Tai San is an online eCommerce store that develops various medicines/health-related products with the mission of improving human health. Their store was able to launch a successful & Comprehensive loyalty program with the help of Points and Rewards for WooCommerce.


Industry: Healthcare

Shopping Cart: WooCommerce

Key Features:

  1. Redemption Settings 
  2. Product Purchase Through Points

Results & Outcomes

Number of Users Retained – 120 Users

What the company is all about?

Mr. Lin Tianmao who is the founder of Tai San was born in Taiwan and graduated from Taipei Technical College in 1966. He further moved to Hong Kong alone to work as an Engineer. Soon he realized that all his relatives were buying medicines from Hong Kong, so ideally Mr. Lin started selling medicines. After years of hard work, Mr. Lin has established a huge drug distribution network in many countries and regions in Asia.

The founder of Tai San believes in the concept of “Health is Wealth”, and that is exactly what the company stands for.

What Were Their Challenges?

Tai San was finding it difficult to launch a comprehensive loyalty program, which further made it difficult to retain more loyal customers. Tai San has a variety of different kinds of products to offer. They had a set of customers but developing a loyalty program to give something back to them became a problem statement.

What Is The Solution And Where Did They Get That?

Tai San started using Points and Rewards for WooCommerce Pro developed by WP Swings. The Points and Rewards plugin is meant to make loyalty programs for eCommerce and WooCommerce shop owners, and much more. Tai San was soon in a position to launch its very own successful and comprehensive loyalty program. They are still in the beginning stage but have already retained like 120 customers.

How Does Points And Rewards For WooCommerce Plugin Help Them Achieve Goals? (Most-Relevant Rated Features As Per Use)

Redemption Settings –

With the points and rewards, you can enable your customers to redeem the earned points by enabling the redemption settings.   The admin can allow their customers to redeem their earned points over the Cart page and Checkout page to get the discount.

Product Purchase Through Points –

Through the Product Purchase Points setting, the admin can buy products only by the points.  The admin can check this box to enable purchasing products through points.

How These Features Of Points And Rewards For WooCommerce Helped In Their Store’s Growth?

Tai San started using Points and Rewards for WooCommerce which is amongst our Bestsellers. They were able to launch a comprehensive loyalty program. They were also able to retain approximately 120 new users.

Is Points And Rewards For WooCommerce Plugin Worth The Recommendation?

From not being able to launch a comprehensive loyalty to successfully launching the same program in no time and retaining 120 new users. The support is very efficient and they know what they are doing. The plugin was given a 5-star rating.

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