WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems where you can build your own websites, publish blogs or build apps. In fact, 35% of the web utilizes it.

It is free, open-source, and easy to install. It is preferred by many users due to its efficient functionality and several extraordinary features.

But, often many users find it difficult to choose between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress has self-hosted WordPress.org and hosted WordPress.com versions. Here, self-hosted means you need to download and install WordPress on your site.

Both the versions have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you know the factors that distinguish them, then it becomes easier to choose between the two. So, let’s dig a bit deeper into WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org.

Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org

WordPress Versions

Source: Kinsta

WordPress.com can be a good start for bloggers. You won’t require external hosting or an external domain name. Start blogging or building your own website. Just go to WordPress.com and create your account on it.

Also, you won’t have to pay for hosting, manage your website, and download the software. It will take care of all these things.

But, it comes with certain limitations. You can’t install your own plugins and themes, and remove undesired ads. You are not permitted to add affiliate links to drive traffic and sell ads. There will be monetization restrictions on blogs and websites.

On the other hand, self-hosted WordPress.org is 100% free. Choose your hosting plan and domain name according to your requirements. Install as many plugins and themes as you want. No monetization restrictions. Run your desirable ads and fully control your website. Utilize powerful tools such as Google Analytics to track your website performance. Perform customization as much as you want. Hence, a huge difference lies between WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org.

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1. Pricing Difference

Let’s see the pricing difference between WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org here.


If you opt for free WordPress.com, then you will get 3GB of space. WordPress.com’s ads will appear on your website. Free WordPress.com runs ads on websites. In return, they do not provide any revenue share.

You will have to go for a premium plan if you don’t want to include subdomain branding in your URL.

They provide four pricing plans other than their free version.

WordPress Pricing

Source: WordPress.com


WordPress.org is 100% free. In order to make your website visible on internet, you need two things:

  • Hosting plan
  • Domain name

Web hosting plan cost may range from $2.95/month to $49.95/month. You need to download WordPress and install it. Many hosting providers offer one click installation. Some provide pre-install WordPress where you don’t even need to click a single button.

Website Builders provides SSL certificates as standard. If you utilize the CMS system, then you will require an SSL certificate. Bluehost provides free SSL certificates with some of its WordPress hosting plans.

Hostinger, WP Engine, DreamHost, HostGator, and SiteGround are some of the best hosting providers. Consider them while choosing your hosting plans.

While building a website with WordPress.org, you will require a domain name. You can buy it from domain registrars such as- Google Domains, Namecheap, Domain.com, hover, etc.

The domain name cost lies between $9/month-$14.99/month.

You don’t need to pay for hosting and domain registration. You need to purchase a hosting plan and domain name as per your business requirements.
WordPress.com does branding and run its own ads. If you want to remove them, you need to go for its paid plans. It provides freedom to its users. It doesn’t impose any subdomain branding and ads.
You will get 3GB space in its free plan. Storage space depends upon your selected hosting plan. Generally hosting plan provide sufficient storage space. Need not to pay for extra storage space.
The cost required to start a WordPress.com website- $0. The cost required to start a WordPress.org website is- $50.


WP Engine is my favorite web hosting company that provides the best WordPress solutions, WordPress hosting, enterprise offerings, and, eCommerce solutions.

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2. Functionality Difference


Website Building

Source: WordPress.com

WordPress.com imposes a lot of restrictions. If you are utilizing WordPress.com, then you can only use pre-loaded WordPress themes. If you want to upload another theme, then you will have to go for upgrade plans.

Your website can be deleted anytime if they think you are violating their terms and policies. You won’t be able to run your eCommerce store, until you upgrade to their eCommerce plans.

You won’t be allowed to:

  • Upload free or premium themes
  • Install plugins
  • Utilize the Google Analytics
  • Run ads
  • Upload limitless products on site
  • Remove WordPress branding
  • Access to integrated payment gateways
  • Fully control your website
  • Personalize your online store

You can be free from these restrictions, if you have opted for paid plans. However, WordPress.org provides all these functionalities in their free plans.


Free Version

Source: WordPress.org

WordPress.org provides full authority over website data and functionalities. Utilize WordPress.org for running your online store. Sell products and provide services. Accept payments from credit cards and integrate with top shipping carriers. Easily deliver your products from your website.

You can upload free and premium themes from different platforms such as- WordPress, Themeforest, and WooCommerce.

Restricted data access. Provides full control over data.
WordPress is an open eCommerce platform. You can’t customize your website. Easily customize your website.
You can utilize only pre-loaded free WordPress themes. Get a wide range of free and paid themes.
Restriction on the usage of tools such as Google Analytics and Yoast. No restriction on the usage of tools such as Google Analytics and Yoast.
You cannot upload the plugins. Install your desired plugins.
There is a monetization restriction. There is no monetization restriction.
Cannot run your own ads. Free to run ads on your store to earn more profit.
You can’t create your eCommerce website using the free version. Using self-hosted WordPress.org, you can create your own eCommerce website.

3. Storage Difference


The WordPress.com free version provides 3GB of space. It can be insufficient for running the online store. If you need more storage space, then you will have to go for its paid plan.


In case of WordPress.org, you won’t have to additionally spend money for having more storage space. As it depends upon the hosting plans. Your hosting providers will offer you sufficient space that you may require.

Storage Space 3GB 8GB 13GB 200GB 200GB
Cost $0 $4 $8 $25 $45

4. Maintenance And Security


WordPress Security

Source: WSI

WordPress.com provides site maintenance and security services. These are activated once you start running your website. Also, it handles all the updates.

Your site will be wholly relying on the internal security and backup mechanisms of WordPress.com that they have built for their service.


WordPress.org is built with an aim to provide all modern standards and security maintenance services. A clean WordPress installation is secure enough in itself. Hackers cannot break their security easily.

For enhancing the security of your website- you can install security plugins. Select security plugin such as Sucuri, iThemes Security, WPScan, Google Authenticator, etc. Also, you need to perform backups on your own while using WordPress.org. Perform backups utilizing extensions such as BackupBuddy, Jetpack, UpdraftPlus, etc.

You are responsible for your updates too. Whenever updates are available, they will appear as notifications. Only, you need to do one click for installing the update.

You don’t need to maintain and secure your website. You are responsible for maintaining and securing your website’s sensitive data.
No need to purchase maintenance and security extensions. Need to purchase security and maintenance extensions.
No backup extension is needed. Backup extension is needed.

Pros And Cons: WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Now, let’s go through a comparison table to understand the pros and cons of these two versions:


Provides free hosting and domain registration. Provides storage space of 3GB.
Easy to install. Does branding and runs ads.
WordPress.com developers handle your website. Less flexible and provides restricted data access.
Includes pre-install SSL certificate. You cannot upload free or premium themes.
Provides dozens of WordPress themes. Monetization restriction.
Allows to leverage the functionalities of Jetpack. You can’t customize or install on your website.
It is user-friendly. You cannot create your eCommerce store using the free version of WordPress.com.
Email and live chat support are available in business and eCommerce pricing plans.
WordPress.com team can shutdown your website if they think you are violating their terms and conditions.
Can’t use simple or recurring payment methods.
Doesn’t allow you to upload your products, services or integrations with shipping channels.


Provides complete control. No branding and ads.
More flexible in terms of functionality. You need to pay for hosting and domain.
Offers a wide range of free and paid themes. Customer support is not available.
You can install third party extensions depending upon your business needs. Store maintenance and security is your responsibility.
No need to spend money on extra storage.
You can create your eCommerce store with the free version.
Unlimited monetization options.
More user-friendly in terms of functionality, accessibility and control.

What Will You Need To Run WordPress.com Or WordPress.org Website?

Now, the question arises- what you need to build a website if you choose WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org. If you opt for WordPress.com, then nothing is required. The premium plan will include all of the things.

Whereas, if you opt for WordPress.org then you will require:

  • Hosting plan
  • Domain name
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate

WordPress.org doesn’t provide these requirements for free. But, it provides great flexibility for its usage. This makes WordPress.org worth paying for.

Most of the users become confused to choose between WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org. Suppose you are going to create a blog or Non-monetized website. In this case, you should go with WordPress.com. You can start free of cost. It will keep you away from website maintenance and security.

When To Choose Between WordPress.com & WordPress.org?

Blogging on websites doesn’t require more functionality. You don’t need to spend on hosting and domain registration. Go live as your installation process is finished.

On the other hand, if you are going to create a business site, project site, professional site or eCommerce site. Then, in this case you should go with WordPress.org. As, you will be able to monetize and customize your site.

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Which Is More Better- WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org?

WordPress Infographic

Time to announce the Winner!

Well, it is difficult to announce which one is better-WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org. Because, both the versions aim to provide the best user experience. Both have their pros and cons. It entirely depends on you and your business requirements.

You can be free from all WordPress.com restrictions, if you adopt its paid plans. You will be able to customize the themes and upload plugins, just like WordPress.org.

On the other hand, you can simply go ahead with WordPress.org. If you are having its hosting plan. As it provides one click or pre-install WordPress functionality.

It is your choice. It totally depends upon you. If I had to choose between- WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org, then I would prefer WordPress.org. Because it provides all functionalities in its free version that a business may need. It will be a more flexible platform for me.

FAQs About WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

1. What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

As already mentioned, WordPress.org provides the freedom to host your own website. For working on WordPress.org, you need- hosting plan, domain name, and SSL certificate. On the other hand, WordPress.com takes care of all the things.

2. Do WordPress.com and WordPress.org belong to the same company?

WordPress.org and WordPress.com are two different platforms built for different business goals. These two emerged from the same company- Automattic and were founded by Matt Mulenweg. Most of the people become confused due to the same company and founder. They usually assume that they are the same software. It is not true!

3. Which is the best- WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org?

It is typical to determine which one is best- WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org. It entirely depends upon your business requirements and the kind of website you are going to build.

4. Is WordPress.org good for blogs?

Yes, it is good for blogs. But, WordPress.com can be a better option for people having a blogging hobby. You can start blogging on WordPress.com with its free version.

5. Can I migrate from WordPress.com to WordPress.org?

Yes, you can migrate from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. If you have a custom domain name, then it’s good. Otherwise, you need to manage WordPress hosting plans depending upon your business model.

6. Is WordPress.org self-hosted?

WordPress.org is one of the most popular platforms used for eCommerce and blogging. It is free and anyone can use it for gaining recognition among the users.

For building an online store using WordPress.org, you need a domain name and hosting. Thus, it is known as a self-hosted WordPress platform.

7. Is WordPress.com free?

WordPress.com includes free, premium, eCommerce, and business plans. Select the pricing plan that can fulfill your business requirements.

8. Can I host my own WordPress site?

For running the WordPress site, you need to buy a domain name and hosting. Using one-click and pre-install options, you can host your WordPress.org website. But, you can’t host your WordPress.com site.

9. Is Wix or WordPress.com better?

Wix and WordPress are both popular platforms. WordPress is open-source and easy to use. On the other hand, Wix is easy to start for a beginner.

10. Is WordPress worth Paying for?

If you want an attractive and professional website, then WordPress is worth paying for. It can help you in gaining huge profits for your business.

11. How many hours does it take to build a WordPress Website?

Building a WordPress website doesn’t take long hours. Your website can be ready in a few seconds. WordPress.org is also easy to configure. The one-click and pre-install functionality are available for the users.

12. What is a self-hosted blog?

If you are utilizing WordPress.org for your blogging site, then it is referred to as a self-hosted blog. It is said to be a self-hosted blog because you have used your own hosting for publishing the blog post.


Beginners are often confused with these two versions of WordPress- WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com. Both platforms are best. Don’t be confused with them. Choose the platform that can fulfill your requirements.

In this blog, I have shared all the parameters that can help you in choosing between WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org.

If you have any queries regarding it, please do share in the comment section below.

About the Author: Shivangi Agnihotri

A content writer passionate of writing technical posts and expertized in converting thoughts into words. She is always keen to learn and grow.
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