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Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce Pro
(26 customer reviews)

$59.00 / year

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Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce Pro

(26 customer reviews)
Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce Pro

Upsell Order Bump offer for WooCommerce, for maximizing your shopping experience. Merchants can discover exclusive upgrades at WooCommerce upsell and cross-sell offers on the checkout page & one-time single checkout to elevate your purchase to unparalleled heights. Also enables them to bump sell the products on their platform.

Upgrade your online shopping experience with our premium order bump for WooCommerce!

  • Smart Skip to skip the bump offers if already purchased
  • Offer Upgrade to offer an upgrade on the existing purchase
  • Create multiple WooCommerce bumps to offer funnels
  • Improve order value by offering complementary products to customers
$69.00 $59.00 / Year (Save $10)
  • Recurring Payments
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 24x7 Customer Care
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Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce Pro encourages customers to buy related/complementary products to increase conversions and impulse purchases. With the order bump plugin, you can:

  • Evergreen Timer: The admin can utilize this Order Bump feature to incorporate an evergreen timer on the checkout page, which automatically resumes whenever the page is refreshed.
  • Bump Recommendations: Merchants can set bump recommendations for bump sell, which will reflect when the customer is adding a product to their cart. This is the ultimate upselling hack for boosting sales.
  • Product Type Availability – Simple, Variable, Subscription: The merchants can create WooCommerce order bumps and offer a cart funnel for simple, variable, and subscription products through the upsell order bump pro plugin.
  • Duplicate Your Order Bump Upsell Funnels: Once the WooCommerce order bump offer is designed and if you want to clone the offer, the whole upsell WooCommerce will be created automatically in just one click
  • Template Customization with Live Preview: With the WooCommerce order bump, admins can select & customize the template design to your requirements. And also preview the real-time changes in the template.
  • Unlimited & Multiple Order Bumps:  The merchants can create just a single order bump offer with the WooCommerce upsell plugin free version. But the pro version provides the ability to create unlimited WooCommerce bump offers. 
  • Bump Offer Product Quantity: Upsell order bump, has two ways to show & set the quantity on bump offer. The first one is static quantity change and the second is variable quantity change.
  • Arrow on Offer Box: The merchants can utilize this feature of the Upsell Plugin WooCommerce’s pro version to add an arrow on the offering box for WooCommerce at checkout page.
  • Global Order Bump: With this feature, you can add all the WooCommerce upsell products on your site for order bump offers. This feature will show the bump offer by selecting all the products on your site. 
  • Countdown Timer: One of the easiest strategies to boost conversions and elevate sales is to use a countdown timer on smart offers WooCommerce to help you generate urgency in your store and scarcity in your products.
  • Set Custom Order Success Page: Order Bump plugin is taking customization and personalization to a whole new level. The admin can now customize and make their very own order success page.
  • Recommendation Product With Discount: Admins can also add discounted prices for the product recommendation section. There are two kinds of discounts – fixed and percentage.
  • Cart Upsell: The Merchants can now show WooCommerce order bumps on the cart page as well. They can also position the order bumps as per their requirements.
  • Pop Up on Exit Intent: Display sales pop-up screen of the WooCommerce upsell product image when the customers are exiting your website, and take upselling to the next level.
  • Bump Recommendation on Cart Page: Admins can also show the WooCommerce order bump recommendations on the cart page along with the discount percentage or whatever type of discount they choose.

Quick Info

  • Compatible up to: WP 6.2.x, WC 7.8.x

  • Minimum PHP version: 7.3.5 or Higher

  • Version: 2.2.3 Version History

  • Last update: Nov 08, 2023

Out of 5 Stars
Based on 26 reviews

Top Features

Evergreen Timer

The admin can utilize this Order Bump for WooCommerce feature to incorporate an evergreen timer on the checkout page, which automatically resumes whenever the page is refreshed. But, there’s a catch here, the timer will resume at the exact time that the admin inputs, while enabling this feature.

Bump Recommendations

With this feature of the WooCommerce bump offer, the merchants can set bump recommendations for bump sell, and different products listed on their platforms, will reflect on the product and cart page when the customer adds a product to their cart. This is the ultimate upselling hack for boosting sales.

WooCommerce Upsell Popup

WooCommerce upsell popup feature gives you the option to display the sales pop-up screen of the WooCommerce upsell products image or title as per your choice at the checkout page. With the enhanced setting you can choose whether to show a popup or not using the radio button.

New Templates and Customization

You can now use and customize any of the uniquely created templates designed for your stores. With them, it not only gets easy to develop upsell order bump offers but also, you can set them at a lower price to make the purchase appear like a no-brainer when your consumer is checking out.

Carousel On Offer Image

The order bump plugin, feature lets the images slide in from right to left; i.e. will highlight your image and give you plenty of room to add more images to seal the deal. After 5 seconds of a customer landing on your product page, the carousel will slide the WooCommerce order bumps on the screen.

Arrow On Offer Checkbox

Add an arrow on the offering box for Woocommerce upsell at checkout to emphasize more on the offer and make it attractive to customers. Transform the arrow into a variety of colors and catch your user’s attention while browsing. Test out various styles of smart order bumps.

Timers On Offers To Create Urgency

One of the easiest strategies to boost conversions and elevate sales is to use a countdown timer on smart offers WooCommerce to help you generate urgency in your store and product scarcity. This order bump upsell feature will let customers act fast and make a purchase.

Offer Background Color

Change in the background color of WooCommerce order bump offer box is as per your choice with the latest offer background color feature. You can easily get the chance to attract users towards the offer by choosing & customizing the righteous color combinations increasing sales.

Unlimited Order Bump Offers for WooCommerce Upsell Products

With the order bump upsell plugin, the merchant can create as many WooCommerce Order Bump offers as they like. By creating unlimited upsell offers, the admins will be in a position to show your customers and attract them on the basis of specific criteria.

Offer Image Size Customization

The merchants can alter the size and appearance of your order bump product offer with this specific feature. Show your consumer personalized WooCommerce upsell offers at the checkout as order bumps by adjusting the offer image’s size to your convenience.

Set Minimum Cart Value For Order Bump

The admins can utilize this feature for upsell order bump carts and will make sure that the Minimum order amount is met. Set a specific minimum order value in Cart and Checkout page, that will enable you to offer products in accordance with the parameters of your choice.

Multiple Order Bumps

Merchants can show multiple offers as order bumps on a single checkout page. They can create WooCommerce bump offer funnels for every product on their WooCommerce store by displaying various WooCommerce order bumps offered during checkout.

Global Order Bump

The admin can add all the products on your site for WooCommerce order bump offers. They can show the bump offer by selecting all the products on your site. Admins can show more than one bump at a time. To set that go to Global settings and set the number of bumps you want to lead like 2,3 or more.

Priority Based

With this feature, upsell order bump offers can be created as per priority as well. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, and you have set three order bump offers and want to show the third one to the customer on checkout. You can set the priority for the same.

Role-Specific Funnels

The WooCommerce Upsell plugin offers the admin a chance to create funnels that can be limited to specific WooCommerce user roles for example if a user is logged in as a subscriber, the user can only see the products of bumps set by the admin. This helps in targeting customers effectively.

Duplicate Your Order Bump Upsell Funnels

With Upsell Order Bump for WooCommerce, Once the admin has created a specific WooCommerce order bump offer that is designed in accordance with your company and if they want to clone the offer, the whole upsell WooCommerce will be created automatically in just one click.

Custom Image

The merchant can change the default bump offer product image from the funnel setting and replace it with a custom image, that meets the requirements of your WooCommerce store. Now, create your own custom WooCommerce order bumps offers for every sales funnel.

Multiple Locations

Merchants can utilize this feature to boost sales, WooCommerce Bump offers can be displayed in multiple locations on the Checkout Page. You can display them as “Before Order Summary”, “Before Payment Gateways”, “After Payment Gateways”, and “Before Place Order Button”.

Template Customization with Live Preview

WooCommerce bump order enables the merchants to customize order bump offers and view Live Preview at the same time. Live Preview is available for Template, Design, and Content. Live Preview Customization helps in creating appealing Order Bumps for your WooCommerce store.

Order Bump Offer Scheduling

Admins can make Order Bumps that can be scheduled for specific weekdays which can make them (offers) exclusive and available only for that set period of time. It can be daily, on weekdays, or on weekends. The “Limited Time” offer creates a sense of urgency for the customers.

Customer Satisfaction and Product Visibility

The product visibility feature of the WooCommerce order bump plugin improves the customer experience by eliminating the hassle of browsing products. Also, it gives exposure to products on your that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. Merchants can utilize this to their benefit.

Order Bumps Reporting

Online store owners can track the performance of every WooCommerce order bump offered through the specially designed Behavioral Analytics feature. Merchants get a chance to learn in-depth about your bump and offer the funnel’s performance for a specific frame of time.

Target Products

Target products and product categories for showing pre-checkout upselling and cross-selling bump offers on the checkout upsell WooCommerce page. Setting up the target product allows you to create related upsell WooCommerce offers that will appear for the appropriate category.

Set Custom Order Success Page

Customize your order success page. You can do this by creating a page first. After successfully creating a page, click on the “quick edit” button, to get the “slug” of the created or existing page. Copy the slug, and paste it into the field. After doing this, you and your customers will see the checkout success page, that you have customized.

Recommendation Product With Discount

With this feature of Upsell Order Bump, admins can also add discounted prices for the product recommendation section the cart and product page. There are two kinds of discounts that the admin can choose from – fixed discount and percentage discount. This enables admins to set a discounted price for the existing prices for these products.

Cart Upsell

The merchants can utilize this feature, to display the different bump offers on the cart page. They also get a chance to choose the location of bump offers, whether they want to show it “after cart total”, “after cart section”, or “before cart total” as per the convenience of the merchant.

Pop-Up on Exit Intent

The WooCommerce upsell popup feature can be the ultimate upselling hack for your online store, as it gives you the option to display the sales pop-up screen of the WooCommerce upsell product image or title as per your choice when the customer is exiting your website.


Compatibility With One Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce

The Upsell Order Bump Offer plugin is compatible with the One Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce Free and One Click Upsell Funnel For WooCommerce Pro which allows customers to create post-purchase upselling offers to increase average order value (AOV) and boost sales.

Compatibility With WooCommerce Gift Cards

This WooCommerce Order Bump plugin is compatible with the Ultimate Gift Cards For WooCommerce Free and Gift Cards For WooCommerce Pro allows your customers to redeem their gift cards and earn even more discounts. This will allow the merchants to offer more payment options to their customers for the bump offers.

Compatibility With Subscriptions For WooCommerce

Order Bump for WooCommerce is compatible with the Subscriptions For WooCommerce Free and Subscriptions For WooCommerce Pro allows your customers to create upsell offers on subscription products. This will increase the range of product offerings for customers.

WPML Compatibility

Our plugin is compatible with the majority of the popular themes and plugins that you might require. WPML compatibility is also included; this will enable your users to access content in their native language. So whether it is in Arabic or Hebrew language the upsell plugin will support it.

CheckoutWC Compatibility

The Upsell Order Bump Plugin is now compatible with CheckoutWC, which provides customers with optimized checkout templates that will help merchants to improve their conversion rates. The users can now run upsell order bump offers seamlessly without any hiccups!

Free Vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Template Customization with Live Preview
Offer Background color
Category Based Offers
Product Based Offers
Sandbox Mode
Bump Offer Scheduling
Responsive Offer Design
Simple Product Support
Variable Product Support
Offer Reporting
Enable Permalink On Product Title And Image
Add Custom Image
WPML Compatibility
Bump Offer Appearance as a Popup
Set Custom Order Success Page
Simple Order Bump Offer
Smart Offer Upgrade
Smart Skip If Already Purchased
Multiple Order Bumps
Restrict Woo Coupons
Meta Forms
Exclusive Limits
Duplicate Your Order Bump Upsell Funnels
Bump Offer Product Quantity
Global Order Bump
Bump Offer Priority
Role-Based Bump Offers
Arrow on Offer Box
Countdown Timer
Minimum Cart Value For Order Bump
Offer Image Size Customization
Bump Offer Appearance as Popup
Recommendation Product With Discount
Cart Upsell
Pop Up on Exit Intent



26 reviews for Upsell Order Bump Offer For WooCommerce Pro

  1. Dr. Peter Naydenov

    The support is really 24/7, and very helpful and friendly. I suggest that you use Zoom, Skype, Viber or another screen-sharing software, it will make things even easier.

  2. Victor

    Very helpful plugin!
    The support is also very reactive when you need help!

  3. Margarita

    Very helpful!

  4. Adrian Kaproń

    Great support !

  5. Jorunn

    Installed the free version of upsell order bump, and ran into a problem, but thanks to prompt response from the support team the problem was resolved.

  6. Stéphane GELY

    Very good and proactive service. My question was answerd very fastly and professionaly. Thanks

  7. Maguspace

    Have been using this plugin for about a year. Plugin really works, people pretty often buy products from this upsell. PRO version really gives us comfortable ability to create multiple upsell products with different activations (if one category is added to cart, then this specific product is upselled)

    About support, very fast-responding, quickly helped me to resolved design issues too.

  8. Aparna Nichat

    Great customer support! It really helped me to solve my queries.

  9. John Hilmer

    Nice and fast support :)

  10. Abhishek Kumawat

    Very good support, reactive and pro. Recommend order bump plugin!

  11. Victor

    Easy to use Upsell Order Bump, great support at any time. 100% recommended.

  12. tope adeoye

    Plug in was installed smootlhly , however I had some issues. Ishant was available immediately to help me toubleshoot, stayed on while I ran some test orders and issues was resolved in under 5 minutes. Fast, Responsive and perfect customer experience. Thank you so much.

  13. Joseph Read

    Does what it says. Customer support was also really nice!
    Thanks !

  14. Søren Rasmussen

    I had a problem after installing and activating the upsell order bump pro version.
    Possibly this conflicted with some of the other plugins I had installed.
    I contacted wpwing’s support with the problem, which after a short time made it all play again.

    Best regards
    Soren Rasmussen

  15. Milly Zwaan

    Wat een fijn programma! Ik werk er goed mee en de service van de helpdesk is geweldig en super snel!

    What a great program! It work well and the service from the help desk is great and super fast!

  16. Kuba

    Very good support, reactive and pro. Recommend!

  17. Shaili

    Had some problem with the plugin (amazing order bump upsell plugin, I use it for a few years now) and I contacted WP Swings support, problem solved within 5 mintures/ Great support!

  18. Nakamoto

    Great customer support this upsell order Bump plugin makes you more money on your store as simple as that thank you !!

  19. Sam

    Great customer support! It really helped me when an update to the plugin went wrong. Thanks!

  20. Ethan Chin

    The team went above and beyond to customize the (pro) plugin and to make it work with our site. Great support and great team behind the plugin. Would recommend getting the pro version of this plugin, especially if you need upsell functionality on your store.

  21. yotam

    very professional help! in just a few minutes i got the upsell running live!

  22. robert Willemse

    This guys helped us out! WAUW! We had an technical issue to let the order bump plugin work. They helped us out very kindly with a lot of effort. Thanks guys.

  23. ESB

    Support Mayank is patient and attentive, nice experience and good app.

  24. Luka

    Great support, and a worth purchasing woo upsell order bump pro version!

  25. Walter Odibi

    I loved the plugin features the first time I saw them. I needed an order bump for simple products on checkout and this plugin does it excellently. However, I did have an issue with the price not displaying on mobile devices and the team was willing to help. Overall, love upsell order bump product. Thanks to the dev team.

  26. Terje Fevåg

    I bought Upsell Bump offer for a massage clinic. What I liked the most is that it’s easy to use. Which again makes it more fun for the customer and converts more for the website owner.

    I had some issues installing it, but that was quickly solved by their excellent support. Respond time on my tickets was 1 hour at the most.

Out of 5 Stars
Based on 26 reviews
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I installed the plugin, created funnels, and added the offers too but still, the funnel doesn’t trigger for the targeted products, why?2023-03-02T07:39:20+00:00

Just make sure three things :

  1. Your Order Bump offer is Live and not in sandbox mode.
  2. You have added the correct target product or target category product to the cart.
  3. Your Order Bump Schedule is set to Daily or for the correct weekday that you are checking.
Are the offer templates customizable from the admin panel?2023-03-02T07:40:00+00:00

Yes, the templates are completely customizable. GoTo Appearance> Design. You will see Offer whose design, offer size, offer content, background color, text color, and text size can be changed with the Live Preview functionality instantly.

For variable offer products, why is there no drop-down to select variation?2023-04-27T19:56:51+00:00

For the Variable Offer product, as soon as the customer will tick the checkbox to accept the offer a pop-up will occur. The pop-up will display all the variations of the offered product along with the images and offer prices.

Can I set different order bumps for different products in the cart?2022-05-02T06:56:19+00:00

Yes, you can set different order bump offers for different products. You can simply do that by selecting a specific target and relevant bump offer product while creating your bump offer funnels.

What happens if a customer has already added the product to the cart that I was going to show as a bump offer?2023-04-27T19:58:24+00:00

In this case, you can skip the bump offer. To do this, go to the “Global Settings” of the Order Bump plugin. There you’ll find a feature called, “Skip for Same Offers.” Click on the dropdown in front of it, select Yes, and save the changes

Now if a customer has added an order bump offer product in the cart, the funnel won’t trigger.

Is there any free version of this plugin?2022-01-20T07:48:49+00:00

Yes, you can visit this link, and you can also request a personal demo for Upsell Order Bump Offer for WooCommerce Pro.

Can customers directly accept the offer in just one click?2022-01-20T07:49:08+00:00

Yes, the customers just need to click on the checkbox once and the bump offer product will be added to their existing order.

What is the use of Arrow on Offer and how to use it?2023-03-02T07:42:40+00:00

The Arrow feature creates curiosity in your user while purchasing. In case he missed the offer, the blinking arrow will bring your client toward this. This will increase your AOV and sales of your store. Also, you can change the color of the Arrow as per your need

To enable the Arrow on offer, GoTo Global Settings> Enable the arrow feature and it will work.

I need to show bump offers as pop-ups as it suits my website, can I do that from your plugin?2023-03-02T07:53:20+00:00

Yes, recently we added a requested feature of WooCommerce upsell popup to enhance quick conversions. Now you can show simple and well-checkout sales popups to attract your users.

Can I show more than one order bumps on one page?2023-03-02T07:53:54+00:00

Yes, you can show more than one bump at a time. To set that go to Global settings and set the number of bumps you want to show like 2,3 or more.

How can I select all products at once with the WooCommerce Upsell Bump plugin?2023-03-02T07:54:27+00:00

In our plugin order bump, we have given the option of ” Global Order Bump” by enabling this option; if you want your funnel to trigger every time a product is added by a customer to the cart. Apparently, it means all products are selected by default. To set this you can check from Global settings

How does the Countdown Timer work?2023-07-21T10:59:40+00:00

The countdown time of Order Bump works in two ways-

  • You can use a setting like a static timer for example you can set a timer for 5  minutes, 5 days, 5 weeks, or 5 years. Now timer will keep on running from that instant time and keep on reducing time, whether the user visits the checkout page or not.
  • The second method can be like an evergreen timer. It only starts when any user comes to the checkout page. Here checkout means whatever location is set up done from the admin end
Are Order Bump Offers And Recommendations Offers Are Same?2023-07-21T11:00:56+00:00

No, and yes, means the offer feature is the same but it functions in a different way. Order bump offers work on given four locations mainly on checkouts but the recommendation feature is for the shop or product page of the website.

Can the Recommendation Offer And Normal Checkout Offer Can Be Shown At The Same Time?2023-07-21T11:01:53+00:00

Recommendation offers will show on the shop page, product page, and order bump offers will be shown on checkout at the same time.

What is Offer Appearance?2023-07-21T11:02:22+00:00

In the offer appearance of order bump you can show offers in two types the one is Simple Offer in a static format and the other in the form of a pop-up. Whatever suits your users you can use as per need.


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