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Can Tik-Tok marketing become your new best friend? Well, let’s see.

A few months ago, The New York Times ran an article titled “How Tik-Tok is reshaping the world?” Even if you shun social media, Tik-Tok will change how it operates, according to the byline.

Of course! Given that the app has 188 million new users in 2019, was the third-most downloaded in 2019, and has more monthly users than Twitter or Snapchat, Tik-Tok marketing is undoubtedly worth your time.

You already know how lame it was of us to believe that Instagram was a reliable platform for conducting business. It has its own shortcomings. Let us focus on Tik-Tok marketing for now.

What you’ll Get here…..

What Is Tik-Tok and Is It Good for Marketing?

Was indeed your business still contemplating whether it should invest in Tik-Tok marketing?

Current press coverage has apparently made you aware of Tik-Tok and Tik-Tok for Business. In fact, the app is so well-liked that it is causing tremors not only in the cultural but also in the political spheres.

If Tik-Tok weren’t undoubtedly the most widely new social media platform available, this kind of media controversy would never have occurred. Businesses ought to actually listen too if even the administration seems to be doing.

Fortunately, Tik-Tok for Business’ debut has leveled the playing field for companies. The time is now to take a deep dive into this new platform and see what it can do for your business, given the wealth of new features geared to boost brand engagement.

Even while more and more businesses are using Tik-Tok, there is still no real competition. Being an early adopter of a platform that could revolutionize the market is a fantastic opportunity right now.

So, What’s the Straightforward Response?

Tik-Tok is great for marketing because it is currently probably one of the best social platforms. With 1 billion monthly active users as of September 2021, the platform is aggressively expanding and is a wonderful spot for engagement and reaching out to a broad audience.

The benefit of Tik-Tok is that it merely calls for you to generate short video content. Extensive blog posts and videos won’t be too difficult for you to generate.

Any IDEA About the Engagement There?

I’m going to presume that you are the only person who knows about Tik-Tok because you work in marketing.

No worries here either.

Even though it makes me sad, I cannot identify as a member of the Generation Z generation.

It is indeed undeniable that Tik-Tok is a thrill to youngsters all around the world and an enigma to older folk. Apparently, between the ages of 16 and 24 account for 41% of users.

It’s worth noting that whenever the platform first debuted, more than 50% of its subscribers were under the age of 24. And it has seemed that although they have grown older, those initial users have remained on the website. demonstrating a continuous increase in the average generation of app users.

But while teenagers tend to use Tik-Tok predominantly, there is always a growing amount of viewers.

social engagement of teens on tiktok stat

Source- Marketing Charts

Around 2.6 million adult users were present in the US in 2017. Adults increased by almost treble, hitting an astounding 7.2 million, a year later. It is a favorite among US adult users, who rose by 5.5 percent during the year to reach 14.300 million.

I anticipate that this figure will keep rising.

Are you now enticed by the melody of Tik-Tok marketing? Look at the statistics below—

brand engagement stat on tiktok

Source- Marketing Charts

However, nothing else in the world of social media is spontaneous, in case you’ve forgotten. The effectiveness of social media, on either hand, relies entirely on the benevolence of its participants, and that is what we create of it.

Am I employing confusing jargon here?

I believe not really.

Watch this video of Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show in 2018.

It’s straightforward to see that this video made a significant contribution to Tik-Tok’s remarkable surge in popularity.

Consumers enjoy challenges as well as Jimmy Fallon.

As a result, whenever the popular host urged visitors to engage in a bunch of Tik-Tok contests, the app’s interaction and installs inevitably increased significantly. Furthermore, do not even presume Tik-Tok exists entirely for US people’s pleasure.

The app currently has 150 active users in China out of its 500 million active users globally. Tik-Tok seems to be especially popular in Asian countries such as Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Today, Tik-Tok is now available in 155 countries and 75 languages.

What’s New There-

Debunk the exclusive list of latest addon’s in Tik-Tok as an platform, and stay alert to find your suitable one among them—

1. Outstanding Search Feature of Tik-Tok—Trends Discovery Tool

Tik-Tok has added a brand-new trend research tool to help marketers keep on top of the platform’s biggest trends.

The feature, which can be accessible in Tik-Tok’s Creative Centre, is made to assist the user in understanding what is successful so they may become motivated and boost involvement on their video.

tiktok trend discovery

Customers can view popular music, creators, hashtags, and Tik-Tok videos.

Visitors can narrow their queries by business, including financial services, tech and electronics, sports and recreation, and more, under the hashtags feature. For Instance, If you’re advertising a financial brand, for example, and you discover that “inflation” is trending, it could act as a guideline for shaping future content.

Furthermore, marketers have the opportunity to tailor all kinds of inquiries by country. For illustration, while researching influencer marketing, advertisers can try searching who has the greatest number of fans and followers in a specific nation before clicking on the link to get in connection with them through the Tik-Tok Creator Marketplace.

2. Creator’s Marketplace

In today’s cutthroat industry, being original and innovative might help you stand out from the competition. To create a strong brand for your company, you must think creatively and utilize cutting-edge platforms. One illustration is the Tik-Tok Creator Marketplace, a global network of video makers, influencers, and artists.

tiktok creator marketplace

As Tik-Tok gains popularity, more and more companies are beginning to recognize the benefits of collaborating with the platform’s artists.

Getting your brand in front of Tik-Tok’s enormous audience may be done by joining the Tik-Tok Creator Marketplace and collaborating with some of the top creators there. The site is simple to use and gives you access to useful information so you can decide on your cooperation with confidence.

The Tik-Tok Creator Marketplace is the best option if you’re searching for a creative and enjoyable approach to develop your business. It’s time to sign up for Tik-Tok if you haven’t already.

3. #Tag Challenges & Branded Effects

Branded Hashtag competitions are effective since they boost product awareness mostly through user-generated content (UGC).

These tasks can be found on the Discover page of Tik-Tok. Users are taken to a customized landing page with information on the challenge, a link to the brand’s website, and UGC from Tik-Tokers who have already taken part when they click on one of the hashtags.

Because they are entertaining, branded hashtag challenges are particularly successful. These advertising allow users to be expressive and creative, which builds a meaningful connection among your business and your viewers, in contrast to in-feed or brand takeovers ads.

Sadly, the cost of these advertisements is also quite high. You must pay a one-time cost of $150,000 for a six-day challenge in order to run one.


How many outfit changes can you do for #Zstylenow challenge? Can you top Jaylyn? #sponsored

♬ Getaway – Official Sound Studio

With its branded effects, Tik-Tok borrows a page from Snapchat and lets businesses produce AR overlays that users of the app can incorporate into their movies. These can be successful because they stimulate audience participation, much like sponsored hashtag challenges.

However, they also come with a $100,000 price tag each impact, making them rather pricey.

4. Analytics Support

Accessibility to Tik-Tok Marketing Analytics so they may enhance their profile and evaluate, monitor, and review their post success. Analytics can help eliminate some of the guesswork involved in content strategy if your company is new to Tik-Tok. Learn what types of content your audience prefers.

Every Tik-Tok user has the ability to reach a huge audience because of the app’s over 1 billion active accounts, but not everyone does. Checking your Tik-Tok statistics is crucial for this reason. If you monitor the appropriate data, you can focus on the strategies that are most effective.

tiktok analytics

Analytics can remove some of the guesswork from your Tik-Tok marketing approach if your company is new to the platform. Tik-Tok Business accounts get access to insights that can influence everything including when to what you post.

5. Tik-Tok Conversations

A unique tool that enables users to interact with followers, enabling users to quickly respond to, like, pin, hide, and delete Tik-Tok comments. You can communicate with your Tik-Tok commentators directly using Tik-Tok Conversations.

When you click on a comment to respond to it, the commenter’s name will be included in your message automatically. After entering your comment in the textbox, click Reply. Your comment will be threaded, much like on Tik-Tok.

tiktok conversations

6. Offer Live Subscriptions

Live Subscription, a monthly subscription which would provide users more access to the best creators, was launched by Tik-Tok.

Tik-Tok’s Live Subscription will begin this month as an invite-only programme but is anticipated to go global in the months that followed. The feature that offers Live Subscription aims to increase authors’ incomes while growing and engaging with their communities.

Subscribers to specific creators will get–

  • Subscriber Badges – Over time, subscribers can improve the badges displayed next to their names on their profiles.
  • Customized Emotes- Created specifically by creators for use during Live Sessions are known as custom emotes. According to a blog post on Tik-Tok, these are intended to “bring the community together and make your sessions more passionate.”
  • Subscriber-Only Chat- A forum for communication between creators and their subscribers.

Does Your Brand Marketing Strategy Involves Subscription Offerings, but Lacking a Support???

Don’t worry, check out our very own outstanding product i.e. Subscription for WooCommerce. For better clarity of features and working, do refer the links below–

Creators must be at least 18 years old and have 1,000 followers or more in order to use the Live Subscription function. Furthermore, users have to be 18 or older to buy a subscription and give or collect Coins and Gifts. It is prohibited for creators to request for gifts or to provide rewards for donating.

The action is a cornerstone of Tik-Tok’s willingness to bring creators a broader variety of revenue possibilities.

7. Expansion in Long Form Content Too

Tik-Tok started rolling out the potential to generate videos that are three minutes in length in July 2021. Since then, the app has trialed even longer videos, and currently all users can watch 10-minute videos. Some users received a clear signal from the app inviting them to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length from their device under the Account Updates section.

Before using the functionality on your app or tiktok.com, make absolutely sure you’re operating the most current edition of Tik-Tok. Tik-Tok originally just offered one alternative for 15-second videos, but it has since recognized the importance of continuously adding new capabilities in a way to lure more users and businesses.

What’s special in this???

Despite the fact that Tik-Tok’s rapid ascent to fame was built on an endless stream of brief videos designed to grab users’ attention, the firm has been promoting longer material for some time. Longer videos help Tik-Tok compete more effectively with YouTube, which has a strong preference for long-form content. They also help the app draw in an older audience and extend users’ time spent on the platform.

A shift to longer content, however, would end up hurting the company because it would be unable to gather as much information on users’ viewing patterns, which would otherwise enable it to tailor the algorithms that draw viewers in the first place. In other words, finding the ideal content length involves striking a balance.

8. Tik-Tok’s Very Own Brand Safety Center

February saw many statements from Tik-Tok on the app pertaining to security, safety, and wellness. Upgrades to the Community Guidelines were first made, with an emphasis on the threatening acts and challenges policy, a growth of the unhealthy relationship with food method, explanation of the hatred philosophies that are not permitted on the platform, and an augmentation of the policy to “safeguard the security, integrity, accessibility, and durability” of the platform.

A short while later, they announced a new Brand Safety Center that “would act as a central hub for all insights, articles, collaborations and other information related to brand protection and disclosure at Tik-Tok.”

9. Offer Resharing

A new Repost button for Tik-Tok is reportedly being launched; it will work the same way to Twitter’s retweet capability.

While texting, messaging, and other social media platforms are already common methods for Tik-Tok consumers to upload content, users will shortly be able to make content appear right on their FriendsFor You feeds.

The button is easily accessible from the Share menu.

10. Lead Generation Through Tik-Tok Ad’s

The new Instant Page shopping display option for Tik-Tok is intended to speed up the consumer experience and is “a lightweight native landing page…that loads up to 11 times faster than regular mobile pages.”

Instant Page enables users to “watch movies and images, swipe through carousels, or click on buttons to explore another destination – all without leaving the Tik-Tok app,” and is now accessible for all In-Feed Ads formats globally. All initiatives measuring traffic, conversion, reach, and video views can make advantage of Instant Pages.

And the best one comes here….

11. With a New WooCommerce Integration, Tik-Tok Expands Into eCommerce

With the use of influencer marketing and hashtags like #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, many advertisers are using Tik-Tok to sell their goods.

According to Tik-Tok’s own research, 48 percent of users have found a product or service on the platform and immediately purchased it once in the previous year, while 58 percent of Tik-Tok users utilize the platform to learn more about new products or businesses.

Tik-Tok has stated it will introduce the new WooCommerce integration in order to further improve the platform’s ability to do online business. i.e. Tik-Tok for WooCommerce by Tik-Tok for Business officially available on the platform.

tiktok for woocommerce

Brands will be able to integrate their shop catalogs, install the Tik-Tok Pixel for campaign performance tracking, and create commercials to streamline the promotion of particular products thanks to the new interface.

Before connecting it to Tik-Tok Marketing, advertisers must first create a WooCommerce product catalog. Brands may utilize the Smart Video Generator tool to produce in-feed advertisements, lead generation ads, spark ads, and more from the WooCommerce dashboard.

This integration is definitely a major push to the Tik-Tok marketing vibe in the eCommerce platforms. Many brands would go Ga-Ga over it.

What’s the Scope to Grow eCommerce on Tik-Tok?

From the start, I’m saying you can grow your brand on Tik-Tok with full pace…. But, how, and what are the grounds on basis of that, don’t stress let me detail you a few here—

Many Brands Still Lack Presence on the Platform, an Opportunity With Cause…

Tik-Tok marketing can be a game-changer for businesses because there’s not much competitiveness on the network. Although even in an emerging industry doesn’t really ensure that matters will have to go well.

While using Tik-Tok for business, one thing to keep in mind would be that a view can eventually wind up being nothing more than a view. On Tik-Tok, growing viral and obtaining a good amount of views can appear exactly your end goal, but the content of the viewers and following is what works essential, just like with any other type of marketing content.


Entering Tik-Tok specifically for the purpose of using content that just doesn’t precisely represent your business to go down a treat gives the wrong impression.

You potentially turn off prospective, loyal fans and refuse to understand the intricacies of your business to prospective clients.

Several of the viewers you gradually achieve might not be interested with your products or services, but instead with particular videos. This hampers the long-term growth of the company on the marketplace. Your objectives of the company must influence everything you publish on Tik-Tok. While it can be exhilarating, accumulating views and followers is eventually just a matter of survival.

Businesses would have a greater opportunity to obtain comparable levels of effectiveness on their own channels with the appropriate Tik-Tok strategy and interesting content.

Multi-Niche Engagement an Addon Benefit for Tik-Tok Marketing, Yet Quite Tricky to Engage

Tik-Tok is a platform that can offer a broader pace for a brand to expand their reach. Yes, undoubtedly you can grow in less time here. Just the tip is that—you need to be more specific or be clear about your plans to grab your kind of audience here from the mass available.

It is quite true that most of the people viewing your content posted might not be directly or indirectly interested to view that or even related to that. So, it is very crucial to move in with the proper strategy of —No Disappointment for Anyone.

Your content must be promotional yet with a spice of entertainment and creativity within to spark up the engagement from the people belonging to other curbs.

Can Easily Create Emotional Connect With Your Personalized Ads, Smooth and Effective

In a recent analysis, Tik-Tok asserts that its ads are more recalled than on other platforms or even TV campaigns. Emotive response measuring also reveals that Tik-Tok ads are more likely to provoke a buy response when certain crucial triggers are present.

tiktok ad holister

The research, carried out by the neuroanalytics company Neuro-Insight, involved 57 in-lab people between both the ages of 18 and 35 who participated in “neuro research” (i.e., brain reaction measurement).

cross platform enagement tiktok stat

The study showed that Tik-Tok videos cause a wide variety of relevant responses to brand content. First, the researchers analyzed “emotional valence,” which evaluates how likable anything was in a promotional video and how that correlates to in-the-moment action. As you can see, Tik-Tok promotions produce higher intent to react than efforts on some other social media platforms.

frequency od tiktok ad engagement stat

The interpersonal relevance of the content is related to the auxiliary vector “Engagement,” which has the strongest correlation to recall.

Require a Listful of Marketing Tactics That Assure Success???

A strong business growth strategy entails more than simply launching a campaign and waiting for new leads to arrive. Rather than focusing on a single strategy, getting the correct growth marketing tactics is the BEST to put in as it will analyze your entire business funnel from top to bottom.

These are some fascinating statistics that illustrate the possibilities for Tik-Tok marketing to connect with viewers and elicit engagement. The statistics does indicate that Tik-Tok can offer significant benefits for those marketers who could use it correctly, and although, as I said earlier, this is proportional to the effectiveness of your unique approach.

Planning to Speed -Up Your Brand Promotion Utilizing Social Media??

You’re at the right place. Building a brand is a desire of every business. There are many ways through which a brand can build its reputation like Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization.

What Are the Most Genuine Yet Curious Q/A’s to ASK Right Now???

Till, here….I guess all Tik-Tok marketing misconceptions have been resolved yet you’ve motivated enough to move-in with more power. If you resonate with my words, then definitely there must be some Q/A’s popping out…..yes….no…..aha….maybe.

I was getting an urge to ask them, when I first started researching about the topic, let’s resolve them first.

How Do I Set up a Tik-Tok Account For My Business or Brand’s Tik-Tok Marketing?

Chill….Do not worry if you are new to social media marketing; Tik-Tok offers excellent guidance. The Tik-Tok Creator Portal provides guidelines on several facets of the app’s advertising.

When it comes to content strategy, the portal makes recommendations for formats based on your goals, the spacing between captions, the right duration of the video, and the use of creative effects.

tiktok for business

The secret to making advertising profitable is the art of storytelling, not the act of selling. Instead of using traditional advertising, you convey your message through lessons, vlogs, and everything in between; it is a story with a beginning, middle, and finish.

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals, you’ll need to create a Business Account, which is different from a Personal Account.

There are four options for doing so:

  1. Click on Settings and Privacy.
  2. Click Manage Account from the menu.
  3. By choosing it under Account Control, you can change to a business account.
  4. Next, pick a category: From these choices, which include Arts & Crafts, Gaming, Electronics, Media & Entertainment, and Other, Tik-Tok Marketing potential keeps expanding.

Lil Bit on Tik-Tok Ad’s for Tik-Tok Marketing

Marketers often limit the video length between nine and 15 seconds when advertising on Tik-Tok, whether it be to grow a fan base, sell products, or raise brand awareness. The platform provides the following five ad formats—

  • In-Feed
  • Brand Takeover
  • TopView
  • Branded Effects
  • Branded Hashtag

The sort of advertising your brand uses will affect the cost of your Tik-Tok marketing campaign. Tik-Tok commercials typically start at $10 per 1,000 views (CPM), with a minimum campaign budget of $500.

tiktok ads

A Branded Hashtag is the most expensive choice; it is said to cost an average of $150,000 to have your challenge appear in the app’s Discovery banner.

How Do I Create Interesting Stuff for My Brand’s Tik-Tok Marketing?

According to Jordan Evans, founder and CEO of Motion, a Tik-Tok marketing firm, “If you’re a brand on Tik-Tok you need to understand why people use the app in the first place.”

create engaging content tiktok

You must make sure that your material fulfills one or more of these objectives since Tik-Tok users want to be entertained, informed, or inspired.

Keep in mind that every video is vying for viewers’ attention. This is why, according to Turinay, “the audience needs to immediately realize that there will be a purpose to their video and they will probably receive a reward at the end for watching the whole thing.” “The reward can be a joke, a twist in the story, a revelation, or any kind of happy resolution.”

For My Brand Promotions or Tik-Tok Marketing, Do I Truly Need Those Influencers and Creators?

A creator who has cultivated a fan base around a particular market or genre is an influencer. Once a Tik-Tok ‘ker joins the community, many opportunities become available to them, including working with businesses, publishing sponsored content, organizing events, and joining the Tik-Tok Creator Program.

The path to an influencer-brand collaboration can be started by getting to know these producers, finding out their fees, and presenting them with your business idea.

tiktok influencers

The best storytelling results from collaboration with creators and fosters deeper user connections: The relationship is made more meaningful by including them in the story of your brand by encouraging them to Duet, Stitch, remark, etc. with you and your creators.

Witness!!! Live Examples of When Tik-Tok Marketing Done Right

Below is the list of few remarkably outstanding examples of when brands engage Tik-Tok for their marketing and promotional needs-


Thanks to Duolingo’s interactive movies that feature a bird doing entertaining things, Duolingo currently has over 1.4 million followers. On Duolingo Tik-Tok, new trends are frequently posted, keeping users interested in having fun while learning new languages.

duolingo tiktok ad


Anybody admirers of British humor? To build their brand range, leading fashion label Burberry got to open up their approach by joining Tik-Tok and launching the hashtag challenge known as #TBChallenge.

Participants were assigned the task of physically replicating the new Thomas Burberry Monogram motif in unlocking a new lens.

burberry ads tiktok

According to Business of Fashion, the challenge generated 30.000 videos and 57 million views.

Refer the Resource to Learn- How to Get Most of Your Product Videos??

Yes, heard me right. WooCommerce product videos act as an effective marketing tool for converting targeted audiences into the regular customers.

Hero Cosmetics

Hero Cosmetics, the miraculous pimples patch, is a business that was born in the digital age. They utilized Tik-Tok as a consequence for their campaigns.

They thereby exceeded the business’s Instagram effectiveness.

20 creators posted videos of their morning routine using the hashtag #schoolsurvivalkit they devised for their marketing “Get ready with me,” which used the brand’s Mighty Patch products.

hero cosmetic tiktok ad

Hero Cosmetics discovered that the campaign was cheaper and more convenient than Instagram Stories, with such a 12 percent user engagement vs 4.5 percent for Instagram.

The Washington Post

Since opening its account in May, the American daily newspaper has now become well enough on Tik-Tok.

Its purpose is to acquire the younger app users’ confidence and acquaint them with the Post’s journalism.

wp post tiktok ad

Dave Jorgeson, who oversees the Washington Publishes Tik-Tok, says he hopes to ultimately be using the site to publish videos that will instruct and entertain at the very same time. They post hilarious, captivating videos which have gained over 309 K followers.

Essence over Extravaganza

The platform Tik-Tok is still extremely fresh. It was first made accessible in 2016 and only truly started to gain prominence in 2018 after its parent company opted to combine it with the presently Musical.ly. Even more recently, Tik-Tok for Business will debut in July 2020.

As a result, Tik-Tok is open to ideas and fresh ideas. Even if they have a significant presence on Facebook and Instagram, plenty of firms have still not made the change to Tik-Tok. The New York Times, Subaru, CVS Pharmacy, and, it’s difficult to believe, Pepsi are just a few instances of brands who aren’t on Tik-Tok.

From a marketing and business standpoint, Tik-Tok is still among the early adopters. You have less competition as a newcomer to the site, and fewer household names are vying for the same target consumers.

The market may be untapped, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be simple to succeed. It’s probable that one of the reasons so many well-known people haven’t created profiles on Tik-Tok. Because they are unsure of what kind of material to create.

That is entirely understandable; Tik-Tok for Business is so fresh that creating a successful version requires creativity and a keen sense of current culture. Without the appropriate substance, you’ll merely come out as a joke.

What is the solution? Join the network, probably watch content, and start brainstorming. Discover different things let’s that’s where they take you since there are absolutely no restrictions.

  1. Get familiar with Tik-Tok and First Become a Pro Consumer of Tik-Tok Content
  2. Audit Tik-Tok Content Produced in Your Space, Including By Your Competitors
  3. What Are You Going to Promote and How Will You Measure Success?
  4. Post Regularly – But Create Space to Experiment
  5. Track Your Tik-Tok Marketing Progress

Still need some hand-holding? Let’s work together to create your own Tik-Tok marketing strategy!! Connect with us on comments.

Happy Tik-Tok’ ing !!!

About the Author: Bhagyashree A Awasthi

A dev-turned-writer, Bhagyashree. She has been this way because of her passion for reading and blogging. She has always been an avid reader of; books, narratives, etc. Her urge to explore new things is what fuel her enthusiasm. Reading, being outside, and traveling are her favorite free time activities. Rather than just a mere profession, she views content creation as an emotion.
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