NHCloud easily offered subscription based products & services and got increased recurring bills with the help of Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro

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Industry: Cloud

Shopping Cart: WooCommerce

Subscription creation for simple and variable products, automatic retrial for failed products, upgrade & downgrade subscription plans, automatic emails for subscription renewal failure, API of course for details on the mobile app, one-time subscription, active WooCommerce subscription export function, subscription renewal order refund, manual payments acceptance, etc.

Results & Outcomes

Ease of Providing Subscription Based Products & Services – 100%

Ease of Handling Automatic Retrial for Failed Products – 100%

What the company is all about?

NHCloud helps customers in saving their data securely on their personal Cloud. It enables them to share their documents with their friends and family securely.

Customers will get all their data such as photos, videos, documents, videos, calendars, and contacts online anytime whenever they want.

What Were Their Challenges?

NHCloud was facing difficulty in handling their failed recurring payments of customers. They were searching for a plugin to help them manage their subscription payments.

What Is The Solution And Where Did They Get That?

Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro helped NHCloud to achieve their targeted recurring revenue and hassle-free manage their subscription-based products and services.

How Did Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro Plugin Help Them Achieve Goals? (Most-Relevant Rated Features As Per Use)

Flexibility in Subscription Management –

With the Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin, NHCloud enabled their customers to start and pause subscription plans anytime, select subscription expiration dates, and upgrade and downgrade subscription plans. This helps them in managing their customer’s subscription plans smoothly and efficiently.

Subscription Coupons –

NHCloud created attractive coupons for their customers so that they can avail of discounts on their subscription plans. Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin enabled them to create coupons for recurring and product discounts, initial sign-up fee discounts, recurring and product discounts, etc.

Automatic Retrial for Failed Products –

With the help of the Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin, NHCloud resolved their failed recurring payments of subscriptions plan by reattempting them.

Renewal Order Refund –

Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin manage renewal order refunds in an effective manner. The customer’s order will be refunded through the payment method that they have used.

One-time Subscription –

NHCloud enabled subscription prices for one-time purchases of their subscription products and services. They could enter a fee according to their requirements for a one-time purchase of subscription products and services by customers.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Email Handling –

NHCloud kept its users updated with emails for their subscription plans. They regularly informed their customers about subscription plans- order renewal refunds, pause, resume, cancellation, etc.

How These Features of Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro Plugin Helped in Their Store’s Growth?

According to NHCloud, the Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin helped them to manage failed recurring payments of customers’ subscription plans. This plugin enables them to set the number of attempts after which recurring payments can be rerun.

Is Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro Plugin Worth The Recommendation?

I am highly impressed and satisfied with the functionality of Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin. It is one of the best integration with WooCommerce for providing subscription based products and services.

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