Marketing Automation Italia Got 85% Order Improvement Accuracy With Our Zoho WooCommerce Integration Plugin.

Industry: Digital Marketing

Shopping Cart: WooCommerce

Key Features: Auto Update the Deleted Feed Data, Feeds to Sync WooCommerce Data, Manual & Bulk Data, Sync Historical Records and logs, Supports Filters with Instant or Background Sync, Two-way product order sync, and Logging.

Results & Outcomes

Order Accuracy Improvement – 85%

Time Saved in Managing Customer Data – 16h

What the company is all about?

Marketing Automation Italia is a CRM and marketing automation company that specializes in supporting businesses through data-driven CRM and marketing automation strategies to generate efficiency and effectiveness in their development processes. 

The company focuses on the B2B market, drawing on its extensive experience working with large brands, enterprises, and multinationals across various sectors including finance, insurance, publishing, consumer goods, transportation, services, real estate, luxury, technology, and IT.

What Were Their Challenges?

Marketing Automation has a substantial client base, which requires an excellent Zoho WooCommerce Integration plugin for their WooCommerce store to efficiently manage customer relationship data.

The CRM Integration for Zoho plugin enabled them to implement and manage their customer data with ease and efficiency.

What Is The Solution And Where Did They Get That?

The CRM Integration For Zoho With WooCommerce plugin proved to be the perfect solution for Marketing Automation’s challenges. After obtaining the plugin from the WooCommerce marketplace, they easily set it up and synced their sales data, customer interactions, and store data for analysis.

This provided them with a comprehensive and efficient solution to meet their business needs.

What Immediate Benefits Did They See After Successfully Implementing Our Plugin?

After installing and configuring the Zoho CRM for WooCommerce plugin, they reduced the time spent managing their WooCommerce store and customer data by 16 hours. Also, they improved their conversion rate by 7% in the initial stage and enhanced order accuracy by 85%.

How Does CRM Integration For Zoho Plugin Help Them Achieve Goals? (Most-Relevant Rated Features As Per Use)

Marketing Automation Italia Found the below features most useful to address their challenges:

Auto Update the Deleted Feed Data –

The plugin’s Reset Zoho Feed ID meta box settings simplify syncing and updating data, even if changes were unintentionally made. It ensures smooth data feed synchronization.

Historical, Manual & Bulk Data Sync –

Sync data of the WooCommerce object. Select the object and related feed to start sending your existing data over Zoho CRM.

Feeds to Sync WooCommerce Data –

The WooCommerce Zoho Integration plugin comes with feeds you can use to sync the data of your WooCommerce objects to Zoho CRM.

Conditional Filters –

With this feature, they can ensure data is synced over Zoho CRM only if specific conditions are met.

Woo Sync Logging –

This setting allows easy enabling or disabling of log creation for WooCommerce-based synced data over Zoho CRM.

Two-Way Deletion for Products –

If you move a product to the trash in your WooCommerce store, it becomes inactive in Zoho CRM. Likewise, if a product is marked inactive in Zoho CRM, it gets moved to the trash in WooCommerce, and vice versa.

Send the Total Amount Spent by Users –

Create feeds for Contacts and Orders Zoho objects and map fields to capture the total of completed orders by any customer and send it over to Zoho CRM. This will help you keep track of the conversion history of users.

How These Features Of CRM Integration For Zoho Helped In Their Store’s Growth?

These features collectively helped Marketing Automation Italia to ease their sales and customer data, track customer interactions, manage inventory, process orders efficiently, and gain valuable insights through hassle-free data analysis.

A Short Quote From Marketing Automation Italia

“Very efficient technical support”

– Marketing Automation Italia

Is The WooCommerce CRM Zoho Integration Plugin Worth Recommendation?

Marketing Automation Italia awarded our Zoho WooCommerce integration solution an impressive 4 out of 5 stars. 

This effective integration has simplified operations and boosted business efficiency, showcasing its value. This glowing feedback highlights how our plugin can greatly benefit other businesses looking for a smooth connection between WooCommerce and Zoho CRM.

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