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Look around yourselves, from highways and websites to safe-security systems and life-saving devices. These are all because of the hard-working individuals around us! Let’s take this engineers’ day as an opportunity to appreciate them. They are exceptional for all their hard work, and contributions.

They have a very unique superpower of changing the future. Not a lot of people have that! This one is for all the engineers out there— If you’re reading this: You’re the future, and we can’t keep engineering without you.

Today they are working and continuing the work of the past engineers. Because there always be questions to ask and problems to solve.


The main question is how do you actually celebrate this day? It is not just about celebrating but also looking toward the future. Recently, I watched a fascinating interview with the mechanical engineer, Rick Rodriguez, where he described an incident about his son coming up to him and asking him questions about the future. To which he replied —

“There are a lot of very creative and passionate people right now, out there addressing the issues. And the one that plays center stage is the engineer.”

It is also essential to not forget our roots. In the coming section, we’ll discuss the significance and the deep-rooted history of this day.

History and Significance of Engineers Day

We are celebrating engineers today, but you must be curious about the significance and history of the day.

In 1968, the government of India declared Sir M Visvesvaraya’s Birth Anniversary as Engineers’ Day. Since then, this day has been celebrated to acknowledge all engineers who have contributed and still do so to build a modern and developed India.

m visvesvaraya

But why Sir M Visvesvaraya? Well, there’s a single word — one-of-the-kind! He was exceptional with his work.

We have an example to showcase his brilliant work —

“In 1903, Sir M Visvesvaraya designed and patented automatic barrier water floodgates. Also called Block System, it had automated doors that close in the event of water overflow. It was first installed at the Khadakvasla reservoir in Pune.”

Keeping this and other works of him, on this Day, the nation pays tribute to Sir M Visvesvaraya.

Now that, you are well aware of your deep-rooted history. We can proceed with the other aspects of the blog.

Why Are Engineers Important for Society?

There are two kinds of people, that exist in this world. One who is aware of all the technological advancements and is grateful for the engineers. And, the other who is ignorant, and has no clue about it.

We’ll suggest you, be the first kind. Because in reality, we can not live without them.

Here is one such example, that portrays their importance of them:

Many individuals feel that engineering is just about physical hard work like mining or working in large manufacturing companies. Well, let me burst your bubble. That’s not the case.  In any factory, company, or laboratory, you’ll find one or more kinds of engineers.

Let’s hold this thought. Did you know that they are also linked with technology? The technology that is changing with each passing second is because of our brilliant engineers. They are working day and night to find solutions to problems.

Every electronic item is a part of your household be it your smartphone or a normal toaster through their hands. If it wasn’t for them, we would never have cell phones or smartphones in the first place. The same is with technology.

We have a mental exercise for you. Take a notebook and write that one impossible activity, which you feel can never happen. Now, wait for 5-10 years for it to happen. Did you ask how? Because of Engineers. Something that you might think is impossible, might just be the “next new thing” everyone is raving about.


From designing different products and softwares to testing them. They introduce several life-saving and changing theories and products every day.

Types of Engineers Around the World

career infographic

We have already explained in the previous sections that engineering careers can vary significantly from one another. It proves that the term “engineer” means different things in different contexts.

We won’t get into the depth of the types. But just talk about the basic responsibilities.

Mechanical Engineering

They are responsible for the design and manufacturing aspects of products and machines. It is one of the most diversified branches of engineering.

In fact, they have been responsible for creating things from spacecraft to microscale sensors and car parts.

Chemical Engineering

Are you someone who finds physics and microbiology interesting? Well, this is a suitable career option for you!

In layman’s terms, it is the use of a combination of engineering and science to aid in the processing of food, creating industrial chemicals, and making pharmaceuticals.

Civil Engineering

I am sure that the readers are well aware of this term. It is the most renowned of the professions.

Civil engineers are responsible for the city and any country’s infrastructure.

For example, they have created roads, bridges, dams, and buildings. Basically, without civil engineers, cities, as we understand them, wouldn’t exist.

Software Engineering

Software engineering like any other field is vast, filled with possibilities and roles of different kinds. In a nutshell — someone who uses the principles of software engineering to develop, design, maintain and evaluate different computer software.

There are mainly five types:

  1. Front-End
  2. Back-End
  3. Full Stack
  4. Software Engineer in Test (QA)
  5. DevOps
  6. Security

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Let’s See What They Have to Say About Engineers Day –


Challenges That They Go Through

After researching and going through several interviews of engineers worldwide, I have realized something. The hardships and the challenges are more or less the same.

engineering challenges

It is difficult for them to stay motivated. Because a lot of times at work they are supposed to find solutions for complex problems, this might get overwhelming.

Another common challenge was to find the right balance between work and personal life. I mean this is that one issue that all working professionals face today. But engineers get the short end of the stick because working with a computer can take you fully and eat all your time.

Do Your Bit, Say Thanks!

No one exactly knows how they will make a difference in society. But we are sure about the fact, that they will. New jobs and opportunities are bubbling up every day for the betterment of all of us.

Though it is easy to overlook the sheer amount of work that the engineers do, but it is inevitable to ignore the fact that there are new technologies and products introduced every second in the market.

There are many reasons why this occupation is an inevitable part of our society. The list can be never-ending. Without it, no new product would come. And even the older product will be outdated if they do not modify it.

This can be a great career if you are interested in finding out how things work and if you want to improve your day-to-day living.

About the Author: Muskaan Sabarwal

Muskaan Sabarwal is a content writer with a knack for telling stories, a flair for detail, and a hint of humor. She is passionate about creating valuable content on online platforms. She can blend conversion optimization and persuasion tactics like magic to share your brand's message.
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