce Pro helps you create, sell & manage gift cards in their store and set up a complete gifting program. You can customize gift card templates and generate & send gift coupon codes, QR codes, and barcodes for faster redemption.

Moreover, you can create reusable gift certificates & send balance notifications to customers. Selling customizable gift cards lets customers edit and personalize their WooCommerce gift coupons. So they can design tailored gifts for the recipients. The recipient can use their cards to shop at your store.

Gift Cards for WooCommerce Pro also provides features to share gift vouchers through Emails, WhatsApp, SMS, and downloadable PDFs for offline printing.

This gift card plugin has a gifting portal for scanning, recharging & redeeming these WooCommerce gift coupons at an online or retail store.

  • 20+ pre-designed Gift Card Templates for all occasions
  • Sell Customized WooCommerce Gift Coupons
  • Online and Offline gift cards with PDF support
  • Offer QR/BarCode secured gift cards

Top Features of WooCommerce Gift Cards

Here are some top features loved by our clients:

1. Set Expiration for Individual Gift Coupons

You can determine the gift card expiration date individually while creating them. It will let you launch gift coupon campaigns with expiry dates tailored to your marketing period. The individual expiration dates will override global expiration.
Note: These expiration date features will not be applicable on the imported gift cards.

2. Secure With QR Code / Barcode

To enable secure redemption, you can create gift cards with QRcode/ Barcode using the WooCommerce ultimate gift card plugin. Customers need to get these codes scanned to redeem or recharge gift cards.

You can also display coupon codes along with QR code/barcode on your gift certificates. Moreover, the card templates can be optimized for code size, code type, etc.

3. Send Gift Coupons to Multiple Recipients

You can allow customers to send their gift cards to multiple recipients in bulk. They can separate different email addresses and names using a comma (,) in the Mail to the Recipient and Recipient Name fields respectively. It is perfect for giving gifts to many people at once.

4. Customizable Gift Cards

You can create a Customizable Gift Card product for your customers using this WooCommerce gift voucher plugin.

Your customers can modify it by selecting a predefined image or uploading one of their choices, adding custom messages to the gift certificates, and delivery method & date. However, you can limit them to using only the predefined images for gift cards.

As users become WooCommerce gift card creators, they can add the needed personal touch to their cards, which is a crucial element of gifting.

5. 20+ Predefined Gift Card Templates

The WooCommerce Gift Card plugin offers over 20+ gift card templates designed for various festivals and celebrations with customizable elements. You can also import custom templates to sell cards on occasions suitable to your customers based on birthplace, ethnicity, interests, etc. You can nurture users with presentable WooCommerce gift vouchers.

6. Add Recommended Products on Gift Cards

While creating WooCommerce gift cards, you can add products to the recommended product section. The added product(s) will be displayed with price, name, and purchase link on the coupon preview, email, and PDF.

Use the [RECOMMEND PRODUCT] shortcode to add this promotional feature to Woocommece gift coupon templates, turning them into advertisement tools & fueling customers to buy new products.

This shortcode will be applicable to all gift vouchers WooCommerce has.

7. Remove Fields From the WooCommerce Gift Card Page

The Ultimate Gift cards for WooCommerce allow you to remove form fields from its product page. Moreover, you have to remove validation from the To Name, To Email, From, and Gift Message fields. Otherwise, the users won’t be able to add WooCommerce gift cards to their carts.

8. Create Gift Cards With Duration-Based Costing

The variable pricing type allows you to create gift cards for services using duration-based costing. You can add duration descriptions and set the price for each duration. Now, you can sell gift cards coupons for any time-based services like tools, personal care, decorations, etc.

9. Redeem/Recharge Gift Cards WoCommerce

You can easily recharge/redeem customers’ WooCommerce gift cards, scan the bar/QR code and fetch card details at your online or offline store with the gifting portal. It provides great convenience for customers & merchants and also promotes the sales of WooCommerce physical and digital gift cards.

10. Import and Export Your Gift Card Coupons

Our gift card WooCommerce plugin provides an easy way for importing and exporting gift cards. You can export the gift card coupon details in a CSV file. Moreover, you can export the details of the coupons you send to your customers using the Offline Gift Card feature. Also, you can import your custom codes file to avoid using auto-generated coupon codes.

11. Share Gift Cards on WhatsApp and SMS Notifications via Twilio

You can let your customers share WooCommerce gift coupons on WhatsApp with their dear ones. Being the most popular messaging app, the WhatsApp Gift Card feature allows faster sharing of your digital gift cards & dramatically expands your reach.

Further speed up your gift coupon delivery with the Twilio integration. It lets your users share gift cards via SMS. You have to enter Twilio API credentials to enable this feature. Users can enter the recipient’s phone number while purchasing the gift card.

12. Offline Gift Card With PDF Support

The Offline Gift Card feature in the WordPress gift cards plugin enables admins to send gift cards to several customers. You can either import the file with all the details or add the details by clicking on the Add New button in the Offline Gift Card section of the plugin.

13. Flexible Gift Card Pricing

You can create gift cards with five different pricing types using the WooCommerce Gift Card plugin. It includes the following:  

  • Default Pricing: Fixed Price.
  • Price Range: Any price range like $50-100.
  • Selected Price: Multiple options like $20 | $50 | $100.
  • User Price: Any amount.
  • Variable Price: Duration-based prices
  • Selectable Pricing with Range: $10-100 Range with $20 | $50 | $80

14. Include/Exclude Selected Categories or Products

The WooCommerce gift certificate tool enables special categorization to decide the application of gift card coupons. While creating gift card products, you can selectively exclude products or categories to which the gift card won’t apply. And also select the product or categories suitable for gift card redemption.

15. Analyze Gift Card Performance with WooCommerce Reports

You can take a follow-up of each gift card sold with the help of the Gift Card Reporting feature in the WooCommerce gift vouchers plugin. Through the gift card reports, you can track the Purchased Date, Gift Card Amount, Remaining Amount, Sender and Receiver’s name, Expiry Date, etc. Monitoring helps in strategizing gift card coupon sales.

Benefits Of Gift Card for WooCommerce Pro

  1. Improve User Experience: Gift cards take away the stress of gifting by saving the time and effort needed to select a gift. Users can order gift cards to be delivered to a physical address. As a result, your users are happier and feel motivated to repeat their purchases.
  2. Year-Round Sales Booster: There are always celebratory events like birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, etc. So, selling gift cards will generate steady revenue for your business. During the holiday season, your gift card sales will skyrocket as they are in popular demand.
  3. Get More Customers: As gift cards are store-specific, the card recipient comes to your online shop for coupon redemption. So, the more you sell, the more your customer base expands.
  4. Better Brand Value and Visibility: Your gift cards act as advertising tools for your brand. The users availing of your gift card services will speak highly about you to their peers and you will get positive word of mouth. Also, you can show popular products on a gift card for promotion.
  5. Easily Shareable: Your users can share the gift cards Via email, message, and Whatsapp. They can also download the card PDFs and share them however they want. Therefore, gift cards’ global reach will help expand your business.
  6. Fully Customizable: You can customize all elements of your gift cards according to any celebratory event and even add custom coupon codes. It’s easy to manage both branding and beautification. Even, your users can personalize their gift cards before purchase.

WooCommerce Gift card Plugin Compatibilities

1. Compatibility with Wallet System for WooCommerce

The Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce Free & Pro plugins are compatible with Wallet System for WooCommerce and Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro.
In the compatibility, customers can redeem their gift card coupons on the wallet frontend panel to recharge their wallets. It enables them to use their remaining or complete gift card value through their wallet to purchase goods & services.

2. Compatibility with RMA Return Refund & Exchange For WooCommerce

The Gift Cards Pro plugin is compatible with the Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce and RMA Return Refund & Exchange for WooCommerce Pro.
With this compatibility, the customers are able to file refunds and exchange requests for the gift card products they purchase. 
But customers must fulfill these two conditions: 

  1. The gift card mustn’t be expired. 
  2. The gift card mustn’t be redeemed.

On top of that, you can transfer the gift coupon refund amount directly to the RMA wallet. It makes the refund processing faster as you don’t have to refund through the payment gateways users initially used to purchase cards.

3. Compatibility with the Price Based on Country for WooCommerce Plugin

Gift Card for WooCommerce Plugin provides compatibility with Price Based on Country for WooCommerce plugin. With this compatibility, you can set currencies for all countries. When users from a given location visit your store, the location is tracked and they are shown gift card prices in the relevant currency. You can set the price manually or automatically apply the exchange rate.

4. Compatibility With WPML

The Gift Cards for WooCommerce Pro plugin is compatible with WordPress Multilingual (WPML) plugin. With this compatibility, you can translate the strings of the gift cards plugin without any coding and turn your store multilingual.

5. Compatibility With WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite allows you to add multiple WordPress sites and manage them with a common WordPress Dashboard. With this compatibility, the Gift Card for WooCommerce will work seamlessly across all websites.

Free vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Gift Card Message Customization ✔️ ✔️
Send Gift Vouchers via Email ✔️ ✔️
Gift Card Email Notifications ✔️ ✔️
Multiple Gift Certificate Usage ✔️ ✔️
Redeem Gift Coupons At Retail Store ✔️ ✔️
4 Pricing Options ✔️ ✔️
Product And Category Exclusion ✔️ ✔️
Dynamic Coupon Length ✔️ ✔️
Min/Max Amount Range ✔️ ✔️
WPML Multilingual Support ✔️ ✔️
Gift Card Usage Limit ✔️ ✔️
Disable Coupon For Gift Card Products ✔️ ✔️
Minimum Limit of User Gift Card Price ✔️ ✔️
Display Coupon Code Along With Barcode/QR Code ✔️
Send Gift Vouchers to Multiple Recipients ✔️
Range With Selectable Pricing ✔️
Display Recommended Products On Gift cards ✔️
Physical Gift Cards ✔️
Remove Fields from Gift Cards Product Page ✔️
Customizable Gift Card ✔️
SMS notifications via Twilio ✔️
WhatsApp Sharing ✔️
Import/Export Online/Offline Coupons ✔️
WooCommerce Gift Card Reporting ✔️
QR Code/BARCode Security ✔️
Gift Card Scheduling ✔️
Gift Card Product Discounts ✔️
PDF Template Feature ✔️
Balance Checker ✔️
Thank You Order Coupons ✔️
Advanced Delivery Method Settings ✔️
Purchase Products as Gift Cards ✔️


Are there any options that users can choose from if they want to send the Gift Card to the recipient by email or by postal?2022-01-19T16:04:59+00:00

Yes, in the Delivery method tab, the Merchant can select the “Allow customer to choose” After enabling this setting, customers can choose delivery methods by which they want to deliver the gift card.

Is There Anyway To Turn Off The “Upload Image”?2022-01-19T16:06:03+00:00

Go to the Woocommerce -> GiftWare -> Other Setting Here you will find the “Enable Browse Image for Gift Card” checkbox. Please uncheck this box to turn off the “Upload Image”.

How Can I Manually Make Coupon Code As a Gift card?2022-01-19T16:06:44+00:00

You can Import your coupon codes along with all required fields for that which you may check from the provided CSV file format. Afterward, whenever any customer purchases the Gift card, they will get the Imported Coupon Code rather than the system-generated one.

Can I sell my predefined coupon codes using this WooCommerce gift card plugin?2022-01-19T16:07:18+00:00

Yes, you can easily sell your coupons using this plugin. You just have to import predefined coupons via CSV file. After that whenever any customer purchases a gift card product from your site they will get assigned from your imported coupons.

I need to assign a Tax class for a particular gift card product. Can I do so with your extension?2022-01-19T16:08:30+00:00

Yes, for this please enable the setting “Enable Tax Calculation for Gift Card” and create a gift product, as soon as you have to change the Product Type to “Gift Card” you’ll find the required “Tax fields” from where you can assign the Tax class for each product.

How can I redeem gift cards at retail stores like restaurants/spas?2022-01-19T16:09:38+00:00

To redeem the gift cards, we have provided an online panel. Whenever a customer comes to your retail store and provides a gift coupon. You just have to scan/fetch the coupon and mark it as redeemed. You can also check the demo to understand this process.

I want to sell gift cards via shipping or Email or Downloadable method. How can I do that?2022-01-19T16:10:43+00:00

We have provided three gift card delivery methods under WooCommerce > GiftWare > Delivery Methods.

1) Email to recipient
2) Downloadable
3) Shipping

You can choose from these delivery methods. After that, it will get displayed on the Gift Card product page.

Does your plugin have a feature where the admin can Import/Export Offline Gift Card details?2022-01-19T16:11:21+00:00

Yes, the admin can export the offline gift card coupons details from the Export Coupon Tab section. They can also import the Gift Card coupon details into the offline gift card table from the Offline Gift Card Section.

Can the customers send their Gift Cards on a scheduled date?2022-01-19T16:11:58+00:00

Yes, the customers can select the date they wanted the gift card to be sent to the recipients. Customers can also send the scheduled Gift Card on the current day through the order details section.


Still in doubt? Refer to our Knowledge Base and learn more about the WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin.

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30 reviews for Gift Cards For WooCommerce Pro

  1. Gunter Barbosa-Friedrich

    Support Team did a great job. They answered all my questions in an absolutely friendly and competent manner. I am completely satisfied with gift card plugin. Thanks a lot to Mukul.

  2. Amalia K

    The plugin Gift Cards for WooCommerce (WP Swings) is easy to use, looks overall very pleasant and does a great job. The gift cards are easy to customize.
    The Support is also great, they are very friendly and react very quick. Thanks a lot to Priyanshi Mandal.

  3. Ryan


    Thanks for the help. I highly recommend the Gift card plugin.

  4. Tim Pohlmann

    The GIFT CARD plugin from WPSwing is awesome and absolutely does what I bought it for. Even with small technical problems, the support was immediately on the spot and solved the problem quickly. Thanks for that. Absolutely recommended.

  5. David A

    We wanted to optimize our administrative process to link our webshop towards our POS. Together with WPSwings they’ve build for us some specific adaptations towards their module to fit our needs. They were able to deliver on time, within budget and with even no bugs a workable solution. During testing they helped us out to provide feedback for some changed needs. Did quite some investigations on gift cards, but this one was definitely the best on the market.

  6. Duriez

    GIFT CARD extensin from WPSwings company is a super option, easy to use with nice visuals. i recommend deeply.

  7. Jaakko Pöntinen

    This is currently the best Gift Card plugin for WP. Support is fast, too. Often like “minutes” fast :)

    The best point in the plugin itself is the dynamic PDF generation option. It works well whether sending the PDF as an email attachment or showing it as a download on the Thank You page and/or transactional emails.

  8. Alicia Martinez

    Son los mejores! El plugin funciona perfecto. Y el soporte es absolutamente genial: se preocupan y te solucionan los problemas! Es una grandísima tranquilidad trabajar con ellos. Los recomiendo al 100%

  9. Jordan

    Amazing support. They answered all of my questions and resolved all of my problems. Thanks to the Support Team

  10. Niina

    The support team for gift card plugin, kindly helped me with a plugin compability problem. They were very friendly, helpful and super quick to reply to any concerns I had. Thank you for your help!

  11. Lene

    Support is fast and efficient. Gift Cards Plugin works well.

  12. Sue Robbins

    I had purchased the gift card plugin and needed help with a few things fast, their support team were incredible. Can’t recommend them enough Also the plugin is perfect. Thank you team WP Swings.

  13. Abbie

    Great support from the team! Himanshu 5*

  14. Adil Nadeem

    Great online support, best plugin results.
    Thanks, Priyanshi!

  15. CJ70

    Great support via live chat — first time I’ve had to contact WP Swings, and the rep was very helpful.

  16. Vladimirs

    Great support team. Responded quickly and resolved all issues.
    Special thanks to Priyanshi Mandal.

  17. Laurent Dagany

    The possibilities of this plugin are very interesting and I could make almost exactly what I planned to do for my gift card system. And for sure the support is really nice, fast and efficient.

  18. Sophie

    The plugin GIFT CARDS For WooCommerce Pro is really easy to use and customise. The support team is perfect, very quick to reply and helpful. Thank you very much !!!

  19. Tomas

    Support solves problems fast and is very helpfull

  20. Bev

    Great plugin, and is ideal for my online store. Great knowledge and support from the company.

  21. Hugues

    Very reactive support and great Gift Card plugin

  22. Richard

    Excellent support. We needed a customisation and WP Swings were professional and very quick to complete the work. Look no further than this one for gift cards, we had tried most of the others but nothing comes close.

  23. Pattulingam

    Great support team.

  24. Rafail Chrysanthopoulos

    Very good Gift card plugin and amazing support!

  25. Lyle

    Support was great, answered all my questions quickly and to the point. Many thanks

  26. Peter

    The plugin was easy to install and configure. It does all the things as advertised. I had a minor issue regarding an update which was resolved really quickly and friendly. Highly recommended!

  27. Vegan Bar

    I love this gift card plugin because customers can create their own custom Gift Cards and even choose the image cover for it and email it. Then there is a free-of-charge Gift Card Redeem Service. The customer service is also the best I have seen so far. Immediate response and solving every problem, no matter how small it is without extra charge.

  28. Anna

    Good app for the purposes I was searching for. Very quick and competent customer support! I can definitely advise further 👍🏻

  29. Flo

    Review for Gift Card plugin. Very good support, quick responses and resolved issues

  30. InvenTech

    The support was responsive and resolved the issue for the plugin GIFT CARD: the tax calculation was not reflected in the display of certain pricing types.

    They will see if they deploy the changes in a future update. In the meantime, I will copy the fixed version of the plugin they made on my clone site to the live site with the procedure they explained to me: “You can simply use WP File Manager to download the zipped file from your clone site and download it and install it on the live site. Or you can do it via. FTP, copy the plugin folder from one site to another.”

    Thank you again.

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