Addequa Essential is an offering from the web agency Addequa. It provides a simple, economical, and professional one-page website solution for businesses to present their information in a clear and effective manner.

Industry: Web Development

Shopping Cart: WooCommerce

Subscription for Woocommerce has features like Manual Subscription, Email Notifications to Customers, Manual Woo  Subscription Creation, Upgrade or Downgrade Subscriptions, Automatic Retrial for Failed Products, Manual Payments, API for details on Mobile App, WooCommerce Subscriptions Export WooCommerce Subscriptions function, and More.

Results & Outcomes

Ease of Subscriptions Management – 100%

Smooth Translation to French – 100%

What the company is all about?

Addequa Essential is an offering from the web agency Addequa. It provides a simple, economical, and professional one-page website solution for businesses to present their information in a clear and effective manner. 

The website is customizable to fit the needs, visual identity, and projects of the user. Users can choose a template and receive their website within 30 days to start their activities quickly. 

Addequa Essential’s websites are designed and hosted in an eco-friendly manner to minimize their carbon footprint.

What Were Their Challenges?

Addequa Essential wanted to implement a subscription program but most of their customer base was French and they weren’t able to find a reliable solution to implement a subscription program that also has the ability to translate the info into French.

Subscription For WooCommerce plugin helped them to easily implement and manage the Subscription program with French translation.

What Is The Solution And Where Did They Get That?

Addequa Essential faced difficulty finding a reliable subscription plugin that also offers translation in French. They added our Subscription for WooCommerce Pro plugin and started getting better results with the smooth workflow of subscription management.

With Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin, Addequa Essential got advanced features like Allow Multiple Quantities on Subscription Products, Create Instant Recurring Orders, Multiple Subscription Payment Gateways, the Ability To Accept Manual Payment for Subscriptions, and More.

One particular feature that they liked very much is WooCommerce One-Time Subscription. This feature allows you to assign a One-Time Subscription to users which can be very useful for trial purposes.

How Did Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro Plugin Help Them Achieve Goals? (Most-Relevant Rated Features As Per Use)

Automatic Retrying for Failed Products –

This Woo Subscriptions Pro plugin lets merchants re-attempt a failed recurring payment of a particular Woo subscription plan. Also, the admin can set the number of failed attempts after which WooCommerce recurring payments can be rerun.

Add Limitation on Free Trial Cancellation –

Subscription for WooCommerce  Pro allows you to limit how many times a customer can use the trial period of the subscription product after canceling it. So, the limit will prevent customers from taking many free trials and freeze cancellations until they pay.

Add Manual Subscriptions Order –

Subscription for WooCommerce Pro plugin offers a feature to Create Manual Subscriptions Orders. The admin can create and assign subscriptions to users manually. 

With this feature, the admin has full control over subscriptions, including the ability to set the subscription intervals, and subscription expiry intervals and add any products to the manual subscription depending upon his choice.

Allow Multiple Quantities on Subscription Products –

Woo Subscription Plugin allows customers to add multiple quantities of any Woo subscription product. So, If a customer wants Five cookie boxes, they can directly increase the number while shopping.

Create Instant Recurring Order –

Subscription Plugin allows you to place instant recurring orders on daily subscription products to test if the recurring payment method is working or not. This feature is limited to administrators only, allowing them to test various payment methods.

Subscription Renewal Order Refund –

WordPress subscription plugin processes refunds if the user prefers to cancel their WooCommerce payment subscriptions. You can send refunds through the same payment methods they used for purchasing subscriptions.

How These Features of Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro Plugin Helped in Their Store’s Growth?

After Installing Subscription for WooCommerce, Addeua Essential was able to easily set up and manage their subscription orders. According to them, it solved their biggest problem which was translation into French because their main customer base was the French audience.

A Short Quote From Addequa Essential

“After successfully implementing the plugin, we are getting initial good results”

– Addequa Essential

Is Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro Plugin Worth The Recommendation?

Addequa Essential gave our Subscription for the WooCommerce plugin a perfect 5 out of 5 recommendation score.

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