How to Create One Click Upsells on WooCommerce Store

At times, it may seem as though pricing and sales strategies are evolving along with the business sectors. To develop a sustainable business, some organizations prefer to downsell, while others rely on cross-selling and also create upsell offers to match their clients with appealing items. Didn’t get it?

Let me explain to you with an example:

I was recently planning to buy an office chair for myself. So I reached out to an online store. However, I didn’t want anything else but after I completed my shopping, they offered me chair cushions. Result? I bought them too.

This is the magic of one-click upsells. It makes people BUY things they didn’t PLAN for.

Furthermore, it benefits both customers and store owners. For the customers, it magnifies their experience by adding more value to their purchase. And for store owners, it increases their store revenue by increasing customer order value.

What Is WooCommerce One-Click Upsell?

Let’s begin by defining upsell in its most basic terms…

Upselling, to put it simply, is a sales strategy where you promote a related item or service in addition to the primary item(s) the customer is purchasing from your store.

It is regarded as an “easy” strategy as it takes advantage of the fact that the consumer is already a customer of yours and might be easily persuaded to buy an extra product during the transaction.

Customers frequently add these extra products and services to their shopping carts because of the bundle’s value since they are tied to the primary purchase.


Timing is key to creating a WooCommerce upsell funnel; the upsell offer needs to appear at the right moment. If the consumer receives the message too soon, they might not be interested, and if they receive it too late, they may have already completed the deal and the opportunity has passed.

Make sure the consumer doesn’t have to go through the checkout process again to purchase the upsell offer, WooCommerce post-purchase upsell plugin can help you with that(more below).

Now that you are familiar with the basics of upselling, let’s talk about the one-click WooCommerce upsell concept, where you can create upsell offers that work. A WooCommerce upsell plugin displays the offers at the checkout page to simply create upsell offers to the basket without having to enter their details again, as upselling performs best when the transaction is almost complete.

Additionally, because the buyer has previously expressed trust, there is a high likelihood that they will click through and raise the size of their order. In essence, HAPPY-HAPPY both ways— the customer and the company.

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Why Create Upsell Offers At WooCommerce Store?

one click upsell

These are a few things you’ll get if you offer and create upsell offers and WooCommerce One Click Upsells.

  • Provide value to customers: With every customer order, upselling strategies add value by suggesting complementary products or upgrades.
  • Revenue growth: Offering WooCommerce one-click upsell prompts customers to buy more products lifting their Order Value and revenue at your store.
  • Better customer engagement: The customers get an easy option to buy complementary products in a single click or display products other customers have viewed. This improves their shopping experience and increases the engagement rate.
  • Increase the sale of less-valued products: Offering 1-Click Upsell PopUp Offers increases the sale of complementary products that people don’t buy often.
  • Increase customer loyalty: Customers get the ability to select and upsell products that add more value to their initial purchase without letting them search for it. Eliminating their product browsing hassle makes their shopping easier and ensures that they will visit your store again.

Post-Purchase Upsells and Pre-Purchase Upsells

What Is A Pre-Purchase Sale Offer?

In this section, we will talk about, how to create a Post-purchase upsell offer. As the name suggests pre-purchase upsell occurs before the customer completes the transaction. The upsell product is included in the initial transaction (if approved).

You have to be a little more cautious with UX and strike the appropriate balance with pre-purchase upsell. With some pushy or unclear upsell offers, the last thing you want to do is scare away a consumer who would otherwise complete the deal.

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The Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce will allow you to create multiple offers on the checkout page in a few clicks.

Therefore, making the pre-purchase sales strategy “soft,” obvious, applicable, and simple to deny is crucial. If not, they might affect the total conversion rate and, in certain situations, actually cause a decrease in revenue.

Below is the screenshot of Amazon’s Pre-Purchase sale offer,

pre-purchase upsell

What Is A Post-Purchase Sale Offer?

Post-purchase sales strategy has a high acceptance rate – the fact that buyers don’t have to enter their payment information again. Everything is already filled in with data from the most recent transaction. It only takes a few clicks to initiate a transaction and charge.

In general, post-purchase sale offers are a terrific strategy for increasing your store’s sales and revenues, and it is also one of the best ways to create upsell offers. As the initial transaction has already been paid for, there is no conversion risk in this situation, therefore you can also be a little more aggressive.

You can upsell through mail once the customer has accepted the order as shown below.

post-purchase upsell

Now that you know the basics of pre-purchase and post-purchase upsell offers. Let’s discuss how we can get to create upsell offers with ease for conversions.

All you need is a one-click upsell WooCommerce plugin to put them up in your store. One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce is the plugin to go for! It’s light, simple, and above all, lets you do all the things I mentioned. Time to discuss how you can create One-click upsell offers with this plugin.

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On-Demand Features Of One-Click Upsell

Before we jump into the “On-Demand” features of the plugin, it is important to understand what the one-click upsell plugin is all about. 

The sole motive of the plugin is to make your customer’s buyers’ journey smooth and seamless. How? By creating WooCommerce post-purchase upsells. Customers can grab these with a single click and no hassle entering shopping details.

upsell one click funnel

The best part of this plugin is that you get to track the success of your cross-selling and upselling offers.

Now let’s jump into the unique features of the WooCommerce Upsell Plugin…

  1. Mobile Responsive/Optimized Templates: You get 8 provided pre-built templates that are customizable and mobile-friendly for creating WooCommerce upsell offers. Click Upsell funnel is customizable, where the merchants can use Elementor and other page builders for this purpose.
  2. Launch Global Funnels: Create global funnels that will launch after every purchase irrespective of product or category, providing an opportunity to convert more users.
  3. Funnel Sandbox Mode: Merchants can customize sales funnel templates & offer pages in sandbox mode and modify their elements before making them live. The one-click upsell funnel is only activated for admins in sandbox mode, not for live customers.
  4. Design Custom Offer Pages: Use the Elementor editor to create your custom templates and add your creative touch to the WooCommerce upsell funnels.
  5. Smart Offer Skip: The WooCommerce Upsell plugin’s smart offer upgrade shows customers an upgraded product post-checkout. If the customer accepts the offer, their current product is replaced with the offered upgrade.

In the following section, we will talk about how to seamlessly create upsell offers for your customers which will boost your profits in no time!

How One-Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce Works?

Once you’ve planned the One Click Upsell offers strategy and decided what you are going to pitch to your audience it’s time for implementation. You can either watch the video or follow the steps written below that you can follow to increase the efficiency of your eCommerce upsell offers.

1. Install One Click Upsell Funnel for WooCommerce Plugin

  • Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard. Under the Plugins tab, click on Add New

one click upsell plugin

  • Search for One Click Upsell Funnel. You’ll get the One-Click Upsell for WooCommerce plugin by WP Swings.

install WooCommerce upsell funnel

  • Click on Install Now and the plugin will start installing. Once the installation is done, activate the plugin

WooCommerce upsell funnel

Since the One-Click Upsell works with WooCommerce, make sure you’ve installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin first.

2.  Create Upsell Offers Funnel

  • Click on the 1 Click Upsell tab to access the plugin settings

one click upsell

  • Go to the Funnel List section and click on Create New Funnel to create upsell offers funnel.

create upsell offers

  • Select a target product and categories. This will trigger the upsell funnel if bought. You can select a single or multiple one-click upsell offers.

WooCommerce upsell funnel

  • Schedule your funnel accordingly. You can either trigger your upsell funnel on a single day of the week or trigger them daily
  • After selecting the target product for your funnel, you need to add the offer to your funnel.

3. Create An Offer For Your Funnel

  • Click on Add New Offer and select the offer product. This product will be offered as the upsell product after the checkout is done

create and add new upsell offer

  • Enter the discount in percent you want to offer on the upsell product
  • Set the redirection where you want to send the customers if they accept or reject the upsell offer. For example, you can add Offer #1 and Offer #2 and redirect the customer to Offer #2 if he/she rejects Offer #1

upsell funnel offer page

  • Choose the offer template and customize it accordingly. You get 3 different templates to offer upsell products

create upsell offers template

  • If you want to add your custom offer page instead of using predefined offer templates, you can click on Link To Custom Page field
  • If you want to add more upsell offers, just repeat all the sub-points of point #3
  • Save changes once your funnel is created.

This WooCommerce upsell plugin offers Sandbox Mode where you’re free to customize your upsell funnels before publishing them. Once you’re satisfied with your funnel, you can click on the toggle button to make the funnel live.

create upsell in WooCommerce

This is how your upsell funnel will look on your site.

Further, you can always opt for a pro version of the click upsell plugin for some extra services.

What premium version of one click upsell funnel for WooCommerce offers:

  • Variable and Subscription Products
  • Bundled Products
  • Category-Based Offers
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Premium Support

And more…

Customer Testimonials

We can now dive into the customer success stories and learn how individuals like you have leveraged the upsell plugins to achieve their business goals.

Kolagen Boost


Kolagen Boost is a perfect blend of technology and beauty that provides truly unique, exceptionally premium, collagen supplements, cosmetics, and products rich in minerals. A beauty brand that gives the result is a combination of ingredients with perfect ratios.

However, there is always a desire to develop and broaden the company. To expand further, they needed to serve both their current customers and more potential ones for which they needed to create a global funnel that can be presented each time a consumer purchases from their WooCommerce store.

They have witnessed a massive increase in their order value and sales rate after creating global funnels with our plugin as per the WooCommerce Upsell Case Study. Also, with a better understanding of their customer’s behavior and interests regarding offers, they can focus more on their efforts and the results they achieve. Results & Outcomes? Increase in Average Order Value – 20%, and Rise in Traffic – 5-10%.

To quote them,

“Increase in order value was the immediate benefit they saw after successfully implementing the One Click Upsell plugin by WP Swings”

– Kolagen Boost

The customer testimonials are considered to be the ultimate social proof.

Tips to Create The Best Money-Making Upsell Funnels

Now, you have understood how to create one-click upsells at your WooCommerce store. But you must also know which funnels work best. So here are some upselling tips to create the most fruitful upsell funnels at your WooCommerce store.

1. Don’t Add Too Many Offers To Your Funnel

The secret of upsells is that it works when you don’t force your products. Avoid adding too many products to your upsell funnel. By doing this, you’ll ruin the customer experience. And according to a report, after one negative experience, half of the customers never do business with that brand again.

A Pro Tip: Offer 2 products (one upsell and one downsell) at max. Don’t add more than 2 offer products in your funnel. This will not bother customers and improve their experience.

2. Exhibit Your Membership Or Affiliate Programs On The Thank You Page

The thank you page is a must as it collects order details and shows your gratitude towards the customers. And since every customer passes through it, you can use it as an opportunity to get more.

Instead of redirecting customers to a basic thank you page, offer them something more on it. You can add your affiliate program or membership forms on your thank you page. Using this practice can get you more subscribers to your program. Even if they don’t join, this will give great exposure to your programs and bring more traffic to these pages in the future.

3. Take Care of the Product Relevancy

One thing you should always make sure is that you offer products related to the initial purchase. Don’t add any random product as an offer product in your funnel just to boost its sales. Offer something that can add more value to the product. This will persuade the user to buy it instead of confusing them.

A Pro Tip: If you want to use upsell to boost sales of a specific product, you can offer it on the Thankyou Page. You can also create a global funnel with our plugin that will be triggered regardless of any target product or category. Just ensure the product you’re offering is relevant to the initial purchase.

4. Keep Track of Your Funnels

Tracking your funnel data will help you contemplate which funnels are performing best or worst. This will let you examine and improve your funnel performance. Keep an eye on the conversion rate of your funnels and track which target products customers are accepting and rejecting the most.

A Pro Tip: You can track the performance of every individual funnel. Moreover, you can also track the sales of your target and offer products on Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

5. Consider Adding Scarcity

This is one of Robert Cialdini’s six principles of persuasion – Scarcity!

It all comes down to one thing – Adding the element of scarcity, while you create upsell offers, is no doubt a controversial sales technique but there’s also no denying that it works.

A Pro Tip: Use this element but make it look natural. Example: adding a “limited time upsell offer” or incorporating a countdown timer over your shop page.

create upsell countdown timer

6. Don’t Pitch the Upsell Straight Away

The problem that almost all marketers face while they create upsell offers is the fear of confusing the customers. The more options you offer to your customers , the less likely they are to make the purchase. This phenomenon is called the Paradox of Choice. The solution here is to “only show” one-click upsell offers, once the customer clicks “on the buy now or yes” button.

This way you are simplifying the buying process for the customers, where they are evaluating each offer at a time, which makes them more likely to buy the core product and the upsell offered product.

7. Offer Bundled Budget Deals

This is another one of interesting upselling strategy. Where you create upsell offers in bundles. There is no shying away from the fact that customers love buying in bundles. 

Offering bundles increases the likelihood of customers buying such products more than buying one single product.

WooCommerce upsell bundle offers

A Pro Tip: Make sure you create upsell offers for relevant product bundles at attractive prices, which in a way pushes the customers to immediately add the deal to the cart.

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Time to Lift Up!

I’ll not say that you’ll start earning 20 times more than you earn right now after using this plugin. But this WooCommerce upsell plugin at your store will surely lift your revenue graph with time. You can try it right away and I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Just make sure you are:

  • Not adding countless upsell offer products
  • Not being salesy and forcing your products to the customers
  • Offering upsell products that relate to the initial purchase
  • Taking care of the customers’ buying experience

Keeping these points in your mind while creating your upselling strategies will get you sustainable revenue growth. And if you get stuck with any technical difficulties, our support team is 24/7 available.

Did I miss something? Or do you want to tell me anything regarding upsells that frustrates you the most? Write it in the comments section or you can fill the form below.

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