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Subscriptions For WooCommerce Pro
(24 customer reviews)

$109.00 / year

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Subscriptions For WooCommerce Pro

(24 customer reviews)
Subscriptions For WooCommerce Pro

Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro is your tool to add a subscription business model to your online store, allowing you to provide subscription-based products & services with simple and variable options. Additionally, you can sell physical and downloadable subscription products and everything in between.

Avail WooCommerce recurring payments revenue along with complete subscription plan management. Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin allows you to collect repeated payments through subscription orders.

  • Option for Enable/Disable and Start & Pause Subscription Plans anytime
  • Offers Upgrade or Downgrade on Variable Subscriptions Products
  • Ability to accept Manual Payments for subscription orders
  • Manage WooCommerce Subscriptions emails & create Subscriptions Coupons
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  • Recurring Payments
  • 1 Year Free Support
  • 24x7 Customer Care
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Get the ultimate subscription plugin to accept manual payments, enable one-time subscriptions, re-attempt failed recurring payments, offer exclusive coupon types, and more:

  • Auto-Retry on Failed Renewals: Automatically reattempt the failed recurring payment of any preferred WooCommerce subscription plan.
  • Start & Pause Subscription: Customers can start or pause their WooCommerce subscription anytime. 
  • Manual Payment for Subscription: You can allow manual payment methods such as cash on delivery, direct bank transfer, and check payments for customers to purchase subscriptions. 
  • Email Reminders for Subscription: Send reminders for recurring payments, subscription expiry, completion, pause, resume, and reactivation. 
  • Subscriptions Proration: Users can apply changes to their subscription anytime and the subscriptions plugin automatically calculates the proration billing. 
  • Customize Buttons: You can customize the Add to Cart and Place Order button text and tailor the subscription checkout process. 
  • Select Subscription Expiry: Customers can set the expiry on the WooCommerce subscription product and plan the recurring payment as per their convenience. 
  • Upgrade and Downgrade Subscription: Subscribers can upgrade or downgrade their subscription plans anytime they want.
  • Multiple Quantity on Subscriptions: Let customers buy and opt for multiple subscription plans on a single order placement. 
  • One-Time Purchase: Enable the one-time purchase of products and show the collective subscription price. Also, you may charge fees on this subscription order.

Quick Info

  • Compatible up to: WP 6.2.x, WC 7.8.x

  • Minimum PHP version: 7.3.5 or Higher

  • Version: 2.2.2 Version History

  • Last update: Aug 23, 2023

Out of 5 Stars
Based on 24 reviews

Supported Gateways

Ideal features Changes accepted
Gateway Name Multiple subscriptions Pause Cancel Purchase Upgrade/ Downgrade Subscriptions
WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway
WooCommerce PayPal Standard
WPS PayPal Payment Gateway
WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway
MultiSafepay plugin for WooCommerce
Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce
WooCommerce Eway Gateway
Authorize.Net Payment Gateway For WooCommerce
WooCommerce Payments
Mollie Payments for WooCommerce
WooCommerce Amazon Pay
Braintree for WooCommerce Payment Gateway as credit card

Top Features

Email Notification for Renewal Failed Order

WooCommerce subscriptions plugin notifies the users automatically when the subscription renewal order fails using WooCommerce’s failed order function. Users can manually pay for their failed WooCommerce recurring orders.

WooCommerce Subscriptions One-Time Purchase

With the Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin, you can enable subscription prices for a one-time purchase of products. They can enter a fee according to their choice for a one-time purchase.

Ability To Accept Manual Payment for Subscription

This WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin allows you to enable manual payment options from the advanced settings tab and offer manual payment methods, i.e., cash on delivery, direct bank transfer, & check payments.

Automatic Retrying for Failed Products

This WooCommerce Subscriptions Pro plugin lets you re-attempt a failed recurring payment of any subscription plan through any payment method used for the initial purchase. You can set the number of failed attempts after which WooCommerce recurring payments can be rerun.

Exclusive Coupon Types for Subscribers

With the Subscriptions WooCommerce plugin, you can create special subscription coupons valid exclusively on recurring services & products. Users can redeem these coupons for Initial Fees & Total Recurring.

WooCommerce Subscription Plans Details

Get details of your WooCommerce subscription plans in the subscription table. All related details of a WooCommerce subscription plan such as the next payment date, subscription expiry date, etc., are mentioned clearly.

Active WooCommerce Subscription Export Function

Create a custom CSV of all WooCommerce subscription plans with an active subscription export functionality. Exporting active WooCommerce subscriptions will keep you updated with all the users and subscription plan details.

Allow Multiple Quantities on Subscription Products

Our WordPress Subscription Plugin allows customers to add multiple quantities of any WooCommerce subscription product. So, If a customer wants five pet food boxes, they can directly increase the number while shopping.

Notifications and Email Reminders for Subscription-Related Actions

This subscription plugin sends email notifications and reminders related to subscription plan activities such as subscription recurring payments, expiry, completion, pause, resume, and reactivation.

API for Subscription Details on Mobile App

Our WooCommerce Subscription Pro plugin provides an API to access features externally. You can use APIs to fetch subscription plan details such as active and inactive plans, pending payments, etc.

Handle WooCommerce Subscriptions Proration

Handle the proration billing like a pro with the subscription plugin and let users apply changes anytime on their subscription plans. In this manner, WooCommerce subscription users will not have to wait till the month ends.

Show the Subscription Table on Thank You Page

Show the related subscription table to users on Thank You page post-order placement. It’ll give details like recurring payment date, subscription price, date, etc. Also, it is linked to the Subscriptions section on my account page.

Add Limitation on Free Trial Cancellation

You can limit how many times a customer can use the trial period of the subscription product after canceling it. So, the limit will prevent customers from taking many free trials and freeze cancellations until they pay.

Create Instant Recurring Order

You can place instant recurring orders on daily subscription products to test if the recurring payment method is working or not. This feature is limited to administrators only, allowing them to test various payment methods.

Subscription Renewal Order Refund

This subscription plugin processes refunds if the user prefers to cancel their WooCommerce payment subscriptions. You can send refunds through the same payment methods they used for purchasing subscriptions.


PayPal Standard

The Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin can easily accept payments from WooCommerce PayPal Standard

Add your PayPal API credentials and begin accepting recurring payments from your global customer base and expand your subscription business.

Points and Rewards for WooCommerce

Our WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin is compatible with Points and Rewards for WooCommerce Pro and Free Reward Plugin.

Offer reward points to users on recurring orders. Also, allow them to pay full or partial amounts for subscription orders using their earned points.

Product Bundles

The subscription plugin’s compatibility with the Product Bundles plugin allows you to offer bundle subscription products.

You can only add non-subscription items to create bundle subscriptions. Also, offer shipping & discount on the bundle itself, not the individual products.

Ultimate Gift Cards for WooCommerce

Offer discounts through gift cards with the compatible plugin Ultimate Gift Cards For WooCommerce.

Let users use Gift Card Coupons for discounts on first signup fees, recurring, signup percentages, etc. They can use gift cards for both subscription purchases & renewals.

Wallet System for WooCommerce

You can let users buy subscription products using their wallet amount with Wallet System For WooCommerce Free and Wallet System For WooCommerce Pro

Users can use their wallet balance to get discounts on renewals. You can also set up a wallet top-up subscription for them. 

Membership For WooCommerce

Our WooCommerce Subscription plugin is compatible with the Membership For WooCommerce plugin.

You can sell subscription services and products through membership subscriptions. Create and offer discounts in membership plans using this subscription plugin.

WooCommerce Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Subscription plugin supports automatic payment methods and is perfectly compatible with these subscription payment gateways:

  1. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway(Support for the credit card, debit card, and Stripe SEPA Direct Debit)
  2. WooCommerce PayPal Standard
  3. Braintree Payment Gateway as a credit card
  4. WPS PayPal Payment Gateway
  5. WooCommerce Amazon Pay 
  6. WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway
  7. MultiSafepay plugin for WooCommerce
  8. Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce (Support for the credit card, debit card, and Stripe SEPA Direct Debit)
  9. WooCommerce Eway Gateway (Supported in some countries only)
  10. Authorize.Net Payment Gateway For WooCommerce by Pledged Plugins
  11. WooCommerce Payment Method for subscription pro plugin
  12. Mollie Payments for WooCommerce(Support for credit card and debit card)

WPML & Multisite Compatibility

Subscriptions for WooCommerce Pro plugin is compatible with WordPress Multilingual i.e. WPML Plugin and Multisite.

Free Vs Pro

Features Free Version Pro Version
Subscription for Simple Products
Subscription Frequency
Subscription Plan Expiry
Charge Initial Fee
Offer Free Trial
Stop WooCommerce Subscription Option (User and Admin)
Subscription Reports for Admin
Edit Add-to-cart Text
Change Place Order Text
Cancel WooCommerce Subscription Plans (Allow User)
WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway Compatible
WPS PayPal Payment Gateway
WooCommerce PayPal Standard Payment Gateway Compatible
PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway Compatible
WooCommerce Integration with Authorize.net Compatible
WPML Compatible
Subscription Renewal Order Refund
Enable WooCommerce Logs
Canceled Subscriptions email Notification
Expired Subscriptions email Notifications
Compatible with WooCommerce Eway Gateway
Manual Subscription Payment Option
Multi Step Configuration
Manage Proration Amount as Wallet Credit
Extend Next Payment Date for Prorated Amount
Stop Downgrade Proration of Subscription Plans
Compatible With Mollie Payments for WooCommerce
Compatible With Braintree for WooCommerce Payment Gateway as a credit card
Compatible With Multi Safe Payment Gateway
Allow Multiple Quantities on Subscription Products
Subscription on Variable Products
Handle Proration
Set Start Date (Admin)
Allow Users to Switch Subscription Plans Within Same Interval
Automatic Payment Retrial
Manual Subscription Payment
Pause WooCommerce Subscription Plans
Automated WooCommerce Subscription Cancellation
Resume WooCommerce Subscription Plans
View All Subscriptions Renewal Orders
API for Mobile App
Email for Payment Received
Email for Plan Expiration
Emails for Subscriptions On Hold/ Pause
Emails for Subscription Plan Resumed
Email Invoice With Payment Link (In Manual Payment)
Upgrade Downgrade Variable Subscription Plan
Alter Upgrade Downgrade Button Text
One Time Subscription



24 reviews for Subscriptions For WooCommerce Pro

  1. Attilio Furci

    Very good Plugin, has everything you need – Support is very good

  2. Robert Turner

    Ishant was extremely helpful and guided me through the entire install process.

  3. tazeem sajjad

    The best app. Easy to use & manage subscriptions in woocommerce and team is very helpful.

  4. Gabriel Giacomini

    I had a problem with my website, and they offered to log into my system and fix it for me.
    Everything was resolved in a matter of a few hours.
    Also the plugin works perfectly. I truly recommend.

  5. Matthieu Dara

    Amazing plugin, amazing support. Fast and reliable – do not hesitate at all !

  6. Tim

    Plugin is easy to use and is an excellent alternative to some of the more expensive subscriptions options available. I did have a problem with my installation, but the support was excellent. They followed up with me quickly after I contacted them and were able to get the issue resolved for me in a very timely manner.

  7. Leo Brockhausen

    I have tried the WordPress plugin for WooCommerce subscriptions and I am thrilled! It is so easy to use and has saved me a lot of time in managing my subscription payments on my website. But the best thing about the plugin is the incredible customer service. The support team quickly responded to my inquiries and helped me resolve my issues.

    I recommend this plugin to anyone looking for a simple and effective solution for WooCommerce subscriptions. Thank you!

  8. CP Swinkels

    Very good help from the helpdesk !

  9. Shaikh Areeb

    Very helpful support team! They are very responsive, and make sure that the customer issue is resolved. To anyone facing any issues, I recommend reaching out to their support before moving away from this subscription plugin. It’s totally worth it!

  10. Arun

    Great support for Subscription Plugin WooCommerce

  11. Dinesh P

    Great subscription plugin, great support team. You will get your queries answered the same day. Really crucial for projects.

  12. ana m.

    Excellent alternative for the WooCommerce Subscription plugin. The customer support by WP Swings was on point in answering my query.

  13. Barry

    Great plugin with very helpful support!

  14. Martin

    Super Subscription plugin in market, great support from WPSwings team

  15. Dinesh P

    Excellent Support for WooCommerce Subscriptions Pro plugin. Resolved issues swiftly and promptly. Also the Plugin is easy to use and manage Subscriptions.

  16. YT Mentor

    Mukul was very proffesional and helpful. He helped me resolve my issues very fast and properly.

  17. Adrian Middleton

    Very impressed with both the product and technical support of the Subscription plugin. In fact, the level of support offered has been excellent. They respond quickly and are always willing to help.

  18. Rajen Shah

    Great Support for WooCommerce Subscription plugin.

  19. parth

    Easy to use & manage subscriptions in woocommerce and team is very helpful.

  20. Adam

    Easily the best solution for Woocommerce Subscriptions. The support team were great as well as they helped us to work out what the meta keys are to allow people to upload their own subscriptions through a custom front-end using this plugin. Amazing plugin and better than the official Woocommerce Subscription plugin, and it has free version!

  21. Bud

    I recommend the plugin for it’s functionality, and equally important for the support extended during and after acquisition.

  22. Richard Wilson

    Very smooth integration, well documented, and the support team responds very quickly to any new requests. Also includes a bunch of features like subscription reminder emails that you normally need another plugin for. Great value!

  23. Vinoth

    Good Plugin to use & handle woocommerce subscription for wordpress

  24. Nazmul Hassan

    Excellent Plugin, flawless with woocommerce. Highly recommend to those who need a monthly/yearly base subscribe solution.
    Awesome Customer Support as well.

Out of 5 Stars
Based on 24 reviews
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Can admin set the recurring payment for a certain date of the month for any subscription plan ?2023-04-14T11:27:17+00:00

Yes, the admin can set a particular date for a month for the recurring WordPress subscription payment for a user.

Can a customer pause and reactivate the subscription plan as per their need?2023-04-14T11:27:42+00:00

Yes, using our subscription plugin, the admin can allow users to pause and reactivate the subscription plans from the Advanced setting.

Can the customers set the expiration date by themselves?2023-04-14T11:28:36+00:00

Yes, the admin can let the customers set the expiration date of the WooCommerce payment subscription plans from the Advanced settings. Then, the customers can choose the expiration date of the subscription plans by themselves.

Can admin create subscriptions with variable type products?2023-04-14T11:29:00+00:00

Yes, the Admin can create subscriptions with variable-type products by using this Subscription for WooCommerce Pro plugin.

Is there a functionality of automatic retrial of subscription payments on failed attempts?2023-04-14T11:29:22+00:00

Yes, the admin can enable the automatic retrial of subscription payments on failed attempts from the Advanced setting tab.

Is there a functionality to pay manually for a subscription type product ?2023-04-14T11:29:49+00:00

Yes, the admin can enable the functionality to pay manually for subscription plans from the Advanced settings of the WooCommerce subscriptions plugin. For recurring payments, an invoice is sent to the customer through email so that they can make the payment manually.

Is the subscription plan cancelled after certain unsuccessful attempts by a user?2022-01-20T11:43:20+00:00

Yes, the admin can set the maximum number of failed attempts after which the subscription plan is cancelled from the advanced settings of the plugin backend.

Can the user downgrade/upgrade the subscription plan for a variable type subscription product?2023-04-14T11:30:54+00:00

Yes, the admin can enable the functionality to allow users to upgrade or downgrade variable product type subscription plans from the advanced settings in the plugin backend in our WooCommerce subscriptions plugin.

Is there any functionality to send an email to the user to inform them about the subscription expiration plan before the actual subscription expiration?2023-04-14T11:33:00+00:00

Yes, our Subscription for WooCommerce plugin allows the admin to send subscription expiration email notifications. Admin can also set the days to send the email before the actual expiration. Thus, encouraging users to renew their subscriptions.

Which payment gateway is compatible with the Subscription for WooCommerce?2023-04-14T11:33:46+00:00

The WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin has multiple compatible payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net & more. You can check them all here.


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