GEHRKE Media is an internet agency that offers high-quality websites and media products with a focus on creativity and excellent customer service. The website is owned by Simon Gehrke, the CEO of GEHRKE Media.

Industry: Media & Communication

Shopping Cart: WooCommerce

Key Features: Generate PDF format from live WordPress posts, add images in a row, full customization support, design comprehensive cover pages, language support, and much more.

Results & Outcomes

Increase in Traffic – 20%

Ease in Downloadable PDFs – 100%

What the Company is All About?

GEHRKE Media is a German digital agency that focuses on developing innovative and visually appealing websites and multimedia content for its clients. Their services include Website Development,  Branding & Design, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, and Consultancy Services. 

They have worked with clients from diverse industries, including eCommerce, tourism, healthcare, and finance. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality, transparency, and collaboration throughout every project they undertake.

What Were Their Challenges?

GEHRKE Media wanted to implement a downloadable PDF system on their website but their biggest problem was that their users had to print the page to get the document and it’s not working very well. Due to this problem, they were not getting good customer engagement and better results.

PDF Generator For WooCommerce plugin helped them to easily implement a downloadable PDF system and easily manage it with multiple customizable options.

What Is The Solution And Where Did They Get That?

GEHRKE Media faced difficulty in creating and adding downloadable PDFs to their website. They added our PDF Generator for WP plugin which helped them to easily add downloadable PDFs on their website with lots of customization options and multiple PDF templates.

With PDF Generator for WordPress plugin GEHRKE Media unlocked features like Generate Invoices for Products, Customizing the Invoice PDF, Custom Page Size, Bulk Export for Generated PDFs, WhatsApp PDF Sharing for Customers, Full Customization Support, Personalized Cover Page Templates, Add QR Codes to PDF files, Send PDF As An Email Attachment and Many More.

How Did PDF Generator for WordPress Plugin Help Them Achieve Goals? (Most-Relevant Rated Features As Per Use)

Generate PDF Invoices and Payslips –

You can allow users to download the invoices and payslips post-purchase according to different order statuses. PDF plugin lets users download invoices after purchase on order statuses like “Processing”, “Completed”, etc. And you can program the WordPress PDF plugin to automatically add invoices to emails. Users can also download invoices and pay slips.

Send PDF As An Email Attachment –

WordPress Generate PDF plugin comes with a simplified form of sending out PDFs via clear email management, You can enable the option of sending out PDFs to the guest user’s email directly and send WordPress PDFs directly to users’ email addresses. They download the file from the mail or forward it effortlessly.

Add QR Code to Generated PDF Files –

This WordPress PDF Generator plugin allows you to place a QR Code in your generated PDF file. You can add a scannable QR code in your PDF file in the header, footer, and body section wherever you want to add it.

Design Comprehensive Cover Pages –

If you want to add a comprehensive cover page, you will find the option to add the company details or a detailed cover page customized for the client by using the PDF creator WordPress plugin. It eases you in giving out an exact message.

Footer Customization –

The PDF Creator WordPress plugin allows you to tailor the footer of your generated PDF files by adding a custom post name, author name, and post date.

How These Features Of PDF Generator For WP Pro Plugin Helped In Their Store’s Growth?

GEHRKE Media said that their customers are now able to download their products as PDF files and that is perfectly nice. Also, they are now able to add different information to PDF files. They have observed a 20% increment in traffic after giving the option to convert their product pages into PDF files.

A Short Quote From GEHRKE Media

“The extension has worked very well and my customer is very satisfied because it makes their work easier.”


Is The PDF Generator for WordPress Plugin Worth Recommendation?

Yes! I really love the solution and would recommend it to other of my customers. Great tool!

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